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Special Degrees in the CSM

As new opportunities arise for study in specialized fields, the College of Science and Mathematics has made special degree progams available in these areas.

You can get brief information about each program using the dropdowns below, or you can proceed directly to the web sites supporting these degree programs using the external links on the right. You can also check the departmental web sites for links to their special degree programs.

B.A. Degree in Natural Sciences

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Natural Sciences serves as a subject matter preparation program for the single subject teaching credential in Science. With the Science Credential, you are able to teach any introductory science class, i.e. earth, general, life, or physical science along with the courses in your chosen emphasis. For additional information, see the listing under the Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, or Physics departments departments or see the B.A. in Natural Sciences coordinator, David Andrews, at 559.278.2412.

Please visit their B.A. Degree in Natural Sciences for further details.

Master's Degree in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary endeavor that increasingly requires employees fluent in both science and business to enable the development of new technologies and products based on the unique applications of the cellular and molecular life sciences. The Master’s Degree in Biotechnology an approved Professional Science Master's program offers students who are fundamentally educated in various scientific disciplines the opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills required to comprehend and commercialize these emerging technologies and/or their products.

Please visit their Master's Degree in Biotechnology for further details.

M.S. Water Resource Management

The Master of Science degree in Water Resource Management was developed to meet the growing demand for advanced knowledge in water resources and their use in the urban, industrial, and agricultural environment. The degree includes political and policy aspects of water use as well as an understanding of the economics involved. 

Please visit their M.S. Water Resource Management for further details.