The Professional E.D.G.E.

The Professional E.D.G.E. (Experientially Designed Group Effort) is a team and leadership development program operated by the Department of Recreation Administration at California State University, Fresno and offered to community groups, businesses and organizations not affiliated with the university.   Through a series of experiential activities tailored to meet your organization’s specific training needs, the Professional E.D.G.E. works to develop your team to maximize contributions of each member.

The Professional E.D.G.E. specializes in two types of programs:

The first program is a one-day program designed to jumpstart your new team or to reenergize an existing one. It is also a great method for developing up and coming leaders.

The second program, based on an action learning model, furnishes the team with a real-life performance challenge or task, something best tackled collaboratively across disciplines or departments, while team members concurrently learn effective team and leadership processes. The results are two-fold.  First, your organization reaps the reward of a collective approach to solving a relevant problem.  Secondly, participants hone vital team and leadership skills, thus contributing to the very vitality of the organization by fostering a succession plan for future leadership.

The E.D.G.E. Course is a non-competitive program based on a challenge by choice philosophy. All activities are voluntary.  The decision to participate empowers participants to perform to their potential, freely and without pressure. 

Need to address specific training needs?  Some other Professional E.D.G.E. program elements include:

  • Coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Diversity training
  • Conflict resolution
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Myers-Briggs

The Professional E.D.G.E. can be delivered directly to your site using the same active learning strategies as our facility- based program. 

Here are some recent groups that have experienced the Professional E.D.G.E.


  • Baker, Peterson, and Franklin Accountants
  • Community Medical Centers
  • Fresno Housing Authority
  • Fresno Monsters Hockey Team
  • Gusmer Enterprises
  • Morse, Yardumian, and Wittwer Accountants
  • Owens Valley Career Development
  • RPM Company
  • UC Merced, Executive MBA Program
  • VA Central California Health Care System