Strategic Plan: Priorities & Goals

Priority 1

Students - Provide students an engaged learning experience that emphasizes effective written and verbal communication, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, business experience, and ethical behavior. The school primarily serves undergraduate and MBA students from the diverse and culturally rich region of central California, although it also welcomes international students and others from outside the region, since a broad student population enhances the educational experiences of all students.


1. Enhance student written and verbal communication skills, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning.

2. Improve and develop programs that maximize internal and external opportunities to build leadership and ethical behaviors.

Priority 2

Faculty & Staff - Recruit, retain, develop, and support high quality faculty and staff useful to the students, the business community, the school, and the university through teaching excellence, faculty intellectual contributions, and professional development activities.   The school places relatively equal emphasis on scholarly activities devoted to learning and pedagogical research, contributions to practice, and discipline-based research.


1. Emphasize classroom effectiveness.

2. Support faculty intellectual contributions, and professional development activities.

3. Strategically address faculty & staff retirements and recruitment.

Priority 3

Community - Actively engage with the community including not-for-profit organizations and government agencies, with professional and economic development, continuing education, service-learning, internships, and consulting.


1. Emphasize community engagement with business and nonprofit entities.

2. Promote CSB community outreach efforts (including Centers and Institutes) to strengthen business community ties.

Priority 4

Infrastructure - Foster a productive learning and working environment by developing new facilities and renovating existing infrastructure.


1. Provide adequate technical support for faculty and staff.

2. Enhance infrastructure in order to foster a productive learning environment.

Priority 5

Resources - Generate and manage a variety of fiscal resources that maximize internal and external opportunities.


1. Offer additional revenue generating programs.

2. Increase philanthropic contributions to CSB.

3. Increase revenue through grants and contracts.