Fresno State announced the opening of its new Fresno State Transportation Institute on Tuesday, September 12. The announcement comes more than a year after the Fresno Council of Governments (COG) Policy Board and the Fresno County Transportation Authority (FCTA) approved the utilization of nearly $3 million from the Measure C New Technology Reserve funds. 

The Transportation Institute is a collaboration between the 15 cities within Fresno County, Fresno State’s Lyles College of Engineering, Sid Craig School of Business and College of Social Sciences.

The  Institute will address four primary areas  that are consistent with the most current Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Community Strategy.

Transportation Institute Areas of Emphasis: 

Education: The Institute will support the development and offering of undergraduate, graduate, certificate and other professional development programs, workshops, and conferences in areas of advanced multimodal and transit systems and other related fields such as city and regional transportation planning, economics and business, among many others.

Research: The Institute will incentivize Fresno State students and faculty to pursue and establish innovative research programs that focus on advanced multimodal and transit solutions and optimization of existing systems; facilitating mobility, improving air quality and reducing traffic congestion and energy demand.

Technical Service: Through a close partnership, Fresno State Transportation Institute will partner with and provide local agencies with human resources and technical expertise, as needed, to facilitate the pursuit and securing of professional project grants for the development, implementation and operation of advanced multimodal and transit projects in Fresno County.

Public Outreach: Through public education and outreach activities, the Institute will increase public knowledge, acceptance and expectations for advanced multimodal and transit systems. A main focus of the proposed institute is to organize K-12 and other public outreach and education events that will specifically focus on multimodal and transit challenges and local transportation solutions.

The funding will not only support students and faculty researchers as they address topics such as air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, safety, energy, congestion, and advanced transportation technologies, but also enable them to seek federal and state transportation grants.

Dr. Aly Tawfik, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering in the Lyles College of Engineering, will serve as the Institute’s founding Director. The proposed program will also provide technical assistance to local agencies to secure funding for maintenance and renovation of currently used technologies.

Staff of the Institute will comprise of multi-disciplinary Faculty Fellows, Undergraduate and Graduate Student Researchers and Postdoc(s). Faculty Fellows are expected to be selected by the end of October 2017. The Lyles College has already begun the search process to add two new tenure track faculty members focusing on High Speed Rail, Freight Transportation, Air Transportation or Transportation Safety.

Stay Tuned! Soon the Institute will form an external advisory board to provide advice and counsel, so be sure to stop back by this page for more information and events with the Fresno State Transportation Institute!