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Physics Colloquium Schedule: Spring 2016

All talks are open to the public and will be held on the Fresno State Campus in room 162 of McLane Hall and at a usual time of 3:00 P.M. unless otherwise noted. For more information about any of these presentations, please contact the Department of Physics at 559-278-2371. Here is the campus map of Fresno State. If you need a disability-related accommodation or wheelchair access information, please contact the Department of Physics office at 559-278-2371. Requests should be one week in advance of scheduled event.

Our Colloquium series is also known as the course
Phys 180, Doug Singleton, Instructor.

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Date: Speaker: Title of Talk:

Jan. 26

Dr. Nima Dinyari, U. of Oregon (Note special date, time and location)

The Master's Industrial Internship Program at the University of Oregon - For students interested in a master's degree in chemistry or applied physics from U of O.

12:10 PM in McLane Hall room 264 on Tuesday, Jan. 26.

Jan. 29

Dr. Arthur Evans, University of Wisconsin, Madison Ancient Art and Modern Mechanics: Using Origami and Geometry to Design New Materials
Feb. 5 Dr. John Singleton, Los Alamos National Lab Pulsars, warp factor 3 and the Battle of Maxia: commercial antennas inspired by faster-than-light motion-real and fictional-in the our Universe
Feb. 12 Dr. Jessica Clark
Feb. 19 Dr. Doug Singleton and Dr. Gerardo Muñoz, Fresno State Physics Department Panel Discussion about applying for and going to graduate school.
Feb. 26 Dr. Thomas Baker, UC Irvine and CSU Long Beach Sterile Neutrinos, Flavor Oscillations and the Superconducting-Magnetic Proximity Effect
Mar. 4 Mr. Jussi Amaral, UC Merced TBA
Mar. 11 Dr. Benjamin Santer, Lawrence Livermore National Lab Dr. Santer will present as part of the SPS meeting.  Time and location TBA.
Apr. 1 Dr. Alain Plattner, Fresno State Geology Dept. TBA
TBA Mr. David Bezinque, Fresno State Physics Department Lessons Learned after 35 Years of Disc Drive Engineering
TBA Kendall Hall and Olivia Krohn, Fresno State Physics Department TBA

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