School of Nursing Master's Program 
Accreditation FAQs

Questions for students/graduates of the master's program

1. If I just graduated from the School of Nursing master’s program in the spring of 2019, will I have graduated from an accredited program?

Yes. We have confirmed with the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) that students who graduated from the master’s program in May 2019 have graduated from an accredited program.

2. If I am currently enrolled in the master’s program, can I continue to take courses toward my master’s degree and will those courses count?

Yes. Courses for current master’s (MSN) students will continue in fall 2019. If the review is successful, current students in the nursing master’s program will be considered to have graduated from an accredited program.

3.What will happen to students currently enrolled in the master’s program if the program does not regain accreditation?

While we believe the program will in fact be accredited in spring 2020, we are prepared to facilitate the transfer of interested students to a similar nursing program elsewhere in the CSU system.

4. If I wait to return to the program after it is accredited, will the School of Nursing hold my place in the program?

Students who choose to delay returning to the program and are in good academic standing may notify the School of Nursing. The school will allow students to reenter at the point in which they left the program.

5. If I choose to enroll in another program, at another college/university, and not return for the fall 2019 semester, will the School of Nursing refund my tuition for time already spent in the master’s program?

We will, of course, explore options with any student who may request a refund for previously paid tuition and fees. The University will then make a determination based on individual circumstances.

6.  As a current student in the master’s program, what are my options?  

The School of Nursing and the University are committed to supporting our students through this process. It is our hope that students will continue on in the program. However, students may also take a leave of absence or withdraw from the program.

7. What is the deadline for me to let the School of Nursing know that I am continuing on in the program, taking a leave of absence, or choosing to withdraw?

Students pursuing these options are asked to please contact School of Nursing Chair, Dr. Sylvia Miller at by Monday, July 15, 2019 regarding their decision.


Questions for applicants of the master's program

8. I recently applied to the School of Nursing’s master’s program. Will the school hold my application until the next application cycle?

Yes. The School of Nursing will retain the applications received for fall 2019 admission and all application fees will be refunded.

9. Do I have to reapply when the program regains accreditation?

No. All students who applied for admission for the fall 2019 semester will not need to reapply.

Questions about accreditation and the nursing master's program

10. When is the next accreditation site visit for the School of Nursing’s master’s program?

The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) site visit for the master’s program and Post-Master’s Certificate Primary Care Nurse Practitioner - Family is scheduled for September 2019. CCNE will also review the baccalaureate program in accordance with regular accreditation and not as a result of any issues.

In addition, the CCNE will review the Certificate of Advanced Study Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner to address concerns raised in fall 2018 regarding the program’s accreditation status.

11. When will the School of Nursing know when its master’s program will be accredited again?

Once the site visit in September 2019 is complete, the Accreditation Review Committee will review all materials and make a recommendation to the CCNE Board of Commissioners. The CCNE Board will then make the decision at their spring 2020 meeting and notify the University. If the review is successful, current students in the nursing master’s program will be considered to have graduated from an accredited program.

12. When will the School of Nursing’s master’s program admit students again?  

We are fully committed to successfully addressing concerns noted by CCNE, and anticipate that once the program regains accreditation, students will be admitted into the program in the Fall 2020 semester.

13. What is the School of Nursing’s plan going forward to address standards in order to obtain accreditation? How does this differ from steps taken before?

The School of Nursing is working with nursing consultants and an assessment expert to ensure that an infrastructure is developed that will strengthen the ability for faculty to share and track information necessary, and to show evidence of continuous improvement.

The faculty in the School of Nursing believed they were accurately addressing areas of concern expressed by the CCNE. However, it is now evident that additional education and professional development are necessary to assist faculty in further developing knowledge around program review and improvement.

In addition to plans to offer additional faculty training, the chair of the School of Nursing and dean of the College of Health and Human Services will regularly attend the American Association of Colleges of Nursing meetings in an effort to obtain additional knowledge of accreditation, as well as topics such as interprofessional education, quality and safety education in nursing, and sustainability in nursing education.

14. Who can I contact for more information or for concerns I have regarding the School of Nursing master’s program?

All questions and concerns can be directed to Dr. Sylvia Miller, chair of the School of Nursing, at