Welcome to the Institute of Climate Change, Oceans and Atmosphere at California State University, Fresno

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The purpose of the Institute of Climate Change, Oceans, and Atmosphere (ICOA) is to foster interdisciplinary research and teaching in areas of climate change, oceanography, and atmospheric science.

Unintended human induced climate change is a large-scale environmental problem requiring urgent global action. For the San Joaquin Valley, climate change has special importance due to the importance of agriculture to the Valley’s economy, the dependence of agriculture on seasonal precipitation, and a large and growing population.

The study of physical, chemical and biological processes in oceans and the atmosphere are integrally related to climate change, and must be part any systematic and focused investigation of climate change and what it means for the Valley. For the purposes of ICOA, oceans are interpreted to mean not only the marine environment, but all other elements of the water cycle, including precipitation, runoff/recharge, surface water and ground water.