Student Outcome Assessment Plans & Reports

The Mission of the School of Nursing is to offer quality nursing education to undergraduate and graduate nursing students.  In order to insure that we meet this mission, the School of Nursing conducts a continuous assessment of the nursing programs and of student learning. 

This assessment is not an end in itself, but a strategy for educational improvement.   The faculty have developed both aggregate student and program benchmarks to assist with program improvement. 

The Undergraduate Student Outcomes Assessment Plan documents our goals for undergraduate students.   The CNS/NE Student Outcomes Assessment Plan is the assessment tool for the Adult-Gero and Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist/Nurse Educator students.  The Nurse Practitioner Student Outcomes Assessment Plan documents the outcomes we would like to see for our Pediatric and Family Nurse Practitioner Students.

All of these assessment plans as based on national professional nursing standards and guidelines, such as the

Undergraduate Program NCLEX Pass Rates 

Graduate Program Outcomes 2011-2013

Summary of Department Teaching Effectiveness