Faculty & Staff

Faculty members in the Department of Kinesiology possess extensive knowledge of their subject matter and are highly qualified in their field. The diversity of faculty backgrounds provides a variety of educational approaches and experiences.

The academic emphases in kinesiology provide a strong foundation for certification, graduate study, or the pursuit of a credential.

Full-Time Faculty

Tim Anderson, Ed.D. * Professor Emeriti Teaches Spring semesters only


Phone: 559.278.2203

Email: tima@csufresno.edu

Office: South Gym 121

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Mark W. Baldis, Ph.D.

Mark W. Baldis

Phone: 559.278.8896

Email: mbaldis@csufresno.edu

Office: South Gym 139

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Michael G. Coles, Ph.D. *

Michael G. Coles

Phone: 559.278.4166

Email: mcoles@csufresno.edu

Office: South Gym 127

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Jenelle Gilbert, Ph.D. *

Jenelle Gilber

Phone: 559.278.8902

Email: jgilbert@csufresno.edu

Office: South Gym 117

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Wade D. Gilbert, Ph.D. *

Wade D. Gilber

Phone: 559.278.51710

Email: wgilbert@csufresno.edu

Office: South Gym 128

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Timothy A. Hamel, M.S.

Timothy A. Hamel

Phone: 559.278.6049

Email: thamel@csufresno.edu

Office: North Gym 159

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Catherine G.R. Jackson, Ph.D. *

Phone: 559.278.5166

Email: cgrjack@csufresno.edu

Office: South Gym 126

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David A. Kinnunen, Ph.D. *


Phone: 559.278.7389

Email: dkinnunen@csufresno.edu

Office: South Gym 129

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Dawn Lewis, Ph.D. *


Phone: 559.278.8517

Email: dalewis@csufresno.edu

Office: South Gym 125

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Justine J. McAlpine, M.A.

Justine J. McAlpine, M.A

Phone: 559.278.8903

Email: jmcalpin@csufresno.edu

Office: North Gym 157

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John D. McMillen, Ph.D., J.D. *


Phone: 559.278.1123

Email: jmcmillen@csufresno.edu

Office: North Gym 158

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Stephanie D. Moore, Ph.D., ATC *

Stephanie D. Moore-Reed

Phone: 559.278.0255

Email: stmoore@mail.fresnostate.edu

Office: North Gym 121C

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Jacobo Morales, Ph.D. *

Jacobo Morales

Phone: 559.278.5168

Email: jacobom@csufresno.edu

Office: SG 139M

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Scott R. Sailor, Ed.D., ATC *

Scott R. Sailor, Ed.D., ATC

Phone: 559.278.2543

Email: ssailor@csufresno.edu

Office: South Gym 112

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Nicole Smith, Ph.D. *

Nicole Smith, Ph.D.

Phone: 559.278.2069

Email: njsmith@csufresno.edu

Office: North Gym 160

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* Indicates Graduate Faculty 

Part-Time Faculty

Name Email
Akers, Rosanna rakers@csufresno.edu
Ballard, Bart bballard@csufresno.edu
Beatie, Brigham bbeatie@csufresno.edu
Cho, William williamch@csufresno.edu
Demanty, David  
Duncan, Donald dduncan@csufresno.edu
Eberl, Rese reberl@csufresno.edu
Flores, Nicole nflores@csufresno.edu
Hurley, Wayne whurley@csufresno.edu
Ostatnigrosh, Vladimir vostatnigrosh@csufresno.edu
Phillips, Tami tphillips@csufresno.edu
Thomason, Patricia patth@csufresno.edu



Kia Thomas Administrative Support Coordinator
Belinda Munoz Administrative Support Coordinator
Cecilia Garcia Equipment Manager ccenicer@csufresno.edu