Prospective Graduate Students

Our department has numerous ATCs pursuing graduate studies. This page was developed for prospective students of our graduate program with an undergraduate background in athletic training. Below are a series of frequently asked questions. Should you have specific questions, contact the Graduate Program Coordinator Dr. Jenelle N. Gilbert.

Do we offer a master degree in athletic training?

No. Our program does appeal to athletic trainers seeking a graduate degree and we have many ATCs in our graduate program. Our MA in Kinesiology Program has three options: Exercise Science, Sport Psychology, and Sport Administration.

Is a thesis required for graduation in the MA in Kinesiology Program?

A thesis is one of three tracks offered in the MA in Kinesiology Program. Student may complete a thesis or may opt to complete a master project or a comprehensive examination. Students concurrently serving as graduate assistants typically enroll for academic internship units (paid working experience in athletic training). Opportunities for independent studies are also available.

What graduate assistantships are available?

We offer a variety of paid opportunities for graduate students, some of which include waivers for tuition and fees and stipends ranging $8,000 to $10,000 per nine month period. Each year, the Fresno State Department of Athletics offers 6 to 8 graduate interns which involve work with the athletic programs at Fresno State. This is excellent work experience which includes supervision of students in our accredited athletic training education program. The Department of Kinesiology also offers teaching assistantships and has contracts with local high schools for athletic trainers.

Are there other funds available?

Graduate students at Fresno State, with the assistance of faculty advisors, typically pursue several avenues to procure financial support for their research. Many of our faculty have funds available through grants to support their research and students often develop theses or projects aligned to faculty interests. Other sources of funding include but are not limited to the following:

Robert and Norma Craig Graduate Fellowship - up to $1,000 awarded to foster early research (not awarded to students for theses or projects).

Graduate Student Research Merit Award - up to $1,000 awarded by the Dean of the College of Health and Human Services to assist graduate students completing theses.

Central California Sports Medicine Institute - variable awards announced for research supporting issues of sports medicine germane to the Central California region.

FWATA, NATA - annually awards grants for master's research.