On General Education

*Where can students go to keep track of their progress in General Education courses?

The Advising and Resources Center, Science 1, Room 136, 278-4150, can assist students with understanding their Degree Progress Report (DPR) for General Education, major, and graduation requirements.

*Do students need to earn a “C” or better in all of their G.E. courses in order to receive credit?

No, in the 1999 – present G.E. pattern students are only required to earn a “C” or better in the foundation courses: 

  • Area A1 – Oral Communication
  • Area A2 – Written Communication
  • Area A3 – Critical Thinking
  • Area B4 – Quantitative Reasoning

*Can students take Integration and Multicultural/International courses that are from the major department?

No, Integration and Multicultural/International courses used to satisfy this requirement must be taken outside the department of the student’s major.

*What does it mean for a transfer student to be “G.E. Certified”?

A G.E. Certification is a written notification from a California Community College that a student has completed all of a portion of the CSU lower division G.E. A student whose G.E. pattern has been fully certified from a community college will not be required to complete any additional lower division G.E. courses at Fresno State.

*Can students take any course required for G.E. as credit/non-credit grading?

Yes, students can take any G.E. course “CR/NC” grading as long as the student does not need a letter grade in the course to satisfy major or other degree requirements. Students are allowed a maximum of 6 units “CR/NC” grading per semester and a maximum of 24 semester units for “CR/NC” grading at Fresno State.


On Major Requirements

*Who should I see to make sure that I am on track with my major course requirements?

First, meet with an advisor in the Advising and Resources Center, Science 1, Room 136, 278-4150. The ARC advisor will review your DPR and will make sure that you have everything in place that you need. The advisor will also determine if you need to meet with a faculty advisor who can assist you with selecting the proper electives in your major and help you make the right decision related to your career option and graduate school, if applicable. Advisors in ARC will help prepare you to meet with the faculty advisor. 

*What are the “residence units” required for a baccalaureate degree?

The residence requirement for the baccalaureate degree specifies that 30 units shall be earned in residence at the campus granting the degree and of these 30 units:

  • 24 units are required to be upper division courses
  • 12 of the major units are required in the major
  • 9 units are required in General Education

On Graduation

*Where should I go to make sure I am on track to graduating in a timely manner?

You should meet with an academic counselor in the Advising and Resources Center, Science 1, Room 136, 278-4150.

*When do I apply to graduate, and what are the steps I should take?

  1. Pick up a graduation application at the Evaluations Office, Joyal Administration Building, Room 115, during the first two weeks of the semester in which you plan to graduate.
  2. Pay the non-refundable graduation application fee at the cashier’s window in the South Lobby of the Joyal Administration building and obtain a receipt.
  3. Turn in the completed graduation application form and the cashier’s receipt to the Evaluations Office by the specified date.

NOTE: If you are a Liberal Studies or College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology major, you must submit a major approval form before your application will be processed. Contact your major advisor prior to your last semester for details.

*Can I still participate in commencement ceremonies if I am only a few classes short of completing my degree requirements?

Yes, you may still participate in commencement if you have not completed all of your degree requirements as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed a minimum of 90 semester units (senior status)
  • Have established a 2.0 or higher GPA
  • Are currently enrolled at Fresno State

*What is the criteria for graduating with honors?

  1. You must have an overall minimum GPA of 3.50 on all work attempted
  2. You must have a minimum GPA of 3.50 on all courses taken at Fresno State
  3. You must have completed 45 units in residence at Fresno State

If you meet the above criteria, your GPA at Fresno State determines which honors you receive:

  • Summa Cum Laude (highest honors)3.90 – 4.00 Fresno State GPA
  • Magna Cum Laude (high honors)3.70 – 3.89 Fresno State GPA
  • Cum Laude (honors) 3.50-3.69 Fresno State GPA

Since the requirement for honors could change, please check the current General Catalog for the criteria in effect at the time of your graduation.

*What happens if I miss the deadline to apply for graduation?

