2003 Lewis Becker Catalog of Collection, Organized by Subject Matter



I. United States Folksong and Ballads.

A. Appalachian and Country Songs.

B. Regional Songs and ballads

C. African-American Music

1. Blues

2. Jazz

3. Minstrel Songs

                        4. Spirituals

5. Folk Songs and Other Songs.

D. Native American Music

E. Other Collections and reference.

1. Songsters

2. Other collections

3. Reference

4. Burl Ives

5. Biography

II. Occupational and Topical Songs and Ballads.

A. Cowboy Songs

                        1. Traditional, more or less

            2. Commercial, more or less.

            3. Pure literary composition.

B. Labor and Protest Songs

1. The Songs

2.  Related Material

C. Lumberjack

D. Miners' Songs

E. Seasongs

F. Warsongs

            G. Political Songs

            H. Bawdy Songs.

            J. Railroad Songs

            K. Murder Ballads.

            L. Miscellaneous.

III. English and Scottish Ballads & Songs.

A. Broadside Ballads

1. In general.

2. Pepys

B. Traditional Ballads

1. Child

2. Percy

3. Collections

4. Criticism and Commentary

C. Folksongs of England, in whole or in substantial part.

1. Songsters

2. Collections

3. Biography, reference, and criticism

4. Related literature

D. Jacobite Songs and other songs  relating to politics

E. Folksongs of Scotland

1. Collections

2. The literary influence

3. Criticism and Commentary

4. Biography

5. Musical instruments

IV.  Irish Songs and Music

A. Collections

B. Criticism and commentary

C. The literary Influence

D. Musical Instruments

V. Folksongs of Other Countries

A. English Speaking

1. Canada

2. Australia

3. Other

B. Non-English Speaking

VI. Jewish Music

VII. American Religious Music

VIII.  Theater and Popular Music, including Elizabethan Theater

A. American

B. English

IX. Other Music

X. Folklore

A. African American Folklore

B. Native American Folklore

C. Other American Folklore

D. African Folklore and Related Anthropology

E. English Folklore

F. Irish Folklore

G. Jewish Folklore

H. Scottish Folklore

J. Folklore of Other Countries

K. Other Folklore and Anthropology

L. Myths and Mythmaking

XI. Irish Culture and History.

A. General Histories

B. Ancient Ireland

C. 1798 and prior periods

D. The Famine and Fenian Periods

E. 1916-22

F. Miscellaneous History

G. Biography

H. Travel and Scenery

J. Culture

K. Irish in America

XII. Scottish Culture and History.

A. History

B. Travels and Place-histories

C. Culture

D. Miscellaneous

XIII. Chapbooks

XIV. Irish literature

XV. Scottish literature

XVI. Nursery Rhymes and Children's Games & Songs

XVII. Slang, Dialects, and Folk Speech

XVIII. Miscellaneous Culture, History, & Literature.

A. Antiquarian England

B. Brittany

C. Gypsies

D. Vikings

E. Folk Dance

F. Other



I. United States Folksong and Ballads


A.  Appalachian and Country Songs and Ballads


Charters.  The Country Blues.  1977.  PB.  Reprint.


Horstman. Sing Your Heart Out, Country Boy. Dutton 1975. 1st DJ


JAF, vol. 78, #309 (July-Sept. 1965).  Issue devoted solely to "Hillbilly Music".


(Kincaid). Jones, Loyal.  Radio’s Kentucky Mountain Boy, Bradley Kincaid.  Berea College, Revised edition 1988 (1st was 1980).  Paper wraps.  VG.  Selected Songs, song inventory, bibliography and discography


Kincaid, Bradley.  My Favorite Mountain Ballads.  Wraps. 6th printing 1939.


(Kincaid).  Favorite Old Time Songs and Mountain Ballads, Book 2. (1929).  Looks like 1st. VG. Wraps.


(Kincaid). Favorite Old Time Songs and Mountain Ballads, Book 3. (1929).  Looks like 1st. Wraps. VG (piece of paper torn from rear cover).


(Kincaid).  Mountain Ballads and Old Time Songs, Book 11.  Self Published 1940 Paper Wraps. VG.


(Kincaid).  Pioneer Singer of American Folk Ballads, Folio No. 12.  Peer International Corp (1941).  VG.  Wraps.


Malone.  Singing Cowboys & Musical Mountaineers, Southern Culture and the Roots of Country Music.  U. Ga. (1993).  DJ


Raine.  The Land of Saddle Bags.  Ny, nd [ca. 1924].  1st?


Richardson, Ethel.  American Mountain Songs.  Greenberg 1955.     DJ. Reprint of 1927 ed.


Ritchie, Jean. Singing Family of the Cumberlands.  OUP 1955. 1st? DJ.  Sendak illus.


Ritchie, Jean.  A Garland of Mountain Song.  NY (1953).  1st.   DJ.  Book slightly bowed.


Ritchie.  Jean Ritchie's Swapping Song Book.  Walck 1964).  1st.  DJ.  Ex library marks.


Sharp, Cecil.  English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians.  Edited by Maud Karpeles.  Lon 1932.  2 vols.  Second and enlarged edition (1st was 1917).  VG.


(Sizemore). Old Fashioned Hymns and Mountain Ballads, as sung by Asher Sizemore and Little Jimmie. 1933.  Wraps.  Apparently self published. VG.


Thomas, Jean.  Ballad Making in the Mountains of Kentucky.  NY  (1939). 1st. DJ.


Thomas, Jean.  Devil's Ditties.  Chi, 1931. 1st.  DJ, with some fragments missing.


Wyman and Brockway.  Lonesome Tunes, Folk songs from the Kentucky Mountains. H.W. Gray, NY (1916).  1st.  Printed boards (some wear to edges of boards).



B.  Regional Songs and Ballads


Abrahams, Roger (ed.).  A Singer and Her Songs, Almeida Riddle's Book of Ballads. LSU Press 1970. 1st.  DJ.


Barry, et al. British Ballads from Maine.  Yale 1929. 1st. Covers  worn.


Barry, Phillips (ed.)  The Maine Woods Songster.  Powell Printing Co 1939.  Printed boards. 


Belden.  Ballads and Songs Collected by the Missouri Folklore Society.  1940.  Paper wraps. 1st. Pages yellowing.  Owner's stamp on cover at bottom.


Brewster.  Ballads and Songs of Indiana.  Indiana U 1940. 1st.  Wraps.


Browne.  The Alabama Folk Lyric.  Bowling Green U Popular Press  1979.  1st.


Burton, Thomas G., and Manning, Ambrose.  The East Tennessee State Collection of Folklore: Folksongs.  Monograph No. 4, November 1967.  Johnson City, Tn.  Apparent 1st.  VG in printed wraps.


Burton.  Tom Ashley, Sam McGee & Bukka White, Tennessee Traditional Singers.  U Tenn (1981). 1st.  DJ


Byington, Robert, and Goldstein, Kenneth, editors. Two Penny Ballads and Four Dollar Whiskey, A Pennsylvania Folklore Miscellany.  Pa Folklore Society and Folklore Associates 1966. VG in DJ. 1st? – copyright date is 1965, but preface is dated December 1965.  A series of essays on Pa folklore and folksong.


Cazden, Haufrecht, and Studer.  Folk Songs of the Catskills.  SUNY (1982).  1st.  VG.


Cazden, Haufrecht, and Studer.  Notes and Sources for Folk Songs of the Catskills.  SUNY (1982).  1st.  VG. This has an absolutely terrific bibliography.


Chappell, Louis.  Folk-Songs of the Roanoke and the Albamarle .  Ballad Press, Morgantown W. Va. 1939. 1st. VG. A few slight stains to the covers.


Combs.  Folk Songs of the Southern United States.  U of Tex (1967).  DJ. 1st thus. New edition, edited and w/intro by Wilgus.


Cox, John H.  Folk Songs of the South.  1925. 1st. Cloth of spine is chipped and  scratched.


Cox, John.  Traditional Ballads and Folk Songs, Mainly from West Virginia.  American Folklore Society 1964.  A one volume reprint of Cox’s “Traditional Ballads Mainly from West Virginia” and his “Traditional Folk Songs Mainly from West Virginia.”  Wraps as issued. VG.    


Davis. Traditional Ballads of Virginia.  Harvard 1929. 1st.    Bright copy.


Davis. More Traditional Ballads of Virginia. U NC (1960). 1st. DJ 


Davis, A. K.  Folk Songs of Virginia, A Descriptive Index and Classification.  Duke 1949.  1st.  DJ.  Presentation from  Arthur Palmer Hudson.


Dobie, J. Frank.  Ballads and Songs of the Frontier Folk. 1927. “Reprinted from Texas and Southwestern Lore, Publication Number VI of the Texas Folk Lore Society, 1927.”  Gift Inscription from Dobie.  VG in orig wraps.


Eckstrom, Fannie Hardy and Smyth, Mary Winslow.  Minstrelsy of Maine.  Houghton Mifflin 1927.  1st.  VG, but slight dent in cloth on side of spine.


Eddy.  Ballads and Songs from Ohio.  Augustin (1939). 1st?? Dirty  DJ, with pieces missing.


            --Another copy. DJ. Different color cloth and different style of printing on spine.  Name "Augustin" appears at bottom of spine.  1st??


Flanders.  Ancient Ballads, Traditionally Sung in New England.  U Pa, 1960-65.  4 vols, 1sts.


Flanders, Helen H. and Brown, George.  Vermont Folk Songs and    Ballads.  Brattleboro (1931).  1st. VG in DJ.


Flanders. A Garland of Green Mountain Song.  Vt (1934).  Wraps. Presentation.


Flanders, Ballard, Brown, and Barry.  The New Green Mountain Songster, Traditional Folk Songs of Vermont.  Folklore Associates, 1966.  Reprint (1st was 1939), with new introduction by Tristram Coffin. VG in G DJ. 


Flanders and Olney.  Ballads Migrant in New England.  Farrar, Strauss.  NY (1953). 1st?  DJ


Frank C. Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore. (General editor: Newman White).

Vol. 2: “Folk Ballads from North Carolina.” Duke 1952. 1 st. (Volume editors: Henry  Belden  and Arthur  Palmer Hudson). G to VG.

             Vol. 3: “Folk Songs From North Carolina”.  Duke 1952  (Volume editors: Henry Belden and Arthur  Palmer Hudson).  G to VG.

--Another copy. 1971 Reprint. VG in VG DJ.

Vol. 4: "The Music of the Ballads". Duke 1957 (1974 reprint). (Volume editor: Jan Schinhan). VG.

Vol. 5: "The Music of the Folksongs". Duke 1962. (Volume editor: Jan Schinhan).  VG (slight stain on bottom edge).


Fuson, Harvey. Ballads of the Kentucky Highlands.  London, The Mitre Press, no date. Vg – very slight crease in first 60 pages.  In a slightly waterstained DJ.


Gardner and Chickering. Ballads and Songs of Southern Michigan. Folklore Associates reprint 1967 (1st was 1939). DJ.


Hudson, Arthur Palmer.  Songs of the Carolina Charter Colonists . 1962  Wraps.  1st.  Presentation.


Hudson, Arthur Palmer. Folk Songs of Mississipi. U No. Car.  (1936). 1st.  Presentation dated 1961.


Hudson, Arthur Palmer.  Folk Tunes From Mississippi.  Collected by Hudson. Edited by George Herzog.  Assisted by Herbert Halpert.  1977 De Capo Press reprint of 1937 2d edition, published by the Federal Theater Project of the W.P.A.  VG.


JAF, vol. 45, #175 (Jan.-March 1932).  Whole issue is "Still More Ballads & Folk Songs from the Southern Highlands," by Mellinger E. Henry.  Partly Uncut.  Some pages creased.


Korson.  Pa Songs and Legends. U Pa 1949. 1st.  Chipped DJ. Presentation.


--Another copy. Johns Hopkins (1960). 2d DJ.


Linscott.  Folk Songs of Old New England . MacMillan, NY 1939. 1st.


McNeil, W. K.  Southern Folk Ballads.  August House, Little Rock.  Two vols, PB, 1sts, as follows: vol. 1 (1987), vol. 2 (1988).


Monroe, Mina. Bayou Ballads, Twelve Folk Songs From Louisiana.  Schirmer, NY, nd.   Reprint. Original edition was 1921. Songs are in French.


Moore, Ethel and Chauncy.  Ballads and Folksongs of the Southwest.  U Okla (1964).  1st.  Chipped DJ.


Owens.  Texas Folk Songs.  U. Tex. 1950. 1st.  VG in chipped DJ.


            --Another copy. SMU Press (1976).  2d ed, revised and enlarged.  VG in VG DJ.


Peters, Harry (ed). Folk Songs Out of Wisconsin.  State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 1977. Large PB.  Looks like 1st; was there a HB?


Randolph, Vance.  Ozark Folk Songs.  U of Mo Press 1980.  4 vols.  DJ. VF.  Reprint of classic.


Rosenbaum.  Folk Visions and Voices, Traditional Music and Song in North Georgia.  U. Ga. (1983).  1st. VG. DJ.


Schrader, Arthur.  Broadside Ballads of Boston, 1813: The Isaiah Thomas Collection.  Reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester 1988. In original printed wraps, nice presentation by author. 111 pages. VG.


Shoemaker, Henry.  Mountain Minstrelsy of Pennsylvania. Phila    1931. 3d ed.  Presentation.


Shoemaker, Henry.   Pennsylvania Minstrelsy.  2d ed.  Altoona Pa 1923.  Orig printed wraps, as issued.  VG.


Smith, Reed.  Ballads, with a Study of the Traditional Ballad Today.  Harvard 1928.  VG in a dirty and chipped DJ.  Presentation dated 1928 from author.  Laid in is a letter from the publisher promoting the book.


Stout, Earl J.  Folklore from Iowa.  Amer Folklore Society 1936.  1st. VG.


Thompson, Harold W.  A Pioneer Songster.  Texts from the Stevens-Douglas Manuscript of Western NY, 1841-1856.  Cornell (1958).  1st.  VG in DJ.  Review slip laid in.


Warner, Anne.  Traditional American Folk Songs from the Anne and Frank Warner Collection.  Syracuse Univ Press 1984. 1st. DJ.


Warner, Frank.  Folk Songs and Ballads of the Eastern Sea Board.  Southern Press (1963).  1st. Stiff wraps.


Weir, Albert.  Songs of the Sunny South.  Broadcast Music Inc. (1944).  1st was 1929. Wraps. VG+.  Popular, spirituals, dialect, etc.


Wheeler, Mary.  Roustabout Songs, A Collection of Ohio River Valley Songs.  Remick NY (1939). Wraps. VG.


Whitfield, Irene. Louisiana French Folk Songs.  LSU Press, 1939. 1st. VG.  Possibly inscribed by author; contains inscription, in French, signed “Irene”, dated 1954.


Wolfe, Charles.  Folk Songs of Middle Tennessee, the George Boswell Collection.  U Tenn (1997).  1st.  VG in wraps.



C. African American music.


1.  Blues.


Handy, W. C.  Blues, an Anthology.  Boni 1926. 1st. Illustrated by Covarrubios.  Front cover slightly stained, rear cover more heavily stained.  Stamp of music store on title page at bottom.      


Handy, W.C.  Father of the Blues.  MacMillan 1941.  1st.  Crease in cloth of spine.


Jones, Leroi.  Blues People.  Morrow  1963.  1st


Lipscomb, Mance.  I Say Me For a Parable, The Oral Autobiography of Mance Lipscomb, A Texas Bluesman,....  Norton (1993).  1st.  DJ.


Oliver.  The Story of the Blues.  Chilton (1975).  3d (1st was 1969).  DJ


Shirley and Driggs.  The Book of the Blues.  Crown 1963.  Looks like 1st.


Silverman.  Folk Blues.  MacMillan (1958).  1st


Paperback reprints:

(i). Keil. Urban Blues (1970).

(ii). Oliver. The Meaning of the Blues.  Collier Books NY (1972).  Original title--Blues Fell This Morning.



2. Jazz


Bloom and Williams.  King Kong, an African Jazz Opera.  Collins, Lon 1961.  1st.  DJ


Buerkle and Barker.  Bourbon Street Black, The New Orleans Black Jazzman. OUP 1973. 1st.  DJ


Calloway, Cab.  Of Minnie the Moocher and Me.  Crowell (1976)  1st.  DJ


Condon, Eddie.  Condon's Treasury of Jazz.  Dial  1956.  1st.


Feather. The Encyclopedia of Jazz.  Horizon, NY 1955.  2d printing, 1956.  DJ


Hadlock. Jazz Masters of the 20's.  MacMillan (1968). 3d.  DJ


Hampton, Lionel.  Hamp.  Warner (1989). 1st. DJ


Jones and Chilton.  Louis, the Louis Armstrong Story.  Little Brown (1971).  1st Amer. DJ


Lomax, Alan. Mister Jelly Roll. Duell, Sloan & Pearce (1950). 1st.


Longstsreet.  Sportin' House, New Orleans and the Jazz Story.  Louisiana (1965).  1st.  DJ


Mingus. Beneath the Underdog.  Knopf 1971.  1st.  Torn DJ


Ramsey and Smith.  Jazzmen.  Harcourt Brace (1939).  1st


Rolling Stone Jazz Record Guide. (1985). 1st.  PB


Shapiro and Hentoff.  Hear Me Talkin' To Ya, The Story of Jazz by the Men Who Made It. Rinehart (1955).  1st.


Tirro.  Jazz, A History.  Norton (1977).  DJ.  Not 1st.


Ulanov.  Handbook of Jazz.  Viking, Compass Books 1959.  PB


3. Minstrel songs


Christy and Fox’s Ethiopian Melody and Joke Book.  NY, Frederic A. Brady, nd.  Fair to Good – portions of cloth of spine are missing and what is there has been glued down.  Some pages have tears. Considerable browning. Hinges are not cracked or cracking. Five books in one, each separately paginated: Charley Fox’s Ethiopian Songster, George Christy’s Joke Book No.2, George Christy’s Joke Book No. 3, Charley Fox’s Bijou Songster, and the Sable Songster.  Each is almost exclusively black dialect. Illustrated.


The Fireside Songster, A Collection of the Best Known Sentimental, Ethiopian, Humorous, and Comic Songs. NY, Frank Reed, nd. Poor to Fair. In torn and partially detached paper wraps, missing the rear cover and ending at p. 32, apparently in mid song. Therefore, a partial copy.


Minstrel Songs, Old & New.  Ditson, Bos 1882. 1st. Printed pictorial boards.


Nathan, Hans.  Dan Emmett and the Rise of Early Negro Minstrelsy. U Okla (1977).  2d (1st was 1962).  With a 3 page Preface to the Second Edition containing corrections and comments.  F (save for owner’s gift inscription on FFE) in DJ.


Paskman, Dailey and Spaeth, Sigmund,  Gentlemen Be Seated, A Parade of Old Time Minstrels.  Doubleday, Garden City 1928. 1st (so stated).  Good – covers slightly bowed, front hinge is cracking, and owner’s name – neat and small – on title page.


4. Spirituals


(Allen). Slave Songs of the United States,  Simpson, NY 1867. 1st


Coleridge-Taylor, S.  Twenty-Four Negro Melodies.  Brief preface by Booker T. Washington.  (Taylor was African American.)  Ditson 1905.  The Musician’s Library Series.  VG. 1 st. Apparently less usual in cloth, which this is.


Dett, Nathaniel.  Religious Folk Songs of the Negro as sung at the Hampton Institute.  Hampton, Va (1927). 1st thus.  VG, except for some red underlining in the preface and an ownership stamp at top of title page and about eight or so various other headings in the text.


Fisher.  Negro Slave Songs in the U.S.  Cornell (1953).  1st.  DJ


Jackson, George Pullen.  White and Negro Spirituals.  Augustin nd.  Probably a reprint.  VG but for 4 small ink stamps (each stamp has “25” in a small circle).


Johnson.  The Book of American Negro Spirituals.  Viking 1929.  8th printing


Johnson. The Second Book of American Negro Spirituals. 1926. 1st. 


Negro Spirituals.  Belmont Music Co, Chicago 1937.  Wraps. 26 pages.


Parrish, Lydia.  Slave Songs of the Georgia Sea Islands.  U of Ga (1992).  Foreward by Art Rosenbaum.  1st thus.  VF in VF DJ. [There was also a Folklore Associates reprint in 1965.  1st was 1945].


Solomon, Olivia and Jack.  “Honey in the Rock.” The Ruby Pickens Tartt Collection of Religious Folk Songs from Sumter County Alabama.  Mercer U Press 91991).  No DJ (as issued?).  1st.  F.


Work, John Wesley. Folk Song of the American Negro. Fisk University (1915). 1st. VG.


Work.  American Nego Songs and Spirituals.  Crown (1940).  Nice  pictorial DJ.



5. Folk Songs and Other Songs.


Courlander.  Negro Folk Music, USA.  Columbia U (1974).  2d.      Some ink underlining.


Damon, S. Foster (ed).  Scenes of Old American Songs,Reproduced in Facsimilie from Original or Early Editions in the Harris Collection...  Brown University Library 1936.  50 separate reproductions of song sheets with brief annotations.  Great illust, many of African American interest.  Loose in box, as issued.


Epstein, Dena.  Sinful Tunes and Spirituals, Black Folk Music to the Civil War.  U of Ill (1977).  2d printing.  VG.  No DJ.


Holland, Justin.  Holland’s Comprehensive Method for the Guitar… With Additions.  Oliver Ditson, Boston 1888.  1st was 1874.  Holland was perhaps the first black man to make an important contribution to classical guitar.  Very rare in any printing, I think.  In original prited boards.  Good plus – Sound, but edges of cover are darkened and show moisture, cloth on side of spine shows some slight splitting, and covers are slightly bowed.


Lomax, John and Alan.  Negro Folk Songs As Sung by Leadbelly. MacMillan, 1936. 1st. VG, covers bit dirty.


Jeykyll.  Jamaican Song & Story.  David Nutt, 1907.  1st. Partially uncut.  Book is slightly "bowed," with a slight crease in the front cover.


Katz, Bernard (Ed and intro by).  The Social Implications of Early Negro Music in the United States.  With Over 150 of the Songs.  Many of them with Their Music.  Arno Press and NY Times 1969.  1st.  Covers slightly dirty, otherwise VG.  With authorial gift inscription to Herbert Aptheker.


Kennedy. Mellows.  Boni (1925). Looks like 1st. Paper label on spine is frayed.


Krehbiel.  Afro-American Folksongs.  Schirmer (1914).  1st. Front hinge cracked.


Locke, Alain.  The Negro and His Music.   Associates in Negro Folk Education.  Washington, DC.  1st.  VG in wraps (as issued).


Lovell.  Black Song.  MacMillan (1972).  1st.  DJ


Niles, John J. Singing Soldiers. Scribners 1927. 1st.  Supplied by black soldiers.


Odum, Howard, and Johnson, Guy.  The Negro and His Songs.  U. No. Car. 1925.  1st.  VG (nice bright copy).


Odum, Howard, and Johnson, Guy.  Negro Workaday Songs.  U. No. Car. 1926.  1st.  G+ (covers dull).


Parsons. Folklore of the Sea Islands. Mass 1923.  Memoirs of Amer Folklore Society, vol. 16.  1st. Minor penciling. Some songs.


Scarborough, Dorothy.  On the Trail of Negro Folk Songs.  Harvard 1925.  1st.  Bright copy (slight stain at edge of front cover), but FFE (or two) may be missing.


Songs and Spirituals of Negro Composition.  Also Patriotic Songs, Songs of Colleges and College Fraternities and Sororities.  Progressive Book Co, Chi (1928).  Orig printed wraps.  G+ (wraps are dirty and have a few abrasions, with some moisture staining at bottom of pages).  Great advertisements.


Southern.  The Music of Black Americans, A History.  2d ed.  Norton 1983.  PB reprint.


Talley.  Negro Folk Rhymes.  NY 1922.  1st.


White, Newman I. American Negro Folk Songs.  Folklore Associates, Hatboro (Pa) 1965. VG. Reprint (1st was 1928). 16 page introduction for this edition by Bruce Jackson, Harvard University.


Wolfe, Charles and Lornell, Kip.  The Life and Legend of Leadbelly.  Harper/Collins (1992). 1st [Eng.?].  VG. DJ.


D. Native American Music


Burton. American Primitive Music, with especial attention to the Songs of the Ojibways. NY 1909.  1st


Densmore.  Pawnee Music. GPO 1929.  1st. B.A.E. Bulletin 93. 


Densmore.  Northern Ute Music. GPO 1922 (1st was 1918). B.A.E. Bulletin 75.  Slight waterstaining on bottom of title page. Spine faded, with slight tear in cloth of spine.


Densmore, Frances.  Yuman and Yaqui Music.  GPO 1932.  Smithsonian Bulletin 110.  Looks like 1st was 1930.  In original printed G+ wrappers (owner’s name on front cover).


Densmore, Frances.  Nootka and Quileute Music.  GPO 1939.  Smithsonian Bulletin 124.  1st. In original printed G+ wrappers (owner’s name on front cover).



E. Other Collections and reference


1.  Songsters


Barney Brallaghan’s Songster.  Murphy, NY, nd.  VG.  Begins at p.68 and runs to p.98.  Seems complete, however. [Placed here because this was printed in U.S.]


Beauty of the Blonde’s Songster.  Containing About 200 Choice Songs of Which 20 are set to Music Expressly for This Work.  De Witt, NY 1870.  Pictorial color covers, wraps. VG but 3 edges of each cover have been cut away.  Contains 5 pages of ads for 100 Fisher song books.


The Blonde of the Period Songster Containing Nearly 200  Popular Songs of Which 20 are set to Music Expressly for This Work.  De Witt NY 1869. Pictorial color covers, wraps.


Bunker Hill Songster. NY (ca 1850??).  Original printed wraps.  VG.  34 pp.


The Canadian Boat Songster.  De Witt, NY 1872. Colored pictorial wraps.  Covers worn and  book is bowed.  A shorter De Witt publication.


Champagne Charlie and Coal Oil Tommy Songster.  Appleton, SF (1868). Wraps. G (front cover is chipped).


Charley O’Malley Irish Songster (The).   See Encyclopedia of Popular Songs.


Comical Brown’s Songster.  White, Smith, and Co.  Bos 1885.  G.  Orig Wraps, faded and chipped.  Pages bit yellowed.


Christy’s Panorama Songster. NY, Murphy, nd.  Orig pictorial wraps.  VG, some slight chipping of front cover. 


DeWitt’s Forget Me Not Songster, 250 Songs.  (Also called on some pages DeWitt’s Forget Me Not Irish Songster.)  DeWitt NY (1872).  Basically VG but hinges have obviously been strengthened. 


The Emerald, or Book of Irish Melodies.  NY, Dick and  Fitzgerald (1863). Pictorial boards. Hinges cracked. Divided into two parts: The Shamrock [a songster] and the Charley O’Malley Songster. 


Encyclopedia of Popular Songs (The), A Comic Collection of Sentimental, Patriotic, Irish, Ethiopian, and Comic Songs.  Dick and Fitzgerald, NY (1864). G-VG.  Comprises the following song books, each with its own illustrated title page and each of which is separately numbered:  Frank Converse’s Old Cremona Songster (“Ethiopian” in interest; most of the songs have music – unlike the other songsters in this collection);  The Charley O’Malley Irish Songster; The Love and Sentimental Songster; The Heart and Home Songster; The Touch the Elbow Songster (almost exclusively Civil War songs).  Each songster is about 72 pages.


Feast of Wit (The)…  Exeter, Abel Brown 1825.  Humorous anecdotes to page 43, songs from page 44 to page 64.  Clearly Exeter NH.  Songs include songs re naval victories in War of 1812.  paper bound and stitched. Two pages of the songs have a good sized  chunk of  the page torn away but then loosely reattached with stitching (they are hanging on).  The title page says that it contains a dream book, but none is here and the book seems complete because an index follows the songs.


Firemen's Songster.  Phila. (1868). Wraps.  Pictorial cover with fire scene.  Covers coming off.  Five holes where removed from metal binder.


Forecastle Songster.  Richard Marsh, NY (1847).  VG.


Forget Me Not Songster.  NY, Nafis and Cornish.  Nd. VG. Many illustrations


Frank Converse’s Old Cremona Songster (“Ethiopian ” in interest; most of the songs have music).  See Encyclopedia of Popular Songs. 


Hadaway’s Select Songster.   Apparently missing the title page.  I have seen a reference (in Notes to Songs of the Catskills) that lists the printer as John Gihon, Philadelphia 1840.  My copy is in a nice full black leather binding with the “Hadaway’s Select Songster” and “1840” on the spine.  With an owner’s signature, dated March 10, 1840, on a front free endpaper.  The songs are listed as having been sung by named performers. Some were written and sung by Hadaway, some were from specific named operas, and some are listed as having been sung at specific Philadelphia locations.


The Harp of Erin, Being a Selection of the Most Popular Irish, Scotch, Sentimental, and Comic Songs.  NY, D & J Sadlier (1847). Frontisp and engraved title page.  VG. Spine is quite faded. 288 pp.  Possibly recased but if so a very nice job. [Placed here because this was printed in U.S.]


Harry Montague, the Careful Man Songster.  NY, A.J. Fisher 1879. Wraps. Poor – tape on spine, chipping of front cover, ½ of rear cover missing.  Composed songs.


Heart and Home Songster (The). See Encyclopedia of Popular Songs.


Howe’s Forget Me Not Songster.  Comprises three separate songsters, each separately paginated.  The title  “Howes’ Forget Me Not Songster” appears on the spine but nowhere inside.  The songsters are The Prize Song Book, Howe’s Comic Songster, and Howe’s Comic and Sentimental Irish Songster.. Front and rear hinges are cracked and front cover is separating from the bottom of the  spine for about 2 inches. 


Illustrated Popular Songster. White, Smith & Co., Boston, 1883.  Original wraps, with crude illustrations. VG.  Unpaginated, but contains 59 songs.  Each song with music..  Unusual thus.  Seems like the publisher of this book was the publisher of the songs, the book thus being a way of promoting the sale of sheet music.


Irish National Songster, Containing a Choice Selection of Sentimental, Patriotic, and Comic Songs. Kenedy, NY 1876.  Copyright date is 1874.  VG, but gift inscription (dated 1915) on top of title page. Frontisp.  Consists of two volumes, The Erin Go Bragh Songster (180 pages) and The Faugh-A-Ballagh Song Book (178 pages).  Different from the Universal Irish Songster?


Irish Songs. Belmont Music Co, Chicago 1937.  Wraps. 26 pages.


 (Sol Smith Russell’s) Jeremy Jolly Boy Comic Songster.  De Witt, NY 1867.  Pictorial wwraps, Covers are in pretty bad shape – attached, but torn.  De Wit’s catalog at the end.


The Jolly Miller Songster.  Published by the Northwestern Miller. 1905. 2d edition.  VG in pictorial wraps.


Lookout Mountain No. Two Songster.  The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, no date (my guess would be 1890’s).  G in wraps but pages are quite  browned.  A portion of the lower corner of the front page has been torn away with no loss of text. Alternates words to a song with a description of how McElree’s Wine of Cardui, a Tonic for Women, cured a particular case of female problems.


Love and Sentimental Songster (The). See Encyclopedia of Popular Songs.


Murphy, M.J.  National Songs of Ireland.  Cincinnati 1892.  1st? Good: hinges splitting, front endpaper detached, tear on lower inner margin of page 1, chipping of last few pages.


New Song Book (The), Containing a Choice Collection of the Most Popular Songs, Glees…  Hartford, S. Andrus and Son, 1851.  Copyright 1835.  VG.


 One hundred and Fifty Six Popular Songs…  F.M. Lupton, NY 1893. Part of “The People’s Handbook Series.”   With music for each song. In original printed paper wraps.  Good .


145 Favorite Song Jewels With Words and Music. Popular English, Irish, Scotch, and Negro Songs.  W.N. Sweet and Co., NY, November 1891. Good only – pages darkened.


Parisian Can Can Songster. Fisher and Denison, NY (1869).  Wraps. Nice colored cover. Good only – some trace of moisture on the cover, and wear and chipping to both covers. Most of the paper on the spine is missing.  Popular music and a lot of fun. Varying pagination (explained by seller as publisher just selecting songs from previously published books).  Rear cover has printed on it a list of books for sale, including 20 or so songsters.


Patterson’s Ideal Songster…As sung by Patterson’s Concert and Vaudevilles.  Maine, nd. [1880’s to 1890’s as a guess].  24 songs.   Original printed wraps. VG.Courtwright, Williaam.  Complete Minstrel Guide. Chicago, Dramatic Publishing Co.  VG in printed wraps. No date. 1910’s is my guess.


Penny Songster. Published by Fisher and Denison (1968).  Small booklets in pictorial yellow covers. 6-8 pages. Containing words to songs apparently excerpted from other publications.  I have 4 copies.  Two are G-VG: “Harry Richmond”  and “I Couldn’t Help Laughing, It Tickled Me So.”  One (Fashionable Fred) has a ripped up last page missing a lot of the page. The other (Wm. Horace Lingard) has a hole  in a page affecting text.  The songs are popular rather than tradional.


People’s Song Book (The).   A collection of Songsters published by Leavitt and Allen.  The title “People’s Song Book” appears on the spine but not in the interior pages. The book was split down the middle of the spine but has been neatly repaired.  The songsters are: The New American Song Book (the running title is “The American Singer’s Own Book”),  The Household Song Book, The New Pocket Song Book (which is the same as the New Song Book, published by Andrus, but longer; however, some pages are missing – an apparent casualty of the book’s having split in two before it was repaired);  The Soldier’s Companion (the running title is, Military Songs;  the songs seem mostly concerned with the Revolutionary War and possibly the War of 1812);  The Universal Song Book and Museum of Mirth (divided into National Songs, Scotch Songs, Irish Songs, Sporting Songs, and Naval Songs); and The Sailor’s Companion or Songs of the Sea (War of 1812 primarily).  Binding looks like 1850’s or so to me.


The Singer’s Companion.  NY, Stringer and Townsend, 1864.  Fair to Good.  Recased.  Some waterstaining to pages.  Binding worn and soiled.


Touch the Elbow Songster (The). See Encyclopedia of Popular Songs.  Almost exclusively Civil War songs.


The United States Songster.  Cincinnatti, W.P. James (1836).  1st??? VG in chipped wrappers.


Universal Irish Song Book, A Complete Collection of the Songs and Ballads of Ireland.  Kenedy, NY 1897.  1st was 1884.  Illus. VG in handsome pictorial cloth.


2. Other Collections.


Bayard, Samuel.  Hill Country Tunes, Instrumental Folk Music of Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Memoirs of American Folklore Society, Volume 39.  American Folklore Society 1944.  VG in DJ. 1st.


Check-list of Recorded Songs in the English Language in the Library of Congress, Archive of American Folk Song, to July 1940.  3 vols in one.  Arno Press, NY, 1971.


Friedman, A.B. The Viking Book of Folk Ballads of the English Speaking World. Viking 1956. 1st. DJ.


Hudson, Arthur Palmer.  The Singing South, Folk Song in Recent Fiction.  Reprinted from Sewanee Review, July 1936.  Presentation by author. 30 pp.  Wraps.


Loesser, Arthur.  Humor in American Song.  Howell, Soskin (1942). 1st


Lomax, John and Alan.  Our Singing Country. NY 1941. 1st.  Spine yellowed.


Lomax, John and Alan.  Folk Song U.S.A..  Duell, Sloan and Pearce (1947). 1st. DJ (piece missing).


Lomax, Alan.  Folk Songs of North America. Doubleday (1960).  Not 1st. DJ.


Niles, John J. The Ballad Book of John Jacob Niles.  Houghton Mifflin 1961.  DJ. Owner's name inked out on FFE.


Sandburg, Carl.  The American Songbag.  Harcourt (1927).  Blue cloth, all edges reddish color.  1st?  Slight wear to covers


(Sandburg).  Carl Sandburg’s New American Songbag.  Broadcast Music Inc, NY (1951).  Foreward by Sandburg.  Some songs from the American Songbag and some that were not in it.  VG. Orig printed wraps.


Spaeth, Sigmund.  Weep Some More My Lady.  NY 1927. 1st. VG.



3.  Reference.


Cohen. Norm.  A Finding List of American Secular Songsters Published Between 1860 and 1899.  Center for Popular Music, Middle State Tennessee University (2002).  Two copyright dates – 2000 and 2002. Is this a reprint. VG in wraps.


Finson, Jon W. The Voices That Are Gone: Themes in 19th Century American Popular Song.  Oxford Press, NY.  Copyright date is 1994 (by author), but copyright page says, “first published as an Oxford Press paperback 1997”).  PB.  Hence, looks like 1st .  VF.


Haywood.  Bibliography of No. Am. Folklore & Folksong.  Greenberg (1951).  1st.  One of 1500 copies.


(Kittredge).  Bibliography of the Writings of George Lyman Kittredge. Harvard 1948. 1st. Paper label on spine faded and chipped.


Laws. American Balladry from British Broadsides. Phila 1957. 1st. Wraps.


Laws.  Native American Balladry. Phila 1950. 1st.


Lomax, Alan. Folk Song Style and Culture. (1978). PB.

Luchinsky, Ellen. The Song Index of the Enoch Pratt Free Library.  Garland, NY and London 1998.  1st. VF.


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Wolf, Edwin.  American Song Sheets,Slip Ballads and Poetical Broadsides, 1850-1870.  Library Co of Phila, 1963.  1st.  Extensive scholarly ink annotations by prior owner.


4.  Burl Ives


Ives, Burl.  The Burl Ives' Sing Along Book, A Treasury of American Folk Songs and Ballads. Watts (1963).  No DJ, apparently as issued.  In the same box as, and apparently containing the words to, six records.  The records are unopened.


Ives, Burl.  The Burl Ives Song Book. Ballantine (1953). 1st. DJ.


Ives. Wayfaring Stranger. Whittlesey (1948). 1st. DJ. Autobio.


Ives. Wayfaring Stranger's Notebook. Bobbs Merrill, 1962. 1st.       DJ.  A few songs.


Ives. Tales of America.  World (1954).  2d. DJ.  History, no songs.


5.  Biography.


Burton, Thomas G.  Some Ballad Folks.  (Appalachian Consortium Press 1981).  Reprint of 1977 1st ed.  G+ in wraps (covers are somewhat bent).


Glassie, Ives, and Szwed.  Folksongs and their Makers.  Bowling Green, Popular Press, n.d.  VG in paper wraps.  1st, I believe.  Pieces by the authors on songmakers - a maker of racist songs, Joe Scott, and a Newfoundland song maker.  The Scott piece was later expanded into a book.


Lomax, John.  Adventures of a Ballad Hunter. MacMillan, NY 1947. 1st. DJ.


Sandburg, Helga.  Sweet Music: A Book of Family Reminscences and Songs. Dial 1963. 1st. DJ.


II.  Occupational and Topical Songs and Ballads


A. Cowboy Songs.


1.Traditional – more or less - cowboy songs (i.e., collections not both composed and distributed for commercial purposes).


American Cowboy Songs.  Robbins Musical Corp. NY 1936. VG. Wraps.


Briegel’s All Star Collection of Cowboy Ballads and Far West Songs. George F. Briegel, Inc. NY 1934. Vg. Wraps – bit chipped.  Book says that it “represents several years of research by Mr. Briegel and contains many numbers heretofore unpublished.”


Cowboy Loye and Just Plain John.  Old Time Ballads and Cowboy Songs.  NP, ND. 80 pages.  Approx 3”by 5” [guesstimate].  Printed orange wraps.  VG.


            --Same format, but 28 pages.


Felton.  Cowboy Jamboree: Western Songs & Lore.  Knopf (1951)  1st.  Owner's name inked out on FFE.


Finger.  Frontier Ballads.  Doubleday 1927. 1st. DJ.


Frey, Hugo.  American Cowboy Songs.  Enlarged edition.  Robbins Music Corp 1936. Wraps.


Larkin, Margaret.  Singing Cowboy.  Knopf 1931.  1st. DJ.


Lingenfelter et al. Songs of the American West.  U Cal 1968. 1st.     DJ, some pieces missing.


Lomax, John.  Songs of the Cattle Trail and Cow Camps.  MacMillan 1931 (1st was 1919). DJ.


Lomax, John and Alan. Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads .  MacMillan 1938.  Revised and Enlarged. 1st thus.


Ohrlin, Glenn.  The Hell-Bound Train, A Cowboy Songbook.  U. of Ill. Press (1973).  1st.  VG in chipped DJ.  33 1/2 record laid in.


(Robison). Carson J. Robison’s World’s Greatest Collection of Mountain Ballads and Old Time Songs.  M.M. Cole 19030. Wraps. VG but covers are dirty.


Tip Top Album of Carson J. Robison Songs, Together With Hill Country Ballads and Old Time Songs.  Tip Top Publishers NY 1936 . Paper wraps. VG.


Sires, Ina.  Songs of the Open Range.  Birchard, Bos. and NY(1928).  Wraps.  Traces of moisture at top edge of covers and pages.


Thorp.  Songs of the Cowboys. Houghton Mifflin 1921.  1st thus.


Thorp and Fife.  Songs of the Cowboys.  Potter (1966).  1st.  DJ.  Thorp's songs, with extensive commentary by Austin and Alta Fife.


Tinsley, Jim Bob.  He was Singing This Song.  A Collection of 48 Traditional Songs of the American Cowboy, with Words, Music, Pictures, and Stories.  Univ of Central Florida (1981). 1 st.  Vg in VG DJ.


White, John. Git Along Little Dogies: Songs and Songmakers of the American West. U Ill (1975). 1st. DJ (faded). Presentation dated 1976. FFE missing. Record of songs laid in in back.


WWVA Radio Jamboree Famous Songs.  M.M. Cole 1941.  Paper wraps, book much wrinkled, presumably by water.  Has Little Mary Phagan, that names Frank as the killer.


2.  Cowboy (and mountain) songs composed and distributed for commercial purposes.


The Arkansas WoodChoppers, World’s Greatest Collection of Cowboy Songs with Yodel Arrangement, M.M. Cole (1932).  VG in Wraps.  Songs don’t seem to be by any specific composer, but I don’t know whether they are traditional.


(Arnold, Eddy). Eddy Arnold’s favorite Songs. Hill & Range Songs, Inc.  Hollywood CA 1948. Photos.  Wraps. VG (glass stain on the cover).


Autry.  Gene Autry's Collection of Famous Original Cowboy Songs and Mountain Ballads.  M. M. Cole, Chi.  ND (1930's).  Wraps. VG.


Autry.  Gene Autry and Jimmy Long Cowboy Songs and Mountain Ballads.  M.M. Cole(1935).  Wraps.  Good – bit worn and pages yellowed.


Autry. Gene Autry Song Hits, Oahu Guitar Folio.  Oahu Pub Co, Cleveland (1944).  Wraps. G. .


Autry.  Gene Autry's Book No. 2, Famous Cowboy Songs and Mountain Ballads.  M. M. Cole, Chi.(1934).  Wraps. VG.


Autry, Gene.  Gene Autry’s Deluxe Edition of Famous Original Cowboy Songs and Mountain Ballads.  M.M. Cole (1951). Wraps. VG.


(Autry).  Sgt. Gene Autry Presents His Favorite Patriotic and Hillbilly Songs.  1943. A very nice copy, with pictures of Autry in uniform and in service.


Clauser.  Al Clauser and his Oklahoma Outlaws, Original Songs of the West.  American Music Inc (1939).  VG but for scraping (and some resulting loss of the printed part) of front cover.


Cousin Lee Album of Hill Country Ballads and Old Time Songs. Joe Davis Inc NY 1936.  Wraps. VG.


The Cumberland Ridge Runners, Mountain Ballads and Home Songs. M.M. Cole 1936.  All composed but supposedly “the old time mountain style.”


(Davis).  Jimmy Davis Song Folio. Peer Internationsl Corp, NY 1942.  VG in wraps. Defects  – covers have fold marks and are a bit dirty; photo on cover has an X cut through Davis’s face).


(Delmore Brothers).  Delmore Brothers’ Folio of Native American Melodies.  American Music, Portland Ore. 1940. Inside cover has a light penciled autograph of each brother next to his photograph. VG in wraps. Their compositions, not American Indian music.


Gill, Rusty. Cowboy Songs, Mountain Ballads.  M.M. Cole (1941). Wraps. VG. Mostly composed.


Hank Keene’s 1936 Edition of Original Mountain, Cowboy, Hill-Billy, and Folk Songs.  Wraps. Self published. VG.


(Nolan, Bob). Bob Nolan’s Folio of Original Cowboy Classics, No. 1.  American Music Inc., Portland Ore 1939. VG in wraps (slightly dirty). In 1931 Nolan helped organize the Sons of the Pioneers, and at the time of this publication was the leader.


 Pappy Cheshire and his Hillbilly Champions.  M.M. Cole (1940).  Wraps. Covers worn with some tearing.  Composed songs by Pappy.


(Snow).  Hank Snow, the Singing Ranger.  (1951). Wraps. Near fine but for seller’s stamp on table of contents.


Tex Morton’s Famous Hill Billy Songs. D. Davis, Sydney 1938.  Wraps. VG . Tex was “The Yodelling Boundary Rider” and all the songs have yodels.


(Texas Rangers).  Original Songs the Texas Rangers Sing.  Midland Music, Kansas City Missouri 1946. Vg. Wraps. Photos.


Walter Peterson, “The Kentucky Wonder Bean,” Sensational Collection of Mountain Ballads and Old Time Songs, M.M. Cole (1931).  VG in wraps.  Old Time Songs.


3. Pure literary composition.


Chapman.  Out Where the West Begins and Other Western Verses.  Houghton Mifflin (1917).  1st.  Covers dirty. Poems.


Clark, Badger.  Sun and Saddle Leather. Bos, 1952.  New edition.    Spine faded.  Poems.



B.  Labor and Protest Songs


1.  The Songs


Denisoff, R. Serge.  Great Day Coming, Folk Music and the American Left.  U of Ill (1971).  1st.  VG in a DJ that has some waterstaining.


Foner, Philip S.  American Labor Songs of the 19th Century.  U of Ill (1975).  1st.  VG in VG DJ.


Fowke and Glazer. Songs of Work and Freedom. Roosevelt University, Chi (1960). Wraps, spiral binding. 1st??


Glazer.  Songs of Peace, Freedom & Protest.  David McKay Co., NY  (1971).  2d.  DJ.


Greenway.  American Folk Songs of Protest.  U. Pa. (1953). 1st.


Milburn, George.  The Hobo's Hornbook. NY 1930.  1st. VG (FFE has a fold mark) in a dirty and chipped DJ.


Smith, Gibbs. Joe Hill. Salt Lake City 1984. PB reprint, 1st was 1969.


Songs for Labor.  AFL-CIO Department of Education.  December 1983.


Songs of the People.  NY.  Workers Library Publishers. (1937). 1st. Wraps. VG.


Songs for America.  American Ballads, Folk Songs, Marching Songs, Songs of Other Lands.  Workers Library Publishers, NY (1939).  Wraps.  G+ (covers slightly dirty).  Different than “Songs for the people.”



2. Related material


Coal Mine Workers and Their Industry.  I.W.W. Nd (ca 1921). Wraps. An educational pamphlet published by the IWW. Great pictorial cover.


Green, Archie.  Wobblies, Pile Butts, and Other Heroes.  Laborlore Explorations.   U. Ill, 1993, 1st.  Fine in DJ. Signed by author.Guthrie, Woody.  Pastures of Plenty, A Self Portrait. The Unpublished Writings of an American Folk Hero.  Harper (1994).  1st.  VG in VG DJ.


Guthrie, Woody. Bound For Glory.  Dutton 1943. 2d printing. DJ.


--Another copy, 1976. DJ. 1st of "new edition".


Klein, Joe.  Woody Guthrie.  Knopf 1980. 1st. DF. Corners bumped.


Kornbluth.  Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology.  U Mich (1964). DJ.  Seems like 1st.


Lewis.  Lament for the Molly Maguires.  1st.  DJ.


Mayhew, Henry.  London Labour and the London Poor.  Dover (1968).  PB reprint.  4 vols.


Pooley.  The Guilds of the City of London.  Collins, Lon. 1947. 2d impression, revised.  (1st was 1945).  DJ.  Illus. "Britain in Pictures" series.


Renshaw.  The Wobblies.  Doubleday (1967).  1st.  DJ


Strike for Liberty.  Songs, Poetry, and Comments by Workers of the Western Federation of Miners, 1900-07.  S.W. Economy and Society, Vol. 5, Numbers 1 and 2 (1979-80).  Wraps, VG (but pages are yellowing).



C. Lumberjack Songs (Mostly American, some Canadian)


Beck.  Songs of the Michigan Lumberjacks. U Mich, 1941. 1st.DJ

Stamp of "CBS, Music Library" on bottom of title page, side edge of book, and FFE.


Doerflinger.  Shantymen and Shantyboys, Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman.  MacMillan, NY 1951.  1st. Slight wear to cloth of cover.


Elmore Vincent’s Lumberjack Songs with Yodel Arrangements.  M.M. Cole (Chi. 1932).  Printed wraps.  Good only (Some fraying to and wear of the covers).  Great songs.


Fowke, Edith. Lumbering Songs from the Northern Woods. U Texas, 1970.  (Memoirs of Amer. Folklore Society, vol. 55).  DJ. Traces of moisture on cover and first few pages.


Gray.  Songs & Ballads of the Maine Lumberjacks.  Harvard 1925.  2d.  Paper label faded. 


Ives, Edward.  Joe Scott, the Woodsman-Songmaker.  U. Ill. (1978).  1st.  DJ.


Rickaby, Franz.  Ballads and Singing of the Shantyboys. Harvard    1926. 1st.  VG in DJ.



D. Miners' Songs.


Korson. Minstrels of the Mine Patch: Songs and Stories of the Anthracite Industry. U Pa 1938. 1st. Dj with pieces missing.


Lloyd, A.L.  Come All Ye Bold Miners.  Lon (1978).  "New revised  ed."  (1st was 1952). DJ.


Raven.  Urban & Industrial Songs of the Black Country & Birmingham.  Wolverhampton (U.K.) 1977. 1st.  DJ.



E. Seasongs


Abrahams, Roger.  Deep the Water, Shallow the Shore.  U. of Tex Press (1974). 1st  DJ.  Shantying in West Indies.


Carey, Geo (ed.).  A Sailor's Songbag, An American Rebel in an English prison, 1777-79.  U Mass (1976).  1st.  DJ.


Clements, Rex.  Manavilins, a Muster of Sea Songs.  Lon 1928. 1st. G+.


Colcord.  Songs of American Sailormen. NY 1938. 1st. Cloth dirty.  Revised edition of "Roll and Go".


Colcord. Roll and Go.  NY 1924. 1st. Some fraying to paper label   on spine.


Doerflinger.  Shantymen and Shantyboys, Songs of the Sailor and Lumberman.  MacMillan, NY 1951.  1st. Slight wear to cloth of cover.


Fowke, Edith.  Sea Songs and Ballads from 19th Century Nova Scotia.  Folklorica 1981.  1st.  VG.  Printed wraps.


Harlow.  Chanteying Aboard American Ships.  Barre, Mass, 1962.  1st. Cloth quite dirty.


Hugill, Stan. Songs of the Sea, The Tales and Tunes of Sailors and Sailing Ships.  McGraw Hill (1977).  1st. Vg. DJ.


Huntington.  Songs the Whalemen Sang.  Barre, Mass, 1964. 1st. DJ.  Inscribed by author.


Palmer, Roy.  Oxford Book of Sea Songs.  Oxford Press, 1986.  VG (some slight ink underlining on 1st three pages of intro).


Smith, Laura.  Music of the Waters.  Lon. 1888.  1st.  VG (some  light stains to covers).


--Reprint.  Milford House, Bos. 1971.


Smith, Admiral W.H.  The Sailor's Word Book..., Lon. 1867.  1st.  VG (small chip in spine).  Not about songs but very closely connected to that subject matter.


Tawney, Cyril.  Grey Funnel Lines, Traditional Song and Verse of the Royal Navy. Lon (1987). 1st. DJ. F.


Trident Society.  The Book of Navy Songs.  GCNY, 1926.  1st.  VG in DJ (some offsetting from frontispiece onto title page).


Wheeler, Mary.  Steamboatin' Days, Folk Songs of the River Packet Era.  LSU Press 1944.  1st.  VG in chipped DJ.



F. Warsongs.


American War Songs.  Phila, 1925. By: National Committee for Preservation of Existing Records of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America.


Army Song Book. USA War Office, 2d ed. Revised 1941.  Wraps.


Bernard.  Lincoln and the Music of the Civil War.  Caxton   Printers, Caldwell, Idaho 1966. 1st.


Brand, Oscar.  Songs of '76, A Folksinger's History of the Revolution.  NY (1972). 1st. DJ. Lib stamp on title page.


Dolph.  "Sound Off!" Soldier Songs from the Revolution to World War II.  Cosmopolitan 1929. 1st.


Edwards, Mrs. J. Griff.  Echoes From Dixie, A Collection of Songs Used in the South Prior to and During the War Between the States.  United Confederate Choirs of America, Portsmouth Virginia (1912).  Signed by Mrs. Edwards on title page.  Paper wraps, some bent corners but basically VG.  Some songs are general in nature (e.g., Stephen Foster), but there are a few Confederate rousers.


Farmer, John.  Scarlet and Blue, or Songs for Soldiers.  Cassell, Lon 1896.  1st.  VG.  Mostly composed in origin (e.g., Dibdin), some traditional.


Harwell.  Confederate Music.  Chapel Hill (1950).  1st.


Heaps,  The Singing Sixties.  U. of Okla (1960). 1st. DJ. Civil war music.


Niles, John J. Songs My Mother Never Taught Me. Ny 1929. 1st. Spine faded.


Niles, John J. Singing Soldiers. Scribners 1927. 1st.  Supplied by black soldiers.


Palmer, Roy.  The Rambling Soldier. Life in the Lower ranks, 1750-1900 through soldiers’songs and writings. Kestrel (1977).  VG. DJ.


Rudolph, E.L.  Confederate Broadside Verse..., Ballads and Songs.  The Book Fair, TX 1950.  1st.  VG, but witha crease in the paper of page 73 (manufacturing defect).


War Songs.  Ditson, Bos, 1888.  VG, but traces of moisture on bottom of some rear pages.  Some annotations in ink by prior owner


Williams, Henry (ed).  Songs and Ballads of the Blue and Gray.  NY Hurst (1905).  Could be 1st.  VG but lettering on spine is faded away and some fading to lettering on cover.


Winstock.  Songs & Music of the Redcoats, 1642-1902.  Stackpole 1970.  1st Amer. Torn DJ.



G. Political songs


Lawrence.  Music for Patriots, Politicians, and Presidents: Harmonies and Discords of the First Hundred Years, NY, MacMillan, 1975. 1st. DJ.


Littell, John S. The Clay Minstrel or National Songster, to which is prefixed a Sketch of the Life, Public Services, and Character of Henry Clay. NY, Greeley & M’Elrath 1844. 2d Edition, Enlarged. 1st edition was 1842.  Frontisp of Clay; 147 pages of text [i.e., the “prefix”], followed by The Clay Minstrel, with a frontispiece of Ashland [Clay’s home], which continues to p.357; followed by the Clay Minstrel part II. Original boards but printing is undecipherable.  Fair to good.


Norton.  Reminisences of the Log Cabin and Hard Cider Campaign and Typical Songs of the Log Cabin Boys and Girls of 1840.  Two vols. in one.  Both--Norton 1888.  2d title is 102 pp.


Silber, Irwin.  Songs America Voted By. Stackpole 1971. 1st. DJ.



H. Bawdy Folk Songs


Cray, Ed.  The Erotic Muse.  Univ Ill Press 1992.


Randolph, Vance.  Roll Me In Your Arms, "Unprintable" Ozark Folk Songs and Folk Lore.  Vol. 1.  U of Ark, 1992.  VG.  DJ.



J. Railroad Songs.


Cohen, Norm. Long Steel Rail, the Railroad in American Folksong .  U. Ill. (1981).  1st.  VG+ in DJ.


K.  Murder Ballads


 Burt.  American Murder Ballads.  OUP 1958. 1st. DJ.


Cohen, Anne.  Poor Pearl, Poor Girl.  The Murdered Girl Stereotype in Ballad and Newspaper.  Univ of Texas, for the Amer. Folklore Society (1973).  1st.  VG in DJ.



L. Miscellaneous.


Fisher.  Notes on Music in Old Boston.  Ditson, Bos. 1918. 1st. Boards.


Sandberg & Weissman.  Folk Music Sourcebook.  Knopf 1976. 1st. Oversize PB.


Silber. Folksinger's Wordbook. Oak 1973. 1st?  Oversize PB.


Silverman. Folk Song Encyclopedia, Vol. 2. Chappel Music 1975. 1st?  Oversize PB



III. English and Scottish Ballads and Songs


A. Broadside Ballads


1. In general


A Collection of Seventy Nine Black Letter Ballads and Broadsides.   London, Joseph Lilly, 1867.  Top ¼”  of cloth at top of spine has been chipped away, o/w VG.


Clark, Andrew.  The Shirburn Ballads, 1585-1616.  Oxford at the Clarendon Press 1907.  1st.  Good ex-lib copy (stamps on title page, number on spine, bookplate) in orig cloth. 


Fawcett, F. Burlington.  Broadside Ballads of the Restoration Period From the Jersey Collection Known as the Osterley Park Ballads.  Bodley Head, 1930.  One of 750.  Fine.


Hepburn, James. A Book of Scattered Leaves, Poetry of Poverty in Broadside Ballads of Nineteenth Century England.  Volume 1. Bucknell University Press (2000).  F in F DJ.


Hindley, Charles.  Roxburghe Ballads. London 1873. 2 vols. 3/4      leather, marbled boards.  Wear to outside hinges of spine.


Holloway, John.  The Euing Collection of English Broadsides and Ballads.  Glasgow University 1971.  VG in VG DJ and in unprinted slipcase.  1st.  Limited to 500 copies, but no number is noted re this book.  Reproduction without editing of collection of 408 black letter ballads made by James Halliwell and sold in 1856 to John Russell Smith, a London bookseller.


Holloway, John.  Later English Broadsides.  Nebraska Univ (1975).  1st Am.  VG in VG DJ.


Holloway, John.  Later English Broadsides, Volume Two.  Lon & Bos (1979).  1st or 1st Am.  VG+.


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Rollins (ed). A Handful of Pleasant Delights. Harvard 1924. 1st.


Roxburghe Ballads.  AMS Reprint New York 1966, with good reproductions of woodcuts, as follows:


            Chappell, ed.  Vol. 1.  Numbers 1-3, 1869-1871.  643 pages.

            Chappell, ed.  Vol. 3.  Numbers 7-9, 1875-1880.  704 pages.

            Ebsworth, ed. Vol. 4.  Numbers 10-12, 1881-1883. 719 pages.

            Ebsworth, ed.  Vol. 5.  Numbers 13-15, 1883-85. 776 pages.

            Ebsworth, ed.  Vol. 6.  Numbers 16-19, 1886-1889. 856 pages.

Ebsworth, ed.  “Volume 8, Numbers 23-27, 1895-1901.  Includes 1st and 2d Divisions, Virtually Vol. 9.”  936 pages


Shepard, Leslie.  The Broadside Ballad. Lon 1962.  1st. DJ.


Shepard, Leslie.  The History of Street Literature. Lon (1973). DJ. 1st?


Simpson, Claude.  The British Broadside Ballad and its Music.  Rutgers (1966).  1st?  VG+ in price clipped DJ (DJ has interior scotch tape repairs at top).  DJ has logo stating: “First Prize Chicago Folklore Competition.”



2. Pepys


The Pepys Ballads. Day, W.G. (ed). D.S. Brewer (1987).  Facsimile reprint.  Vols  2, 4, & 5.


Rollins, Hyder E.  A Pepysian Garland. Cambridge U. Press 1922.  1st. VG. Fragile (but whole) DJ.


Rollins, Hyder.  [Rollins edited a multi-volume (9, I believe) edition of the Pepys ballads. The set was text only.]  I have the following:

Volume 1 Nos. 1-45. Harvard 1929.

            Volume II, 1625-1640, Numbers 46-90.  Harvard 1929.

Volume III, Nos. 91-163, 1666-1688.    Harvard 1930.


Weinstein, Helen (ed).  Catalogue of the Pepys Library, Volume II, Ballads.  Part i, Catalogue and Part ii Indexes.  Brewer, Lon (1974). VG.



            B. Traditional ballads


A. Child


Bronson.  Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads.  Princeton.

            Vol. 1, 1959.  1st. DJ.  Fine.

Vol. 2, 1962.  1st. Library stamp on top edge.  Fading of cloth.  G+

Vol. 3, 1966.  1st.  VG.


Child, Francis. Carte de Viste photograph, ca. 1880's or 1890's.


Child, Francis.  The English and Scottish Popular Ballads. Complete in the original 10 paperbound parts, #275 of 1,000 copies, as follows:

Part 1, 1882. Paper covers are chipped.

Part 2, 1884. Some chipping to covers and covers are dirty. Top 3/4" of paper spine is missing.

Part 3, 1885. Slight chipping to spine.

Part 4, 1886. Some chipping and covers are dirty.  Slight crease in cover.

Part 5, 1888. Slight tearing to paper at bottom of spine, o/w O.K.

Part 6, 1889. Vg in original protective paper DW; dw is quite chipped.

Part 7, 1890. VG.

Part 8, 1892. VG in chipped DW.

Part 9, 1894. VG in chipped DW.

Part 10, 1898. Rear cover is quite creased and dirty.


Child, Francis. The English and Scottish Popular Ballads. 3 vols.  NY 1956. DJ. Reprint.


(Child). Sargent and Kittredge (eds.).  English and Scottish Popular Ballads. Houghton Mifflin 1904. 1st thus.


Child.  English and Scottish Popular Ballads.  Wraps. Dover reprint.  Vol 3 (of 5).


Child.  English and Scottish Popular Ballads.  Complete set, but married.  Vol 1 is the Dover reprint. Volumes 2-5 are the exact same as the Dover reprint (with the Dover logo) but in a cloth binding with the name “Peter Smith” where the publisher appears.  Could these be a hardback reprint by Peter Smith Co?


B.  Percy.


(Percy, Bishop). Hales and Furnival, eds.  Bishop Percy's Folio Manuscript, Ballads and Romances. 1867-68.  3 vols, with the volume of "Loose and Humorous Songs" bound into volume three.  Full leather.


Percy, Bishop.  Reliques of Ancient English Poetry.  Wheatley ed.  Lon 1889.  3 vols.  Not 1st    of Wheatley edition.


Percy, Bishop.  Reliques. Henry Bohn, Lon (1846).  VG.


Percy, Bishop. Reliques of Ancient English Poetry. Bernhard Tauchnitz, Leipzig 1866.  3 vols.


Percy's Reliques, with a Supplement of Many Curious Historical and Narrative Ballads, with a Copious Glossary & Notes.  Phila, F. Bell Bros, Boston, Phillips Sampson and Co, 1855. Pictorial cloth spine, but cloth on one side of spine is split about 1-1/2".  Engraved frontisp and pictorial title.


Percy's Reliques. Lon. 1823.  The 6th ed. 4 vols.  Full leather - covers and spine are very worn, but fully intact and sound.


Rimbault, Edward F.  Musical Illustrations of Bishop Percy’s Reliques of Ancient English Poetry.  London. Cramer, Beale, and Co. 1850.  1st. Full red morocco, slight rubbing to joints and corners.


C. Collections.


Allingham.  The Ballad Book.  Cambridge (Mass.) 1865. 1st Am?  Few pages dogearred.  Book slightly slanted.


Bell, Robert.  Early Ballads, Illustrative of History, Traditions, and Customs.  Parker, Lon 1856.  1st?  VG.  Part of the Annotated Edition of English Poets series.


Brander.  Scottish & Border Battles & Ballads.  Clarkson N. Potter (1976). 1st Amer.  DJ.


Chambers, Robert.  The Scottish Ballads.  Edin 1829.  1 st.  VG in original cloth (slight chipping to cloth at top and bottom of spine; covers are faded, paper label is very faded with most letters being undecipherable).


Dixon, James.  Scottish Traditional Versions of Ancient Ballads. Percy Society 1845. [#58 of Percy Society Publications].  VG in orig printed wraps.


Evans.  Old Ballads, Historical and Narrative.  Lon 1810.  4 vols.  3/4 lea, marbled boards.  Some wear to bindings.


Finlay, John.  Scottish Historical and Romantic Ballads.  Edin 1808.  1st.  2 vols, bound as one .  VG.  ½ red lea, marbled boards.  Bindings have some wear, but are VG.


Greig, Gavin, and Keith, Alexander.  Last Leaves of Traditional Ballads and Ballad Airs. Aberdeen, Buchan Club, 1925. 1st VG


Gummere.  Old English Ballads. Ginn and Co (1894).  "Atheneum   Press Series".  1st?


Jamieson, Robert.  Popular Ballads and Songs.  Edin, 1806.  2 vols. 1st. 3/4 lea.  Generally VG, but some wear at hinges and top and bottom of spine.  Marbled boards.  No ½ titles.


Kinloch. Ancient Scottish Ballads. Lon 1827. Full leather.


Kinloch, George.  The Ballad Book.  Revised by Edmund Goldsmid.  Edin 1885.  Original printed paper cover but no rear cover. The last page has a hole in it with some words obliterated. Bound in one volume with other similar shorter ballad publications (see Maidment and Sharp).  The binding for the volume is (somewhat cheap) leather, with some wear and imprinted with a title  “Ballads, Kinloch, Maidment, Sharpe” and with the name of the owner.


Leach.  The Ballad Book. Barnes, NY. DJ. Reprint.


Maidment, James.  Scotish Ballads and Songs.  Edin. 1859.  1st [thus?].  VG.


            -Another copy.  VG, but stamped cloth rather than paper label.


Maidment, James.  Scotish Ballads and Songs .  Edin 1868.  1st.  2 vols.  VG, but paper labels are worn and chipped.


Maidment, James.  A New Book of Old Ballads. Edin 1891.  Reprint. Orig vellum covers. VG. Bound in one volume with Kinloch (q.v.) and others.


Morley (ed). A Bundle of Ballads.  Lon. 1891.  1st?  16mo. Paper   label on spine worn.


Palmer, Roy. Everyman's Book of British Ballads. London (1980).  1st. DJ. Pages yellowed.


Quiller-Couch.  Oxford Book of Ballads. Oxford 1924.  1st??


Roberts, John. The Legendary Ballads of England and Scotland. Lon and Ny, Warne, nd (prize inscription dated 1885).  Prize leather binding, spine faded.


The Sempill Ballates, a series of . . . poems ascribed to Robert Sempill, 1567-1583, to which are added poems by Sir James Semple of Beltrees 1598-1610. Now for the first time printed.  Stevenson, Edinburgh, 1872.  One of 300 copies.  Some cover stains.


Sharpe, Charles. A Ballad Book. Reprinted from the original edition of 1824 and revised by Edmund Goldsmid.  Part I.  Edin 1891.  Orig vellum covers. VG. Bound in one volume with Kinloch (q.v.) and others.


Sharpe, Charles. A Ballad Book. Part II. [As above].


Wells.  The Ballad Tree.  Ny (1950). 1st.


Whitelaw, Alexander.  Book of Scottish Ballads.  1854.  The frontisp and the engraved title page show moisture.  O/w, VG.  Full contemporaneous morocco.


Paperback or of minor interest:

(i). Manning-Saunders.  A Bundle of Ballads.  Lippincott (1959). 3d. DJ taped on, and some ex lib marks, but none on title page.

(ii). Whiting (ed).  Traditional British Ballads.  Appleton Century (1955).  PB



4.  Criticism and Commentary


Coffin, Tristram.  The British Traditional Ballad in North America.  Phila 1963. (Revised ed.)


Dugaw, Dianne.  Warrior Women and Popular Balladry, 1650-1850.  Cambridge Univ Press 1989.  1st.  VG in DJ. [Critical rather than being a collection].


Friedman, Albert. The Ballad Revival.  U. Chi. (1961). VG in price clipped DJ.


Gerould.  The Ballad of Tradition.  OUP 1957. Galaxy PB. 1st thus.


Gummere. The Popular Ballad. Dover PB.


Hodgart.  The Ballads.  Hutchinson's University Library 1950.  Looks like 1st.  DJ. 


Hustvedt.  Ballad Songs and Ballad Men... Harvard 1930. 1st. Owner's inscription on FFE.


Leach & Coffin. The Critics and the ballad.  So. Ill. Univ. Press (1961).  1st?  DJ


McCarthy, William.  The Ballad and the Matrix.  Personality, Milieu, and the Oral Tradition.  Indiana U (1990).  1st.  VG in VG DJ.


MacKenzie, W. Roy.  The Quest of the Ballad.  Princeton U. Press 1916.  1st. Seems like presentation – signed “W.R.M.”  and apparently dated May 10, 1931.  Vg, but spine faded and pages seem slightly browned.


Northcote.  The Ballad in Music.  Oxford U. Press.  1942.



C. Folksongs of England, in whole or in substantial part


1. Songsters [Note: Songsters are a mixture of popular songs, traditional folk songs, and pure literary compositions. Some are much more of one type than the other. Generally, the later the date, the more the contents reflect the currently popular]. 


The British Minstrel and National Melodist…  Volume 2 only.  London 1827.  Some illustrations.  ½ calf in marbled boards.  Bindings worn, and it looks as if the front hinge has been repaired.  Water staining to front endpapers as well as to frontispiece and title page.


The British Neptune or Convivial Songster, Being A Collection of the Newest and Most Approved Songs. London, Howard and Evans, nd.  Looks like early 1800’s.  20 songs, 8 pages.  Print on page 4 is faded away in substantial spots.  Bound in cloth. 


Busy Bee or Vocal Repository [The]…  J.S.Barr, London, nd [I believe late 1700’s].  G - one half leather, marbled boards, outside hinge splitting on one side but interior hinges are OK, back was glued down to spine.  Volume 1 [of how many?].  Songs from various named operas; no music.


The Charms of Melody, or Siren Medley, Being the Most Extensive Collection of Love, Sentimental, War, Hunting, Bacchanalian, Humorous, and Political Songs, Old English, Scotch, and German Ballads, Legendaries, etc Ever Brought Together in A Single Publication, Selected From the Best Poets and Most Admired Writers.  Dublin, J. and J. Carrick.  Consists of a bound volume of a 4 page songster, published in 100 numbers over, I believe, 1795-1810. Missing 2 pages of number 43 and all of numbers 44-50.  Covers are worn. Hinges were cracked and were repaired with tape.


Complete Repertoire of Songs, Ballads, and Plantation Melodies of the Christy Minstrels.  Lon nd.  Printed wraps are worn, otherwise VG.  No negro content from a preliminary look. 


Crosby’s English Musical Repository...  Edin, nd (ca 1810's).  Frontisp and engraved title page (with some very slight tearing at bottom).  Later 3/4 morocco, red leather label, marbled boards.  VG.


The English Minstrel, a Collection of Favorite Songs with Music.  London nd.  G.  In original faded boards (printing totally obscured).  Seems rebacked with tape.


Miller’s New British Songster...  Edin 1853.  Looks like 1st.  VG.  Songs (not traditional), each with a very brief statement about the composer and prior publication.


The National Songster.  There is an engraved title page that says, The National Songster, Comprising a Collection of the Most Poular Modern Songs.  This is followed by a printed title page,  The National Songster, Comprising a Choice Selection of Popular New Songs, Including Those Now Singing at the Theaters Royal, London, B. Jones 1831.  This National Songster runs 235 pages.  It is followed, bound in the same volume, by Paul Pry’s Budget of Harmony for the year 1828, J. Smith.  There is a frontispiece.  168 pages. Book measures 3” by 5 ½”.  It is bound in attractive half calf with faded marbled boards. The spine label reads, “Harmony.”


The Nightingale or Pocket Songster.  F Houlston n.d.  [England. My guess is 1820’s].  Small – 2 ½” by 4 1/4 in.   Attractive but worn leather. Pictorial frtsp.  Edges of p.57 worn and p.66 and ano have wear and small holes at bottom of page that affects some letters.


The Royal Songster, or Melodist’s Popular Songster. London, J.S. Pratt, 1844.  1st. G+.


Royal Buffalo Songster...Comic, Sentimental, and Nigger Songs.  Leeds [England], nd. [I am told - circa 1831].  I don’t know whether this item should come with covers.  There are remnants of paper attached to the spine, but this could signify simply that this item was removed from other paper wraps that were not part of the original.


Thrush (the), a Choice Selection of the Most Admired Popular Songs…  London, Richardson and Son , nd.  In illustrated wrappers, nice color title page and frontispiece.  Taped spine and pages are loose within spine – i.e., pages are not torn loose, but string binding is gone so the pages are loose.  Unpaginated, but with first page of songs being number 6.  Presumably extracted from some larger work.  Songs are popular with little interest.


The Victoria Songster for 1839, being a choice selection of all of the popular songs of the day.  Lon, Jos. Sanders, 1839.  In original cloth.  Frontisp portrait of Victoria.  Vg but for the fact that a few pages have tears, two (pp.409-412) with some slight loss of text.



2.  Other collections


Ashton, John. Modern Street Ballads.  Blom 1968.  Reprint.  1st thus. VG.


Baring-Gould, S., and Sheppard, H. Fleetwood.  Songs of the West. Folk Songs of Devon and Cornwall...  New and revised edition under the Musical Editorship of Cecil J. Sharp.  Methuen, Lon nd.  Boards scuffed, otherwise VG.


Brice.  The Folk Carol of England.  London (1967).  1st.  DJ 


Broadwood & Maitland.  English County Songs.  Leadenhall Press 1893.  1st.  Covers dirty.


Bruce and Stokoe. Northumbrian Minstrelsy.  Folklore Assoc. reprint 1965. DJ. Intro by A. L. Lloyd.


Chappell.  Old English Popular Music, A new edition .  . . by H. Ellis Woolridge.  Brussel, NY (1961).  Reprint.  In broken box.  The editor's preface is dated 1893.  Also contains a reprint of Kidson's Traditional Tunes, except the reprint of that book begins at p. 17 of the book.


Cole, Wm.  Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.  Doubleday 1961.  1st.  DJ.  Illus by Edward Ardizzone.


A Collection of Old Ballads.  Lon, 1723-1725.  Later reprint.Vol. 1 missing last page of text.  Rebound in ugly cloth. 


Copper, Bob.  Songs & Southern Breezes, Country Folk & Country Ways.  London (1973).  1st.  DJ


Copper, Bob. A Song for Every Season.   Lon (1975).  PB reprint. G+.


Farnsworth, Charles, and Sharp, Cecil.  Folk Songs, Chanteys, and Singing Games.  NY, H.W.Gray.  Nd.  Orig wraps, VG.  63pp. Reprint of some sort.


Forshaw, Charles.  Holyrod’s Collection of Yorkshire Ballads.  Lon 1892.  1st.  VG.


Harland, John.  Ballads and Songs of Lancashire, Chiefly Older Than the 19th Century.  Lon 1865.  Looks like 1st - preface dated 1865.


Ingledew, C.J. Davison.  Ballads and Songs of Yorkshire.  Lon 1860.  1st.  Orig cloth.  VG, but some chipping to top and bottom of spine.


Jewitt, Llewellynn.  Ballads and Songs of Derbyshire.  Lon & Derby 1868.  1st? [preface is dated 1867].  G+.  Front hinge needs to be strengthened, some slight staining to cloth.


Journal of the Folk Song Society.

[The (English) Folk Song Society published its Journal from 1899 to 1931, in eight volumes in all, comprising 35 separate issues.  In 1931 the Folk Song Society merged with the Folk Dance Society to become the English Folk Song and Dance Society, which then continued to publish its Journal, commencing in 1932.  The following is a complete run of the Journal of the Folk Song Society.  When the contents of an issue are not described, they are largely various miscellaneous pieces.  Issues described as G-G+ generally have some fading (and perhaps fragility) to the edges of the covers, with some chipping of the edges of the covers or the top or bottom of spine, with occasional slight pieces missing. Most of those so described are more G+ than G. Books described as VG generally have little or no fading and no or very very slight chipping.]




#1 (1899). 1909 reprint.  VG.

#2 (1900). 1963 reprint.  VG.

#3 (1901).  Folk Songs from Sussex (Merrick). 1953 reprint.  VG.

#4 (1902).  Folk Songs from Sussex and Surrey (Broadwood).  1950 reprint.  VG.

#5 (1904).  Folk Songs from Yorkshire (Kidson), More Folk Songs from Sussex (Merrick).  1909 reprint.  VG.




#6 (1905).  Songs from Somerset and North Devon (Sharp).  G+.

#7 (1905).  Ballad Sheets and garland (brief biblio, by Kidson).  Misc otherwise. 1964 reprint.  VG.

#8 (1906).  Songs from Seven Counties (R.V. Williams). G-G+.

#9 (1906).  G-G+.




#10 (1907). General yellowing of covers.  G-G+.

#11 (1907). Songs Collected in Dorset (H.E.D. Hammond).  Some fading but VG.

#12 (1908).  G-G+.

#13 (1909).  G-G+.




#14 (1910).  Carols collected in Herfordshire.  Some fading and very slight chips but VG.

#15 (1910).  G-G+.

#16 (1911).  Songs of the Western Isles [Scotland].                           Frances Tolmie. Gaelic, including occupational songs.  Important collection. G-G+.

#17 (1913).  Songs Collected in Sussex.  G-G+.



#18 (1914).  Front cover detached and badly beat up.  Paper on spine is almost all gone.  Intact.  Fair.

#19 (1915).  Only slight fading and very slight chipping.  VG.

#20 (1916).  Slight chipping to rear cover, otherwise VG.




#21 (1918). Front cover coming off, back off, backstrip missing. 

#22 (1919). London Street Cries and Miscellaneous Street Cries.  Color bright. Minor chipping to spine, but o/w VG.

#23 (1920).  Part 1, Songs from Ballyvourne, Co. Cork, with Irish Texts and Translations.  (The Martin Freeman collection).  Some wear to spine, but color bright and VG.

#24 (1921). Part 2 of Freeman collection. VG. Bright.

#25 (1921). Part 3 of Freeman collection. Some wear to backstrip, o/w VG.  Bright.



#26 (1922). Songs from Norfolk (Moeran). VG, some fading.


#27 (1923). Songs from Dorset and Somerset (Henry Hammond).  Minor loss to bottom of spine, o/w VG.


#28 (1924). Part 1, Songs from the Isle of Man.  G+-VG.


#29 (1925). Part 2. G+.


#30 (1926). Part 3. G-G+.

Vol. 8:


#31 (1927). Songs from Cecil Sharp's unpublished collection.  VG but few pieces of paper of spine are missing.

#32 (1928).  Contains "Folk Elements in Early Revival Hymns and Tunes" and some sea shanties. Poor to fair.  No covers or backstrip but intact.  

#33 (1929).  Fair. Covers worn and chunks of  backstrip are missing.

#34 (1930).  Folk songs from Hammond collection. Poor to Fair.

#35 (1931).  Poor to fair.  No covers or backstrip, but intact. Last publication as "Folk Song Society".


Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society:




#1 (1960).  Misc folk dance.  VG.

#2 (1961).  Misc folk dance.  VG.

#3 (1962).  Misc folk song and dance.  VG.

#4 (1963).  Misc folk song and dance.  VG.


Folk Song Society Journal.

Vol. 4, numbers 1 and 2 (1980-81);

Volume 5, numbers 1 and 2 (1985-86). 


Kennedy, Peter (ed).  Folksongs of Britain and Ireland.  Lon (1975).  VG in VG DJ.


--Another copy. Oak (1984).  PB reprint. 


Kidson.  Traditional Tunes.  See Chappell, "Old English Popular Music".


Kidson and Neal.  English Folksong and Dance.  Cambridge at Univ. Press 1915. 1st.


Lloyd, A.L.  Folk Song in England.  NY (1970).  Paperback.


MacKay, Charles.  A Collection of Songs and Ballads Relative to the London Prentices and Trades; and to the Affairs of London Generally During the 14th, 15th, 16th Centuries.   Edited with notes and introductions by MacKay.  Percy Society, 1841.  G+.  Original printed wraps, spine has good bit of wear.


Nettel, Reginald.  Seven Centuries of Popular Song.  Lon (1956).  VG in chipped DJ.


Nettel.  A Short History of Traditional Song.  Lon (1954).  NY reprint in 1969 (1st published in 1954 under title, Sing a Song of England).  DJ.


Palmer, Roy.  Everyman's Book of English Country Songs. London (1979).  1st. DJ


Purslow, Frank.  Marrow Bones, English Folk Songs from the Hammond and Gardiner Mss.  Lon (1965).  Wraps [as issued??]. VG. 


Purslow, Frank. The Constant Lovers, More English Folk Songs From the Hammond and Gardiner Mss.   EFDS Publications.  PB. No title page – the cover has the publishing info. As issued?  1st??  Any HB??  VG. 149 pp.


Reeves, James.  The Everlasting Circle.  English Traditional Music from the MSS of S. Baring Gould, H.E.D. Hammond, and George B. Gardiner.  NY (1960).  1st Am.  VG in DJ.


Rimbault, E.F. A Little Book of Songs and Ballads, Gathered from Ancient Musick Books.  Lon, John Russell Smith 1861.  1st? With a 56 page publisher’s catalog bound in. Has signature “W.M. Rossetti 1869”, which bookseller said was signature of Michael Rossetti, one of the siblings of the famous literary family.  In ½ black leather with red boards.  Boards are G+ .


Sam Cowell’s Fifty Selected Comic Songs.  London, nd.  Wraps. Poor to fair.  Covers are badly chipped and are separating.


Scott, Harold.  English Song Book.  McBride, NY 1926.  1st Am?  VG, but paper label on spine is fraying at one side and covers are a bit dirty.


Sharp, Cecil. English Folksongs.  London, Novello, nd.  Two volumes. 1st? VG. Selected from the author’s collection.  Previously published songs have had texts revised and accompaniments refreshed or rewritten.   First volume contains 50 songs, all but 3 of which were published in Folk Songs from Somerset.  Volume 2 contains 50 songs, 12 never before published in England, 6 previously published in various publications, and the remainder published in Folk Songs from Somerset.


Sharp.  100 English Folk Songs. Ditson (1916). VG in original wraps. 


Sharp, Cecil. Folk Songs of English Origin Collected in the Appalachian Mountains.  First and Second Series. Novello (1966).  VG in VG DJ.  First printed in 1919 and 1921.  12 songs in first series, 14 in the second.


Sharp, Cecil J.  English County Folk Songs. Novello (1961). First reprint of books originally published as 5 volumes 1908-1912.  Folk Songs from Dorset (16), Folk Songs from the Eastern Counties (15),  Folk Songs from Hampshire (16), Folk Songs From Various Counties (12), Folk Songs from Sussex (15).


Shaw, Margaret.  Folksongs and Folklore of South Uist.  Routledge and Kegan Paul, London (1955).  1st. Good – Covers are bit bowed and show traces of moisture.  Contents are VG.


Songs of England...  Boosey & Co, Lon & NY, nd.  3 vols (complete set).  G (one vol is slanted and covers are scuffed) in ugly black (original?) cloth.  Some traditional but majority are from specific composers.


Stokoe, John, and Reay, Samuel.  Songs and Ballads of Northern England.  Walter Scott, nd. [ca. 1890's or so].  VG.  Pictorial red cloth.  Contains 50 songs which are in Northumbrian Minstrelsy, and 42 which are not.  (Northumbrian Minstrelsy is the superior publication, listing 143 tunes and songs, and containing notes.)


Williams, Alfred.  Folk Songs of the Upper Thames.  Lon (1923).  1st.  VG.


Williams, Vaughn & Lloyd, A.L.  Penquin Book of English Folk Songs.  Np (1959).  Looks like 1st. PB. Pages very yellowed. Selected from FSS Journal.


Worth, R.N.  The West Country Garland, Selected From the Writings of the Poets of Devon and Cornwall from the 15th to the 19th Century, with Folk Songs and Traditional Verses.  London 1875.  Much more poetic than traditional.



3. Biography, reference, and criticism


Bird, Brian.  Skiffle, the Story of Folk Song With a Jazz Beat.  Lon (1958).  1st.  VG in VG DJ.


Clark, Leonard.  Alfred Williams, His Life and Work.  NY 1969.  1st Am thus (Reprint of 1945, with a (short) new introduction).  VG in DJ.


Dean Smith, Margaret.  A Guide to English Folk Song Collections.  Liverpool Univ. 1954.  1st.  VG in chipped and worn DJ.


Dean Smith, Margaret (ed) and White E.A. (Compiler). An Index of English Songs Contributed to the Journal of the Folk Song Society, 1899-1931, and its continuation, The Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society to 1950.  Lon 1951.  Printed wraps.  VG.  58 pages.  1st.


Reeves, James, ed.  The Idiom of the People. Norton 1958. PB. 


Sharp, Cecil.  English Folk Songs, Some Conclusions. New ed., revised by Maud Karpeles with an appreciation by Ralph Vaugh Williams.  Methuen (1954).  3d ed.  DJ.  Editor's preface and the appreciation are dated 1954.  Stamp of NY Music Store on bottom of title page.


(Sharp).  Karpeles.  Cecil Sharp, His Life & Work.  U. Chi. (1967). DJ.  Revised ed. of Strangways bio, published 1st in 1933 and 2d in 1955.


(Sharp).  Strangways.  Cecil Sharp.  OUP, Lon. 1933.  1st.


Vaughn Williams Memorial Library Catalogue of the English Folk Dance and Song Society .  Mansell London 1973.


Wilgus.  Anglo-American Folksong Scholarship Since 1898. Rutgers 1959.



4. Related literature


Aikin, John.  Essays on Song Writing.  New edition.  Lon. 1810.  3/4 calf, marbled boards.  VG.


Ashton, John.  Humor, Wit, and Satire of the Seventeenth Century .  Lon 1883.  1st.  Bright, a few pages carelessly opened.  G+.


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D. Jacobite Songs and Other Songs relating to politics.


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E. Folksongs of Scotland


1. Collections


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--Another copy.  VG.  Red cloth rather than light green.


Corri.  A New and Complete Collection of the Most Famous Scots Songs….  Edin, Corri and Sutherland nd.  Book No. 2.  Title page indicates that this is one of three books. Engraved title page and 31 songs with engraved music. Very handsome pages but with defects – binding is ugly boards with a taped spine; front hinge is completely cracked and separated; book is ex-library – blind stamp on title page and other mostly inoffensive library markings; one page is bit crushed at the bottom corner affecting some words; title page and first 8 or so pages show dampstaining; some chipping at the edges.  Still, and with all the defects, a decent copy of a scarce title.


Cunningham, Allan.  Songs of Scotland.  Edin., 1825.  1st.  4 vols.  VG.  In a 3/4 ordinary (as opposed to a fine) black leather binding with marbled boards.  Set was owned by David Vetter, a Scots literary figure (1790-1854) who published books of his own poetry and books about Scottish poetry and literature.  Each book has Vetter's signature (dated 1851).  There are numerous comments by him in a neat hand throughout the set, and a tipped in handwritten poem at the end of volume one.


Dauney, Wm.  Ancient Scotish Melodies….Edin, Maitland Club 1838.  AMS reprint, 1973.  VG.


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Gilchrist. Scottish Songs, Ancient and Modern. Edinburgh 1865. The 1/2 title is 1/2 cut away, and a paper defect at p. 161 loses some letters.  I believe that this is a one volume edition of Gilchrist, A Collection of Ancient and Modern Scottish Ballads, 2 vols, Edin  1815.


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The Mountain Songster, Filidh Nam Beann.  McGregor, Glasgow.  ND (inside front cover says, “Just Published, An T-Orannaiche”).  Wraps, but glued into a plain black board binding.  Gaelic songs.


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--Another copy. Edin, nd. VG in DJ.  “Scottish Reprint Society.”  Circa 1980’s or 1990’s.


Popular Comic Songster, (The), A Selection of the Most Humorous Songs As Sung by the Principal Vocalists of the Day.  Glasgow, John S. Marr, nd.  Ca 1850’s-1860’s.  Part I is Irish Comic Songs, Part II is Scottish Popular Songs, and Part III – which is very short – is Miscellaneous.


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Shuldham-Shaw, Lyle, and Campbell.  Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection, Volume 8, Song [numbers] 1516-1933.  Mercat Press (2002).   VG (some corners stubbed).  With Supplementary Notes to the prior volumes, an essay by Katherine Campbell on “The Music of the Collection” (pp. 447-463), an essay on “The Formation of the Collection” by Emily Lyle (pp.465-525), notes on the Contributors, and various indices.


2. The literary influence


Aytoun, Wm. Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers.  Blackwood, 1865.  1st illus? [1st was 1848].  Pp 5 and 35 were heavily damaged and are neatly - but obviously - repaired; p10 to a lesser extent.  Poems, but contains historical notes.


Bassin.  The Old Songs of Skye, Frances Tolmie and Her Circle .  London (1977).  1st. DJ.  Owner's inscription on 1/2 title.


Burns.  The Merry Muses of Caledonia, A Collection of Bawdy Folksongs, Ancient & Modern.  Edited by James Barke & Sydney Smith.  Putnam (1964).  1st Amer.  DJ


(Burns, Robert).  The Complete Writings of Robert Burns in Ten Volumes.  Large paper Edition.  One of 750 copies for US and 250 copies for Great Britain.  Houghton Mifflin 1926.  Six volumes of poems and four of correspondence.  Based on the Centenary Edition edited by W.E. Henley and Thomas Henderson in 1896, with some new matter, including a short intro by John Buchan.  VG.


Campbell, John.  Highland Songs of the Forty Five.  John Grant, Edin 1933.  1st.  Very slightly bowed but otherwise VG and in a nice DJ.


Johnson, James, and Burns, Robert.  The  Scots Musical Museum, 1787-1803.  Amadeus Press, London, nd.  Reprint. 6 vols in 2.  VG in DJ.


MacDonnell, Margaret.  The Emigrant Experience: Songs of Highland Emigrants in North America.  U of Toronto (1982).  1st.  No DJ.  VG, but owner’s name in ink on top of title page and staple hole at p. 189).  Opposite pages in Gaelic and English.


Matheson, William.  The Blind Harper. The Songs of Roderick Morison and His Music.  Scottish Gaelic Texts Society 1970. VG in DJ.


Motherwell.  Poetical Works, A new edition containing his posthumous writings.  Bos 1853.  Memoir of his life is dated 1846.  Split in cloth on side of spine (hinge not affected).


Ramsay, Allan.  The Tea Table Miscellany .  Glasgow 1876.  2 vols.  1st was 1724.  VG, but paper labels on spine are worn and lettering on them is obscured.  Possibly recased.


Ramsay, Allan.  The Evergreen.  Glasgow 1876.  2 vols.  1st was 1724.  VG, but paper labels on spine are worn and lettering on them is obscured.  


Watson, J.  Carmichael.  Gaaelic Songs of Mary Macleod.  London, Blackie 1934.  1st.  VG, except for apparent erasure of library numbers on spine.  Parallel texts of English and Gaelic.


Watt, Lauchlan.  The Scottish Ballads and Ballad Writing.  Paisly    1923.  1st.  VG.


Whistlebinkie. 1853.  Includes in one volume 1st thru 5th Series, and the Nursery Songs; the pages of each are separately numbered. Cloth, shaken and amateurishly repaired.


--1878 Reprint.  2 vols. VG.


3. Criticism and Commentary


Aitken, Mary Carlyle.  Scottish Song, A Selection of the Choicest Lyrics of Scotland.  Lon 1874.  1st.  VG. 


Blackie, John.  Scottish Song.  Its Wealth, Wisdom, and Social Significance.  Edin & Lon 1889.  1st.  G+ (covers faded and a bit dirty).


Gunnyon, William.  Illustrations of Scottish History, Life, and Superstition.  From Song and Ballad.  Glasgow 1879.  1st.  Owner’s name on title page., otherwise VG.


Henderson, Hamish.  Alias MacAlias, Writings on Songs, Folk, and Literature.  Polygon Edinburgh (1992).  PB.  1st?  VG.


Lang, Andrew.  Sir Walter Scott and the Border Minstrelsy. Longmans Green and Co., London, NY, etc.  1910.  1st? VG but ex library.


Murray, J. Clark.  The Ballads and Songs of Scotland, in view of Their Influence on the Character of the People.  Lon 1874.  1st.  VG.


4. Biography


(Chambers, Robert).  Memoirs of Robert Chambers with Autobiographical Reminiscences of William Chambers.  4th ed. NY, Scribner’s nd.  1st was 1872.


Henderson, George.  Lady Nairne and her Songs.  Paisley (1906).  4th ed, 1st was 1899.  VG.


Rogers, Charles.  Life and Songs of the Baroness Nairne.  Edin 1886. Not a 1st.  No problems, but covers are worn and there are two circles [caused by a glass?] on the front cover


5. Musical Instruments


Armstrong, Robert Bruce.  The Irish and Highland Harps.  Praeger NY (1970).  Reprint with a brief introduction by Seoirse Bodley.  1st was 1904.  This is presumably the first American reprint, following a reprint in 1969 by the Irish University Press.  The outside edges of the book are stained but there is no staining to any of the interior text in any way.  There is a DJ.  The back cover has the slightest hint of bowing.


Collinson, Francis.  The Bagpipe, the History of a Musical Instrument.  Routledge and Kegan Paul, London and Boston (1975). 1st. Vg in Vg DJ.



IV. Irish Songs and Music


A. Collections


Behan, Dominick.  Ireland Sings, an Anthology of Irish Songs and Ballads.  1973.  PB. Looks like 1st was 1965.  Many Behan compositions.


Berry, Paddy.  More Wexford Ballads.  (Wexford 1987).  1st.  Wraps.       


Bunting.  The Ancient Music of Ireland.  (1969)  Name of Crescendo Pub. Co., Bos., pasted onto title page over name of original publisher (original publisher was apparently Walton's Music, Dublin).  Collection of Bunting's 3 works.  1st thus. DJ.  Cloth on spine split for 1" along one side.


Bunting, Edward.  The Ancient Music of Ireland.  Dublin 1840.  1st.  VG in orig cloth.  One signature is slightly loose. Colored additional title page.  


The Celtic Lyre. A Collection of Gaelic Songs with English Translations. By Fionn (Henry Whyte - tho Whyte is not identified in this book).Glasgow, Sinclair nd.  68 songs, unpaginated, with the words “End of Vol. 1” at the bottom of song No.68. G to G+.


Costello, Mrs.  Traditional Folk Songs from Galway and Mayo.  Dublin.  Talbot Press.  1923.  1st.  Stiff wraps, as issued. VG (small portion of lowest edge of spine is missing).


Croker, Thomas Crofton.  Popular Songs of Ireland.  Lon and NY, 1886.  Reprint (Morley's Universal Library).  1st was 1839.


Fenian Song Book. Irish Book Bureau, Dublin, ca. 1940.  32 pages. In original wraps with a picture of O’Donovan Rossa on front cover.  Songs on a fenian theme, selected from various sources.  Vg, pages browned.


Galvin.  Irish Songs of Resistance.  Folklore Press, NY, nd. Wraps.


Graves, Alfred Perceval.The Celtic Song Book.  Lon 1928. 1st. G+.


Hammond, David.  Songs of Belfast.  Gilbert Dalton, Dublin (1978).  PB but could be a 1st.  Any HB published?  63 pages. Vg but pages are yellowing.


Hannagan, Margaret, and Clandillon, Seamus.  [Annagain, Maigread Ni, agus Clanndioluin, Seamus].  Londub An Cairn, being Songs of the Irish Gaels, in Staff and Sol-Fa, with English Metrical Translations.  Oxford U. Press, Humphrey Milford 1927.  1st.  VG. 75 songs, most from family of Hannagan (West Waterford).  3 volumes in one, as published.


The Harp of Ulster, or Beauties of Modern Song...  “New edition.”  Belfast 1844.  G+.  Seems like mostly poetry, with no attribution of any type.


Hayes, Edward.  Ballads of Ireland.  6 th edition.  Dublin & Lon, nd.  2 vols.  VG.


Hayward, H. Richard.  Ulster Songs and Ballads.  Lon (1925). 1st. VG.


Henry, Sam.  Songs of the People.  Edited by Gale Huntington.  U Ga. (1990).  1st.


Journal of the (English) Folk Song Society, as follows:

No. 23 (Jan. 1920).  Part 1, Songs from Ballyvourne, Co. Cork, with Irish Texts and                                Translations.  (The Martin Freeman collection).  VG.

No. 24 (Jan. 1921). Part 2 of Freeman collection. VG.

No. 25 (Sept. 1921). Part 3 of Freeman collection. Some wear to backstrip, o/w VG.

No. 28 (Dec. 1924). Part 1, Songs from the Isle of Man.  No wrappers or backstrip, but                              intact.

No. 29 (Dec. 1925). Part 2. Worn covers, and most of backstrip is gone.

No. 30 (Aug. 1926). Part 3. Backstrip almost all gone.


Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Vol. 21 December 1924. Wraps. G (bit bumped).  Songs in Irish and English.


Joyce, P.W. Ancient Irish Music. Dublin, McGlashan and Gill, 1873.  1st. With 5 page list of subscribers bound in. Vg in attractive original cloth.  Slight stain to front cover and slight soiling on pages 8 and 9, but very nice nonetheless.


            --Another copy. London and Dublin 1912.  “Reissue.”


Joyce, P.W.  Irish Peasant Songs in the English Language, The Words Set to the Proper Old Irish Airs.  Longmans, Green in London and M.H. Gill in Dublin. 1906.  Pages loose in original printed paper wrappers.


Milner, Dan.  The Bonnie Bunch of Roses. Oak (1983). 1st?  Oversize PB, split at a signature.


Moore's Irish Melodies, with Symphonies and Accompaniments by Sir John Stenson.  New edition, edited by J. S. Glover.  Dublin, James Duffy, nd (preface by Glover is dated 1859.)  Attractive green cloth, slightly frayed.


(Moore).  Irish Melodies, by Thomas Moore.  With illustrations engraved on steel, under the immediate superintendence of Edward Finden.  Phila., Lea & Blanchard, 1850.  10 Plates (idealized female portraits).  Folio.  Cloth on spine is quite chipped.


Moore's Irish Melodies.  Revised and englarged.  Oliver Ditson, 1893.


Moore's Irish Melodies.  With symphonies and accompaniments by Sir John Stevenson and Sir Henry Bishop.  New Impression. Dublin nd. Spine faded and cloth at top chipped, but handsome green cover.


O’Croinin, Daibhi.  The Songs of Elizabeth Cronin, Irish Traditional Singer.  Four Courts Press (2000).  Wraps, as issued, with two CD’s.  F.


O’Lochlainn, Colm.  Irish Street Ballads.  Three Candles, Dublin (1956).  Reprint (1st was 1939).  VG in G DJ.


O’Lochlainn, Colm.  More Irish Street Ballads.  Three Candles, Dublin (1965).  1st.. VG in VG DJ.


O'Neill.  O'Neill's Music of Ireland.  Chi 1905. 1st.  Very bright copy.  Green cloth.


--Another copy.  Bound in red cloth but still original binding.


O'Neill.  Irish Folk Music, a Fascinating Hobby.  Chi 1910.  1st.  Bright copy.


O’Neill, Francis.  The Dance Music of Ireland.  Chicago, Lyon and Healy, 1907.  VG.  The date would indicate a 1st but i) brown cloth rather than the typical green cloth, and ii) press notices about the book on the front and rear inside covers.  The press notices are interesting, however.


O'Sullivan, Donal.  Songs of the Irish.  Crown.  1st in DJ (small piece missing).  VG but pages are slightly browning and there is a musty (tobacco? decomposing paper?) smell.


(Petrie).  Stanford, Charles Villiers, editor.  The Complete Collection of Irish Music As Noted by George Petrie (1789-1866).  Facsimile Reprint 1994 by Lanerch Publishers, Felinfach.  3 volumes, wraps, as issued.


Russell, T.O.  Fior Chlairseach na h-Eireann, or The True Harp of Erin, A Collection of Some of the Most Popular Folk Songs and Short Poems in the English Language.  Dublin, M.H. Gill 1900.  Apparent 1st.  VG. In Irish exclusively, with the exception of a 3 page preface and some notes and translations in the Appendix.


Songs of Ireland...  Boosey & Co, Lon & NY, nd.  New and enlarged edition.  VG in ugly black (original?) cloth.  Some traditional but majority are from specific composers.  Most are from Moore’s Irish Melodies.


Songs of 1798, the Year of the French.  Irish Freedom press, Dublin, nd. [Looks like a 1997 reprint].  Wraps.  VG.  74 pp.  Songs in Irish and English.


Sparling, H. Halliday.  Irish Minstrelsy... Lon 1887.  VG. When was 1st?


O’Sullivan, Donal. Carolan, The Life Times and Music of an Irish Harper.  Routledge and Kegan Paul, London (1958).  First. Near fine in DJ.


Tunney, Paddy.  The Stone Fiddle, My Way to Traditional Song .  Appletree (1991).  PB.  Reprint of 1st, which was 1979.  Dent in cover and first few pages.


Tunney, Paddy.  Where Songs Do Thunder, Travels in Traditional Song.  Appletree (1991).  PB. 1st?  Was there a HB?


(Varian, Ralph).  Street Ballads, Popular Poetry, and Household Songs of Ireland.  Dublin 1864.  Apparent 1st (preface is dated 1864).  In attractive black leather, raised bands and spine gilt.  VG (some yellowing of pages; title page has neatly written on it “Collected by Ralph Varian”.  Bookplate of Redmond Conyngham. Wear in leather at the joints alongside the spine.)


Wright.  Irish Emigrant Ballads and Songs.  Bowling Green U. Popular Press (1975).  1st?


Zimmerman.  Songs of Irish Rebellion.  Folklore Assoc 1967.  1st.  DJ.


Miscellaneous publications:

(i). Mimeo booklet, containing words to various ballads and songs, compiled by Frank Harte.

(ii). Healy. The Second Book of Irish Ballads. Mercier (1976).  PB, pages yellowed.  Reprint of 3d ed. which added some materials.

(iii). James, Garth (ed.)  Irish Pub Songs. Appletree (1983).  PB. 1st?  HB exists?

(iv). Soodlum's Irish Ballad Book. Oak 1982. 1st? Oversize PB.



B. Criticism and Commentary


Breathnach, Breandan.  Folk Music and Dances of Ireland.  Mercier Press (1980).  1st was 1971.  VG in wraps.


Brown, Stephen J.M.  A Guide to Books on Ireland. Part 1, Prose Literature, Poetry, Music, and Plays.  Lemma Publishing Co., NY 1970.  Reprint of the 1912 Dublin 1st edition.  Other parts may or may not have ever been issued.  Section on poetry is 50 pages and on music is 48 pages.


Carson, Ciaron.  Last Night’s Fun, In and Out of Time with Irish    Music.  NY (1996).  1st Am.  VG in DJ.


Carson.  Pocket Guide to Irish Traditional Music.  Appletree Press (Belfast) 1986.  1st.  PB


Fleischmann, Aloys (ed).  Sources of Irish Traditional Music, c.1600-1855.  An annotated Catalogue of Prints and Manuscripts, 1583-1855. Two volumes. 1st.  Garland , NY and London 1998.  VF.


McNamara, Christy, and Woods, Peter.  The Heartbeat of Irish Music.  Rinehart (1997).  1st.  VG.  PB.  Was there a HB printing?


Shields, Hugh.  Narrative Singing in Ireland.  Irish Academic Press (1993).  PB.  Fine.  1st.  Was there a HB?


C. The Literary Influence


Casey, John K[Keegan].  The Rising of the Moon and Other Ballads, Songs, and Legends.  Glasgow, Cameron and Ferguson.  ND, but dedication page says Dublin, March 1869.  Inscribed on the dedication page, “To My Friend DB Cronin, From the Author, 26th July 1869.”  Seems like 1st.  Some minor signs of wear and some minor markings but VG overall.  This was Casey’s second book.  It is a reprinting of most of his poems but with a few new ones.  There is a touching dedication and Author’s Preface by Casey, who wrote under the name of Leo.  Casey was jailed by the British as a Fenian, and  died at the age of 23 on St. Patrick’s Day, 1870.  It is said that his imprisonment hastened his death.


Collins, Charles Maccarthy.  Celtic Irish Songs and Song Writers.  London, James Cornish, 1885. First. VG but pages 297-304 are creased with a few of those pages having slight tears in the margins.


Davis, Thomas.  National and Historic Ballads, Songs, and Poems.  “A new and revised edition.”  Dublin 1869.  VG.


Drummond, William Hamilton.  Ancient Irish Minstrelsy.  Dublin 1852.  Apparent 1st.  Gaelic poetry (in translation), some presented for the first time in English.  G.  Slightly slanted and covers faded.


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MacDermott, Martin.  The New Spirit of the Nation, or Ballads and Songs by the Writers of the “Nation.”  Containing Songs and Ballads Published Since 1845.  Lon 1894.  Part of “The New Irish Library,” edited by Charles Gavan Duffy, Douglas Hyde, and T.W. Rolleston.  VG.  1st?


D. Musical Instruments


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V. Folksongs of Other Countries


A. English Speaking


1.  Canada


Barbeau and Sapir.  Folk Songs of French Canada. Yale 1925. 1st.   DJ.


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Lehr, Genevieve, and Best, Anita.  Come and I Will Sing to You, A Newfoundland Songbook.  A book of this title was published by the University of Toronto Press in 1985.  This appears to be a photocopy of a very late manuscript of the book.  No publisher and no date are listed and there are some handwritten changes.  Bound in a dissertation type binder.


MacKenzie, Roy.  Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scotia.  Folklore Associates 1963.  Foreward by Malcolm Laws.  1st thus.


(Protestant). Shannon, William.  The Dominion Orange Harmonist: A Collection of the Best National, Constitutional, and Loyal Orange Songs and poems...  Toronto 1876.  VG.  Missing ½ title.  Blue decorated cloth (there are copies in orange cloth).



2. Australia


Anderson, Hugh. Colonial Ballads.  Angus & Roberston, London and various Australian cities. (1962). VG in DJ. Largest selection of Australian ballads with music ever published. Later was, I believe, issued in an expanded edition.


Lahey.  Great Australian Folk Songs. Melbourne (1965). Wraps.     1st?


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                                    3. Other


.Songs of Wales. Boosey & Co, Lon & NY, nd.  Stain on a few pages, otherwise G+ in ugly black (original?) cloth. 


Williams, W.S. Gwynn.  Welsh National Music and Dance.  Gwynn Pub Co, Wales 1975 5th edition.  Wraps. VG.  Chapters include Penillion Singing and Welsh Traditional Harp Airs and Folk Songs


B. Non-English Speaking


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Brecy, Robert.  The Revolution in Song.  Francis van de Velde, nd. Translation from the French original [published 1988], but the songs are not translated.  French revolution.  Lavishly illustrated.  VG in VG DJ.


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VI. Jewish Music


Beregovski, Moshe.  Old Jewish Folk Music, The Collections and Writings of Moshe Beregovski.  Edited and Translated by Mark Slobin.  Univ Pa 1982. Paperback. Publications of the American Folklore Society, New Series, Volume 6.  1st? was there a HB?


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VII. American Religious Music.


Andrews.  The Gift to be Simple.  [Shakers] Augustin (1940). 1st. Paper label on spine is yellowing.


Bolton.  Old Songs Hymnal, Words and Melodies from the State of Ga.  Century 1929.  1st?  Cover worn.  FFE looks sewn in.


Greatorex.  A Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes . . .  Bos. Ditson (1851).  1st?


Happy Voices, New Hymns & Tunes.  American Tract Society (1865). 1st?  Worn boards.


Hatfield.  Poets of the Church.  NY (1884).  1st.  Bios of Hymn writers.


Horn.  Sing to Me of Heaven, A Study of Folk & Early American Materials In Three Old Harp Books.  U Fla (1970).  1st.  DJ, but torn.


Hymns of the Church Militant.  Carter, NY 1864.  No music.


Jackson, George Pullen.  Down East Spirituals.  Augustin, nd. DJ.


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Towner & Alexander.  Revival Hymns.  Chi (1906).


Yoder.  Pa. Spirituals.  Pa. Folklife Society  (1961). 1st?



VIII. Theater and popular music, including Elizabethan theater.


A. American


Armitage, Merle.  George Gershwin, Man and Legend.  NY (1958).  1st.  VG in VG DJ.


Bryant.  Children of Ol' Man River, The Life and Times of a Showboat Trouper.  Lakeside Press (1988).  Lakeside Classics.


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Vernon, Grenville.  Yankee Doodle Doo, A Collection of Songs of the Early American Stage.  NY (1927). 1st. VG in chipped DJ.


Vickers, George.  The Song Lovers’ Treasury…. No publisher, no place (1903).  Vg, but covers are spotted.  Supposedly a compilation of popular songs, but a good number are by Vickers.


Winner, Joseph.  Musical Gems, Vocal and Instrumental….  No publisher, no place (1895).  VG.  Attractive colored pictorial cloth.  Collection of popular songs.  Better than Vickers book, q.v.


Zellers.  Tony Pastor, Dean of the Vaudeville Stage.  Eastern U. Press (1971).  1st.  Dj


B. English


Boas.  Songs & Lyrics from the English Playbooks.  Cresset Press, Lon. 1945.  Looks like 1st.


Disher, Maurice.  Victorian Song.  Phoenix House, Lon (1955).  1st. VG.


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Naylor.  Shakespeare and Music.  Dent, Lon & Toronto.  Revised   (by author) 1931 (1st was 1896).  DJ.


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Sheard’s 33d Variety Annual. Lon, Chas Sheard 1908. Paper wraps, spine very fragile. 72 pp, 28 songs.


Speaight.  Bawdy Songs of the Early Music Hall.  Lon & Vancouver  (1975).  1st.



IX. Other Music


Auden W.H. & Kallman (eds of text), and Greenberg (ed of music). An Elizabethan Song Book.  Doubleday Anchor Books 1955. PB. Stated 1st.


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Barrett.  English Glees & Part Songs, An Inquiry Into Their Historical Devleopment.  Lond 1886.  Looks like 1st.  Partly unopened.


Bedford, Henry.  An Essay on Modern Unaccompanied Song.  OUP, Lon., 1923.  1st.  Marbled bds.  Presentation dated 1923.


Bird, Joseph. Gleanings From the History of Music. Boston, Henry B. Mussey 1850. 1st. VG.


The British Minstrel and Musical Literary Miscellany.  Glasgow 1843.  Songs both classical and folk, and articles about music and musicians.  VG in attractive black leather with marbled boards.  Page 316 is followed by page 321.  However, this gap does not seem to be due to missing pages because the music set forth is continuous.  Page 324 is the followed by pages 321-324, which is not a repeat of the prior pages. The second “page 324” is the end of volume 1. 


            Two volumes in one. Volume 1 goes from page 1 to page 324 (as above).  Volume 2 goes from page 1 to page 176.  But there is no notation of “end” at the bottom of page 176.


Bullen (ed).  Speculum Amantis, Love Poems from Rare Song Books & Miscellanies of the 17th Century.  London, privately printed 1902.  Seems to be a reprint.


Day.  The Songs of D'Urfey.  Harvard 1933.  1st.  Covers dirty.


Gibbon, J.M.  Melody and the Lyric from Chaucer to the Cavaliers.  Lon and NY (1930).  1st.  DJ


Grüger, H. & J.  The Sing Song Picture Book.  Phila (1931). Gorgeous color (printed in Germany).  On one page, a song and the notes; on the corresponding page, a color illustration w/shapes and figures in the illustrations to correspond to notes on a musical scale.


Hullah, John. The Song Book, Words and Tunes From the Best Poets and Musicians.  Lon 1909.  Cheap reprint. 1st was 1866.  Selected British and Irish songs. Nice selection.


Kelly, Walt.  Songs of the The Pogo. S&S. 1st.  DJ


Music Album for the Piano.  Jules Berr, Phila (ca. 1868). In general, alternates one page of music w/one page of ads for a Philadelphia business.  Many different type faces, and much incidental information about Philadelphia retail business.


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Turner, W.J. English Music.  Lon 1947. 4th. DJ. Britain in Pictures series.



X. Folklore.


A. African American folklore.


Dorson.  American Negro Folktales.  PB (1968).  3d.  Pages yellowed.  Good bibliography.


Fauset.  Folklore from Nova Scotia. NY, 1931.  Memoirs of Amer Folklore Society, vol. 24.  1st. Minor penciling.  [Repeated from earlier listing.]


Gonzales.  The Black Border, Gullah Stories of the Carolina Coast.  Columbia 1922. 1st  Inscribed - "Owen Wister, from Ambrose E. Gonzales".


Hurston, Zora Neale.  Tell My Horse.  Phila (1938). 2d.  Torn DJ.


Jeykyll.  Jamaican Song & Story.  David Nutt, 1907.  1st. Partially uncut.  Book is slightly "bowed," with a slight crease in the front cover.  [Repeated from earlier listing.]


Kennedy, R. Emmet.  Black Cameos.  Boni NY 1924.  1st.  VG except for slight indentation in title page and first 30 or so pages.  Transcriptions (i.e. dialect) of Negro life in Louisiana.


Parsons, Elsie Clews.  Folklore of the Sea Islands. Mass 1923.  Memoirs of Amer Folklore Society, vol. 16.  1st. Minor penciling. [Repeated from earlier listing.]


Parsons, Elsie Clews.  Folk Lore of the Cape Verde Islands .  Am.   Folklore Society 1923.  2 vols. 1st. VG.



B. Native American Folklore.


Curry.  Down from the Lonely Mountain, California Indian Tales .  Harcourt Brace (1965).  1st.  DJ


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JAF, vol. 43, # 170.  Oct.-Dec. 1930. Contains Beckwith, "Mythology of the Oglala Dakota" (pp. 339-443).


Lummis, Charles.  The Man Who Married the Man, and Other Pueblo Indian Folk Stories.  Century 1894.  1st.  Good only. Covers stained and spine very darkened & chipped.


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Yava.  Big Falling Snow, A Tewa-Hopi Indian's Life and Times and the History and Traditions of His People. Edited and annot by H. Courlander. Crown (1978). 1st. DJ. Review slip laid in


C. Other American Folklore.


Ballow.  Creole Folk Tales.  LSU Press (1948).  1st.  DJ


Beck.  The Folk Lore of Maine.  Lippincott (1957).  1st.


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Vol.6: “Popular Beliefs and Superstitions From North Carolina”.  Duke 1961. 1st. VG.

Vol. 7: “Popular Beliefs and Superstitions From North Carolina”.  Duke 1964. 1st. VG.


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Randolph, Vance.  Ozark Mountain Folks.  Vanguard (1932).  1st.  Cover discolored, as is usual. Cloth on spine cracked in a number of places.


Saxon.  Gumbo Ya Ya.  Houghton Mifflin 1945.  1st.  Spine faded.


Thompson.  Body Boots and Britches.  Phila 1940. DJ (fragments missing). Copyright date is 1939.



D. African Folklore and Related Anthropology.


Bleek and Lloyd.  Bushman Folklore.  Lon 1911.  1st.  Plates, incl chromo.  Slight rip in cloth on side of spine.


Kidd.  The Essential Kafir.  A & C Black, Lon 1925. 2d ed. (1st was 1904; apparently no change).  South Africa.


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Williams.  Psychic Phenomena of Jamaica.  Dial 1934.  1st.  Witchcraft, ghosts, funeral customs.


E. English Folklore.


Brand.  Observations on the Popular Antiquities of Great Britain. (Ellis, ed.)  A new edition.  3 vols.  London, Bohn, 1849.  [Apparently, there was a new - and reorganized - Bohn edition in 1948.]  Full leather, some wear.


            --Another copy. Lon 1913.  One vol, 806 pages.


Briggs, Katherine.  A Dictionary of British Folk Tales.

--Part A.  Folk Narratives.  Two vols, U. Ind. (1970).  DJ.

--Part B. Folk Legends.  Two vols, U. Ind. (1971).  DJ.


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F. Irish Folklore.


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Cormack.  Animal Tales from Ireland.  John Day NY (1955).  1st Amer.  DJ


(Croker?)  Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland.      Lon 1834.  3/4 leather, worn at outer hinges.  40 instead of 50 tales, with some notes dropped.  1st thus??


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G. Jewish Folklore.


Ausbel. Treasury of Jewish Folklore. Crown.


H. Scottish Folklore.


Anderson, Duncan.  Scottish Folk Lore...  NY, Tait & Sons (1895).  Very uninteresting book of personal reminiscences.


Cameron.  A Highland Chapbook.  MacKay (pub), Stirling (1928).  1st?  DJ


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vols. 1 and 2: 2d ed., 1928. [1st was 1900;  very few changes?].

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K Other Folklore and Anthropological works.


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XI. Irish culture and history.


A.  General histories:


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            B.  Ancient Ireland.


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C.  1798 and prior periods.


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D. The Famine and the Fenian periods.


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O'Connor, T.P., and McWade, R.M.  Gladstone, Parnell, and the Great Irish Struggle.  Hubbard Brothers [various U.S. cities, with other publishers noted in other cities] (1886). Short (2 page) intro by Parnell dated 1886.  Illus.  Good content: historical review of the struggle for independence, with emphasis on political issues (as opposed to the personalities and events of the various rebellions), and with emphasis on Parnell and the Land League.


O’Faolain, Sean.  King of the Beggars: A Life of Danial O’ Connell.  NY 1938.  1st (1st Am?). Covers dirty, o/w VG.


O'Shea, Katherine.  Charles Stewart Parnell.  Doran 1914.  1stAmer.  2 vols.  Each volume in DJ.


Speeches From the Dock. P.J. Kennedy NY, nd (my guess is - ca. 1890's to 1910's).  FFE missing.  Gilt pictorial spine.


Roche, Cecil, and Rearden, Thomas.  The Irish Land Code and Labourer’s Act, with an introductory  treatise…..  Dublin, Hodges Figgis and Co., 1886.  1st.  Good, except that binding is split for about half the page next to the title page.


Transactions of the Central Relief Committee of the Society Of Friends During the Famine in Ireland in 1846 and 1847.  Dublin, Hodges and Smith, 1852.  First. VG.  Important resource.


E.  1916-22.


Casement.  Book of newspaper clippings regarding Casement's trial and the aftermath.


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(Lieberson).  The Irish Uprising, 1916-22.   DATE?  1st. DJ.  [Distributed in conjunction with a record].


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(Markievicz, Countess).  Prison Letters of Countess  Markievicz .  Lon (1987).  PB.


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Nevin, Donal.  James Larkin, Lion of the Fold.  Gill & MacMillan (1998).  PB.  1st???


Noyes.  The Accusing Ghost, or Justice for Casement.  Lon 1957. 1st.


O'Callaghan, Sean.  The Easter Lily, The Story of the I.R.A. NY (1969).  1st Am.  DJ.


O’Connor, Ulick.  Michael Collins and the Troubles.  Norton (1996).  1st PB.  Orig edition was 1975


Rebel Cork's Fighting Story, From 1916 to the Truce With Britain. Tralee, nd (my guess is 1930's).  PB, yellowed pages.


Ryan, Desmond.  The Rising, the Complete Story of Easter Week.  Golden Eagle Books, Dublin. 4th ed 1966. VG in chipped and torn DJ .


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Stephens, James.  The Insurrection in Dublin.  NY, MacMillan 1916.  1st Am.  VG.


Younger, Carlton.  Ireland's Civil War.  NY (1969).  1st Am.  DJ.    1st few pages have fold marks in middle of page.



F.  Miscellaneous history.


Fitzpatrick.  Ireland and the Making of Britain.  Funk & Wagnalls (1922).  Copyright date is 12/21.


Hyman.  The Jews of Ireland. Irish U. Press.  1972.  1st.  DJ.


Joyce, P.W.  Origin and History of Irish Names of Places. Longman Green & Co, and M.H. Gill (Dublin). 7th ed., 2 volumes.  1st volume is dated 1901 and has Longmans, Green on the spine.  2d volume is dated 1898 and has M.H. Gill on the spine.  VG, but volume one is brighter than volume 2.


Manchester Guardian Commercial, European Reconstruction Series, Ireland.  A folio sized three part analysis of contemporary Ireland (The Free State), printed on March 15, 1923, May 10, 1923, and July 26, 1923.  VG in original wrappers.  Each issue is approximately 52 pages and contains short articles by well known authors on various phases of the Free State’s political, economic, and cultural situation., with the economic aspects predominating.    Fascinating reading and a complete snapshot of the Free State at a particularly momentous point in Irish history.


O'Connor.  Irish Liberation.  Grove Press (1975).  PB Reprint.


Proudfoot, Alice.  Patrick.  16 Centuries with Ireland's Patron Saint.  NY (1983).  1st?  VG in DJ.  DJ says - Selected by the Episcopal Book Club.


Sheil, Richard Lalor.  Sketches of the Irish bar.  Redfield, NY 1854.  Bottom of title page says, “Third thousand.”  Volume 1 only.  G+, but there is some inoffensive waterstaining at the top of each page (it does extend into the text).



G.  Biography.


Behan, Dominic.  My Brother Brendan.  S&S (1965).  1st.  DJ


Behan, Dominic. Tell Dublin I Miss Her.  Putnam (1962).  1st Amer.  DJ


Behan, Beatrice.  My Life With Brendan.  Nash (L.A.) (1973). 1st.  DJ.


Behan, Brendan.  Confessions of an Irish Rebel.  Geiss (1965).  1st (1st Amer?).  DJ


Behan, Brendan. BB's Island.  Geiss (1962).  1st (1st Amer?). Book slightly cocked.


Behan, Brendan. Hold Your Hour and Have Another.  Little Brown (1963).  1st Amer.  DJ


Behan, Brendan. Borstal Boy.  Knopf 1959.  1st Amer.  DJ


Bodkin, M.  Recollections of an Irish Judge.  NY 1915.  Looks like 1st Amer ed.  Offsetting from photographs and other foxing.


Briscoe.  For the Life of Me.  Little Brown (1958).  1st U.S.  DJ. Signed.


Cardozo, Nancy.  Lucky Eyes and a High Heart, The Life of Maud             Gonne .  NY (1978).  1st.  DJ.


Curran, Wm.  Life of John Philpot Curran.  NY  1882.  Pages yellowed, covers worn.


Dunsany, Lord.  My Ireland.  Funk and Wagnalls (1937).  1st Am. VG.  DJ.


Hyde.  Famous Trials, Seventh Series. Oscar Wilde.  Penguin Books, Baltimore (1962).  PB.  New and enlarged ed.  1st thus? Pages yellowing.


Joyce.  My Brother's Keeper.  Viking 1958.  Edited w/intro and notes by Richard Ellman; preface by T.S. Eliot.  1st.  Chipped DJ


(Joyce). Colum, Mary and Padraic.  Our Friend, James Joyce.  Doubleday 1958.  1st.  DJ.


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Wallace.  100 Irish Lives.  Lon and NY (1983).  1st Amer.  DJ


Yeats.  Autobiography.  MacMillan 1953.  1st of this reissue.  Chipped DJ, with a few small pieces missing.



H.  Travel and scenery.


Banim, Mary.  Here and There Through Ireland.  Dublin, Freeman’s Journal, 1891.Reprinted from the Weekly Freeman. Last page says, “End of First Series.”  Written from a nationalistic point of view.  Original printed wrappers.  Good – wrappers are pulling away from the text.  Very interesting


Colum, Padraic.  Crossroads in Ireland.  MacMillan 1930. 1st? FFE missing.


Doyle, Lynn.  The Spirit of Ireland.  NY & Lond. 1936.  1st Amer? Chipped DJ.  Signed & dated 1936.


Flinn.  Ireland, Its Health Resorts and Watering Places.  Lon 1888.  1st.  Albumen photo fp.  VG. 


French.  Our Boys in Ireland.  NY (1891).  Boards.  Pictorial cover.  Tear in title page neatly repaired.


Gwynn, Stephen.  Highways and Byways in Donegal and Antrim.  Lon and NY, 1899.  Seems like 1st or 1st Amer.  VG.  Illus by Hugh Thomson.


Hall, Mr. And Mrs. S.C. Ireland, Its Scenery, Character, & History.  Niccolls, Boston 1911.  Illus from paintings by F.S. Walker and Photographs.  6 vols.  1 of 500,  “Clare Edition”.  [How many other counties?].  VG.  Reprint of 1840’s original.


(Irish Tourist Ass'n.)  Ireland.  ND, but published while still "The Free State".  Wraps.  124pp.


Killarney Excursions, 1928.  Pictorial tourist pamphlet.


Nutting.  Ireland Beautiful.  Old America Co., Framingham (1925). 1st?


Roney, Cusack P. How to Spend A Month in Ireland.  This book was apparently first published in Dublin in 1861 with 156 pages.  The title page of this edition says, Published by W.H. Smith (not the original publishers).  The paper cover of this edition indicates that it was published (or at least distributed) by the Imperial Hotel Cork and the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin.  This text runs from p.51 to p.162, plus about 32 pages of not very good illustrations.  Book is a bit wavy, no doubt from water.  The original edition had 40 pages or so dealing with services and transportation; the rest is a topographical description.  This edition eliminates the first 40 or so pages of the original.  There are some adverts, however.


Sights and Scenes in Ireland, With Nearly 100 Copyright Illustrations.   Cassell, London. Ca 1890-1900. Large photographs.


Sheehy.  Ireland.  Mayflower, NY, nd.  DJ.  Lavish color photos.


Uris.  Ireland, a Terrible Beauty. PB reprint.  History.


White, T.H.  The Godstone and the Blackymor.  Putnam, NY (1959).  DJ.  1st Amer.  Illus by Ardizzone.  Travels in Western Ireland.



J.  Culture.


Arensberg,  The Irish Countryman.  Peter Smith, Gloucester Mass 1959.  1st was 1937; this may be 1st reprint.

            --Another copy.  American Museum Science Books, Garden City(1968).  PB.  Back cover says--Revised and expanded edition.  1st thus?


Arensberg and Kimball.  Family and Community in Ireland.  Harvard 1940.  1st. VG. DJ.


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Siochain. Aran, Islands of Legend.  Devin-Adair (1962).  1st  Amer?  DJ


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Swan, Harry Percival.  Romantic Donegal in Songs, Poetry, and Ballads.  Belfast 1964.  1st. DJ. Stain on spine of DJ where sticker was removed, traces of glue on top of dedication page (possibly where sticker was removed), small ink number on title page, and small ex-lib stamp at bottom of title page. 


Synge, J.M.  The Aran Islands.  Bos. 1911.  1st U.S.?



K.  The Irish in America.


Bagenal, Philip H.  The American Irish and their Influence on Irish Politics.  London, Kegan Paul Trench and Co., 1882.  G+. Covers dirty, some interior foxing, and a few inconspicuous random library stamps, none on title page or copyright page.


Grimes, Robert (S.J.). How Shall We Sing in a Foreign Land, Music of Irish Catholic Immigrants in the AnteBellum Unitred States. U. Notre Dame Press, (1996). 1st. DJ. Mostly evolution of religious music.


Henthorne, Sister Mary Evangela.  The Irish Catholic Colonization Association of the United States.  (1932). Copyright page says, Printed by Twin Cities Printing Co., Champaign Illinois..  1st. Presentation Copy.  In chipped and worn DJ.


Maguire.  The Irish in America. Lon 1868.  1st? (preface is dated 1867).



XII. Scottish culture and history.


A.  History.


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B. Travel and place histories.


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            --Another copy.  Lond & Phila. 1912.  One volume ed.  Illus by James Riddel.  Many illus, including color.  Illus at p. 50 has been cut down to only the color portion (i.e., the white margin has been eliminated) and laid into the book.


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--Another copy.  No DJ.  Covers are pink/red in color.


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C. Culture.


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D. Miscellaneous.


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XIII. Chapbooks


Ashton, John. Chap-Books of the 18th Century.  Lon 1882. 1st? Fold mark on title page.


Cheap, John.  The Chapman’s Library.  The Scottish Chap Literature of Last Century, Classified.  With a Life of Dougal Graham.  Glasgow 1877-78.  3 vols.  1/4 lea.  Split in leather at top of spine of vol 2.  Some minor imperfections in leather at top of spine of vol 3.  Otherwise, VG.


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Weiss, Harry B.  A Book About Chapbooks.  Folklore Associates, Hatboro PA 1969.  Reprint of a limited prior edition.  First edition was 1942 and was limited to 100 copies.  VG.  No DJ [as issued?].



XIV. Irish literature.


Alspach.  Irish Poetry from the English Invasion to 1798.  U. of Pa. (1959).  2d ed, revised.  DJ


Boyd.  Ireland's Literary Renaissance.  John Lane 1916.  1st.


Brown, Stephen J. Ireland in Fiction.  Barnes and Noble 1969.  This is a reprint of the 2d edition of 1919. The 1st edition was 1915.  There may also have been a predecessor titled “ Reader’s Guide to Irish Fiction” in 1910.  VG in DJ. The Introduction by Desmond Clarke, a collaborator of the author, states that the second volume of “Ireland in Fiction” would be published soon.  Organized alphabetically by author.


Cooke (ed.).  The Dublin Book of Irish Verse.  Dublin and Lon, 1909.  Looks like 1st.


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Flanagan.  The Year of the French.  1st.  DJ.  [Repeat of earlier listing].


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Henry, Sam (editor).  Rowlock Rhymes and Songs of Exile. By “North Antrim.” (Title page has a penciled name of the author – L. McMullan.)  The Quota Press, 1933.  Book of poetry about fishermen of Dalriada (a portion of North Antrim) and of Irish emigrants. 27 photos.  Title page says “Edited and Illustrated” by Sam Henry but I don’t know what the illustrations would be other than the photographs; perhaps Henry took the photos or else chose the photographs and then appended captions. VG, covers slightly dirty.


McCarthy, Justin.  Irish Literature.  John P. Morris, Philadelphia (1904).  Ten volumes.  G+ in green 3/4 leather.  Bindings are sound but covers show some wear. Spines show some fading.  The books also have a tobacco odor.  The Advisory Board lists Lady Gregory, Douglas Hyde, and “A.E.”  There are also “special articles” by, among others, Yeats, Douglas Hyde, and George Sigerson.


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(Quinn, John)  Library of John Quinn.  Anderson Galleries.  In the original 5 parts in wraps, 1923-24.  Generally VG, but some of the wrappers are chipped.  Celebrated library, with strong Celtic interest.


Read, Charles A.  Cabinet of Irish Literature, Selections From the Works of Chief Poets, Orators, and Prose Writers of Ireland.  Blackie, London, nd. My guess is – 1880’s-1890’s). 4 vols. 1st. In handsome green decorated  cloth.


Yeats, J.B. Letters to His Son W. B. Yeats & others, 1869-1922.     Secker & Warburg, Lond (1983).  (1st was 1944).  DJ


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 (Yeats).  MacLiammoir and Boland.  W.B. Yeats & His World.  Viking (1972).  1st Amer.  DJ.  Many illustrations.


The Zosimus Papers, Being the edited, unedited, and pilfered works of Michael Moran, the blind story teller of Dublin.  NY, P.J. Kenedy 1889.  1st was 1880.  Not authentic or from Zosimus.



XV. Scottish literature


Burns, Robert.  Complete Works.  Bos. 1860  3/4 leather, worn at outside hinges and separated from top 1-1/2" along one side. Moisture stains to first few pages.


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Douglas, George (ed.).  Poems of the Scottish Minor Poets, from Ramsay to David Gray. 


18th Century Scottish Books, Catalog of an Exhibition at the Signet Library, Edinburgh 1951.  1st.  Wraps


Ford, Robert.  Tayside Songs.  Paisley and Lon (1895).  Looks like 1st.  VG but some separation of title page from frontispiece.


Millar.  A Literary History of Scotland.  Scribner's 1903.  1st Amer.  Cover worn.


(Scott).  The Private Letter Books of Sir Walter Scott, edited by W. Partington w/an introductory letter to the reader from Hugh Walpole.  Lon 1930.  1st. DJ. Presentation from Walpole.


Scott, Sir Walter.  Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft.  Routledge 1887.  3d thus.  VG. Morley’s Universal Library.


Vedder, David.  Poems, Lyrics, and Sketches, With Essay on his Life and Writings by Rev. George Gilfillan.  Kirkwall, nd. [Possibly a reprint.  I have seen a reference to an edition apparently dated 1882].  Vg save for blind stamp on title.



XVI. Nursery Rhymes and Children's Games and Songs.


Bett.  Nursery Rhymes & Tales, Their Origin and History.  Lond.  (1924).  1st.


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Owens.  Swing & Turn, Texas Play Party Games. Tardy Pub. Co., Dallas 1936.  Special edition for the Texas Folk Lore Society.  Inscribed--"To Helen, A.P.H." [Arthur Palmer Hudson].


--Ano copy. VG+ . Does not have the leaf referring to the Texas Folk Lore Society.


Seeger, Ruth Crawford.  American Folk Songs for Children. Doubleday 1948.  1st.  Covers stained.


Songs of Scouting.  Boy Scouts (1930).  Wraps.  1st?


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Thomas.  The Real Personages of Mother Goose.  Lathrop, Lee & Shepard, NY (1930).  DJ.  Reprint?


Wolford, Leah J.  The Play-Party in Indiana.  Indiana Historical Commission 1916.  1st.  VG.



XVII. Slang, Dialects, and Folk speech.


Dekker.  The Guls Handbook and the Belman of London in Two Parts.  Lon 1904.  16mo.


(No author).  The Dialect of Leeds. Lon 1862.  Boards. 1st?


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Funk, Charles.  Heavens to Betsy and other Curious Sayings.  Harper (1955). DJ. Not 1st.


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Grose, Francis.  A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue .  Edited and with commentary by Eric Partridge. NY, Barnes and Noble (1963).  A reprint with commentary of the 3rd edition. 1st US of this edition?


Hindley, Charles.  The True History of Tom and Jerry.  Lon, Reeves & Turner (1888).  1st?  Pictorial boards.  VG, but spine and covers are dirty.  9 hand colored plates.  With an extensive “Key to Persons and Places” and an “Etymological and Critical Vocabulary and Glossary of Flash and Slang Terms Occurring in the Course of this Work.”


Jamieson.  Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language.   New edition.  4 volumes dated 1879-1882, Gardiner.  Plus one volume Supplement by David Donaldson, 1887.  [Repeat of earlier listing.]


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Ross, Stead, and Holderness.  A Glossary of Words Used in Holderness in the East Riding of Yorkshire.  Lon 1877. Apparent 1st. Publication of English Dialect Society.


Skeat, Walter.  Etymological Dictionary.  Oxford, 1937.  VG.


Skeat, Walter.  English Dialects From the 8th Century to the Present Day. Cambridge U. Press, 1912.  Looks like 2d printing (1st was 1911).


The Slang Dictionary, A New Edition.  Lon. nd.  At end is 36 pp.    catalog dated 1878.  Cloth of spine is completely gone.


Warrack, Alexander.  A Scots Dialect Dictionary, Comprising The Words in Use From the Latter Part of the Seventeenth Century To the Present day.  W. & R. Chambers 1911. 1st. VG in DJ which is detached at sides (but present), darkened, and fragile.  [Repeat of earlier listing.]


Wentworth & Flexner.  Dictionary of American Slang.  Crowell (1960).  1st.  DJ--pieces missing.


Wheeler, Ann. Westmoreland Dialect in Four Familiar Dialogues.  A new edition, to which is added a copious glosssary of Westmoreland and Cumberland words.  Lon 1840. 1st was 1790. Possibly 1st with the glossary?


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Wright, Thomas. Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English. Lon 1880.  One of two vols, this being vol 2 and comprising G to Z. 1st?



XVIII. Miscellaneous culture, history, literature.


A.  Antiquarian England.


Ashton, John.  When William IV Was King.  NY 1896.  1st Amer?Many illustrations.


Ashton, John.  The Fleet.  Lon 1888.  1st. VG. 


Aydelotte, Frank.  Elizabethan Rogues and Vagabonds.  Oxford, at the Clarendon Press 1913.  (Vol. 1 of Oxford Historical and Literary Studies, but complete in itself.)  Seems like 1st, but imprinted on inside front cover is a list of publications in the series dated 9/20.


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Chandler.  The Literature of Roguery.  Houghton Mufflin 1907.2 vols.  1st  [laid in letter indicates that book may have been owned by Moncure Biddle, who was probably working on an Xmas letter on "Rogues".)


Clark.  Prehistoric England.  NY & Lon. 1941.  Preface dated 1940.  DJ.


Cowie, Leonard. Plague and Fire, London 1665-1666.  Putnam’s Sons, NY (1970). 1st. VG in DJ.  128 pages, many illustrations.  Popular history.


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Gammer Gurton's Needle.  Oxford 1920. (Percy Reprints No. 2).    With bibliographical note and intro.  DJ


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Hall.  The Thames.  Lon. 1859.  In a later 1/4 leather binding.


Hobsbawm & Ruder.  Captain Swing, A Social History of the Great English Agricultural Uprising. Pantheon (1968). 1st Am. DJ.


Inglis.  The Austrialian Colonists.  Melbourne U. Press 1974.  1st.  DJ.  Owner's name inked out.


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Morris.  The Age of Arthur, a History of the British Isles from 350 to 650.  NY (1973).  2d?  DJ.


Pooley.  The Guilds of the City of London.  Collins, Lon. 1947.  2d impression, revised.  (1st was 1945).  DJ.  Illus. "Britain in Pictures" series.


Shakespeare's England. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1916. 1st?  2 vols.  Many illus.  Include chapters on folklore (ch. 16), booksellers (ch. 23), and ballads and broadsides (ch. 29).  Owner's inscription on FFE.


Smith (ed).  The Making of Britain, The Dark Ages.  NY (1984).  1st.  DJ



B.  Brittany.


Baring-Gould, S.  Brittany.  Methuen (1925).  1st was 1902.  16 mo. Spine dark.


Brodrick.  The People's France, Brittany.  Lon. & NY (1951).  1st Amer?  Covers dirty.


Sedgwick.  A Childhood in Brittany, Eighty Years Ago.  Houghton Mifflin.  1927.  Reprint.



C. Gypsies.


Adler, Marta.  My Life with the Gypsies.  Criterion, London (1960).  1st Eng [any American printing?]. Vg.  DJ.


(Biddle, Moncure).  A Christmas Letter.  The Gypsies: Romans from Little Egypt.  Priv printed, Phila.  VG in original wrappers.  37 pages, illus.


Borrow,  George.  The Romany Rye. Everyman's Lib (1931). DJ.


Clebert, Jean Paul.  The Gypsies.  NY (1963). 1st Amer. DJ.


Gypsy Memories.  Famous Russian Gypsy Songs, as Played by Harry Horlick & His A&P Gypsies.  1934.  Wraps


Levy, Juliette.  As Gypsies Wander.  Lon, 1953.  1st. DJ. VG.


Pennell, Eliz. To Gypsyland. NY 1893. 1st. illus by Jos Pennell.    Covers quite dirty.


Quintana & Floyd.  Gypsies of Southern Spain.  Holt (1972).  Reprint.  PB.


Sarosi, Balint.  Gypsy Music.  Corvina Press (?) (1978).  DJ.


Starkie, Walter.  In Sara's Tent.  NY 1953.  1st Am.  VG but FF is torn out.  Gypsies.



D. Vikings.


Brent, Peter. The Viking Saga. Putnam Sons. (1975). 1st Am?          DJ.


Williams, Mary. Social Scandanavia in the Viking Age.  NY 1920.



E. Folk Dance.


Alford, Violet.  The Singing of the Travels, In Search of Dance and Drama.  Lon (1956).  1st. DJ. VG, but covers are very slightly warped.  [repeat of earlier listing.]


Baskervill, Charles. The Elizabethan Jig. U. Chi. (1929). DJ. VG


Burchenall, Elizabeth.  Rinnce Na Eirann, National Dances of Ireland, Containing 25 traditional Irish dances collected from original sources in Ireland by J. M. Lang, late principal of the National School of Irish Dancing and National Dance Music…  A.S. Barnes, NY 1924. 1st. Ex-library with all the usual library markings including the fact that book has been rebound.


Emmerson.  A Social History of Scottish Dance.  McGill-Queens Univ. Press, Montreal & Lon. 1972.  1st.  DJ


Evans.  American Indian Dance Steps.  NY, A.S. Barnes 1931.        Nice color FP. 1st?


An Index to Folk Dances & Singing Games, Compiled by the Staff of the Music Dept, Minneapolis Public Library.  Chicago, American Library Ass'n 1936.  1st.


Kidson and Neal.  English Folksong and Dance.  Cambridge at Univ.Press 1915.  1st.  [Repeat of earlier listing.]


Tolman, Newton. Quick Tunes and Good Times.  New Hampshire (1972). 1st? DJ. Presentation by author. Traditional N.E. dance music.


Tolman, Beth and Page, Ralph.  The Country Dance Book.   Barnes, NY (1937). 3d printing.  In DJ which states "4th printing"; DJ has tears and some portions are missing.


Tracy.  African Dances of the Witwatersand Gold Mines.  African Music Society, Johannesburg (1952). 1st. DJ. Many photos.



F. Miscellaneous.


Baring-Gould, Sabine.  Historic Oddities and Strange Events, Second Series. Lon. 1891.  1st?? (preface is dated 1890).  VG.  Non-English events.


Davis, William S.  Life on a Medieval Barony.  Harper 1923. 1st.


Gregory, Padric.  Old World Ballads. Nutt, London, 1913.  1st.  I am not sure if these are composed or not.  Slightly more than half of book is the Ballad of Master Fox (37 pages), which appears for the first time.  The rest of the contents have previously appeared.  VG, but front cover is slightly bowed.


Lehmer.  Fightery Dick and Other Poems, A Book of Free Ballads .  MacMillan 1936.  1st.  DJ.


Morley, Henry (ed and intro).  Medieval Tales.  Routledge 1890.  3d thus.  Morley’s Universal Library.  Selection of tales previously published elsewhere.


Percy Society, #16.  Lon 1846.  Contains: i) The Seven Sages, edited and with an introductory essay by Thomas Wright; ii) The Romance of Syr Tryamore, edited by J.O. Halliwell.  Also contains, altho not listed on the contents page, A Collection of Proverbs and Popular Sayings Relating to the Seasons, the Weather, and Agricultural Pursuits, by M.A. Denham.  In vellum boards.  VG, but covers are dirty and slightly bowed.