Which program is best for me?

The Craig School of Business offers four unique programs for students seeking an MBA degree. All programs lead to an AACSB accredited MBA but appeal to different student needs.

The Tradition MBA is geared to the traditional student entering with limited experience, and thrives on traditional seminar and lecture type classes.   All classes are in the evening (one class per night). Admission is based on GPA and GMAT.

The Online MBA is an alternative to the tradition MBA program. Admission is based on GPA and GMAT but also allows individuals a more flexible schedule throughout the week. This program is also accelerated, allowing students to complete the program in 18 months. It is designed for those with employment or family issues who cannot commit to specific nights they can attend classes. The program also fits individuals with long commutes, who cannot reach campus effectively, or just prefer an online learning method.

The MBA for Executive program (EMBA) is for individuals with ten or more years of experience and at least 3 or more years of meaningful managerial or professional experience.   Admission is based on GPA, and completion of a three week boot camp series of five short classes that replaces GMAT and all prerequisites. All other classes are completed by attending four Saturdays per class, allowing the student to travel, clearing the work week for other things. The program is accelerated and can be completed in 17 months. The peer group is more experienced than those in other programs. The program is for the mid- to higher-level manager and professional. Also with fewer sessions per class, students can commute longer distances for this program.

The Ag MBA for Executives (Ag EMBA) is similar to the EMBA, requiring incumbents to have ten years of experience, three of which must be in a meaningful managerial or professional role and complete a boot camp series of classes. Admission is based on GPA and experience. All classes are on Saturday (four per class) and the program can be competed in 17 months. The curriculum is the same as the other MBA programs but professors with more agricultural background teach in this program and deal with agricultural issues in the delivering the course material. The peer group has experience not only in business but also the Ag industry. The program is for mid-level managers and up and professionals who want to focus on Ag business. Additionally, as the curriculum is the same approved MBA curriculum, the degree is "portable" to other industries.