Country Dance Tunes

Mostly published in England prior to 1730.
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Compiled by W. B. Olson

DM: The Dancing Master
  Vol. I: DMA1, 1651; DMA2, 1652; DMA3, 1657? and 1665; DMA3A,
    1657?; DMA3B, 1665; DMA4, 1670; DMA5, 1675; DMA6, 1679; 
    DMA6A, 1679; DMA7, 1686; DMA7A, 1687?; DMA7B, 1688?; DMA7C, 
    1689?; DMA8, 1690; DMA9, 1695; DMA9A, 1696; DMA9B, 1698, 
    DMA9C, 1698?; DMA6D, 1698?; DMA10, 1698; DMA11, 1701; DMA11A,
    1702; DMA12, 1703; DAM13, 1706; DMA14, 1709; DMA15, 1713; 
    DMA16, 1716; DMA17, 1721; DMA18, c 1728: Listed below are 
    dates of 1st appearance of the tune in an edition of the 
    Dancing Master, Vol. I. For tunes and and what later editions
    of Vol. I in which the tunes appeared see Jeremy Barlow, 'The
    Complete Dances Tunes from Playford's Dancing Master'. Barlow
    doesn't note anything about Vol. II or Vol. II.
  Vol. II: DMB4: The Dancing Master, Vol II, 4th ed., 1728.
  Vol. III: DMC2: Vol. III, (2nd edit? c 1726)

CDM1: Walsh, Compleat Country Dancing Master, Vol. I, 1718
CDM2: Walsh, Compleat Country Dancing Master, Vol. II, 1719
CDM3: Walsh, Compleat Country Dancing Master, 1731 (two tunes 
  per page). While this was published after 1730, the vast 
  majority of tunes were previously printed in the works cited 
  above, and this majority I've added here, and the remainder are
  in the CNTYDN2.HTM.  
CDM4: Walsh, Compleat Country Dancing Master, Second Book of, 
  3rd. ed., 1735. About half of the tunes were older one, and 
  only those listed here. The rest are in CNTYDAN2.HTM  
CDM5: Walsh, Compleat Country Dancing Master, Third Book of, 1735 
  [incomplete copy] 79 tunes listed below were reprints of 
  earlier tunes. The rest are in CNTYDAN2.HTM 

NCCD: c 1726. A Choice Collection of Country Dances, John and
  William Neal, Dublin. Reprint edited by Rich Jackson and George
  Fogg. Country Dance Soc., Cambridge, Mass, 1990. Some tunes 
  appear later in English as Scots collection are are in the 
  other dance tune index.  

DDW19: Daniel Wright; 24 for 1719  
DWnn: Walsh and others (Hare, Randall); 24 Country dances for the
  year 17NN, 1708 to 1718, but not all, and some are lost. 

Stressed note and scale degree incipit codes for many tunes here
(and for many other dances) are in Rabson and Van Winkle Keller's
'The National Tune Index', 1980. 


Aberdeen, or the Deel's dead; NCCD 35:
Abergenny; DMA3: Abergenny; CDM1 48: Abergenny; CDM3 49:
[About] A Bout Ship; DW08 17: About Ship; CDM2 154: About Ship;
  DMB4 135:
Adson's Saraband; DMA1 28:
air, An; DMA3A: see Gavotte.
Akeroyde's pad; DMA11: Akeroyd's Pad; CDM1 360-61: Akeroyd's Pad;
  CDM3 97:
A la mode de France; DMA1 49: A la Mode de France; CDM1 65: A La
  Mode de France; CDM3 116:
Albarony; DMC2 80: Albarony; CDM5 233:
Albion's Queen; CDM2 82: Albion Queen, or, Barkshoir; DMB4 64:
Alchurch; DMA8: Alchurch; CDM1 165:
All Alive [Not that attributed to T. O'Carolan]; DW08 1: All
  Alive; CDM2 138: All a live; DMB4 119: All Alive; CDM4 140:
All in a Garden green; DMA1 71:
All together, one after another; DW15 12: All together, one after
  another; CDM2 306: All together, one after another; DMB4 284:
Althea; DMA3:
Amaryllis; DMA3B: Amarylis; CDM1 88: Amarylis; CDM3 122:
Amboyna; DMA7A:
America; DMA11: America; CDM1 320: America (with the Minuet); 
  CDM3 68: America-Minuet; CDM3 68:
Amphitrion; DMC2 169: Amphritrian; CDM5 218:
Anna Balla; DMC2 6: Anna Bella; CDM5 223:
Anna Maria; DMA9B: Anna Maria; CDM1 242: Anna Maria; CDM3 135:
Antic dance (1st); DMA3B:
Antic dance (2nd); DMA3B:
Antiochus; DMC2 115:
Ape's dance, The; DMA3A: see Opera.
Apley House; DMA11A: Apley House; CDM1 332: Appley House; CDM3 
Apollo and Daphne; CDM1 1: Apollo and Daphne; CDM3 115:
Aquilia; DMC2 152:
Arcadia; DMA7: Arcadia; CDM1 138:
Argeers; DMA1 58: See Wedding Night.
Argyle; CDM2 273: Argyle; DMB4 251:
Arundel Street; DMA9: Arundel-street; CDM1 206: Arundel Street; 
  CDM3 90:
Ash Wednesday; DMA7A:
asparagus garden, The; DMA4 = The merry conceit.    
As quick as you please; CDM2 330: As quick as you please; DMB4
Assembley, the; DMC2 132:
Astrope Wells; DMA7B: Astrope Wells; CDM1 155: Astrope Wells; 
  CDM3 120:
Audenard Battle, or, London Spy; CDM2 129: Audenard Battle;
  DMB4 110: Audenard Battle, or London Spy; CDM4 139: 
Aurellia and Gallitea; CDM1 6: Aurelia and Gallitea; CDM3 22:
Aye Me, Or the Symphony; DMA1 73:

Bar a Bar; CDM2 163:
Barcelona; CDM2 75: Barcelona; DMB4 56: Barcelona; CDM4 171:
Barham Down; DMA11:
Barker's maggot; DMA13: Barker's Maggot; CDM1 357: Barker's 
  Maggot; CDM3 142:
Barkshoir, see Albion Queen.
barley-mow, The; DMA9C: Barley Mow; CDM1 255: Barley Mow; CDM3 
Barn Elms; CDM2 176: Barn Elms; DMB4 157:
Barnicles; CDM2 288: Barnicles; DMB4 266:
Bartholomew fair, see the whim.
Bashfull Swain, the; DMC2 90: [song, "On a bank of Flowers", TTM
  vol. 3]
Batavia; DMC2 154:
Bath, The; DMA1 51:
Bavaria; DMC2 141:
beautiful Scambagg, by G.B., The; DMA11:
beaux's delight, The; DMA11: Beaux Delight, The; CDM1 258: Beaux
  Delight, the; CDM3 75:
Beau's Retreat, The; CDM2 328: Beau's Retreat, The; DMB4 305:
Beautiful Clarinda; DMC2 14:
Beaux Stratagem; DW10 1: Beaux Stratagem; CDM2 189: Beaux
  Stratagem, The; DMB4 169: Beaux Stratagem; CDM4 180:
Beggar Boy, The; DMA1 5:
beginning of the World, The; DMA4 = Sellenger's Round.
Belgia retriv'd; CDM2 116: Belgia Retriev'd; DMB4 98:
Belinda; CDM2 62-63: Belinda; DMB4 46:
Bellimira; DMA7C: Bellamira; CDM3 107:
Belsize; DMC2 75: Belsize; CDM5 164:
Belvedera; CDM2 6: Belvedera; CDM4 163:
Berkshire; DW08 5: Berkshire; CDM2 142:
Betty's Maggot; DMA9: Betty's Maggot; CDM1 192: Betty's Maggot; 
  CDM5 273:
Beveridge's Ground, Mr.; DMA9:
Beveridge's maggot, Mr.; DMA9: Beveridge's Maggot; CDM1 193:
Billings Gate; DW08 21: Billingsgate; CDM2 158: Billingsgate;
  DMB4 139:
Bimington; DMC2 167:
Bishop of Bangour's Jig, The; DMA11: Bishop of Bangor's Jigg;
  CDM1 299: Bishop of Bangor's Jigg; CDM3 92:
Bishop of Chester's Jig; DMA9A: = fit's come on me now, The;
  DMA7: Bishop of Chester's Jigg, or, The Fit's come on me now; 
  CDM1 145: Bishop of Chester's Jigg; CDM3 106:
Black and Grey; DMA7: Black and Grey; CDM1 140: Black and Grey; 
  CDM3 42:
Black Bess; DMA9A: Black Bess; CDM1 210: Black Bess; CDM3 91:
Blackheath; DMA11: Black Heath; CDM1 317:
Black Jack; DMA3B: Black Jack; CDM1 89: Black Jack; CDM3 117:
Black Nag; DMA3; see The galloping nag. Galloping Nag, The; CDM1
Black Nell; DMA11: Black Nell; CDM1 309: Black Nell; CDM3 147:
Blackwell-Hall; CDM2 213: Blackwell Hall; DMB4 193:
Blenheim Castle; CDM2 88: Blenheim Castle; DMB4 70:
Blenheim Pound; CDM2 49: Blenheim Pound; DMB4 32: Blenheim Pound;
  CDM4 87:
Blew Capp; DMA1 2: Blew Cap; CDM5 132:
Bloomsbury Market; DMA12: Bloomsbury Market; CDM1 351: Bloomsbury
  Market; CDM3 91: Bloomsbury Market, see Queens-borough.
Blosen Jordy; DW18 8:
Blue breeches or I'll love no more; DMA 4: Blew Breeches; CDM5 
  178: [= I loved thee once]
blue boar, The; DMA7A:
Blue petticoats or Green Garters; DMA4:
Blundel's Maggot; DMB4 355: Blundel's Maggot; CDM4 157:
Blush; DMB4 95:
Boate man; DMA1 4:
Boatswain William's Delight, see Foot-guard's March.
Bobbing Joe; DMA1 7: Bobbing Joe; CDM1 70: Bobbing Joe; CDM3 18:
Bohemia; DMC2 101:
Bolton, see Lincoln.
Bonny Dundee; DMA7B: Bonney Dundee; CDM1 149: Bonny Dundee; CDM3
bonny grey ey'd morn, The; DMA9B: bonny grey-ey'd Morn, The;
  CDM1 232: Bonny Grey-Ey'd Morn, the; CDM3 114:
Bonny Kate of Perth; DW18 10:
Bonny Lad and Bonny Lass; NCCD 24:
Bonny Lass; CDM2 27: Bonny Lass, The DMB4 10: Bonny Lass; CDM5 
Booth's Hornpipe; DDW19 3: Booth's Hornpipe; DMC2 16: Booths 
  Hornpipe; CDM5 222: 
Boree, see old boree, new Boree = Indian Queen, Irish, running.
Boree or Sweet William, The; DMA6A:
Boree la bass; DMA6A: Bore la Bass; CDM1 114: Bore La Bass; CDM3
Boree Piccadilly; DMA3B:
Bouzer Castle; DMA6A: Bouzer Castle; CDM1 113: Bouzer Castle; 
  CDM3 118:
Bowket, The; CDM2 240: Bowket, The; DMB4 218:
Boys and Girls to Play; DW08 20: Boys and Girls to play; CDM2
  157: Boy's  and Girls to Play; DMB4 138:
Boys and Girls to Play, the New Way; DMC2 60:
Bravo and Florimel; CDM1 8: Bravo and Florimel; CDM3 50:
Brind and Boxes; DDW19 24:
Brisk and Airy; CDM2 51: Brisk and Airy; DMB4 34:
Brisk Young Widdower, The; DW17 14:
Britaine [minuet in 3/8, CD in 2/4]; NCCD 23:
Britains, The; DMA9A: Britains; CDM1 228: 
Brittains Glory; DW15 23: Britain's Glory; CDM2 314: Brittains
  Glory; DMB4 292:
Britain's Success; CDM2 254: Britains  Success; DMB4 232:
British Hero, the; DMC2 130:
British Toper; CDM2 335: British Toper, The; DMB4 313:
Briton, The; CDM2 222-23: Briton, The; DMB4 201:
Broad Sentry; DMC2 42:
Brocks Jigg; DMC2 180:
Brook and Hillier [Cf. 'A new ballad, sung at Messieurs Brook and
  Hellier's Club.' Pills to Purge Melancholy, VI, p. 340, 1720.];
  CDM2 265: Brook and Hillier; DMB4 243: Brook and Hilliar; CDM4
Broome--: The bonny bonny Broome; DMA1 74:
Buckingham House; DMA4 = Chelsea Reach. Buckingham House [Scot's
  "When she came ben she bobbit"]; DW08 12: Buckingham House 
  [according to Simpson, BBBM p. 273, this is "Greensleeves"]; 
  CDM2 151: Buckingham House; DMB4 130:
Buford's March or The private Wedding; DMA11: Burford's March,
  or, Jockey  was a dowdy Lad; CDM1 315: Jockey Was a Dowdy Lad;
  CDM3 132:
Buff coat; DMA4: Buff-Coat; CDM1 53: Buff Coat; CDM3 16:
Bugbees Hole, or the Beadle of Grub Street; DMC2 171:
Bump her Belly; CDM2 114: Bump her Belly, Or, The Maiden's
Bulock's Hornpipe; DMC2 197:
Bunter's Delight, or Stepney Cakes and Ale; CDM2 168: Bunter's
  Delight, or, Stepney Cakes and Ale, The [variant tune of last 
  title, diff. dance from p. 144]; DMB4 150:
Burford's, see Buford's.
Burgundy's Flight; DW10 10: Burgundy's Flight; CDM2 197:
  Burgundy's Flight; DMB4 178:
Burlington-House; CDM2 237: Burlington House; DMB4 215:
Bury Fair; DMA9A: Bury Fair; CDM1 221: Bury Fair; NCCD 15: Bury 
  Fair; CDM3 103:
Buskin; DMA11: Buskin; CDM1 298: Buskin; CDM3 104:
Butchers Hornpipe, The; DDW19 6: Butcher's Hornpipe, The; DMB4
  189: Butchers Hornpipe; CDM4 93:
Buxome Betty; DMC2 86:

