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The coursework s a BACB® Verified Course Sequence (VCS), and as such, includes all of the requirements to meet the 4th edition standards.


PSYCH 244 Measurement, Research Methods, & Statistics* 4
PSYCH 221 Advanced Learning and Human Behavior 4
PSYCH 223 Verbal Behavior 4
PSYCH 231 Ethics & Philosophy in Behavior Analysis 3
PSYCH 245 Research Methods in Behavior Analysis 4
PSYCH 268 Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis 4
PSYCH 271 Community Interventions & Support 3
PSYCH 288 Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis 4
PSYCH 289 Functional Assessment & Intervention 4
PSYCH 290 Independent Study Up to 6
PSYCH 299 Thesis 3 (6)

* This course includes the department's writing exam requirement.



Students are required to complete two elective classes (3-4 units each) and we recommend that these include one ABA elective and one elective from another area of Psychology or a related discipline. All electives must be at the graduate level, or upper division undergraduate level (100 level courses), and the course instructor must approve your inclusion in the class. Electives must be decided upon in collaboration with the student’s primary advisor.



Our practicum is part of our BACB Verified Course Sequence, and as such, it is categorized as practicum within a university practicum program. Students must complete at least 1000 hours of supervised experience under this model. ABA graduate students complete all of their supervised practicum hours at one of our approved clinical services.  Continued inclusion in any supervised practicum experience, is contingent on the conditions set out in the contract established between the supervising BCBAs and the student. Any form of additional outside employment, outside of supervised practicum experience, is strongly discouraged. 

Click here to view the data on VCS pass rates for the BACB exam.



The ABA option in the Psychology department requires completion of an empirical thesis, consistent with research practices of the field of psychology and the publication standards of the American Psychological Association. A thesis is the written product of the systematic study of a significant problem. This is designed and conducted in close collaboration with a faculty advisor.