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Message from the Director

We are quite proud of the Craig School of Business Graduate Business Programs (MBA, MBA for Executives (EMBA), Ag MBA (Ag MBA) and Online MBA). We would like to suggest some reasons why you may want to consider a Craig MBA.

We are an AACSB accredited program.   This is the same business accrediting agency that all top universities in the US and now around the world seek for accreditation. There are many other accrediting agencies but this is the most prestigious and rigorous to achieve.

We were ranked as a top 15 business school in 2010 by Princeton Review. What makes us proud of the distinction is that this ranking was based on student surveys of quality and satisfaction with the program.

Regionally we have an excellent reputation of attracting the above average student. Our new students (intakes) arrive with solid GPA's (3.3 avg. undergraduate GPA), and strong GMAT scores (average 604). Quality student intakes lead to quality graduates and a quality program. While in the program, students will have a better peer group than many other schools. Later these graduates will be representatives of the same program from which you earned your MBA.

The Craig School of Business has a strong reputation in various programs such as entrepreneurship (Lyles Center for Entrepreneurship), human resources (national champions in HR games), accounting (the big four CPA firms recruit our students), real estate (Gazarian Real Estate Center), Ag Business (we have the only Ag EMBA in the west), finance (our students manage a $1M+ investment fund) and more. Additionally we have an exceptional international focus with our study abroad program that serves students from other CSU campuses at the MBA level. These various programs come from the top caliber faculty at the Craig School of Business.

Students completing their degree will leave with an MBA degree that has value. There are many alternative MBA programs but most cannot provide the "brand" value that students need when competing for jobs. This strong brand recognition not only comes from the Craig School but also Fresno State with strong programs in other areas such as agriculture and engineering as well as the constant national impressions in the media from our sports programs (Fresno State).

We have a very diverse student population from both an educational background and ethnic stand point. Many have undergraduate degrees outside of business (15% are engineers and over 10% came from the medical field). Almost 20% of our students come from abroad plus our local students are also very ethnically diversified.

Craig Students and alumni are encouraged to participate in mixers and our alumni social media groups. We have developed a good network for job posting and employee referrals.

As a final note, the best reason and the most honest for seeking a Craig MBA is personal improvement. Programs cannot guarantee monetary success or fast track career paths to top level jobs. Hopefully students can achieve these but we feel no one will leave this program without the pride of completing a rigorous program, the skill sets to help them in the future, and tremendous personal confidence.

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