Calpurnia [and the Roman Ladies?]; DMC2 148:
Calypso and Telemachus; CDM1 9: Calypso and Telemachus; CDM3 48:
Camberwell; CDM1 161: Camberwell; CDM2 180: Camberwell; DMB4
Canary's, the: DMC2 10:
Cank Assembly; DMC2 91:
Captain Corbet's Maggot; CDM2 275: Captain Corbet's Maggot;
  DMB4 253:
Capt.n McCann; NCCD 13:
Captain's maggot; DMA9B: Captain's Maggot; CDM1 238: Captain's 
  Maggot; CDM3 65:
Cardinal, The; CDM1 14: Cardinal, the; CDM3 47:
Carpenter's maggot; DMA11: Carpenter's Maggot; CDM1 270: 
  Carptenter's Maggot; CDM3 77:
Cary's maggot; DMA11: Cary's Maggot; CDM1 281:
Cast a Bell; DMA1 35:
Catch Club, The; DMA11: Catch Club; CDM1 319:
Catching of fleas; DMA4:
Catching of quails; DMA4:
Cavalier; CDM1 90: Cavalier; CDM3 121:
Cavalilly man; DMA4:
Chalk's Hornpipe; CDM2 230: Chalks Hornpipe; DMB4 208:
Charmer, The; DW17 1: Charmer, The; CDM2 12: Charmer, The; CDM2
  350: Charmer, The; DMB4 331:
Charming Delights, the; DMC2 99:
Charming Maid; CDM2 318: Charming Maid; DMB4 297:
Cheerily and merrily; DMA1 78: see Mr. Webb's Fancy. Chearily and
  merrily; CDM1 55: Chearily and Merrily; CDM3 150:
Chelsea Reach; DMA3:
Cherping of the Lark, The; DMA1 26:
Cheshire Alley; DMA11: Cheshire Ally; CDM1 305:
Cheshire Hall; DW15 14: Cheshire Hall; CDM2 303: Cheshire Hall;
  DMB4 281:
Cheshire Rounds; DMA11: Cheshire Rounds; CDM1 256: Cheshire
  Round: NCCD 31: Cheshire Rounds; CDM3 77:
Chester Ladies; DW17 22:
Chestnut (or Doves Figary); DMA1 85:
Childgrove; DMA11: Childgrove; CDM1 273:
Chirping of the Nightingale; DMA1 64:
Chloe's Farewel; CDM2 342: Chloe's Farewel; DMB4 321: Chloe's 
  Farewell; CDM4 162:
Christchurch bells (in Oxon); DMA6A: Christ-Church Bells in Oxon;
  CDM1 115: Christ Church Bells in Oxon; CDM3 104:
Christmas cheer; DMA12: Christmas Cheer; CDM1 307: Christmas 
  Cheer; CDM3 147:
Churchills March; DW08 15: Churchill's March; CDM2 152: 
  Churchill's March; DMB4 133:
Cibell, see Old Cibell.
City Waits Folly, The; DDW19 19:
Clarinda's Jigg; DDW19 17:
Cloe the Fair; DMC2 111:
Clout; NCCD 3:
cobbler's Hornpipe, The; DMA11: Cobler's Hornpipe; CDM1 283: 
  Cobler's Hornpipe; CDM3 83:
cobbler's jig, The; DMA6A: Cobler's Jigg; CDM1 104: Cobler's 
  Jigg; CDM3 11:
Cock Ey'd Brown; DMC2 196:
Cockleshells; DMA11: Cockle-Shells; CDM1 318: Cockle-Shells; CDM3
Cold and Raw or The juice of the barley (see Stingo); DMA7C: Cold
  and Raw; CDM1 159: Cold and Raw; CDM3 105:
Collier's Daughter, or Duke of Rutland's Delight; CDM2 231:
  Colliers Daughter, or, The Duke of Rutland's Delight, The; DMB4
  209: Collyers Daughter; NCCD 22:
colonel's health, the; DMA12: Colonel's Health, The; CDM1 356: 
  Colonel's Health, the; CDM5 180:
Come along Joan; DW17 21: Come along Joan; CDM2 348: Come along
  Joan; DMB4 329: Come Along Joan; CDM4 158:
Come Let's Be Merry; DMC2 127:
Complete Brittain, The; DW17 11: Compleat Britain; CDM2 352:
  Compleat Britain, The; DMB4 336:
Compleat Willy; DW18 12:
Confederacy; CDM2 84: Confederacy; DMB4 66:
Confesse; DMA1 19: see The court lady.
Constant Billey; DMC2 170: Constant Billey; CDM5 192: ("Cease 
  your funning"-Beggars Opera, later English Morris dance tune)
Constant Leander; DW17 9: Constant Leander; CDM2 345: Constant
  Leander; DMB4 325: Constant Leander; CDM4 159:
Constant Lover, The; DW10 13: Constant Lover, The; CDM2 199:
  constant Lover, The; DMB4 181: Constant Lover, the; DMC2 103:
Cook's Humour; DDW19 1: Cook's Humour; CDM2 357: Cook's Humour;
  DMB4 341:
Coppinger's Maggot; CDM2 105: Coppinger's Maggot; DMB4 86:
Coridon and Phillis; CDM1 5: Coridon and Phillis; CDM3 46:
Cornish Squire, The; DMA9A:
coronation day, The; DMA10: Coronation Day, The; CDM1 22: 
  Coronation Day, the; CDM3 109:
Cottey House; DMA11A: Cottey House; CDM1 336: Cottey House; CDM3
Count Leon; DW10 2: Count Leon; CDM2 188: Count Leon; DMB4 170:
Count Tallard; DMA13: Count Tallard; CDM1 95: Count Talard; CDM3
Country Abigail; DMA7: Country Abigal; CDM1 132: Country Abigal;
  CDM3 80:
Country Coll, The; DMA1 79: see Sir Nicholas Culley
Country Courtship; DMC2 126: Country Courtship, the; CDM5 211:
  [see Chappell's PMOT]
country dance, A: DMA3B:
country farmer, The; DMA11A: Country Farmer; CDM1 337: Country
  Farmer; NCCD 15: Country Farmer; CDM3 84: [Oswald's CPC]
country farmer's daughter, The; DMA17 = Painted chamber; DMA7B:
court lady, The; DMA4 = Confesse; DMA1 19:
Coxes dance; DMA3B:
Crosby Square; DMA11: Crosby-Square; CDM1 292: Crosby Square; 
  CDM5 266:
Cuckolds all a row; DMA1 67: Cuckolds all arow; CDM1 30: Cuckolds
  All Arow; CDM3 141:
cuckoo, The; DMA4 = Smith's Rant.
cuckoo, The; DMA12: Cuckow, The; CDM1 347: Cuckow, the; CDM3 17:
Cupid Disarmed; DW17 2: Cupid disarm'd; CDM2 346: Cupid
  Disarm'd; DMB4 327: Cupid Disarm'd; CDM4 160:
Cupid's Garden; DMA7B: Cupid's Garden; CDM1 148: Cupid's Garden;
  CDM3 107:
Czar of Muscovy; DMA11: Czar of Muscovy; CDM1 302-03: Czar of 
  Muscovy; CDM5 265:

Dainty Davy; DMA11: Dainty Davie; CDM1 306: Dainty Davy; CDM3 
Dame of Honour; CDM2 126:
Damme (or Damey); DMA9D:
Damon's Complaint; DMC2 123:
Dampier; CDM1 111: Dampier; CDM3 111:
Danawere Pass [See Donawert Pass]; DMB4 30:
dance, A; DMA3B:
Daniel Cowper; DMA9: Daniel Cowper; CDM1 182: Daniel Cowper; CDM3
Daphne; DMA1 30: see The sheperdess.
Daphne's Delight; CDM2 36: Daphne's Delight; DMB4 19:
Dapper Dickey; DMC2 70: Dapper Dickey; CDM5 186:
Dash the Drawer; CDM2 130: Dash the Drawers; DMB4 111:
Daugbett; DMC2 158:
Dearest and Fairest; DMC2 138:
Devil in the Bush, The; CDM2 92: Devil in the Bush, The; DMB4
De'il take the wars; DMA9B: De'il take the Wars; CDM1 233: De'il
  take the Wars; CDM3 113:
Devil's Dream, The; DMA3: Devil's Dream, The; CDM1 85: Devil's 
  Dream, the; CDM3 29:
Devonshire House; DMA7A: Devonshire House; CDM1 27: Devonshire 
  House; CDM3 54:
Devonshire Lass; DMA12: Devonshire Lass or Scotch air; DMA14:
Diogenes [surly and proud?]; DMC2 88:
Diamond Hall; CDM2 219: Diamond Hall; DMB4 198:
Dick's maggot; DMA11A: Dick's Maggot; CDM1 343: Dick's Maggot; 
  CDM3 60:
Disappointed Widow, the; DMC2 69?: [=] Humours of Dublin: NCCD 
  35: [in Polly, and with song "The Widow Brown, Or Slow Men of 
  London" in The Musical Miscellany].
Dissapointment; DW10 16: Dissapointment; CDM2 203:
Disappointment; DMB4 184:
Dissembling Love; DMA1 59: see The lost heart.
Divanshire Girls, see Highland Lass.
Dr Fausters Tumblers; DMC2 3: Dr. Faustus Tumblers; CDM5 294:
Doct.r Faustus Jigg; NCCD 28:
Dr. Pope's Jig: DMA9D: Dr. Pope's Jigg; CDM1 71: Dr. Pope's Jigg;
  CDM3 86: Pope's Jig, The; DMA15 = Dr. Pope's Jig: DMA9D:
Doctors Commons; DW15 13: Doctors-Commons; CDM2 310: Doctors
  Common; DMB4 288:
Donawert Pass [See Danawere Pass]; CDM2 47: Donawert Pass; CDM4 
Don Boin, see New Roger.
Don Pedro; DMA4 = Skellamefago; DMA1 34.
Don't be so Cruel; SW17 17:
Dorinda; DMC2 172: Dorinda; CDM5 264:
Dorinda's Tea-Table; CDM2 339: Dorinda's Tea-Table; DMB4 318:
Double the Cape; CDM2 81: Double the Cape; DMB4 63: Double the 
  Cape; CDM4 115:
Dour's catastrophe; DMA3A:
Dove's catastrophe; DIM3B = Dour's catastrophe; DMA3A:
Doves figary, see Chestnut.
Doway; CDM2 269: Doway; DMB4 247: Doway; CDM4 97:  
Down Among the Dead Men; DMC2 73: Down Among the Dead Men; CDM5 
downfall of Mother Gibbin's Trenchars, The; DDW19 14:
Dragoon's March; DMA6A: 
Dragoon's march; DMA7: Dragoon's March; CDM1 131: Dragoon's 
  March; CDM3 80:
Draper's Gardens; DMA13: Drapers Garden; CDM1 201: Draper's 
  Garden; CDM3 20:
Draper's maggot; DMA13: Draper's Maggot; CDM1 217:
Draw Cupid; CDM2 66: Draw Cupid Draw; DMB4 47: Draw Cupid; CDM4 
Drive the cold winter away; DMA1 39: Drive the Cold Winter away;
  CDM1 66: Drive the Cold Winter Away; CDM3 86:
Drive the Monsieur from Flanders; CDM2 172: Drive the Monsieur
  from Flanders; DMB4 149:
Duchess, The; DMA9D: Dutchess; CDM1 191:  Dutches; CDM3 79:
Ducks and Drakes; DW08 2: Ducks and Drakes; CDM2 139: Ducks and
  Drakes; DMB4 120: Ducks and Draks; CDM4 141:
DuDMAson Hall; CDM2 340: DuDMAson Hall; DMB4 319:
Duke of Anjou's Flight, The; CDM2 235: Duke of Anjou's Flight,
  The; DMB4 213:
Duke of Aumont's Delight; CDM2 292: Duke d' Aumount's Delight;
  DMB4 270: Duke D'Aumont's Delight; CDM4 100:
Duke of Gloucester's March, The; DMA11: Duke of Gloucester's
  March; CDM1 268:
Duke of Grafton's March; DMA7A:
Duke of Lorrain's March; DMA3: Duke of Lorrain's March; CDM1 81:
Duke of Luxemburgh's March; DMA9: Duke of Luxemburgh's March;
  CDM1 189: Duke of Luxemburgh's March; CDM5 270:
Duke of Marlborough's March; CDM2 46: Duke of Marlborough's
  March; DMB4 29:
Duke of Rutland's Delight, see Collier's Daughter.
Duke of York's delight, The; DMA6A: Duke of York's Delight; CDM1
Duke of York's march; DMA3B:
Dull Sir John; DMA1 81: Dull Sir John; CDM1 18: Dull Sir John; 
  CDM3 139:
Dumps, The; DMA10: Dumps, The; CDM1 49: Dumps, The; CDM3 35:
Dunbury Castle; DMC2 119:
Dunkirke; DMA3A: Dunkirk; CDM2 286: Dunkirk; DMB4 264:
Dunmore Kate; DMA9B: Dummore Kate; CDM1 241:
Dunrobin Castle; DW18 19:
Durham Stable; DMA4 = New Exchange, The; DMA1 8:
Dutch Skipper [See New Dutch Skipper. See Jigg to the ---.];
  CDM2 120: Dutch Skipper; DMB4 102:
Dutchess, see Duchess.
Dutchess of Grafton; DW10 4: Dutchess of Grafton; CDM2 191:
  Dutchess of Grafton; DMB4 172:

Eaglesfield's new hornpipe; DMA9A: Eaglesfield's New Hornpipe;
  CDM1 223:
Easter Eve; DMA11: Easter-Eve; CDM1 300: Easter Eve; CDM3 93:
Easter Tuesday; DMA9: Easter Tuesday; CDM1 197: Easter Tuesday; 
  CDM3 70: Easter Tuesday, see White heart cabages.
Eccle's Maggot; CDM2 136: Eccle's Maggot; DMB4 117:
Edinburgh Castle; DMA4 = Scotch Cap; DMA1 99: Edinborough Castle;
  CDM3 45:
Edinburgh Castle or Mother Dobney's trencher; DMA17: Mother 
  Dobney's Trenchers; CDM5 193:
Elector of Hanover's March; CDM2 179: Elector of Hanover's
  March, The; DMB4 160:
11th of July, The; CDM2 234: 11th of July, The; DMB4 212:
Elverton Grove, see Trip to the Camp.
Ely Court; DMA11: Ely Court; CDM1 291:
Ely Minster; DMA10: Ely Minster; CDM1 21: Ely Minster; CDM3 95:
Emelia; DMC2 151:
Emporer of the moon; DMA8: Emperor of the Moon; CDM1 170: Emporer
  of the Moon; CDM3 57:
Enfield Common; DMA11: Enfield Common; CDM1 265: Enfield Common;
  CDM3 102:
English Passepied, The; DMA11: English Paspe; CDM1 289: English 
  Paspe; CDM3 62
Epping Forest; DMA4:
Epsom new Wells [see New Epsom Wells]; DW08 6: Epsom New Wells;
  DMB4 124:
Epsom Wells; DMA9A: Epsom Wells; CDM1 218: Epsom Wells; CDM3 43:
Ermina; DMC2 144:
Ernalanda; DMC2 110:
Essex Buildings; DMA8: Essex Building; CDM1 168: Essex Building;
  CDM3 120:
Europa; DMC2 143:
Europe's revels; DMA9C: Europe's Revels; CDM1 243: Europe's 
  Revels; CDM3 66:
Evans Delight; DW15 15: Evans's Delight; CDM2 307: Evan's
  Delight; DMB4 285:
Evans Jigg; DW08 23: Evans's Jigg; CDM2 160: Evan's Jigg; DMB4
Ever happy; CDM2 78: Ever happy; DMB4 60: Ever Happy; CDM4 154:
Ever pleasant; CDM2 329: Ever Pleasant; DMB4 306:
Every Lad his Lass; CDM1 162: Every Lad his Lass; CDM2 181:
  Every Lad his Lass; DMB4 162: Every Lad His Lass; CDM4 175:
Excuse me; DMA7: Excuse me; CDM1 128: Excuse me; NCCD 21: Excuse
  Me; CDM3 126:
Exeter Ladies; DW10 3: Exeter Ladies; CDM2 190: Exeter Ladies;
  DMB4 171:

Faine I would; DMA1 46: see Parthenia.
Fair and Softly; CMC2 51:
Fair Phyllis; CDM2 266: Fair Phillis; DMB4 244: Fair Phillis; 
  CDM4 138:
Fair Quaker of Deal; CDM2 257: Fair Quaker of Deal; DMB4 235:
Fairbank's Maggot; DMC2 35: Fairbank's Maggot; CDM5 187:
Fairy Queen; DMC2 145: [O'Crarolan's ?]
false Loon, The; DW18 13:
Fancy; NCCD 25:
Farewell to the Gout; DW10 24: Farewell to the Gout; CDM2 214:
  Farewel to the  Gout; DMB4 192:
Farises's Fear; DMC2 5: Farises's Fear; CDM5 183: [Pharises ?]
Farnicle Huggy; DW18 11:
Female Tatler; CDM2 20: Female Tatler, The DMB4 3:
Fickle Fanny; DMC2 150:
Fiddle-de-dee; CDM2 358: Fiddle-de-dee; DMB4 342:
Fiddler's maggot; DMA11A: Fidler's Maggot; CDM1 331: Fidlers 
  Maggot; CDM3 128: 
fiddler's morris, The; DMA11: Fidler's Morris; CDM1 313: Fidler's
  Morris; CDM3 67:
Fie, nay, prithee John; CDM1 341: Fie, nay, prithee John; CDM3 
Figo, see Vigo.
figure dance, A; DMA3B:
fine Companion, The; DMA1 33:
First of August, see Frisky Jenny
fit's come on me now, The; DMA7:
Fit's come on me now, see Bishop of Chester's Jigg.
Flavius; DMC2 163:
Flora and Phaon; CDM1 2:
Flora's Vagaries; CDM2 337: Flora's Vagaries; DMB4 315:
Floridant; DMC2 106:
Fly Boat; CDM2 297: Fly Boat; DMB4 275:
Foot-Guards March, or, Boatswain William's Delight, The [see
  Guard's March]; CDM2 243: Foot-guard's March, or, Boatswain 
  William's Delight, The; DMB4 221:
Fopps Fancy; DW15 19: Fop's Fancy; CDM2 321: Fop's Fancy; DMB4
Fort of Mounjoy; DW10 5: Fort Mounjoy, or, Saturday Night's
  Ramble; CDM2 192:
Fort Mounjoy, or, Saturday Night's Ramble; DMB4 173:
Four pence half-penny farthing; DMA14 = jockey, The; DMA7B: Four
  Pence Half-penny Farthing, or, The Jockey; CDM1 153: Four Pence
  Half Penny Farthing; CDM3 119:
Frank and easy; CDM2 77: Frank and Easie; DMB4 59: Frank and 
  Easy; CDM4 119:
Free Mason; NCCD 25:  
Free Mason's Health; DMC2 125: Free Mason Health, CDM5 230:
Freeman's dance; DMA3B:
Freeman's Yard; CDM2 69: Freeman's Yard; DMB4 58: Freeman's Yard;
  CDM4 173:
French ambassador, The; DMA11: French Embasador; CDM1 278:
French King's mistake, The; DMA14:
French Morris, the; DMC2 195: French Morris, the; CDM5 221:
French Peasant, and the Jigg; DMB4 352:
French Rigadoon; DMA17 = Rigadoon; DMA7C:
Friday night; DMA11: Friday Night; CDM1 295: Friday Night; CDM3 
  145: see Nowill hills, love neglected.
Friendship, The; DDW19 8: Friendship, The; DMB4 356:
Frier in the well, see Maid peeped out.
Frisk it Freely; CDM2 121: Frisk it Freely; DMB4 105:
Frisky Jenny, or, the 10th of June; CDM2 353: Frisky Jenny, or,
  the 10th of June; DMB4 337: First of August; DDW19 4:
frolic, A; DMA3:
frolic, The; DMA11: Frolick, The; CDM1 290: Frolick, the; CDM5 
From Aberdeen; DMA9D: From Aberdeen; CDM1 76: From Aberdeen; CDM3
  38: [From Aberdeen to Edinburgh in Lover's Opera, 1730]
Fryar and the Nun, The; DMA1 84: Fryar and the Nun, The; CDM1
  67: Fryer and the Nun, the; CDM3 141:
Fryar Bungy; CDM2 11: Fryer Bungay; DMC2 20: Fryer Bungay; CDM4 
Furbelows and Aprecocks, or, the mad Frolick; CDM2 54: Furbelows
  and Apricocks, or the Mad Frolick; DMB4 37: Furbelows and 
  Aprecocks; CDM4 155:
Furlong, The; CDM2 102-03:
Fy, nay, prithee John; DMA12:

galloping nag, The; DMA9 [= Black Nag, qv]: Galloping Nag; NCCD 
  32: Galloping Nag, the; CDM3 14:
garland, The; DMA4 = Upon a summer's day.
Garter, The; DMA7B: Garter; CDM1 156: Garter; CDM3 81:
Gathering Peascods; DMA1 96:
Gavotte, A; DMA3B = An air; DMA3A.
Gelding of the devil; DMA3:
General Webb's March; DMB4 346:
Generous Conquest, The DW17 18: Generous Conquest; DMB4 
  357:Generous Conquest; CDM4 121:
George's maggot; DMA11: Georges Maggot; DW10 12: George's Maggot;
  CDM1 276: George's Maggot; CDM2 202: George's Maggot; DMB4 180: 
Gilford, The; DMA11:
Ginnie Pug; DMA3: see Strawberries and Cream.
Glasgow Fair; DW18 20:
Glastenbury; DMC2 118:
Glengary's Airs; DW18 5:
glory of the kitchen, The; DMA3B:
glory of the north, The; DMA3:
Glory of the Sun; DMA3:
Glory of the West, The; DMA1 94: Glory of the West; CDM1 56: 
  Glory of the West, CDM5 241:
Goddesses; DMA1 52: Godesses, The; CDM1 59: Goddesses; CDM3 85:
Godwin's Maggot; CDM2 118:
Golden Age; DMB4 183:
Golden Grove; CDM2 170: Golden Grove; DMB4 152:
Golden Square; DMA11: Golden-Square; CDM1 312: Golden Square, 
  the; CDM5 276:
Good Advice; DMC2 25:
Good Luck at last; CDM2 253: Good Luck at last; DMB4 231:
geud man of Ballangigh; to a new Scotch Jig, The [Later, "We'll
  a to Kelso go,' SMM #561]; DMA9A: Good Man of Ballangigh, to a
  new Scotch Jigg; CDM1 230: Geud Man of Ballangigh To a New 
  Scotch Jigg; CDM5 236:
Goodwin's Maggot; DMB4 100:
gossip's frolic, The; DMA3: Gossips Frolick, The; CDM1 84: 
  Gossips Frolick, the; CDM3 121:
Grange Court; CDM2 267: Grange Court; DMB4 245: Grange Court; 
  CDM4 137:
Granny's delight; DMA11A: Granny's Delight; CDM1 335: Granny's 
  Delight; CDM3 60:
Gray's Inn; DMC2 164:
[Gray's]/ Graies Inne Maske; DMA1 103: see Mad Tom.
Green Garters, see Blue petticoats.
Green Goose fair; DMA4 = Solomon's Jig. Green Goose Fair; CDM2
  296: Green Goose Fair; DMB4 274:
Green Hastings; CDM2 224: Green Haysting's; DMB4 202:
green man, The; DMA4 = Wooddicock; DMA1 15:
green man, The; DMA7A:
Green Sleeves; NCCD 12:
Greensleeves and pudding pies; DMA7: Green Sleeves and Pudding
  Pies; CDM1 124: Greensleeves and Pudding Pies; CDM3 18:
Green sleeves and yellow lace; DMA17 = Greensleeves and pudding
  pies; DMA7:
Green stockings; DMA5: Green Stockings; CDM1 32: Green Stockings;
  CDM3 73:
Greenwich Hospital; DW15 6: Greenwich Hospital; CDM2 305:
  Greenwich Hospital; DMB4 283:
Greenwich Park; DMA9C: Greenwich Park; CDM1 252: Greenwich Park;
  CDM3 101:
Greenwood; DMA1 16: see The huntsman.
Grenadier's march; DMA7: Grenadiers March; CDM1 136: Grenadiers 
  March; CDM3 99:
Grief Alamode, see May Fair.
Grigg's Maggot; CDM2 93: Grigg's Maggot; DMB4 75:
Grimstock; DMA1 14:
Griselda; DMC2 142:
Guards March, The [see Foot-Guard's --]; DDW19 10:
Gun, The; DMA1 40: see The valiant captain.
gun fleet, The; DMA17: Gun fleet [page missing]; NCCD 19: Gun 
  Fleet; CDM5 52:

Hailston Jigg; CDM2 41: Hailston Jigg; DMB4 24:
Halfe Hannikin; DMA1 43:
Hambleton's Round O; CDM2 123:
Ham House or Cherry Garden; DMA7A:
Hampstead Heath; CDM2 76: Hampsted Heath; DMB4 350: Hamstead 
  Heath; CDM4 152:
[Handel's] Hendel's [Handel's] Hornpipe; NCCD 13:
Hang sorrow; DMA11A: Hang Sorrow; CDM1 334: Hang Sorrow; CDM3 
Hanover-Square; CDM2 5:
Hap Nap an a Venture; DMC2 32:
Haphazard; DMA7: Hap-hazard; CDM1 134: Haphazard; CDM3 32:
Happy Bride, the; DMC2 37:
Happy Clown; CDM1 4: Wallpole, or, the happy Clown; DMB4 347: 
  Happy Clown; CDM3 13:
happy Conclusion, The; DW15 24: Happy Conclusion; CDM2 320:
  Happy Conclusion; DMB4 296:
Happy Couple; CDM2 322: Happy Couple; DMB4 300:
Happy Improvement, The; DW17 8: Happy Improvement; CDM2 347:
  Happy Improvement; DMB4 328:
happy marriage, The; DMA9A: Happy Marriage; CDM1 209: Happy 
  Marriage; CDM3 81:
happy meeting, The; DMA9A: Happy Meeting; CDM1 220: Happy 
  Meeting; CDM3 43:
happy miller, The; DMA9A: Happy Miller; CDM1 229: Happy Miller; 
  CDM5 235:
Hare Hatch; DMC2 147:
Hare's maggot, The; DMA11: Hare's Maggot, The; CDM1 269: Hare's 
  Maggot: CDM5 67:
Harliquin a Director [play?]; DMC2 76:
Hatfield House; DMA7A:
Have at thy Coat old Woman; DMA1 38: Have at thy Coat, Old Woman;
  CDM1 58: Have at Thy Coat Old woman; CDM3 150:
A Hay Cock, A Hay Cock [burden of song?]; DMC2 81: Hay Cock, A 
  Hay Cock, A; CDM5 224:
haymakers, The [I, see also Hey Makers] ]; DMA3:
Haymakers [II, see also Hey Makers]]; NCCD 25:
Hayn's Jig or The wanton wife; DMA7A:
Health, The; DMA1 55: see The merry Wassail. Health, The; CDM2
  182: Health, The; DMB4 163: Health, the; CDM4 176:
Health to all honest Men, A; CDM2 338: Health to all honest Men,
  A; DMB4 317:
Health to Betty, A; DMA1 21: Health to Betty, A; CDM1 68: Health
  to Betty, A; CDM3 51:
Health to the Tackers; CDM2 245: Health to the Tackers, A; DMB4
Hearts Ease; DMA1 54:
Hedge Lane; DMA6A: Hedge Lane; CDM1 118-19: Hedge Lane; CDM3 109:
Hellen and Paris; CDM1 12: Hellen and Paris; CDM3 94:
Hellena; DMC2 176: Hellena; CDM5 258:
Hemp dresser, see also, The London Gentleman. 
Hemp-dresser; CDM1 73: Hemp Dresser; CDM3 110:
Her killing Eyes; CDM2 333:
Her Rolling Eyes; DMB4 310:
Hercules and Hyphronius; DMC2 100
Hey boys up go we or the King's Jig; DMA6A: Hey Boys, up go we;
  CDM1 117: Hey Boys Up Go We; CDM3 124:
Hey ho my honey; DMA7 = new Dance or Maheney, A; DMA3A: Hey ho,
  my Honey; CDM1 141: Hey Ho My Honey; CDM3 92: [see A poor 
  Shepherd in love]
Hey Makers, The [see also Haymakers, I and II]; CDM2 248: Hey
  Makers, The DMB4 226:
Hey-Makers Dance, the; DMC2 1: Hey Makers Dance, the; CDM5 297:
Hey to the Camp; DMA9C = Mask, The; DMA7B: Hey to the Camp; CDM1
  80: Hey to the Camp; CDM3 111: [This returns in later years]
Hide Parke; DMA1 91:
High Jinks; CDM2 289: High Ginks; DMB4 267:
Highland Lass; CDM2 70: Highland Lass, or, Divanshire Girl;
  DMB4 52: Highland Lass; CDM4 118:
Highland Lilt; NCCD 5:
Highlander's Humour, The; DW18 17: 
Highlander's Magot, the; DMC2 41:
Highlanders' March, The; DMA3: 
Highlander's March; CDM1 250-01: Highlander's March; CDM3 64:
Highlander's March; DMA9B = Scotchman's dance in The northern
  lass, The; DMA7A: 
Highlander's Wedding; CDM2 334: Highlanders Wedding, The; DMB4
Hill's maggot; DMA11: Hill's Maggot; CDM1 310: Hill's Maggot; 
  CDM3 61:
Hillerd's Ambition; DMC2 53:
His Majesties Health; DW15 21: His Majesty's Health; CDM2 316:
His Majesty's
Health; DMB4 294:
Hit and misse; DMA1 18:
Hobb's wedding; a kissing dance in the country wake; DMA9A: 
  Hobb's Wedding; CDM1 222: Hobbs Wedding; CDM3 98:
Hochstet Battle; CDM2 48: Hochstet Battle; DMB4 31: Hochstet 
  Battle; CDM4 86:
Hockley in the hole; DMA1 82:
Holborn Bars; DMB4 123:
hole in the wall, The; DMA9B: Hole in the Wall; CDM1 236: Hole in
  the Wall; CDM3 64:
Holland's Ginn; DMC2 29:
Holyrood day; DMA7B: Holy-rood Day; CDM1 152:
Hombey House; CDM2 96: Hombey House; DMB4 78:
Honest Robin; DMC2 33:
Honest Tummas the Farmer; DW17 20:
Hoop'd Petticoat; NCCD 4:
Hopping Lady, see Rinaldo.
Hordly Hall; CDM2 35: Hordly Hall; DMB4 18:
Horn Minuet, The; DDW19 20:
Hornpipe, A; DMA3:
Horsey-down Fields; CDM2 111: Horsley-down Field; DMB4 92:
Hoxton Square; CDM2 42: Hoxton Square; DMB4 25:
Huddle-duddle; DMA4 = Simple Simon.
Humours of Bath; DMC2 128:
Humours of Dublin, see Dissapointed Widow
Humours of the age [with Jigg]; DW10 19: Humours of the Age;
  CDM2 206-07:
Hunsdon House; DMA3: Hunsdon House; CDM1 24: Hunsdon House; CDM3
Huntington's Maggot; DMA9: Huntington's Maggot; CDM1 205:
huntsman, The; DMA4 = Greenwood; DMA1 16.
Hunt the squirrel; DMA14: Hunt the Squiril; CDM1 16: Hunt the 
  Squiril; CDM3 13:

I love thee once, I love no more; DMA2:
I mun be Marry'd a Tuesday; DW08; 10: I mun be marry'd a Tuesday;
  CDM2 147: I mun be Married a Tuesday; DMB4 128: ["I mun sung up
  a Tuesday" in Village Opera, 1729]
I often for my Jenny strove; DMA8: I often for my Jenny Strove;
  CDM1 173: I Often For My Jenny Strove; CDM3 20:
Iantha; DMA3:
Ianthe; DMA13: Ianthe the Lovely; CDM1 362: Ianthe the Lovely; 
  CDM3 82:
If all the World were Paper; DMA1 27:
Impertinence; DMC2 116:
In the Fields in Frost and Snow; CDM2 134: In the Fields in
  Frost and Snow; DMB4 115: [D'rfey songs, and see Scots index]
Indian Emperor, the; DMC2 55:
Indian Queen; DMA11 = new Boree, The; DMA9: Indian Queen; CDM1
intrigues of the town, The; DMA17 = Marriage hater; DMA9:
Irish Boree; DMA9A: Irish Boree; CDM1 214: Irish Boree; CDM3 146:
Irish Lady, or Anniseed-water Robin, The; DMA1 48:
Irish Ground, The; DMA11: Irish Ground; CDM1 259: Irish Ground; 
  CDM3 21:
Irish Howle, the; DMC2 98: [song]
Irish Round; CDM2 166: Irish Round, or, Kennington Wells [Cean
  dubh delish, Irish index, and in Scots collections];  DMB4 146:
Irish Trot; DMA1 45: Irish Trot; CDM1 97: Irish Trot; CDM3 87:
Islington Wells; DW08 9: Islington Wells; CDM2 146: Islington
  Wells; DMB4 127:
Italian; NCCD 21:
Italian Rant, An; DMA3A:

Jack a Lent; DMA1 63:
Jack of the Green, or Birkhead's Masque; DMC2 56:
Jack Pudding; DMA1 56: see Merry Andrew.
Iack Straffords Maggot; DW18 21:
Jack the French Man; CDM2 178: Jack the French-man; DMB4 159:
Jack's Farewell, The; DMA9D: Jack's Farewel, The; CDM1 177: Jacks
  Farewell, the; CDM5 268:
Jack's Health; DMA6A: Jack's Health; CDM1 123: Iack's Health;
  NCCD 2: Jack's Health; CDM3 125:
Jack's maggot; DMA11A:
Jacob Hall's Jig; DMA9: Jacob Hall's Jigg; CDM1 195:
Jamaica; DMA4: Jamaica; CDM1 92: Jamaica; CDM3 30:
Jasper's Maggot; CDM2 137: Jasper's [spelled Jusper's.] Maggot;
  DMB4 118:
Jenny, come tie my cravat; DMA7A: Jenny, come tye my Cravat;
  CDM1 151: Jenny Come Tye My Cravat; CDM3 12:
Jenny pluck Pears; DMA1 95:
Jig, A; DMA3A:
Jig, A; DMA3B:
Jig, A; DMA3B:
Jig, A; DMA3B:
Jigg it on Foot; CDM2 89: Jigg it E Foot; DMB4 71: Jigg it on 
  Foot; CDM4 170:
Jigg to the Dutch Skipper [qv], The; DMB4 103:
Jingle-de-Cut ?, see Jigg it E Foot.
Joan Sanderson or the cushion dance; DMA7: Joan Sanderson, or,
  the Cushion Dance; CDM1 19: Joan Sanderson; CDM3 10:
  [Lost song, 1688, apparently  commenced "Welcome, Joan 
  Sanderson". Fragments in English MSS.]
Joan's placket; DMA7A: Joan's Placket; CDM1 43: Joan's Placket; 
  CDM3 15:
jockey, The; DMA7B: See four pence half-penny farthing.
Jockey and Jenny; DMC2 133:
Iocky has got.n a Wife; NCCD 9:
Jockey rejected; CDM2 331: Jockey Rejected; DMB4 308:
Jockey was a dowdy lad, see Buford's/ Burford's March.
Jog on (my honey, DMA4); DMA1 53:
John A-Noakes the Foot-Man; DMC2 43:
John the Mad Man; DMC2 28: Johney Mad Man; CDM5 280:
Johnathan's Trip; DMC2 173: Johnathans Trip; CDM5 200:
  [No sooner than Johnahan leaped?]
Johnny cock thy beaver; DMA7: Johnny, cock thy Beaver; CDM1 139:
  Johnny cock Thy Beaver; CDM3 146:
Johnson's Jig; DMA7A: Johnson's Jigg; CDM1 199:
Johnson's Maggot; DMC2 95:
Jolly Bacchus; CDM2 268: Jolly Bacchus; DMB4 246:
jolly boy, The; DMA11A:
jolly breeze, The; DMA11: Jolly Breeze; CDM1 296-97: Jolly 
  Breeze; CDM3 145:
Jolly Company, The; DW18 2:
Jolly Roger ["Hobby Horse"]; CDM2 67: Jolly Roger; DMB4 49:
Jolly Widow; CDM2 31: jolly Widow, the; DMB4 14:
jovial beggars, The; DMA11 = Parthenia; DMA3B: 
jovial Beggars, The; CDM1 83: Jovial Beggars, the; CDM3 39:
jovial beggars; DMA9D = twenty-nineth of May, The; DMA7:
Joy after Sorrow; CDM2 344: Joy after Sorrow; DMB4 324: Ioy after
  Sorrow; CDM4 161:
Juba; DMC2 177:
Iubile Jigg; NCCD 5:
Jumpers Chase; DW15 8: Jumper's Chace; CDM2 308: Jumper's Chase;
  DMB4 286:
Juno and Pallas; DMC2 146:
Jupiter and Jove; CDM1 10: 
Jupiter and Juno; DMC2 137: Jupiter and Juno; CDM3 47:
Just As You Will; DMC2 64:
Justice Busy; CDM2 183: Justice Busie; DMB4 164: Justice Busy; 
  CDM4 177:

Katherine-street; CDM2 50: Katherine-Street; DMB4 33: Katherine 
  Street; CDM4 90:
Kelsterne Gardens; DMC2 82:
Kelston House; DW08 14: Kelston House; CDM2 150: Kelston-House;
  DMB4 132:
Kelway's Maggot; CDM2 276: Kelway's Maggot; DMB4 254:
Kemps Jigg; DMA1 25: Kemp's Jigg; CDM1 20: Kemp's Jigg; CDM3 93:
Kennington Wells, see Irish Round (Cean dubh delish)
Kensington Court; DMA9: Kensington Court; CDM1 174: Kensington 
  Court; CDM3 54:
Ketleby's Whim DW15 9: Ketelby's Whim; CDM2 304: Kettleby's
  Whim; DMB4 282:
Kettle Drum; DMA1 89:
Kidlington Green; CDM2 109:
Kill him with Kindness; CDM2 119: Kill him with Kindness; DMB4
Killurank; DMC2 178:
Kind and Easy; DMB4 311:
King George's Birthday; DMC2 200:     
King George's March, and the Jigg; DMB4 359:
King James's March; DMA17 = Garter, The; DMA7B:
King of Poland, The; DMA7A: King of Poland; CDM1 38: King of 
  Poland; CDM3 139:
King's delight, The; DMA3B:
King's Head Hornpipe, the; DMC2 4:
King's Jig, The; DMA6A: see Winchester wedding.
King's Jigg, see Hey boys up go we.
King's Maggot, or, New-York; CDM2 238: King's Maggot, or, New
  York; DMB4 216:
Kingsale [Kinsale?]: DMC2 165:
Kingston Hoy; DMC2 140:
Kit Cat Club; CDM2 171: Kit Cat Club; DMB4 153:
Kit Cucumber, see Taylor's hop. 
Knives & forks; NCCD 27:
knot, The; DMA7: Knot; CDM1 150: Knot; CDM3 88:

Labour in Vaine, see Shepheards Holyday.
ladies' conveniency, the; DMA11:
ladies' delight, The; DMA6A: see mulberry garden.
Ladies last Stake, The; CDM2 165: Ladies last stake, The; DMB4
ladies' maggot, The; DMA11: Ladies Maggot; CDM1 280: Ladies 
  Maggot; CDM5 271:
ladies misfortune, The; DMA11A: Ladies Misfortune; CDM1 326-27: 
  Ladies Misfortune; CDM3 127:
Ladies of London; DMA7B: Ladies of London; CDM1 154: Ladies of 
  London; CDM3 119:
Lads and Lasses; DMC2 78:
Ladys' Triumph; DDW19 23: Ladies Triumph; CDM2 1:
Lady Banbury's Hornpipe; DMA3:
Lady Catherine Ogle; a new dance; DMA7A:
Lady Cullen, The (DMA7) see My lady Cullen.
Lady Dainty; DW10 18: Lady Dainty; CDM2 200: Lady Dainty; DMB4
Lady day; DMA7A: Lady Day; CDM1 35: Lady Day; CDM3 75:
Lady Essex; CDM2 98: Lady Essex; DMB4 80:
Lady Foster's delight, My; DMA11A: Lady Foster's Delight; CDM1
Lady Francis Nevill's Delight, The; DMA3A:
Lady Herbert's Delight; CDM2 25: Lady Herbert's Delighte; DMB4
Lady Hereford's Delight; CDM2 26:
Lady in the Dark; DMA3:
Lady Kenmure; DW18 23:
Lady lye neare me; DMA1 92:
Lady Mary's Courant; CDM2 173: Lady Mary's Courant; DMB4 154:
Lady Murray's delight, The; DMA4:
Lady of Pleasure; DMA7B: Lady of Pleasure; CDM1 146:
Lady Spellor; DMA1 24:
Lambeth Ferry; CDM2 58: Lambeth Ferry; DMB4 41: Lambeth Ferry; 
  CDM4 127:
Lambeth New Wells; DMC2 104:
Lambeth Wells; DMA9B: Lambeth Wells; CDM1 240: Lambeth Wells; 
  CDM5 240:
Lancaster Lasses, the; DMC2 89:
Lane's maggot; DMA9: Lane's Maggot; CDM1 225: Lane's Maggot; CDM3
  45: see Richmond Ball.
Lane's Minuet, Mr.; DMA9: Lane's Minuet; CDM1 187: Lane's Minuet;
  CDM3 56:
Lane's Trumpet Minuet, to be danc'd wih the minuet step; DMA9A:
  Lane's Trumpet Minuet; CDM1 208: Lane's Trumpet Minuet; CDM3 
Lass of Petty's Mill; NCCD 29:
Last Dissapointment; CDM2 356: Last Disappointment; DMB4 340:
last new French Rigadoon, The; DMA11:
last new Rigadoon, The; DMA9:
last new vagaries, The; DMA11: Last new Vagaries; CDM1 324: Last
  New Vagaries; CDM5 171:
Lastrum Pone; NCCD 6:
Laughing Vicar, The; DMB4 322:
Lavena; DMA1 61: see The passionate lovers.
Lawyers leave your pleading; DMA3B = Dour's catastrophe; DMA3A:
Leander and Hero; CDM1 11: Leander and Hero; CDM3 52:
Leather apron, see Oh! how they frisk it!, Under the greenwood
Lilburn's Trot; DW18 4:
Lilli Burlero; DMA8: Lilli Burlero; CDM1 169: Lilli Burlero; CDM3
Lillys and Rose; DMC2 67: Lilly's and Roses; CDM5 212:
Linco; CDM2 287: LINCO; DMB4 265:
Lincoln or Bolton; DMA10: Lincoln, or Bolton; CDM1 37: Lincoln; 
  CDM3 94:
Lincoln Heath; DW15 10: Lincoln Heath; CDM2 302: Lincoln-Heath;
  DMB4 280:
Lincoln's Inn; DMA12: Lincoln's-Inn; CDM1 311: Lincoln's Inn; 
  CDM3 67:
Lisle; DW10 11: Lisle; CDM2 208: Lisle; DMB4 179:
Littleton's Flight from St. James; DMC2 12:
Livingstons Green; DW08 13: Livingstone's Green; CDM2 149:
Livingstone's Green; DMB4 131:
London Bridge; CDM2 68: London Bridge; DMB4 50:
London Gentlewoman, Or the Hemp-Dresser, The; DMA1 60: ['lost'
  song is in Oxford MS CCC 328]
London Spy, see Audenard Battle.
London's Glory; CDM2 59: London's Glory; DMB4 42: London's Glory;
  CDM4 128:
London's loyalty; DMA13: London's Loyalty; CDM1 46: London's 
  Loyalty; CDM3 148:
Lord Byron's Delight, see My Lord Byron's delight. 
Lord Byron's Maggot; CDM1 260: My Lord Byron's maggot; DMA11: 
  Lord Byron's Maggot; CCM3 78:
Lord Carnarvan's, see Lord of Carnarvan's.
Lord Chamberlain's delight, The; DMA4:
Lord Cutt's March; CDM2 94: Lord Cutt's March; DMB4 76:
Lord Foppington, see the Pilgrim.
Lord Hereford's Delighte; DMB4 9:
Lord Killmurray's delight; DW10 6: Lord Kilmurry's Delight; CDM2
  194-95: Lord Killmoray's Delight; DMB4 174:
Lord Mayor's delight, The; DMA9B: Lord Mayor's Delight; CDM1
  235: Lord Mayor's Delight; CDM3 65:
Lord Monk's March, The; DMA3A:
Lord of Carnarvans Jigg; DMA1 44: Lord Carnarvan's Jigg; CDM1
  39: Lord Carnavan's Jigg; CDM3 74:
Lord Phoppington, The; DMA11: see Lord Foppington.
Lord, what's come to my mother; CDM2 64: Lord' What's come to my
  Mother; DMB4 45: Lord, What's come to my Mother; CDM4 131:
lost Heart, The; DMA4 = Dissembling Love; DMA1 59:
Love and a Bottle; DW10 21: Love and a Bottle; CDM2 211: [from
  Farquhar's play?]
Love and Beauty; DMC2 122:
Love and Honour; CDM1 7: Love and Honour, or, Love in a
  Hop-yard; DMB4 293: Love and Honour; CDM3 48:
Love and Loyalty; DMC2 112:
Love for ever [page missing]; NCCD 19:
Love for love: danc'd in the play; DMA9A: Love for Love, Danc'd
  in the Play; CDM1 226:
Love in a Boarding-School; DMC2 61:
Love in a Hop-yard, see Love and Honour.
Love in a Hop-Yard; DW17 3: Love in a Hop-yard; CDM2 315: Love
  in a Hop-yard  [diff. tune from p. 293.]; DMB4 326:
Love in a Mask; CDM2 7: Love in a Mask; DMC2 24: Love in a Mask;
  CDM4 166:
Love lies a bleeding; DMA7 = Dour's catastrophe; DMA3A: Love lies
  a bleeding; CDM1 120: Love Lies a Bleeding; CDM3 40:
Love me little; DW18 15:
Love neglected, see Nowill hills, Friday night.
Lovely Bride; CDM2 327: Lovely Bride, The; DMB4 304:
Love's Triumph; CDM2 185: Love's Triumph; DMB4 166:
Ludlow Castle; CDM2 220: Ludlow Castle; DMB4 199:
Lulle me beyond thee; DMA1 93:
Lumps of Pudding; DMA11: Lumps of Pudding; CDM1 266-67: Lumps of
  Pudding; CDM3 23:
Luxemburgh, The; CDM2 226: Luxenburgh, The; DMB4 204: Luxenburgh;
  CDM3 9:

Mac Donald's March; DW18 9:
MacKenzy's Seranade; DW18 16:
Mad Dick; DMA3:
Mad frolick, see Furbelows and aprecocks.
Mad Moll; DMA9C: Mad Moll; CDM1 248: Mad Moll; CDM3 112:
Mad Robin; DMA7A: Mad Robin; CDM1 198: Mad Robin; CDM3 71:
Mad Tom; DMA4 = Graies Inne Maske; DMA1 103.
Madam Betty; CDM2 22: Madam Betty; DMB4 5: Madam Betty; CDM4 148:
Madam Campbels Cibell; DW18 3:
Mage on a Cree; DMA1 20: Madge on a Tree; CDM1 25: Madge in a 
  Tree; CDM3 14:
Madmoiselle Dupingle; CDM2 284: Madamoiselle Dupingle; DMB4
Mayden Lane; DMA1 62:
Maiden fair; DMA4 = Once I loved a Maiden faire.
Maiden's Blush, see Bump her Belly.
Maidens Resolve, The [Single sheet song with burden, She would
  not die a maid; DDW19 7: [Oswald's CPC]
Maid in the Mill, The; CDM1 45: Maid in the Mill, the; CDM3 138:
maid in the mill, The; DMA7 = mulberry garden, The; DMA4:
maid in the moon; DMA4:
Maid peeped out at the window, or the Frier in the Well, The;
  DMA1 42:
maid's delight, The; DMA7B: Maids Delight; CDM1 157: Maids 
  Delight; CDM5 242:
maid's last wish, The; DMA9: Maid's last Wish; CDM1 188:
Maid's Morris; DMA7C: Maids Morris; CDM1 158:
Major; NCCD 10: [Reapears later as Irish]
Major's Delight, The; CDM2 227: Majors Delight, The; DMB4 205:
Man was for woman made; DMA9A: Man was for Woman made; CDM1 207:
  Man was for Woman made; CDM5 231:
Manage the Miser; CDM2 79: Manage the Miser; DMB4 61: Manage the
  Miser; CDM4 151:
Mansell, The; DMA11: Mansel, The; CDM1 322: Mansel, the; CDM3 69:
man tiger, The; DMA11A: Man-Tiger; CDM1 339: Man-Tiger; CDM3 144:
Many Friends; DMC2 92:
Mardike; DMA3A:
Margery Cree; DMA17 = Mage on a Cree; DMA1 20:
Mark Anthony; CDM2 241: Mark Anthony; DMB4 219:
Marlborough, The; DMA13: Marlborough, The; CDM1 355: Marlborough,
  The; CDM3 142:
Marlborough; NCCD 33:
Marlborough House; CDM2 97: Marlborough House; DMB4 79:
Marlborough's Victory; CDM2 186: Marlborough's Victory; DMB4
Marriage hater; DMA9: Marriage Hater; CDM1 196: Marriage Hater; 
  CDM3 72: see intrigues of the town. 
Marry Molly; DMC2 94: Marry Moll; CDM5 188:
Mary and Dorothy, the; DMC2 63:
Mars and Venus; DMC2 31:
Mask, The; DMA7B: see Hey to the camp.
Masquerade Royal; CDM2 281: Masquerade Royal; DMB4 259:
May Day; DMA3A = Smith's Rant.
May Day; CDM2 104: May Day; DMB4 85:
May Fair; CDM2 174: May Fair; DM3 155: May Fair; CDM3 133:
Mayfair; DMA12: Mayfair or Grief a la mode; DMA14: May Fair, or
  Grief Alamode; CDM1 358:
May Hill or The jovial crew; DMA7A: = twenty-nineth of May, The;
Measure for Measure; CDM2 343: Measure for Measure; DMB4 323:
Medley; NCCD 18:
Melancholy Madam; DMC2 71:
Melecinda the Pretty; DW17 10: Melecinda the Pretty; DMB4 332:
mermaid, the; DMA6A: Mermaid; CDM1 116: Mermaid; CDM3 108:
Merry Andrew; DMA4 = Jack Pudding; DMA1 56:
Merry be your Hearts; DW08 8: Merry be your Hearts; CDM2 145:
  Merry be your Hearts; DMB4 126:
Merry Compainion, the ; DMC2 46:
merry conceit, The; DMA3: merry Conceit; DW10 15: Merry Conceit;
  CDM2 204: Merry  Conceit; DMB4 348:
merry Conclusion, The; DMB4 316:
Merry Hop; CDM2 255: merry Hop, The; DMB4 233:
merry merry Milke Maids, The; DMA1 31: see merry milkmaids in
merry Meeting, The; DW18 1:
merry Milk-maids, The; CDM1 40: Merry Milk-Maids; DMB4 345: Merry
  Milk Maids, the; CDM3 16:
Merry milkmaids in green, The; DMA17 = The merry merry Milke
Merry Nymphs and Swains, the; DMC2 65:
Merry S.r Harry; DW17 23:
merry Wassail, The; DMA4 = Health, The; DMA1 55.
Michaelmas eve; DMA7A:
Milke-Mayds Bobb, The; DMA1 75:
Miller's daughter, The; DMA7A:
Miller's Jig; DMA7: Miller's Jigg; CDM1 130: Miller's Jigg; CDM3
Mill-field; DMA1 32:
Millisons Jigge; DMA1 22:
Minuet, see New Minuet.
Minuet Paspe, A; DMC2 11:
Miss Hoyden; DW08 11: Miss Hoyden; CDM2 148: Miss Hoyden; DMB4
Miss Nelly; DMA7A:
Mr. Coggill's Delight; DMC2 83:
Mr. Heath's Dance; CDM2 24: Mr. Heath's Dance; DMB4 7:
Mr. Hill's new Paspey; CDM2 107: Mr. Hill's New Paspey; DMB4
Mr. Issac's maggot, MR.; DMA9: Mr. Isaac's Maggot; CDM1 204:
Mr. Johnson's Hornpipe; DMB4 333:
Mr Johnsons Humour; DW17 13:
Mr. Motley's St. James's; CDM2 218: Motley's St. Jame's; DMB4
Mr. Prince's Scotch Dance; DMC2 84: Mr. Prince's Scoth [sic] 
  Dance; CDM5 185:
Mr Pulestons Dance; DW17 24:
Mr. Straggin's Jigg, see Staggins Jigg
Mr. Webb's Fancy; DMA2 119 = Cheerily and merrily; DMA1 78:
Mr. Young's Delight; CDM1 219: Mr. Young's Delight; CDM3 44:
Mrs. Booth's Minuet; DMC2 149:
Mrs. Hill's Dance; DW10 17: Mrs. Hill's Dance; CDM2 205:
Mrs. Hill's Dream; DMB4 185:
Mrs. Savage's Whim; CDM2 128: Mrs. Savage's Whim; DMB4 109: Mrs.
  Savage's Whim; CDM4 144:
mock hobby horse, The; DMA10: Mock Hobby-Horse; CDM1 36: Mock 
  Hobby Horse; CDM3 137:
mock match, The; DMA9C: Mock Match; CDM1 245: Mock Match; CDM3 
Moderation; CDM2 83: Moderation; DMB4 65: Moderation; CDM4 120:
Moggy Lauther; NCCD 11:
Mohocks (Round O); CDM2 274: Mohocks; DMB4 252:
Moll Peatly, see Old marrinet.
Moll Peatly, the new Way; CDM1 262: Moll Peatly the New Way; CDM3
Monk's March with the Wanderers; CDM2 124: Monk's March, with
  the Wanderers; DMB4 96:
Monsieur Dupree; DMC2 13:
Montague House; CDM2 60: Montague House; DMB4 43: Montague House;
  CDM4 129:
more the merrier, The; DMA9A: more the merrier, The; CDM1 212: 
  More the Merrier; CDM3 79:
Moreton Castle; CDM2 29: Moreton Castle; DMB4 12:
Morgan's Thought; CDM2 113: Morgan's Thought; DMB4 94:
Morisco, A; DMA3A:
Mother Brown's cat; DMA11: Mother Brown's Cat; CDM1 314:
Mother Crump; CDM2 341: Mother Cramp; DMB4 320:
Mother Dobney's trencher, see Edinburgh Castle.
Motley's St. Jame's, see Mr. Motley's.
Motson's Jig; DMA4 = Moulson's Jig; DMA3A:
Moulson's Jig; DMA3A:
Mount Hills; DMA11:
Mourning in Fashion; CDM2 217: Mourning in Fashion; DMB4 196:
Mouse Trap, see Old Hob.
Muckle Nanny of Aberdeen; DW18 14:
mug-house, The; DMA7A: Mug-House; CDM1 34: Mug House; CDM3 95:
mulberry garden, The; DMA7A = ladies' delight, The; DMA6A:
mulberry garden, The; DMA4: 
Mulberry Garden; CDM1 93: Mulberry Gardens; CDM3 87:
Mundesse; DMA1 90:
My Lady Cullen; DMA1 50: Lady Cullen; CDM1 87: Lady Cullen; CDM3
My Lady Fickle; DW17 12:
My Lady Foster's delight, see Lady Foster's delight.
My Lady Winwood's Maggot; DMC2 9:
My Ladys Lap Dog; DW15 5: My Lady's Lap Dog; CDM2 300: My Ladys
  Lap Dog; DMB4 278:
My Lord Byron's delight; DMA9C: Lord Byron's Delight; CDM1 254: 
  Lord Byron's Delight; CDM3 76:  
My Lord Byron's maggot; see Lord Byron's maggot.