For specific details, contact the Evaluations Office, Joyal Administration Builing, Room 115, as soon as possible. 

*What is the difference between post-baccalaureate and graduate status?

If you have completed your bachelor’s degree and filed for graduation, and you wish to come back and take additional classes (for any reason) then you are considered a post-baccalaureate student. Graduate students are those who have been officially accepted into a master’s program. For more information, contact the Division of Graduate Studies, Thomas Administration Building, Room 132, 278-2448. 

*Who do I see for pre-professional advising or graduate school? 

    On Pre-Professional Advising


        Dr. Larry Riley – Biology – lriley@csufresno.edu – 278-2997 – Science 1, Room 212


        Dr. Fred Schreiber – Biology – freds@csufresno.edu – 278-8756 – Science 1, Room 114A

        Dr. Saeed Attar – Chemistry – sattar@csufresno.edu – 278-8388 – McLane, Room 200

        Dr. Laurent Dejean – Chemistry – ldejean@csufresno.edu – 278-2008 – Science 1, Room 356


        Dr. Cory Brooks – Chemistry – cbrooks@csufresno.edu – 278-2311 – Science 1, Room 342

        Dr. Santanu Maitra – Chemistry – smaitra@csufresno.edu – 278-2961 – Science 1, Room 360

        Dr. Prudence Lowe – Computer Science – plowe@csufresno.edu – 278-7074 – Science 2, Room 253

        Dr. Paul Crosbie – Biology – pcrosbie@csufresno.edu – 278-2074 – Science 1, Room 206A


        Dr. Paul Crosbie – Biology – pcrosbie@csufresno.edu – 278-2074 – Science 1, Room 206A


        Dr. Daqing Zhang – Physics – dzhang@csufresno.edu – 278-7096 – McLane, Room 260


        Dr. Larry Riley – Biology – lriley@csufresno.edu – 278-2997 – Science 1, Room 212

        Pre-Clinical Lab Science

        Dr. Fred Schreiber – Biology – freds@csufresno.edu – 278-8756 – Science 1, Room 114A


        Dr. David Andrews – Biology – davidan@csufresno.edu – 278-5174 – Science 2, Room 251

On Graduate School Admissions


        Dr. Jason Bush – jbush@csufresno.edu – 278-2068 – Science 1, Room 334A


        Dr. Krish Krishnan – krish@csufresno.edu – 278-7944 – Science 1, Room 248

        Computer Science

        Dr. Alex Liu – shliu@csufresno.edu – 278-4789 – Science 2, Room 271


        Dr. Doreen De Leon – doreendl@csufresno.edu – 278-4009 – Peters Business Building, Room 350


        Dr. Gerardo Munoz – gerardom@csufresno.edu – 278-4131 – McLane Hall, Room 23

        Psychology (General/Experimental)

        Dr. Karl Oswald – koswald@csufresno.edu – 278-4125 – Science 2, Room 332

        Psychology (Applied Behavior Analysis option)

        Dr. Marianne Jackson – majackson@csufresno.edu – 278-2757 – Science 2, Room 336

        Psychology (Ed.S. School Psychology)

        Dr. Marilyn Wilson – marilynw@csufresno.edu – 278-5129 – Science 2, Room 354

*How do I develop a curriculum vitae for graduate school? 

For help with building a curriculum vitae, please see Aleta Wolfe from the Career Development Center. She can help you develop a Curriculum Vitae that will be specific to your needs and can be reached at aletaw@csufresno.edu or 278-2381.

*Who do I see in order to prepare for my next career steps? 

The Career Development Center can assist you with making sure that you are taking the right steps toward your career goals. If you are not sure about your career goals, the Career Development Center and help you with career exploration in order to determine which career options best fit your interest.  The Career Development Center offers an array of services which include and are not limited to resume building, mock interviews, and dressing for success. Please contact Aleta Wolfe at aletaw@csufresno.edu or 278-2381.