Q1: How long is this commitment?

A1: A MASS Peer Mentor is expected to commit for one academic year.

Q2: How many students will I be assigned?

A2: A MASS Peer Mentor will be assigned 6-10 mentees.   

Q3: How many hours are required of me? 

A3: There is a minimum requirement of attending a training at the beginning of each semester, meeting with each of your mentees & submitting appropriate documentation throughout the semesters, and meeting with a MASS supervisor each semester. 

Q4: Will I be mentoring a student from my major?

A4: A MASS Peer Mentor is assigned to students from the different disciplines in the College of Science and Mathematics.

Q5: If I am Sophomore standing, can I still apply?

A5: Of course. All Fresno State students are allowed to apply to be a MASS Peer Mentor. 

Q6: How could this help me grow professionally? 

A6: There are many professional skills that you can gain from this program. You will learn skills in communication (orally and written), case load management, coaching, advocacy, and more.

Q7: Is there compensation for the peer mentor position?

A7: A MASS Peer Mentor is a volunteer position.