Nampwich Fair; DMC2 117:
Neat Oars, or, the Sheep-Shearers; CDM2 262: Next Oars, or, the
  Sheep-shearers; DMB4 240: Next Oars, or the Sheep Shearers; 
  CDM4 134: [Joyce's OIFMS]
Nent, Mr. John; CDM2 14:
Neptune; CDM2 8: Neptune; CDM4 164:
Neptune's Triumph; CDM2 271: Neptune's Triumph; DMB4 249:
Never love thee more; DMA7: Never love the more; CDM1 122: Never
  Love Thee More; CDM3 41:
New Any-thing; CDM2 86: New Any-thing; DMB4 68: New Any Thing; 
  CDM4 174:
new bath, The; DMA7: New Bath; CDM1 133: New Bath; CDM5 248:
New Boe peep; DMA1 83: Picadilly; CDM1 74:
new Boree, The; DMA9: see Indian Queen.
new Boree, The; DMA11:
New Charmer; DMC2 21:
new conceit, The; DMA4 = The merry conceit.
New Czar; CDM2 108: New Czar; DMB4 89:
new dance, A; DMA3B:
new Dance or Maheney, A; DMA3A: see Hey ho my honey.
new Dutch Skipper, The [see Dutch Skipper]; DDW19 12:
New England; DMC2 181:
New Epsom Wells [see Epsom New Wells]; CDM2 143:
New Exchange, The; DMA1 8: see Durham stable.
new Fagary, The; CDM1 75:
new Invention, The; DMA11: New Invention; CDM1 282:
new Lord Foppington, The ; DMA17; = Lord Phoppington, The; DMA11:
New Man-Tiger; CDM2 45: New Man Tyger; DMB4 28: New Man Tiger; 
  CDM4 88:
New Margery; CDM2 39: New Margery; DMB4 22:
New marrinet; DMA3B:
New metar; DMA3B:
New Minuet; CDM2 184: New Minuet; DMB4 165: New Minuet; CDM4 178:
new New Exchange, The; DMA3: see New Royal exchange.
New New Nothing; DMA1 98:
New Rant; DMA3A:
new Rigadoon, A; DMA8:
New Roger, or Don Boin; CDM2 56: New Roger, or Don Boin; DMB4
  39: New Roger; CDM4 156:
new Round O, The; DMA12:
New Royal Exchange, The; DMA4 = The new New Exchange. New Royal
  Exchange; CDM1 51: New Royal Exchange; CDM3 131: 
new Spanish entree, and Saraband, A; DMA9D:
New Town; DMC2 157:
new vagary, The; DMA3B:
New Wedding Dance, the; DMC2 79:
New Whitehall; DMA11: New Whitehall; CDM1 263: New Whitehall; 
  CDM5 64:
New year's eve; DMA7A: New Year's Eve; CDM1 23: New Year's Eve; 
  CDM3 34:
New York, see King's Maggot.
Newcastle; DMA1 77:
Newcastle Racer, the; DMC2 87: Newcastle Racers, or the Damsels 
  Delight, the; CDM5 227:
Newmarket; DMA5: Newmarket [and second part.]; CDM1 100-01: 
  Newmarket; CDM3 33: Newmarket (Second Part); CDM3 33:
News from Tripoly; DMA11A: News from Tripoly; CDM1 345: News From
  Tripoly; CDM3 130:
Next Oars, see Neat Oars.
Night-Peece, The; DMA1 3: see Shaking of the sheets.
Nine Elms; DMC2 162: Nine Elms; CDM3 29:
Nobe's maggot; DMA12: Nobe's Maggot; CDM1 316: Nobe's Maggot; 
  CDM3 68:
Nobles of Betly, the; DMC2 105:
Nobody's Jig; DMA6A: Nobody's Jigg; CDM1 105: Nobody's Jig; CDM3
Noint the Teazer; CDM2 279: Noint the Teazer; DMB4 257: Noint the
  Teazer; CDM4 99:
Nonesuch; DMA1 29: None-Such; CDM5 239:
None such; DMA9B: None-such; CDM1 237:
North Brittains; DW08; 7: North Britains; CDM2 144: North
  Brittains; DMB4 125:
Northern Nancy; DMA4: Northern Nancy; CDM1 96: Northern Nancy; 
  CDM3 110:
North's Maggott; DW15 3: North's Maggot; CDM2 291: North's
  Maggot; DMB4 269:
Nottingham Castle; DMA11: Nottingham Castle; CDM1 277: Nottingham
  Castle; CDM3 98:
Nowill Hills; DMA12 = Friday night; DMA11: Nowill Hills, or Love
  neglected; CDM1 350:
Nymph Divine; DW08 19: Nymph Divine; CDM2 156: Nymph Divine;
  DMB4 137:

O mother, Roger; DMA9: O Mother, Roger; CDM1 179: O Mother Roger;
  CDM3 32:
Oh! how they frisk it! or Leather apron; DMA7A = Under the
  greenwood tree; DMA6A:
Oaken leaves; DMA4:
Obadiah, or the Man with a Bigg Hat; DW17 19:
Obliging Delia; DMC2 66:
Of all Comforts, or, White-Chapel Mount; CDM2 216: Of all the
  Comforts, or, White-Chapel Mount; DMB4 195:
Of noble race was Shinkin; DMA9: Of Noble Race was Shinkin; CDM1
  181: Of Noble Race Was Shenkin; CDM3 36:
Off with the Mask; CDM2 244: Off with the Mask; DMB4 222:
Old Abigail's delight; DMA11A: Old Abigail's Delight; CDM1 346: 
  Old Abigail's Delight; CDM5 179:
Old Batchelor; DMA9: Old Batchelor; CDM1 178: Old Batchelor; CDM3
old Boree, The; DMA3B:
Old Cibell, The; DMB4 358:
Old Fryer, the; DMC2 44:
Old Harry; CDM2 33: Old Harry; DMB4 16: Old Harry; CDM4 147:
Old Hob, or, The Mouse-Trap; CDM2 277: Old Hob, or, The Mouse
  Trap; DMB4 255: Old Hob, or the Mouse Trap; CDM4 48:
Old Maid in Tears, The; DW17 15: Old Maid in Tears; CDM2 355:
  Old Maid in Tears, The; DMB4 339:
Old man is a Bed full of bones, An; DMA1 76: An old Man a Bed
  full of Bones; CDM1 54: Old Man Is a Bed Full of Bones, An; 
  CDM3 115:
Old marrinet or Moll Peatly; DMA3B:
Old Mole, The; DMA1 13:
Old Noll's Hornpipe; DMB4 6: Old Noll's Hornpipe; CDM2 23:
Old Noll's Jig; DMA11A: Old Noll's Jigg; CDM1 330: Old Noll's 
  Jigg; CDM3 134:
Old Oxford, see Peace and Plenty.
Old Rigadoon; DMA12 = new Rigadoon, A; DMA8:
Old Roger, the new Way; CDM2 55: Old Roger, The New Way [See New
  Roger.]; DMB4 38: [Roger de Coverly]
Old Simon the King; DMA6A: Old Simon the King; CDM1 126-7: Old 
  Simon the King; CDM3 36:
Old wife behind ye fire; NCCD 29:
Olderness; DMC2 182:
Once I loved a Maiden faire; DMA1 47: see Maiden fair.
On the cold ground; DMA3B:
Open the door to three; DMA2A: = Winifred's Knot [with 1st title
  in Scots Coll'ns]
Opera, The; DMA5 = ape's dance. Opera, or the Ape's Dance; CDM1
Orange Nan; CDM2 258: Orange Nan; DMB4 236:
Oranges and Lemons; DMA3:
Orangsede; DMC2 159:
Ore Boggy; NCCD 16:
Orielton House; CDM2 21: Orielton House; DMB4 4:
Orleans baffled; CDM2 132: Orleans Baffled; DMB4 113:
Ormond House; DMA11A:
Ormonds March; DW19 15: Ormond's March, DMB4 187:
Oswestry Wake; CDM2 336: Oswestry Wake; DMB4 314:
Our happy Meeting; DW15 2: Our happy Meeting; CDM2 295: Our
  Happy meeting; DMB4 273:
Over the Hills and far away; CDM2 74: 'Twas o'er the Hills and
  far away; DMB4 55: Over the Hills and Far Away; CDM4 116:
Oxford Act; CDM2 282: Oxford Act; DMB4 261:
Oxford Bowlers; CMC2 124:

Painted chamber (see country farmer's daughter); DMA7B: Painted
  Chamber; CDM1 147: Painted Chamber; CDM5 251:
Pall-Mall or Pell-Mell; DMA7: Pall-mall; CDM1 137: Pall-Mall; 
  CDM3 89:
Parson in the peas, see Whitson-holidays.
Parson upon Dorothy; DMA2: Parson upon Dorothy; CDM1 106: Parson
  upon Dorothy; CDM3 37:
Parsons Farewell; DMA1 6:
Parthenia; DMA3B:
Parthenia; DMA4 = Faine I would; DMA1 46.
Paspe; CDM1 164:
Pasquin; DMC2 131:
Passpied, A: DMA8:
passionate lovers, The; DMA4 = Lavena; DMA1 61.
Paston's Maggot; DW10 23: Paston's Maggot; CDM2 212: Paston's
  Maggot; DMB4 191:
Pastor Fido; DMC2 183:
Patt's Maggot; DMB4 145:
Paul's Alley; CDM2 43: Paul's Alley; DMB4 26:
Pauls Steeple; DMA1 69: see St. Pauls steeple.
Pauls Wharfe; DMA1 86:
Peace and Plenty, or, Old Oxford; CDM2 264: Peace and Plenty.
  Or, Old Oxford; DMB4 242: Old Oxford; CDM5 199:
Pegasus or The flying horse; DMA4:
Pembrook; NCCD 3:
Penelope; CDM2 38: Penelope, The; DMB4 21:
Peppers Black; DMA1 41:
Peroes Dance, the; DMC2 188:
Perseus and Andromeda; DMC2 85:
Petticoat wag; DMA1 68: see tailor's daughter.
Pharnaces; DMC 153:
phoenix, The; DMA4: Phoenix, The; CDM2 290: Phenix, The; DMB4
Phylanders Tour; DW17 7:
Piccadilly; DMA4 = New Boe peep; DMA1 83:
Picking of sticks; DMA1 12:
Pilgrim, The; DMA11: Pilgrim or The Lord Phoppington, The; DMA14:
  Pilgrim, or The Lord Foppington, The; CDM1 284: Pilgrim, the; 
  CDM3 102: Lord Foppington; CDM5 272:
Pinch of Snuff, A; CDM2 239: Pinch of Snuff, A; DMB4 217:
Pinks and Lillies; DMC2 121: Pinks and Lillies; CDM5 165:
  [elsewhere as that for song with alt. tune title, Gen. 
  Tallemarche's Glass of Wine]:
Pint of Darby, A; DW08 4: Pint of Darby, A; CDM2 141: Pint of
  Darby, A; DMB4 122: Pint of Derby, A; CDM4 143:
Piping Pye-Man, the; DMC2 15:
Pity Or I Die; DMC2 58:
Pool's hole; DMA8: Pool's Hole; CDM1 167: Pool's Hole; CDM3 52:
Ponders End; CDM2 233: Ponders-End; DMB4 211:
Poor Peggy's in Hopes; DW17 16:
poor Robins maggot, see Would you have.
poor Shepherd in Love, A [= Hey ho my honey]; CDM2 285: poor
  Shepherd in Love,  A; DMB4 263:
Pope Joan; DMA9: Pope Joan; CDM1 203-03: Pope Joan; CDM3 70:
Pope's Jig, The; DMA15, see Dr. Pope's Jig
Port Royal; NCCD 11:
Portabella; DW15 7: Portabella; CDM2 309: Portabella; DMB4 287:
Porter's dream; DMA3A:
Porter's lamentation; DMA3A:
Portsmouth; DMA11: Portsmouth; CDM1 257: Port's mouth; NCCD 26: 
  Portsmouth; CDM3 74:
Prestwick Bells; DMC2 93:
Pretenders Slip [Trip?, see Sunday in the Afternoon]; DDW19 5: 
Pretenders Slip, see Sunday in the Afternoon.
Pretender's Trip, see Sunday in the afternoon.
Pretty Miss; DMA8: Pretty Miss; CDM1 172:
Pretty Miss Larn; DW18 22:
Pretty Nun; CDM2 10: Pretty Nun; DMC2 23: Pretty Nun; CDM4 167:
Pretty Peggy's Minuet; DMC2 96:
Pretty Poll; CDM2 125: Pretty Poll; DMB4 106:
Prince and Princess; CDM1 13: Prince and Princess; CDM3 46:
Prince Eugene's March; CDM2 106: Prince Eugene's March; DMB4
Prince Fredrick; DMC2 7: Prince Fredrick; CDM3 28: Prince 
  Fredrick; CDM5 217:
Prince George; DMA7: Prince George; CDM1 135: Prince George; CDM3
Prince George's Birth-Day; CDM2 91: Prince George's Birthday;
  DMB4 73:
Prince George's March; DMA7A:
Prince of Hess's Rigadoon, he; DMC2 120:
Prince Ruperts March; DMA1 57: Prince Rupert's March; CDM1 50: 
  Prince Rupert's March; CDM3 50: 
Princess, The; DMA11: Princess; CDM1 293: Princess; CDM3 62:
Princess Amelia; DMC2 8: Princess Amelia; CDM3 23:
Princess's court, the; DMA11A: Princess's Court; CDM1 325: 
  Princess's Court; CDM3 69:
Puddings and pies; DMA10: Puddings and Pies; CDM1 42: Pudding and
  Pies; CDM3 15: 
Punch Alive; DMC2 52:
punch Bowl, the; DMA11: Punch-Bowl; CDM1 359: Punch-Bowl; CDM3 
Punks Delight, The; DMA1 72:
Punk's Delight (The new Way); CCDM1 86:
Purlongs, The; DMA9A: Purlongs; CDM1 224: Purlongs; CDM3 59:
Pursuit, The; CDM2 169: Pursuit, The; DMB4 151:
Put in All; DW08 3: Put in all; CDM2 140: Put in all; DMB4 121: 
  Put in All; CDM4 142:
Put on thy smock on a Monday; DMA4:
Putney ferry; DMA4:
Pye Corner; DMA9:

Quaker's Dance, danc'd in the Playhouse, The; CDM2 72-73: Quaker
  Dance, The, Danc'd in the Playhouse [with four verses of song];
  DMB4 53-4:
Quaker's Grace, see Resolution.
Queen Anne's Coronation Day; CDM2 57: Queen Anne's Coronation
  Day; DMB4 40:
Queen Bess's Dame of Honour; DMB4 107:
Queen of Hearts; CDM2 324-25: Queen of Hearts, The; DMB4 302:
Queen's birthday, The; DMA12: Queen's Birth-Day; CDM1 348: 
  Queen's Birth Day; CDM3 143:
Queens-borough, or, Bloomsbury Market [see Bloomsbury Market];
  DMB4 51:
Queen's delight; DMA3B: 
Queen's delight, The; DMA13: Queen's Delight, The; CDM1 216: 
  Queen's Delight, the; CDM3 44:
Queen's head, The; DMA11A: Queen's Head (Round O.); CDM1 344: 
  Queen's Head (Round O); CDM3 144:
Queen's Jig, The; DMA11: Queen's Jigg, The; CDM1 272:
Queens Square; DW15 1: Queen's-Square; CDM2 298: Queen's Square;
  DMB4 276:
Quesnoy; CDM2 270: Quesnoy; DMB4 248:
Quibus; DMC2 184:

Radamistus; DMC2 156:
Ragg; NCCD 34: [And later as Irish]
rake's delight, The; DMA17 = Queen's delight, The; DMA13
Ramillies Rout; CDM2 115: Ramellies Rout; DMB4 97:
Ratcliff-Cross; DMC2 194: Ratcliff Cross; CDM3 25:
Ravens Hornpipe; DDW19 13: Raven's Hornpipe; DMC2 17: Raven's 
  Hornpipe; CDM5 225:
Ravenscroft's Hornpipe; DMC2 68: Ravenscroft's Hornpipe; CDM5 39:
Recruiting Officer; DW10 7: Recruiting Officer; CDM2 193:
  Recruiting Officer; DMB4 175: Recruiting Officer; NCDD 32:
red bull, The; DMA10: Red Bull; CDM1 41: Red Bull; CDM3 138:
Red House; DMA9: Red House; CDM1 190: Red House; NCCD 4: Red 
  House; CDM3 56:
Reeve's maggot; DMA11: Reeve's Maggot; CDM1 275: Reeve's Maggot;
  CDM5 68:
Resolution or the Quaker's grace, The; DMA13: Resolution, or, The
  Quaker's Grace; CDM1 354: Resolution, or, the Quaker's Grace; 
  CDM3 133:
Restoration of King Charles [When the king enjoys his own again];
  DMC2 36:
Reuben; CDM2 101: Reuben [MS note, 'My Jo Janet']; DMB4 84:
Richmond Ball; DMA17 = Lane's maggot; DMA9: Richmund Ball; NCCD
Richmond Green; DMA7A: Richmond Green; CDM2 215: Richmond Green;
  DMB4 194:
Richmond Hill; DMB4 354:
Ridlington Green; DMB4 90:
Rigadoon (see, French, old, new, last new, last new French.);
Rigadoon; DMA14 = new Rigadoon, A; DMA8:
Rigadoon; DMA14 = last new Rigadoon, The; DMA9:
Rigadoon; CDM1 163: Rigadoon; CDM3 108: 
Rigadoon [diff. from p. 163.]; CDM1 171; ? Rigadoon; CDM5 252:
Rigadoon; CDM1 200:
Rigadoon Royal; CDM2 251: Rigadoon Royal; DMB4 229:
Rimus's Gavat; DMC2 175:
Rinaldo, or, The hopping Lady; CDM2 294: Rinaldo, or, The
  Hopping Lady; DMB4 272:
Roaring Billey; DMC2 40:
Robin and Kate; CDM2 4:
Robin Roy's Farewell; DW18 7:
Rockingham Castle; DMA9: Rockingham Castle; CDM1 194:
Roderego; DMC2 161:
Roger; NCCD 34:
Roger of Coverly; DMA9: Roger of Coverly; CDM1 180: Roger of 
  Coverly; CDM3 55:
Romellus; DMC2 185:
Room for Beauties; DMC2 134:
Room for Ramblers; CDM2 242: Room for Ramblers; DMB4 220:
Rose is white and Rose is red; DMA1 37:
Rosmore; NCCD 7: or Ross Moor
Rostillion; NCCD 31:
Round, The; DMA11: Round, The; CDM1 294: Round, the; CDM3 59:
Round O; DMA14 = new Round O, The; DMA12:
Round O.; CDM1 363:
Round Robin; DMA7A:
Rover reform'd, The; CDM2 323: Rover Reform'd, The DMB4 301:
Rover Secur'd, The; DW17 5: Rover Secur'd, The; DMB4 334:
Row well ye Marriners; DMA1 102: Row well, ye Mariners; CDM1 78:
Rowling Eye, the; DMC2 50: Rowling Eye, the; CDM5 282:
Royall Fishery; DW15 11: Royal Fishery; CDM2 299: Royal Fishery;
  DMB4 277:
Royal Galliard; DMB4 57:
Royal George; NCCD 7:   
Royal Navy, The; DMA12: Royal Navy; CDM1 323: Royal Navy; CDM3 
Royal Sovereign, The; DW15 22: Royal Sovereign; CDM2 311: Royal
  Sovereign; DMB4 289:
Rub her down with straw; DMA11: Rub her down with Straw; CDM1
  321: Rub Her Down With Straw; CDM3 84: [not Scots, fye gar rub  
  her down wi' stra]
Rufty tufty; DMA1 70:
rummer, The; DMA7: Rummer; CDM1 129: Rummer; CDM3 100:
running Boree, The; DMA3B:
Russel, The; DMA13: Russel, The; CDM1 352: Russel, the; CDM3 143:

Sabina; DMC2 186:
Sabina and Strephon; DMC2 135:
Sadler's Wells; DMC2 48:
Sage Leaf; DMA4: Sage Leaf; CDM1 17: Sage Leaf; CDM3 11:
sailor's delight, The; DMA9D: Sailor's Delight, The; CDM1 72: 
  Sailor's Delight; CDM3 39: 
St. Albans; DMA11: St. Albans; CDM1 271: St. Albans; CDM3 78:
St. Brides; CDM2 34: St. Brides; DMB4 17:
St. Catherine; DMA11: St. Katherine; CDM1 301: S.t Catherine;
  NCCD 28: St. Catherine; CDM3 132:
St. Dunstan or Clifford's Inn; DMA7A:
St. David's Day; CDM2 37: St. David's Day; DMB4 20:
St. Giles Pound; DMC2 199:
St. James Park; DW15 17: St. James's Park; CDM2 313: St.
  Jamses's Park; DMB4 291: [D'Urfey song?]
St. Margaret's Hall; CDM2 44: St. Margaret's Hill; DMB4 27: St. 
  Margaret's Hill; CDM4 85:
Saint Martins; DMA1 66:
St. Martin's Lane; DMA9A: St. Martin's Lane; CDM1 211: St. 
  Martin's Lane; CDM3 71:
St. Mary's Port, see Vigo.
St. Michell's Mount, A firk called; DMA3:
St. Paul's steeple; DMA9 = Pauls Steeple; DMA1 69:
Sally in our Alley; CDM2 9: Sally in Our Alley; CD4 165:
Sally's Fancy; CDM2 13: Sally's Fancy; DMB4 360: Sally's Fancy; 
  CDM4 150:
Salutation; CDM2 110: Salutation; DMB4 91:
Sancho Pancho; DMA9: Sancho Pancho; CDM1 176: Sancho Pancho; CDM5
Sanco Panco; DMC2 114:
Sapho and Phaon; CDM1 15: Sapho and Phaon; CDM3 53:
Saraband, The; DMA1 17:
Saturday night and Sunday morn; DMA1 80: Saturday Night and
  Sunday Morning; CDM1 62: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning; 
  CDM3 148:
Saturday Night's Ramble, see Fort Mounjoy. 
Sawney Becks Round; DW18 6:
Sawney and Jockey; DMA6A:
Sawney was tall; DMA9 = Sawney and Jockey; DMA6A: Sawney was
  tall; CDM1 108: Sawney Was Tall; CDM3 140:
Scotch Cap; DMA1 99: see Edinburgh Castle. Edinborough Castle;
  CDM1 234:
Scotch Firk, A; DMA3A:
Scotchman's dance in The northern lass, The; DMA7A:
Scotch Moggy; CDM1 364:
Scotch Moggy [diff. from above]; CDM2 175: Scotch Moggy; DMB4
Scotch Morris, The; DDW19 9: Scotch Morris, the; DMC2 19:
Scotch Union; CDM2 100: Scotch Union-- The Furlong--;DMB4 82-3: 
  Scotch Union; CDM4 172:
Scotland; DMA10: Scotland; CDM1 33: Scotland; CDM3 137:
Scots Rant; DMA3A:
Sea Nymnphs, the; DMC2 26:
Second Thought's best; CDM2 359: Second Thought's best; DMB4
Sellenger's Round; DMA3:
Serag's Hornpipe, The; DMA17:
Serjeant Kyte; CDM2 259: Serjeant Kyte; DMB4 237:
Shaking of the sheets, The; DMA4 = The Night-Peece.
sham doctor, The; DMA9C: Sham Doctor; CDM1 244:
Shawbury House; DMB4 15: Shawbury Park; CDM4 146:
Sheep Sheares, see Neat Oars.
sheperdess, The; DMA4 = Daphne; DMA1 30:
shepherd's daughter, The; DMA4 = Parson upon Dorothy.
Shepheards Holyday, or Labour in Vaine; DMA1 101:
She that washes a Monday; NCCD 27:
She wou'd if she cou'd; CDM2 354: She wou'd if she cou'd; DMB4
Shoe-maker-Row; DMB4 353: Shoomaker Row; CDM4 124:
Shore's Trumpet Tune. Round O; CDM1 253: Shore's Trumpet Tune. 
  Round; CDM3 76:
Short and Sweet; DMC2 2: Short and Sweet, or Orlabears Maggot; 
  CDM5 220:
Short's Garden; DMA7: Short's Garden; CDM1 142:
Shrewsbury Park; CDM2 32:
Shropshire Lass; DW10 20: Shropshire Lass; CDM2 209: Stropshire
  Lass; DMB4 188: Shropshire Lass, the; DMC2 109:
Shropshire Round; CDM2 28: Shropshire Round; DMB4 11:
siege of Buda, The; DMA7C: Siege of Buda; CDM1 160:
Siege of Limerick; DMA9: Siege of Limerick; CDM 185: Siege of 
  Limerick; CDM3 57:
silver fauken, The; DMA2;
Simeron's dance, The; DMA3B:
Simple Simon; DMA3:
Singleton's slip; DMA3B: Singleton's Slap; CDM1 94:
Sion House; DMA7: Sion House; CDM1 125: Sion House; CDM3 99:
Sir Foplin; DMA7A:
S.r Foplins Airs; DW17 6: Sir Foplin's Ayres; CDM2 349: Sir
  Foplin's Airs; DMB4 330:
Sir Nicholas Culley; DMA4 = Country Coll, The; DMA1 79:
Sir Roger; DMA7 = Slip, The; DMA1 104: 
Skellamefago; DMA1 34: see Don Pedro.
Slater's Fancy; CDM2 135: Slater's Fancy; DMB4 116:
Slaughterhouse; DMA11A: Slaughter-house; CDM1 329: Slaughter 
  House; CDM5 172:
Slip, The; DMA1 104: see Sir Roger. Slip, The; CDM1 82:
Smith's Boree; DMC2 45:
Smith's Rant; DMA3: Smith's Rant; CDM1 121: Smith's Rant; CDM3 
Smith's new Rant; DMA6A 
Smiths Round O; DDW19 11: Smith's Round O; DMC2 22:
Softly Robin; DMC2 62:
Soho Square; CDM2 228: Soho Square; DMB4 206:
soldier and the sailor, The, or A; DMA9A: Soldier and a Sailor,
  A; CDM1 213: Soldier and a Sailor; CDM3 116: [Congreve's song]
Solomon's Jig; DMA2: see green goose fair.
Somerset House; CDM2 283: Somerset House; DMB4 260:
Souldiers Life; DMA1 65: Soldier's Life, A; CDM1 61:
Soulton Jigg; CDM2 17: Soulton Jigg; DMB4 2:
South Sea; DMC2 97: South Sea; CDM5 216:
South-Sea Ladies, the; DMC2 72:
Spanheim, The; CDM2 99: Spanheim, The; DMB4 81:
Spanish Flight, The; DDW19 21:
Spanish Jeepsie, The; DMA1 23: Spanish Gypsie; CDM1 44: Spanish 
  Gypsie; CDM3 35:
Spanish Jig; DMA9: Spanish Jigg; CDM1 184: Spanish Jigg; NCCD
  22: Spanish Jigg; CDM3 96:
Spanyard, The; DMA1 36:
Spring Garden; DMA3: Spring Garden; CDM1 47: Spring Garden; CDM3
Squerill; NCCD 30: [Hunt the?]
Staggin's Jig; DMA6A: Mr. Straggin's Jigg; CDM1 103: Mr. Staggins
  Jigg; CDM3 100:
Stanes Morris; DMA1 87:
Step Stately; DMA1 100:
Stepney Cakes and Ale [Cf. Bunter's Delight, p. 150, diff.
  tune.]; DMB4 144:
Stingo, Or the Oyle of Barly; DMA1 10: see Cold and raw.
Stock Jobbers; CDM2 278: Stock-Jobbers; DMB4 256:
Stock-Jobbers Dream, the; DMC2 59: Stock Jobbers Dream, the; CDM5
Strawberries and Cream; DMA4 = Ginnie pug. Strawberries and
  Cream; CDM2 236:
Strawberries and Cream; DMB4 214:
Stropshire Lass, see Shropshire Lass.
Strum, see Sword dance.
Sturbridge Fair; DW08 22: Sturbridge Fair; CDM2 159: Sturbitch
  Fair; DMB4 140:
Subligny's Dance; CDM2 52:
Subligny's Minuet; DMB4 35:
Summer's day, A; DMA4 = Upon a Summers day; DMA1 1:
Sunbury DMC2 160: Sunbury; CDM5 298:
Sunday in the Afternoon, or, The Pretenders Trip; CDM2 249:
  Sunday in the Afternoon, or, Pretenders Slip; DMB4 227:
Swallowfield Boys; DMC2 47:
Sweet Kate; DMA4: Sweet Kate; CDM1 77: Sweet Kate; CDM3 38:
sword dance, The; DMA11A:
Sword Dance, or, the Strum, The; CDM2 177: Strum, The; DMB4 158:
Sylvia's Serenade; CDM2 332: Sylvia's Serenade; DMB4 309:

tailor's daughter, The; DMA4 = Petticoat wag; DMA1 68:
Take not a woman's anger ill, for if one won't, another will;
  DMA9A: Take not a Woman's Anger ill; CDM1 215: Take not a 
  Woman's anger ill; CDM5 232:
Tamerlain; DMC2 107:
Tatler, The; CDM2 18-19: Tatler, The; DMB4 1:
Tatling Miss, the; DMC2 27:
Taylor's Hop, or, Kit Cucumber, The; CDM2 293: Taylor's Hop, or,
  Kit Cucumber, The; DMB4 271:
Taylor's trip; DMA11:
Temple, The; DMA11: Temple, The; CDM1 286: Temple, the; CDM3 113:
Temple-Barr; DMC2 187:
Temple Change; DMA9C: Temple Change; CDM1 246: Temple Change; 
  CDM3 101:
Ten pound lass; DMA4: Ten Pound Lass; CDM1 29: Ten Pound Lass; 
  CDM3 49:
10th of June; The, see Frisky Jenny.
This great World's a trouble; NCCD 10: This Great World's But a 
  Trouble, or Martins Advice; DMC2 174: [D'Urfey song?]
Thomas you cannot; DMA4: Tumas, I cannot, or, Tom Trusty; CDM2
  263: Tumas I cannot, or, Tom Trusty; DMB4 241: Thomas I cannot;
  NCCD 14: Tumas I Cannot; CDM4 135:
Three Coney Walk, or Number Three; DMC2 193: Three Coney Walk, or
  Number Three; CDM5 219:
Three sheep skins; DMA10: Three Sheep Skins; CDM1 60: Three Sheep
  Skins; CDM3 10: [Gay's Polly, #24, 1729, and two other ballad 
  operas, and Scots collections]
Throw the house out of the window; DMA3A:
Thyrsis and Cloe; DMC2 136:
tiger, The; DMA11: Tiger, The; CDM1 261:
Tipling John on the Riot Night [Song in the Musical Companion,
  London, 1741, Charms of Melody, Dublin, c 1805, and other 
  songbooks between these dates. Said to be sung in The Provoked
  Wife]; CDM2 225: Tipling John on the Riot Night; DMB4 203:
Tipling Philosophers, the; DMC2 49: [song, by Swift?]
Tire's Maggot; DMC2 57:
Tom jolly; CDM2 2:
Tom Tinker; DMA1 88:
Tom Trusty, see Thomas I cannot.
Toney's Rant; DMC2 102:
Touch and go, DMA11: Touch and Go; CDM1 288:
Touch and Take; DMA2:
Trenchmore; DMA2: Trenchmore; CDM1 57: Trenchmore; CDM3 149:
Trip or'e Tweed, A; DW08 24: Trip o'er Tweed, A; CDM2 162: trip
  o'er Tweed, A; DMB4 142:
Trip to Blenheim, A; CDM2 280: Trip to Blenheim, A; DMB4 258:
trip to Bury, A: DMA11A: Trip to Bury, A; CDM1 342: Trip to Bury,
  A; CDM3 122:
Trip to Holy-well, A; CDM2 16:
Trip to Islington, A; CDM2 87: Trip to Islington, A; DMB4 69: 
  Trip to Islington, A; CDM4 153:
Trip to Kilburn, A; DMB4 351: Trip to Kilburn, A; CDM4 123:
Trip to Marrow-bone, A [Scots, 'Maggies tocher']; CDM2 131: Trip
  to Marrow-bone, A; DMB4 112: Trip to  Marrow-Bone, A; CDM3 7:
Trip to Nottingham, A; DW10 8: Trip to Nottingham; CDM2 196:
  Trip to Nottingham, A; DMB4 176:
Trip to Pancridge, A; DMC2 30: Trip to Pancridge, A; CDM5 184:
trip to St. John's Court, A; DMA14:
trip to the Bell, A; CDM2 53: trip to the Bell, A; DMB4 36:
Trip to the Boar, A; CDM2 360: trip to the Boar, A; DMB4 344:
Trip to the Camp, or, Elverton Grove, A; CDM2 247: trip to the
  Camp, or, Elverton Grove, A; DMB4 225:
Trip to the Crown-Court, A; DMC2 179: Trip to the Crown Court, A;
  CDM5 226:
Trip to the Jubilee, Danc'd at the Playhouse, A; CDM1 304:
Trip to Paris, A; DMC2 39:
Trip to Westminster, A; CDM2 221: Trip to Westminster-Hall, A;
  DMB4 200:
Trumpet Minuet; DMC2 34: Trumpet Minuet; CDM5 166:
Tub, The; DW08 18: Tub, The; CDM2 155: Tub, The; CDM2 250: Tub,
  The; DMB4 228: Tub, The; DMB4 136:
Tumbler, the; DMC2 168:
Tunbridge Beauties; CDM2 80: Tunbridge Beauties; DMB4 62: 
  Tunbridge Beauties; CDM4 117:
Tunbridge Minuet; DMB4 54:
Tunbridge Mount; CDM2 71:
Tunbridge Walks; DMA12: Tunbridge Walks; CDM1 353: Tunbridge 
  Walks; CDM3 82:
tuneful Nightingale, The; CDM2 326: tuneful Nightinale [sic],
  The; DMB4 303: Tuneful Nightingale, the; CDM4 126:
Turnham Green; DMA7A = witches, The; DMA5:
'Twas o'er the Hills and far away, see Over the Hills and far
'Twas within a furlong of Edinburgh Town; DMA9A: 'Twas within a
  Furlong of Edinburgh Town; CDM1 227: Twas within a Furlong of 
  Edinborough Town; CDM3 19: [D'Urfey song]
Twelfth eve; DMA11A: Twelfth Eve; CDM1 338; Twelfth Eve; CDM5 
twenty-nineth of May, The; DMA7 [see May hill]: 29th of May, The;
  CDM1 52: 29th of May, the; CDM3 51:
twins, The; DMA3:
Twicher; NCCD 17:
Tythe pig; DMA9:

Unconstant Roger; DMC2 77:
Under and Over; DMA2: Under and Over; CDM1 79:
Under the greenwood tree; DMA6A: Under the Greenwood Tree; CDM1
  107: Under the Greenwood Tree; CDM3 12:
Under the Rose; DMC2 155: Under the Rose; CDM5 191:
Union, The; CDM2 90: UNION, The; DMB4 72:
Union Jigg; DW10 9: Union Jigg; CDM2 198: Union Jigg; DMB4 177:
Up Goes Ely; DMC2 54:
Up Tailes all; DMA1 97:
Up with Aily; DMA12: Up with Aily; CDM1 31: Up With Aily; CDM3 
Upon a Summers day; DMA1 1: see The garland.
Urania; DMC2 129:

Vain Promise; CDM2 117: Vain Promise; DMB4 99:
Valentine's Day; DMA6 = maid in the moon; DMA4: Valentine's Day;
  CDM1 110: Valentines Day; CDM3 124:
valiant captain, The; DMA4 = Gun, The; DMA1 40.
Valiant Jockey; DMA9: Valiant Jockey; CDM1 186: Valiant Jockey; 
  CDM3 125:
Veal's Maggot; CDM2 232: Veal's Maggot. DMB4 210:
Vendosme's Retreat; CDM2 187: Vendosem Retreat; DMB4 168: 
  Vendosme's Retreat; CDM4 179:
Venetian Embassador; CDM2 85: Venetion Embassador; DMB4 67:
Vicar of Taunton-Dean; CDM2 272: Vicar of Taunton Dean; DMB4
  250: Vicar of Taunton Dean; CDM4 98: 
Vienna [Hark the thundering Cannon roar]; DMA7: Vienna; CDM1
  143: Vienna; CDM3 42:
Vigo; DMA12: Vigo; CDM1 340: Vigo; CDM3 130:
Vigo, or St. Mary's Port; CDM2 95: Figo, or St. Mary's Port;
  DMB4 77:
Virgin Pullets; DW15 18: Virgin Pullets; CDM2 317: Virgin
  Pullets; DMB4 295:
Virgin Queen, The; DMA11A: Virgin Queen; CDM1 328: Virgin Queen;
  CDM3 131:
Virgin's Frolick; CDM2 229: Virgins Frolick, The; DMB4 207:
Volunteer, The; CDM2 133: Volunteer, The; DMB4 114:

Wa is me, what mun I do; DMA12: = Epsom Wells; DMA9A: [D'Urfey
waits, The; DMA3A:
Wallingford house; DMA3B: Wallingford House; CDM1 91:
Wallom Green; DMA7A:
Wallpole, see, the happy Clown.
Waltham Abbey; DMA9C:
Walton Abby; CDM1 247: Walton Abbey; CDM3 88:
Wansor; DMC2 166:
Wanton Dolly; DMC2 108: Wanton Dolly; CDM5 167:
Warrington Waits; DMC2 113:
Washington's March; DMA3A:
Watton Town's end; DMA3: Watton Town's End; CDM1 64: Watton 
  Towns; CDM3 85:
Way of the World; CDM2 161: Way of the World, The; DMB4 143:
We'll Wed and we'll Bed; CDM2 122: We'll Wed and we'll Bed;
  DMB4 104:
Wedding, the; DMC2 139:
Wedding Dance, The; CDM2 65: Wedding Dance, The; DMB4 48: Wedding
  Dance, the; CDM4 132:
Wedding Night, The DMA4 19: = Argeers; DMA1 58:
Wedding Supper; CDM2 61: Wedding Supper; DMB4 44: Wedding Supper;
  CDM4 130:
Welch Whim, The; CDM2 40: Welch Whim, The; DMB4 23: Welch Whim, 
  the; CDM4 145:
Welcome home, old Rowley; DMA8: Welcome Home, old Rowley; CDM1
  166: Welcome Home Old Rowley; CDM3 53: [Scots-Had away from me
Well done Jack; CDM2 15: Well Done Jack; CDM4 149:
Well Hall; DMA6A:
Well House; DW08 16: Well House; CDM2 153: Well-House; DMB4
Well's humour; DMA11: Well's Humour; CDM1 274: Well's Humour; 
  CDM3 63:
Westminster Hall; DMA9C: Westminster-Hall; CDM1 249: Westminster
  Hall; CDM5 63:
Westmorland; DMA7: Westmorland; CDM1 109: Westmorland; CDM5 247:
What you please; DMA3: What you Please; CDM1 63: What you please;
  CDM3 73:
Whelby House; DMA11A:
When the King enjoys, see The Restoration of King Charles 
Wherligig, The; DMA1 11: Whirly Gigg, the; DMC2 198: Whirly Gigg,
  the; CDM3 30: 
Whig's Folly; CDM2 256: Whig's Folly; DMB4 234:
Whim, The (or Bartholomew Fair; DMA17); DMA9: Whim, The; CDM1
  183: Whim, the; CDM5 269:
Whish, The; DMA1 9:
Wimbleton House; DMA11:
Winifred's knot; DMA2:
Whissling Jenny; DDW19 16:
white Widow, The CDM2 3:
White-Chapel Mount, see Of all Comforts.
Whitehall; DMA5: Whitehall; CDM1 98: Whitehall; CDM3 31:
Whitehall Minuet; DMA11: Whitehall Minuet; CDM1 308: Whitehall 
  Minuet; CDM3 63:
White heart Cabages, or, Easter Tuesday; DMB4 349: White Head 
  Cabbages, or Easter Tuesday; CDM4 125:[See Easter Tuesday];
Whitney's Farewell; DMA9: Whitney's Farewel; CDM1 175: Whitney's
  Farewell; CDM3 89:
Whitson-Holidays, or, The Parson in the Peas [titles from D'Urfey
  song, Pills I, 39, 1719]; CDM2 252: Whitson-holidays, or, the 
  Parson in the Peas; DMB4 230: Whitsun Hollyday [D'Urfey song, 
  Pills I, p. 39, 1719]; NCCD 17:
Who list to lead a soldier's life, see Souldiers life.
Wilbrook; DMC2 189:
Wimbleton-House; CDM1 287:
Winchester; DMA10: Winchester; CDM1 26: Winchester; CDM3 136:
Winchester wedding; DMA9B = King's Jig, The; DMA6A: Winchester 
  Wedding, or, the King's Jigg; CDM1 239: Winchester  Wedding; 
  CDM3 90: 
Windsor Castle; DMA9D: Windsor Castle; CDM1 69: Windsor Castle; 
  CDM3 96:
Windsor Prophecy; CDM2 260: Windsor Prophecy; DMB4 238:
Windsor Terras; CDM2 261: Windsor Tarras; DMB4 239: Windsor 
  Terras; CDM4 133:
Winton's Grub; DW18 18:
witches, The; DMA5:
Wolverton Hall; DMA7: Wolverton-Hall; CDM1 144: Wolverton Hall; 
  CDM3 106:
Wood Lark; DW10 14: Wood Lark; CDM2 201: Wood Lark; DMB4 182:
Wood Walton Green; DMC2 38: Wood Waltham Green; CDM5 249:
Woodbridges Corrant; DDW19 18:
Wooden shoes; DMA12: Wooden Shooes; CDM1 349: Wooden Shoes; CDM3
Woods March; DW15 16: Wood's March; CDM2 312: Wood's March;
  DMB4 290:
Woodstock Bower; CDM2 112: Woodstock Bower; DMB4 93:
Woodicock; DMA1 15: see The green man.
Wolly and Georgy; DMA11: Wooly and Georgey; CDM1 264: Wolly and 
  Geordie; CDM3 112:
Working Masons; NCCD 24:
Would you have a young Virgin, or, poor Robin's Maggot [First
  title from D'Urfey song.]; CDM2 167: Would you have a young 
  Virgin, or, Poor Robin's Maggot; DMB4 148: Young Virgin of 15 
  [D'Urfey's song 'Would you have a young virgin of 15 years' in
  The Modern Prophets. Tune for it in Pills I, p. 132, 1719, is 
  'Poor Robin's Maggot,' as here.]; NCCD 14:
Wright's Whim; DDW19 2:
Wright's Wisdom; DMC2 18:

Xerxes; DMC2 190:

Yellow Stockins; NCCD 18:
Young Damon; DMC2 191:
Young Damon's Flight; DW17 4: Young Damon's Flight; CDM2 351:
  Young Damon's Flight; DMB4 335:
Young Jemmy; DMA7: Young Jemmy; CDM1 112: Young Jemmy; CDM3 118:
Young Lawson's Wedding; DW18 24:
Young Philaret; DMC2 74: Young Phillaret; CDM5 168: [song?]
Young Phillis; CDM2 246: Young Phillis; DMB4 224:
Young Phillis of Wakefield; DW15 4: Young Phyllis of Wakefield;
  CDM2 301: Young Phillis of Wakefield; DMB4 279:
Young Roger; DW10 22: Young Roger; CDM2 210: Young Roger; DMB4
  190: Young Roger; NCCD 20:
Young Virgin, see Would you have.
Young's delight; DMA9A:
Young Sir John; CDM2 30: Young Sir John; DMB4 13:
Young Sir Soloman; DMA9B: Young Sir Solomon; CDM1 231: Young Sir
  Solomon; CDM3 114:
Young Strephon; CDM2 127: Young Strephon; DMB4 108:

Zealand; DMC2 192:
Zephies and Flora; DW15 20: Zephirs and Flora; CDM2 319: Zephirs
  and Flora; DMB4 298: