Some British Isles Country Dances of the Eighteenth Century

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Those here later than c 1730, except as noted below. Compiled by W. B. Olson, at the start that was. I've now added many from the listings of dance collections indexed in The National Tune Index, 1980, where scale incipits and stressed note codes are also given. [Now upgraded on website and CD ROM as Early American Secular Music and Its European Sources, 2002 [EASMES]

~ At end of a listing means it's an older tune listed in CNTYDAN1.HTM, However, Walsh's 'Compleat Country Dancing Master', 1731-5, reprints many tunes from before 1730, and those are listed only in CNTYDAN1.HTM, and only the remainder are here.

Unless otherwise noted the tunes here are from Twenty-four [New] Country Dances for the Year 17nn, by publisher as coded below.

This index was started before I became aware of Charles Gore's The Scottish Fiddle Music Index, (SFMI) 1994, or Rabson and Van Winkle Keller's National Tune Index, (NTI) 1980, both with music codes for identification of tunes. Both also give precise locations for the sources indexed. In one or the other, and sometimes both, will be found more precise information on tunes in many collections listed here.

I think I goofed up on dances in London magazines, and didn't complete the listing. The Huntington Library has an excellent collection of some of these, and the dances are listed separately in the published Huntington Library's catalog of printed music. Most of those first published in these magazines were short- lived, but there are some exceptions, most notably "Sukey bids me" and "Tom Jones". A few others may be found by searching on sources; 'GM ', 'LM ', and 'UM '. Also, many country dance tunes form sources I couldn't find contents for are given in the recent 'Sources of Irish Traditional Music', and all Scottish ones in Scottish collections to a late date are noted in Charles Gore's 'The Scottish Fiddle Music Index', 1994. Some given here are Scottish ones not published in any Scottish collection.

No contents list available: Skillern's 204 Country Dances and
Reels, c 1780 [Glasgow, Mitchell Lib.] 

WJ3: Walsh's 3rd book of jig's, etc., c 1730. 
WCALn: Walsh's Caledonian Country Dances: 1- 1731, 2nd ed.- 1735, 
  3rd ed.- 1737; 2- c 1736, 1737; 3- c 1740; 4- c 1744, 2nd. ed.-
  c 1745. [List in Gore's SFMI. W3: = book 5 of above, or also 
  called Vol. 2, part 1.]
CDM3: Walsh, Compleat Country Dancing Master, 1731. Noted by  
  page number and there are two tunes per page. All but 27 
  of 300 dances with tunes (listed here) were older ones and 
  those are listed only in CNTYDAN1.HTM.  
CDM4: Walsh, Compleat Country Dancing Master, Second Book of the, 
  3rd. ed., 1735. About half of 204 dances with tunes are 
  reprints of older tunes and those are listed in CNTYDAN1.HTM. 
  The rest are listed below.   
CDM5: Walsh, Compleat Country Dancing Master, Third Book of the,
  1735. [incomplete copy] ~77 of 300 dances with tunes are 
  reprints of earlier ones, and those are listed in CNTYDAN1.HTM.
CDM6: Walsh, Compleat Country Dancing Master, the Fourth Book of
  the. (c 1747) Incomplete copy; starts with #15. Nominally 202 
  tunes with dances. 
JJ1: J. Johnson, Wright's Compleat Collection of Celebrated 
  Country Dances, c 1740-2. [200 dances with tunes, two per 
  page. This and the following are probably reprints of works 
  issued by Daniel Wright, (Jr.), but no Wright issues are 
JJ2: J. Johnson, Wright's Compleat Collection of Celebrated 
  Country Dances, vol. 2. c 1742. 200 dances with tunes, two per
JJ3: J. Johnson, A Choice Collection of 200 Favourite Country 
  Dances, Vol. 3, 1744. 200 dances with tunes, two per page.
JJ4: J. Johnson, A Choice Collection of 200 Favourite Country 
  Dances, Vol. 4, 1748. 200 dances with tunes, two per page]
JJ5: J; Johnson, A Choice Collection of 200 Favourite Country 
  Dances. Vol. 5, 1750. 200 dances with tunes, two per page.
JJ6: J. Johnson, A Choice Collection of 200 Favourite Country 
  Dances, Vol. 6th. 1751. 200 dances with tunes, two per page.
DR1: D. Rutherford, Choice Collection of 60 Country Dances,
  (contains a tune from very late Dec, 1753) c 1754. Folger, 
  dating it c 1750, as does BUCEM and NTI. [All tunes in this are
  also in DR3, and none are in DR2, so I'm beginning to suspect 
  this is more like 1757-60]
DR2: [David] Rutherford's Compleat Collection of 200 of the Most 
  Celebrated Country Dances, Vol. 1st. (c 1756). 200 dances with
  tunes, two per page.  
DR3: [David] Rutherford's Compleat Collection of 200 Country 
  Dances. Vol 2. c 1760. [More likely c 1764] 200 dances with 
  tunes, two per page.
DR4: [John] Rutherford's collection of 200 country dances, c 
  1772?. I have litle information about this collection.
TMP1: Thompson, Samuel, Ann, and Peter, c 1780-90, Collection of
  200, Vol. I. Reissue of c 1758 collection, as is a c 1764 
  reissue. Folger.
TMP2: Thompson's Compleat Collection of 200 Favourite Country 
  Dances. Vol. 2. Charles & Samuel Thompson (c 1765). 200 dances
  and tunes, two per page. This commences with the 24 dances for 
  1758 and appears to the yearly issues through 1764, with a made
  up section of mostly old dances for pp. 85-100.  
TMP3: Thompson's Compleat Collection of 200 Favourite Country 
  Dances. Vol. 3. Charles & Samuel Thompson (c 1772/3). 200 
  dances and tunes, two per page.
TMP4: Thompson's Compleat Collection of 200 Country Dances. Vol.
  4. Charles and Samuel Thompson (c 1780) 200 dances with tunes,
  two per page.
TMP5: Thompson's Compleat Collection of 200 Favourite Country 
  Dances. (Vol 5?) Saml, Ann and Peter Thompson (1788?). 200 
  dances with tunes, two per page. The dances at the beginning 
  are those for 1788. 
RB I-IV: Bride's Favourite Collection of 200 Country Dances, 
  Cotillons and Allemands. R. Bride, [1776 according to NTI, but
  seems to me to be later. Confusing ordering here. I think 
  section IV is of 1781 and the last 12 pages of section III are
  the 24 dances for 1773.] 200 dances with tunes, but with a few 
MRMD: Merry Medley, [I] 1744, II-1745. Books with short section 
  of dances with tunes. Copies, U. of Wisc., Huntington. Reissue
  of 1749 in Folger is Vol. II only, w/o Vol. #. BUCEM lists 
  single copy of what is apparently a c 1750 issue of Vol I.
CSTH: Charles and Samuel Thompson's Collection of 120 Hornpipes,
  c 1775. Folger.
SS: Straight & Skillern's collection of 200 country dances. I 
  have no information about this collection.
AA: Aird's Airs, 6 vols., c 1778-1806. Only a few items listed,
  as these are vocal airs, most not used for country dances. 

JWnn: John Walsh, 24-1750. LC. 
DRnn: D. Rutherford, 24-1758. DR63, 12 for 1763. LC  
RBnn: R. Bride, 24-1766, 1768, 1769, 1770. All LC.
PTnn: Peter Thompson, 24-1758. LC.
CSTnn: Charles and Samuel Thompson, 24-1768, 24-1769. LC.
SAPTnn: Thompson, Samuel, Ann, and Peter, 24-1788. LC. 1789, 90,
  91, 93, 94 [then imprint become MT]  
HA, HB: Hime's '48 Original Irish Dances', in two parts, A and B,
  BUCEM puts it c 1795. It is here designated as HA95, and HB95.
JFnn: John Fentum, 1792, 1794. LC.
TDnn: T. Dodd, 24-1795. LC.
PSnn: Preston and Son, 24-1794, 1796. LC.
MTnn: Messrs. Thompson, 24-1795-9, MT00 is that for 1800. 
LBn: Longman and Broderip's Nth Selection, (2nd, 5th, 6th) c
  1791-1796. LC.
WCn: Wm. Campbell's Collection's. [almost all Scots and Irish]
  those here c 1798 - 1805/6. LC. More are listed in Charles 
  Gore's work.
RBR: Robert Bremners 'Reels' [this is only Scots collection 
  listed fully here (other than two early MSS), for comparison 
  with English dance publications with many of the same tunes. D.
  Rutherford and the early Thompsons were evidently of Scots 
  extraction and published many Scots tunes in London] LC. 
GNTB: Vickers MS. Ed. by Matt Seattle, as 'The Great Northern
  Tune Book', 3 vols, 1986-87. Tunes copied into MS c 1770-1772.
JJD: John Johnston. Twelve Favorite Country Dances and Six
  Cotillions [c 1772] Folger.
FLMS: Folger Shakespeare Lib. MS. V.b. 410.  An 18th century
  music MS, c 1760, containing 15 country dance tunes and others.
  The first part of The MS contains tunes copied from single 
  sheet songs with music, all from before c 1740, and are not 
  listed here. The second section of tunes, pp 61-86, are
  primarily country dance tunes, with a few song tunes, most of
  the latter being well known and are not included here. 
DRD: Dale's Collection of Reels and Dances (#1 only, 1800 or
  slightly later) LC
WR98: William Rolfe's Elegant & Fashionable Collection of 24
  Country Dances---year 1798. LC 
GMnn: Gentleman's Magazine, 17nn. Folger.
LM: London Magazine [from Huntington Catalog]
UM: Univ. Magazine [from Huntington Catalog]
MC: B. Martin's Miscellaneous Correspondence [from Huntington 
  Catalog and BUCEM]
WHM: Walker's Hibernian Magazine [from BUCEM] 
BL71: British Lib. MS Addl. 23971. Dance tunes in MS of c 1770,
  listed in BM Catalogue of Manuscript Secular Music [No, tune- 
  "What a beau my Granny was" is by Wm. Shields and is later
  than 1770]
BYMS: David Young (Compiler, Scots tune), Bodleian MS, 1740. 
  [From list by Emerson]
DYMS is a Scots MS of 1734, Drummond Castle, compiled by David 
  Young, with many tunes not known from printed copies until 
  later. From list by Emerson. Others MSS compiled by Young are 
  the McFarlane MSS in NLS, c 1740-45. Location of another, said
  by John Glen (in 1900) to be of 1760, is not now known. I have
  no contents lists of the  MacFarlane MSS. Contents DYMS and 
  BYMS and the James Gillespie fiddle MS, 1768, are in SCOTMS. 
CPCn: Caledonian Pocket Companion. Only such dance tunes as are 
  also in other works here are included, and maybe not all of 
  those. See SCOTTUNS for issues and approximate dates; also 
  complete contents are there.


Abbey Bells, The; LB5 6:
A[-]Beging we will go; BL71 56:
Abel Drugger; TMP1 76:
Aberdeen, or the Deel's dead; NCCD 35: Devils Dead; JJ1 80: 
  De'els Dead, the; TMP2 93: Scot[c]h Jigg, or ye D'ls Dead; BL71
  84:? ~
Abroad and at home; LB5 18:
Adelphi, The; JJD 5:
Adieu, the; TMP4 41:
Admiral Bing; CDM5 238:
Admiral Boscawen [hornpipe]; CSTH 30:
Admiral Duncan; WR98 9:
Admiral MacBride's Fancy; MT95 82:
Ad.l Mitchel's Waltz; WC15 3:
Admiral Rodney's [hornpipe]; CSTH 25: 
Admiral Rodney's Delight; TMP2 31: Admiral Rodney's Delight; GNTB
Admiral Rodney's Triumph; RB IV 86: Admiral Rodney's Triumph; 
  TMP5 88:
Advice to the Ladies; JJ6 82:
Affront Taken, the: RB I 3:
Agreable Surprise, the; TMP5 65: [O'Keffee/ Arnold opera, 1781]
Ah Ca Ira; JF92 4: Ah Ca Ira; LB2 10: [incendiary French song,
  appeared and was immediately outlawed in mid July, 1790]
[Aileen] Ellin a Roon; CDM4 18: Eilin Aroon; JJ2 86: [Irish]
Air Balloon, the; TMP5 37:
Albany quick march, The; BL71 116:
Albemarls March; CDM4 95: Albermarls March; JJ1 85:
Albertine; DR63 6:
Albins, The; SAPT90 23:
Albion Hornpipe, the; TMP5 31:
Alcove, the; DR3 18:
Alderman's Hat, the; TMP4 27: 
Aldersgate Barrs; WCAL2 84: Aldersgate Barrs; JJ2 35:
Aldgate Pump; JJ6 57:
Aldridge's Rant; TMP3 86:
Ale Wife and her Barrel, the; JJ5 55: Ale wife and her barrell; 
  DR2 98:
Alice see Elsie
All Alive; BL71 32:~
All alive and merry; JJ3 52: All alive and merry; CDM6 186: All 
  alive and merry; BL71 32b:
All around the May-Pole; BL71 116b:
All hands high; UM Sept 1759: All Hands High; TMP2 23: All Hands
  high [hornpipe]; CSTH 20:
All hands hoye [hornpipe]; CSTH 2: All hands hoy!; LM 1750:
All in a hurry; JJ5 51:
All in the wrong; TMP2 58:
All we wish, or the beggar's blessing; UM Oct 1760:
All's Well; TMP3 27:
Allemand Le Grande; TMP5 55: Allemand Le Grande; TMP5 73:
Allister; CDM4 2: Allister; WCAL3 46: Allastor; DYMS11: Allister;
  JJ3 31: Alister; BL71 87b: Sir John Malcolm [SMM #354. Fare ye
  weel my auld wife.]: RBR 96: Allister; WCAL3 46: Alister; BL71
  87b: All alive and merry; WCAL3 66: All Alive and Merry; JJ3 
Ally Croaker; UM Apr 1754: Ally Croaker; DR1 5: Ally Croaker; 
  TMP1 41: Ally Croaker; DR3 57: Ally Croaker; BL71 116b: [See 
  Irish tune index]
Always Drunk and never Sober; WCAL3 98: Always drunk and never  
  sober; JJ3 72: Always Drunk and never Sober; BL71 73b:
Ambigue; JJ4 67:
Ambigno; DR2 46:
Amelia; LM Jun 1752:
America-1; JJ1 37: America-2; JJ1 37: America; TMP2 95: America;
  BL71 52:~
America Minuet, see Hugh Hopely
Amintor Charm'd; CDM5 291:
Amorous Goddess; JJ4 89: Amorous Goddess; DR2 81:
Amorous Old Woman; LM Dec 1756:
Amorous Sportsman; CDM6 80:
Amorous Squeeze, the; JJ6 30:
Amsbury; CDM5 80:
Andrew Kerr; WCAL1 21: Andrew Kerr; CDM5 45: Andrew Kerr; JJ1 5:
  Andrew Carr; MRMD45 4: Andrew Carr; GNTB 306: Andrew Cary; HB95
  1: Andrew Cary; OFPC1 119: Andrew Kerr; BL71 26: Andrew Carr.
  a Jig; GCR1 36: 
And thou wert mine own dear; TMP1 20:
Animal Comedians, the; DR3 88:
Anson's Delight; WCAL4 84:
Antigallican Dance, The; SAPT94 62:
Antigua Billey; DR2 27: Antigua Billy; BL71 98b:
Any thing; WCAL2 86: Any Thing, or, Saturday Night; CDM4 15: Any
  Thing; JJ2 65: Any Thing; TMP1 68: Any Thing; DR3 98:
April Day; JJ3 89:
Apron, the; DR3 98:
Apron my Dear, The; CST69 60: Apron my dear, the; TMP3 60:
  ? My Apron Deary; CPC4 13:
Arabella; WC17 10:
Arcadian Contest, The; SAPT88 11: Arcadian Contest, the; TMP5 11:
Arcadian Nuptials, the; TMP3 100: Arcadian Nuptials, the; TMP4 
Ardkinglas's Reel; DYMS2:
Argyle's Bowling Green; DYMS1: Argyll's Bowling Green; RBR 70:
  Argyle Bowling Green; GNTB 110:
Aron's Maggot; GNTB 241:
Arne's Jigg; DR1 43: Arne's Jig; DR3 32:
Art of Sparing, the; WHM Oct. 1796:
Arthur's Seat; BYMS:
Artillery Rout, the RB III 89: Artillery Rout, or Hopkins Whim; 
  TMP4 5:
As black as a Coal, see Black as...
As soon as you please; TMP1 45:
As you like it; JJ4 55: As you like it; DR2 41: As ye like it; 
  BL71 91:
Asgill's Rant; CST69 58: Asgill's Rant; TMP3 58:
Ash Wednesday; JJ5 64: Ash Wednesday; DR2 61: Ash Wednesday; BL71
Ashley Flag; RB III 87v: Ashleys Flag; SAPT88 5: Ashleys Flag; 
  TMP5 5:
Assassination, or Chill Groves; RB III 89v: Assassination, the; 
  TMP5 99:
Assignation; CDM6 46: Assignation, the; JJ2 43:
Assize Assembly, the; TMP2 31:
Association, the; JJ4 70:
Astleys Hornpipe; TMP5 41:
Aston Hall; BL71 36b:
Astrope Wells the new way; WCAL2 78: Astrope Wells the New Way; 
  JJ3 45: Astrope Wells; BL71 61b:~ [Old way, Dancing Master and
  Compleat Country Dancing Master] 
Athole Brae; WCAL1 34: Athol Braes; CDM3 4: Athol Brays; JJ1 21:
  Atholl Brae; GNTB 376: Athol Braes; BL71 33b: Athol Braes; 
  DYMS1: = Braes of Athol, qv.
Athol Brose; JF94 2:
Athol Cummers_Strathspey, The; RBR 78: The Athole Cummers; AMR
Atkins [hornpipe]; CSTH 9:
Atlantic, the; TMP5 69:
Attic Story, the; TMP5 51:
Auld Carle come o'er the Croft, see Carle came...
Auld Criple Dow, The; DR58 11: Auld Criple Dow, the; DR3 80:
Auld Man's from home; TMP1 21:
Auld Wife, see Old Wife
Aurettis Dance: JJ2 98: Auretti's Dance; CDM6 117:
Auretti's Dutch Skipper; WCAL4 76: Widow's Jigg, or Auretti's 
  Dutch Skipper; JJ2 63: Auretti's Dutch Skipper; CDM6 101:
  Auretti's Dutch Skipper; TMP1 86: Auretti's Dutch Skipper; DR2
  77: Aurett[i]'s Dutch Skipper; BL71 85: [Madam Auretti was a 
  professional dancer. See Dutch Skipper, and New --]
Auretti's maggot; WCAL4 69: Auretti's Maggot; CDM6 118:
Away to the Camp; TMP5 77:
[Ayrshire] Airshire Lasses, The; WC16 14:

Bacchus Defeat; CDM4 201: Bacchus Defeat; JJ1 74:
Bacchus's Feast; JJ3 38:
Back of the Change house; RBR 93:
Bagatellier, the; RB III 9: 
Baker's Frolic; SAPT89 3:
Balendaloch's Dream; RBR 33:
Balgenny's Bowling Green [Printed by Glen, SDM I, p. 21.]; RBR
  39: Ball Gownie's Bowling Green; DR3 74: Balgener's Bowling 
  Green; GNTB 230:
Ballance a Straw; DR3 14: [Oswald's "The tulip" from song  
Ballina Mona; CDM6 72: Ballina Mona [Ora]; JJ4 20: [Song]
Balk, see Baulk
Ballance a Straw ['From the man whom I love,' Ballance a Straw
  from Smollet's The Reprisal, 1757, the tune being J. Oswald's
  "The Tulip."]; BL71 102:
Ballest Heavers, the; RB I 10:
Balmoral's Reel; DYMS2:
Baltioura; HA95 8: [Irish]
Bandbox, the; CDM6 27: Bandbox, the; JJ4 15:
Bandy Leg Walk; JJ3 26:
Bangor Rout; MT97 11:
Bank Corps, the; MT99 41:
Banks of Clyde, The; GNTB 476:
Banks of Forth; WCAL3 38: Banks of Forth by Mr. Oswald, the [* in
  index]; CPC1 26: Banks of Forth, the; JJ3 50: Banks of Forth, 
  the; CDM6 189: Banks of Forth; BL71 66:
Bantering Billy; JJ5 48:
Bantry Bay; LB5 15: Bantry Bay; WR98 7:
Bantry-Bay Boy, The; MT98 23:
Barbadoes, the; CDM4 17: Barbadoes, the; JJ3 4:
Barber, The; RB70 66:
Barber's [hornpipe], The; CSTH 54:
Barbara's Maggot; JJ5 73:
Barbarini's Tambourine; WCAL4 56: Barbarinis Tambourine; CDM6 
Bargain, the; JJ6 18:
Barham Camp; MT00 42:
Barking Hall; JJ5 77:
Barley Cake; CDM4 37: Barley Cakes; GNTB 298: Barley Cakes;
  MRMD45 2: Barley Cakes; WCAL2 13: Barley Cake; JJ3 11:
  Barley Cake [?]; BL71 24:
Barley Mow, the; TMP4 74:
Barley Straw; CDM5 151: Barley Straw; JJ1 46: Barley Straw; BL71 
Barley Sugar; WCAL4 40: Barley Sugar; JJ3 49: Barley Sugar; 
  Barley Sugar; CDM6 176: GNTB 284: Barley Suger; DR2 35: Barley
  Sugar; BL71 24b: Barley Cakes (II); CPC10 2: Barley Cakes; RBR
  68: [English Barley Sugar =  Scots Barley Cakes]
Barners of Falkirk, The; GNTB 451:
Barney Maclane; WR98 10:*
Barr O; JJ5 14:
Barry's Delight; TMP1 79:
Barton's Maggot; JJ5 37: Barton's Maggott [hornpipe]; CSTH 55:
Barwick Billy, see Go to Berwick.
Basket of Oysters [Cross- 1st strain = Greensleeves, 2nd = Johnny
  McGill]; HB95 1:
Bath Assembly; JJ5 69: Bath Assembly; DR3 63:
Bath Carnival; TMP4 50:
Bath Medley; CDM3 9: Bath Medley; JJ1 29: Bath Medley 
  [undoubtably for Tony Aston's song, c 1715]; BL71 35:~
Bath Pump House; JJ1 4:
Bath Races; BR III 55:
Bath Trumpet Tune; JJ3 36:
Bath Waltz, The; WC20 24: Bath Waltz, The; LB5 31:
Batheing Machine; the; TMP3 32:
Battle of Culloden, the; JJ4 48: Battle of Culloden, The; DR2 38:
  [given by Dick, SRB. Cf. Culloden Fight]
Battle of the Boyan; CDM3 5: Battle of the Boyn; WCAL1 61:
Baulk, The; WCAL1 36: Balk, the; CDM5 114: Balk, the [facsimile 
  in Music in Colonial Massachusetts, I, 24, 1980]; JJ1 49: 
  Baulk, the; TMP2 90: Baulk, The; GNTB 291: Baulk; BL71 43:
Baxter's Rant; DYMS2:
Bayhem Abbey; SAPT93 50:
Be gone dull care; JF94 9:
Be Merry and Wise; GNTB 225: Be Merry and Wise; Lilliputan Mag,
Beachan Cliffs; CDM5 292:
Beau Nash; JJ5 64: Beau Nash; DR2 62:
Beaumont's Fancy [hornpipe]; CSTH 54:
Beaus of the Park, the; JJ6 56:
Beauteous Morn, the; MT00 47:
Beautiful Charmer, the; RB III 89: Beautiful Charmer, the; TMP4 
Beaux Delight, or Roger and James; 
  BL71 50b:~
Beaux of St. Jame's; UM 1st supp 1761:
Beaver, The; PT58 10: Beaver, the; UM 1st supp. 1758: Beaver, 
  the; TMP2 10:
[Because] Gin I was a Bonny Lad, or the Cleaver Lad; CDM4 104: 
  Because I was a bonny lad; WCAL2 62: Clever Lad, the, or Gin I
  was a bonny lad; JJ2 5: Because I was a bonny lad; DYMS1: 
  Because I was a bonny lad; CDM5 102: Because I was a bonny Lad;
  TMP1 85: Because he was a bonny Lad; RBR 14: Because I was a 
  bonny Lad; FLMS: Because I was a Bonny Lad; AMR2 44: Bonny 
  Lads; HA95 5: [Because] I was a Bonny Lad; BL71 30b: Because he
  was a bonny lad; DR2 30: GNTB 31 
Beazly's Delight; CDM6 168:
Beckfords Election; RB III 36:
Bed Chamber; WCAL4 62: Bed Chamber; JJ4 85:
Bed of Roses, the; TMP5 39:
Bedford Lion, The; LM Feb 1752:
Bedford's Delight; JJ1 23: [See Dutchess of...]
Beggar Reel; DYMS2:
Begger's in the Barn; BL71 52b :
Begin the Dance; RB IV 90: Begin the Dance; TMP5 89:
Behind the door; GNTB 313:
Belinda's Riggadoon; CDM5 207:
Bellman, The; GNTB 560:
Bells of Osley, the; TMP3 90:
Belvediere or La Mountaineers; LB5 22:
Belvoir Castle, or the Duke of Rutland's Birth Day  by J. Gow;
  WC15 4:
Ben Wait's thatch'd House; BL71 78: ? Thacht'd House, qv.
Berely Square; JJ5 92:
Berkeley Castle; TMP3 6:
Berks of Abergelde, The; WCAL1 83: Birks of Abergeldie; CDM5 62:
  Birks of Abergeldy; RBR 35: Birks of Aberfeldie, The; BL71 100:
  Berks of Abergelde/ Cast a Bell; JJ1 42: Berks of Abergild, 
  The; BL71 80b: [Cf. Birks]
Berlin Waltz, the; MT99 35:
Bernard/ Barnard's Will; GNTB 428: Bernard's Well JCR? [Bernard's
  Well; J. Gillispie MS]  
Berwick Jockey; JJ3 32: Berwick Jockey; CDM6 123: Berwick Jockey;
  BL71 65b: Berwick Jockey; MT97 2: [Go to Berwick J..?]
Berwick Lasses; WCAL3 34: Berwick Lasses-1; JJ3 78: Berwick 
  Lasses-2; JJ3 83: Berwick Lasses; HA95 5: Barwick Lasses;
  BL71 72:
Bess Kings Hornpipe; WJ3:
Bess Kings Jigg; WJ3:
Bessy Bell; WCAL1 28: Bessy-Bell; CDM5 38: Bessy Bell; BL71 27b:
  Bessy Bell; JJ1 13:
Bessy Haggice; WCAL1 41: Bess Haggice; JJ2 20:
Bethnal Green Hornpipe; WCAL3 80: Bethnall Green Hornpipe; CDM6 
Better Day Better Deed; CDM4 105: Better Day Better Deed; CDM5 
  253: Better Day Better Deed; JJ1 62:
Better than Worse; WCAL4 54:
Betty Blue; DR1 30: Betty Blue; TMP1 77: Betty Blue; DR3 50:
Betty Bodkin; JJ4 74:
Betty Thorogood's Delight; TMP2 32:
Betty's Delight; MRMD45 7:
Betty's Wedding; JJ6 84:
Betty's Whim; JJ5 68: Betty's Whim; DR3 100:
Beverly Assembly; JJ4 32: Beverly Assembly; DR2 47: Beverley 
  Assembly; GNTB 343: Beverly  Assembly; BL71 87:
Beverly School Boys; JJ4 88: Beverly School Boys; DR2 84: 
Beynans Delight; RB IV 87: [= Roynon's, qv.] 
Bilk the Landlord; JJ6 26: Bilk the Landlord; UM Aug 1752:
Bill Bobstay; SAPT93 52:
Bill of Rights, the; TMP3 66:
Billy Costin; JJ2 99:
Billy Dimple; JJ5 73:
Billey's Jigg; TMP1 75:
Billy King's Bass Minuet; CDM4 56: Billy Kings Bass Minuet; JJ1 
Bingly House; CDM5 83:
Bird, The; CST68 44: Bird, the; TMP3 44:
Bird Cage, the; JJ4 23:
Bird Catchers, the; TMP4 66:
Bird Fancier, the; MT99 28;
Birks, see Berks
Birth Day, the; MT95 80:
Bishop, the; TMP4 72:
Bite the Biter; JJ3 91:
Bixom Boxom; JJ1 72:
Black and all Black; JJ6 15:
Black and Blue [hornpipe]; CSTH 40:
Black and Grey; JJ2 51: Black and Grey; BL71 46b:~
Black as a Cole; WCAL1 40: Black as a Cole; CDM5 15: Black as a 
  Coal; MRMD45 5: Black As Cole; JJ1 69: Black as a Cole; BL71 
  61: As black as a Coal; RBR 60: 
Black Boy Ally; JJ3 9: Black Boy Alley [hornpipe]; CSTH 47:
Black Dance, The; RB69 50: Black Dance, the; TMP3 71: Black 
  Dance; AMM 1: Black Dance; RMFR2 #300
Black Dish Bottom; BL71 38b:
Black Ey'd Sally's Fancy; WCAL4 78: Black Ey'd Sally's Fancy; 
  CDM6 94:
Black Jack; JJ5 75:
Black Joak; WJ3: Black Joke; CDM3 27: Black Joak; JJ1 15: Black 
  Joke; TMP2 94: Black Jack; GNTB 206: Black Joak; BL71 43: 
  Black Joke also in Henry Beck Flute MS, 1786, Lib. of Congr.  
  See also Scots and Irish tune Indexes. Joke, Joak. From bawdy 
  Irish song, Scarce Songs 1]
Black Leggs; BL71 97:
Black Mary's Hole; CDM5 115: Black Mary's Hole; JJ1 34:
Black Mary's Hornpipe; WJ3: Black Mary Hornpipe; GNTB 431: Black 
  Mary's Hornpipe; BL71 43b:
black Prince's Hornpipe, The; CSTH 31:
Black Top; JJ6 11:
Blacksmith's Hornpipe, The; CSTH 38:
Blackwell Hall; JJ2 58:~
Blair Drummond's Reel; RBR 87 : Blair Drummond's Reel; RB70 61:
Blake's Hornpipe (I and II); GNTB 386, 387:
Blandford Assembly; MT97 1:
Blanket, The; RB69 49:
Blazing Comet, the; TMP5 55:
Blazing Star; WCAL2 19: Blazing Star; JJ2 6: Blazing Star 
  [hornpipe], The; CSTH 47:
Blechynden's Maggot; TMP1 54: Blechynden's Maggot; TMP3 54:
Bleeding Heart; WCAL2 33: Bleeding Heart, the; CDM4 53: Bleeding
  Heart; JJ2 3:
Blenheim House; TMP5 98:
Blew Bell Hornpipe; WJ3:
Blew, see Blue
Blew Cap; JJ1 92:~
Blind Fidler, the; TMP3 16:
Blind Philip's dead; GNTB 389:
Blind Sportsman, the; MT99 31:
Blithest Lass that e'er was seen, The; TMP1 32:
Blithsome round; WCAL4 70: Blithsome Round; CDM6 97: Blithsome 
  Round; JJ4 97: 
Blithsome round, part 2; WCAL4 71: Blithsome Round, 2nd. part; 
  CDM6 98: Blithsome Round, 2nd. part; JJ4 97:
Blooming Hedges; BL71 82b:
Blowzabella; WCAL1 26: Blowzabella; CDM5 70: Blowzabella; JJ1 56:
  Blowzabella; GNTB 392: Blousa Bella; BL71 42:
Blue and Buff; LB2 19: Blue and Buff; SAPT91 27:
Blue Bells of Scotland, The; WC16 12:
Blue Britches; RBR 67: Blew Breeches; JJ1 96:~ [Blew Breeches] 
Blue Ey'd Polly; JJ6 91:
Blue Joak; CDM5 20: Blue Joak; JJ1 86:
Blundering Irishman; CDM6 66:
Boatswain, the; JJ3 24:
Boatswains Delight, The [hornpipe]; CSTH 2:
Bob of Dumblane; CDM4 184: Bob of Dunblane; WCAL2 94: Guess or 
  Bob of Dumblane; RB66 17: 
Bob Derry's Hornpipe; CSTH 36:
Bob Horns [hornpipe]; CSTH 18:
Bob in the Bed; WCAL4 68: Bob in the Bed; JJ3 61: Bob in the Bed;
  CDM6 100: Bob in the Bed; DR2 91: Bob in ye Bed [Cf. Robing in
  a Bedd]; BL71 65: [Planxty Connor; John O'Connor, #114 in 
  O'Sullivan's Carolan]
Bob Perrys [hornpipe]; CSTH 11:
Bob Shear Harvest, see Robin shear'd in Hairst.
Bob Short's Whim; UM Mar 1753:
Bob's Excise; JJ2 41:
Bob's Whim; JJ6 81: Bob's Whim; DR2 60:
Bobbing Joan; HA95 2: Bobbing Joe; BL71 44b:
Boddies of the Braes, the; DR3 28:
Bogey [hornpipe]; CSTH 18:
Bogin O; WCAL3 73:
Boil'd Peas; MT98 19:
Bon Ton; RB III 5: Bon Ton; TMP4 55:
Boncus; JJ1 27:
Bonintown Well; RBR 96:
Bonnet makers of Dundee, The; RBR 46:
bonniest Lass in all the World, The; TMP1 23:
Bonny Betty; JJ6 77: Bonny Betty; DR2 56:
Bonny Boatman, The; WCAL1 54: Bonny Boatman, the; CDM5 33: Bonny
  Boat Man, the; JJ2 22: Bonny Boatman; BL71 109:
Bonny Christy; BL71 107b:
Bonny Dundee; JJ2 57: Bonny Dundee; BL71 47:~
Bonny Jamie O'; RB I 9:
Bonny Jeane; BL71 107:
Bonny Kate of Aberdeen; JW50 17: Bonny Kate of Aberdeen; LM Jun 
  1751: Bonny Kate of Aberdeen; LM Dec 1756: Bonny Kate of 
  Aberdeen; TMP3 79: Bonny Kate of Aberdeen; BL71 86b:
Bonny Kitty; TMP2 55:
Bonny Lad to marry me, A, see O'er young to marry yet 
Bonny Laddy; WCAL2 61: Bonny Laddie; CDM4 51: Bonny Laddie; BL71
Bonny Lads, see Because he was a ...
bonny Lass of Fannhiven, The; RBR 20:
Bonny Lass; WCAL1 69: Bonny Lass; JJ1 54: The Bonny Lass (2/4); 
  TMP1 42:
Bonny Lass, see The Merry Dancers.
Bonny Lass of Dunbar; CDM6 77:
Bonny Lass of Fisherron, the; TMP5 25: [Scots, Stuart's Reels, 
Bonny Lass of Luss, The; RBR 51:
Bonny Lass of our Town; BL71 29b:
Bonny Lassi take a Man; WCAL1 42: Bonny Lassie, take a Man [SMM
  #570.]; MHF 18: Bonny lassi take a man; JJ2 21: Bonny Lassie 
  take a man; CPC11 18: 
Bonny Lass to marry me, A; CPC1 21: Bonny Lass to Marry me, A; 
  RBR 24: 
Bonny Lass with the short Apron; WCAL3 45: Bonny Lass, with the
  short Apron [Cf. Short Apron]; MRMD44 p. 301: [Same tune with 
  considerable differences] The Short Apron, The; CPC10 4: Short
  Apron; RBR 9: Although differences, in first strain 
  particularly, are considerable, this is the same tune as "Bonny 
  Lass with the Short Apron" in The Merry Medley, 1744
Bonny Miller, The; GNTB 330:
Bonny Pit Lad, The; GNTB 255:
Bonny Sailor, the; TMP4 25:         
Bonny Sue; JJ3 87:
Bonny wi' thing, The; RBR 40:
Bonsadalians, the; LM Feb 1755: Bonsadalians, the; TMP1 49:
Bookseller's Frolick, The; PT58 2: Bookseller's Frolick, the; 
  TMP2 2:
Boot, the; TMP4 23:
Booths Minuet; CDM5 163:
Border Reel; WCAL1 94: Border Reel; CDM5 19: Border Reel; DYMS1:
  Border Reel; JJ1 71: Border Reel; BL71 29:
Boreing the Gimblet; BL71 24: Craven's, Em ?9/8 Em 13b3b 13b4 
Borlum's Reel; JJ5 58: Borlum's Reel; DR2 99:
Born Drunk; BL71 62b:
Borne Races; CDM4 31: Borne Races; JJ3 3:
Boscawen's Frolick; TMP2 38:
Boscomb Bucks; WCAL1 14: Boscomb Bucks; CDM5 117:
  Boscomb Bucks; BL71 25:
Both here and there; CDM6 74:
Bottle and Friend; JW50 18: Bottle and Friend; LM Nov 1751: 
  Bottle and Friend; BL71 85:
Bottle of Punch, the; WHM Dec. 1790: [Irish, "Jackson's Bottle."] 
Bougies; JJ6 19:
Bouncing Hussey, The; GNTB 408:
Bourough Fair; CDM5 58: Bourough Fair; JJ1 11:
Bourton Assembly; TMP3 21:
Bow Bells; TMP3 63:
Bow Fair; CDM5 202: Bow Fair; JJ1 12:
Bow Wow; WCAL2 17: Bow wow; BL71 31b:
Bower of Roses, The; SAPT94 66:
Bowl Away; JJ4 63:
Bowl of Bigg; GNTB 310:
Bowyers Whim; TMP2 16: [Boyer's?]
Boy in the Basket, the; TMP3 24: Boy in the Basket, The; GNTB 
Boyan, the/ Northumberland Bag..; JJ1 10: [Battle of Boyan?, qv]
Boyers Maggot; DR1 37: Boyers Maggot; PT58 5: Boyer's Maggot; UM
  Aug 1758: Boyer's Maggot; DR3 36: Boyers Maggot; TMP2 5:
Brae Mare; WCAL2 82: Brae Mare; JJ3 42: Brae Mare; BL71 37b: ? 
  Braes of Mar.
[Braes]/ Brays of Angus; JJ2 27: Brays of Angus; DR2 87:
Braes of Athol, The; RBR 78: = Athol Brae, qv  
Braes of Auchtertyne [Auchterytre], The; LB6:
Braes of Balquhider; WCAL4 46: Brays of Bochither; JJ3 95: Braes
  of Balquhider, the; CDM6 162: Braes of Balquheder; RBR 37: The
  Braes of Balquhidder; BYMS: Braes of Bowhether, The; WC12 22: 
  [see also Scots tune index]
[Braes]/ Brays of Caldel; CDM6 53: Brays of Caldel; JJ4 39:
[Braes]/ Brays of Kendal; CDM6 20:
Braes of Mar, The; RBR 34: Braes of Marr, The; WC12 14: Braes of
  Mar  a Strathspey, The; WC17 7: The Braes of Mar; AMR2 37 : 
  Braes of Mar; DYMS1: ? 
Braes of Strathdown, the; DR3 23:
Braes of Yarrow, the; CDM6 130:
Brandford Hunt; TMP3 3:
Brave Corsicans, the; TMP3 63:
Brays, see Braes
Bread and Butter; GNTB 424:
Bread and Cheese; JJ3 81: Bread and Cheese; WCAL4 29: Bread and 
  Cheese; CDM6 154: Bread and Cheese; GNTB 279: Bread and Cheese;
  DR2 95: Bread and Chees; BL71 32:
Breast Knot, the TMP2 15: Breast Knot, the; TMP3 82: Breast Knot,
  The, or, Looking Glass; GNTB 276: [Not Lady's Breast Knot, RBR]
Brechin Castle  a Strathspey & Miss Verie Hay's Reel; WC20 16:
Bredagad; CDM5 113: Bredagad; JJ2 31:
Breeches Loose; JJ5 50: Breeches Loose; DR2 13: Breeches loose; 
  TMP1 98: Breeches Loose [II]; GNTB 454: C 6/8 337L7L 7L27L2 ? 
  Trip to Bath [II], or Britches Loose; BL71 93b:
Breeches Tight; JJ5 50:
Brentford Lasses; TMP3 10:
Brest Fleet; RB I 6:
Brick Makers; DR1 33: Brick-Makers, the; MC 1756: Brick Makers, 
  The; TMP1 87: Brick Makers, the; DR3 47: Brick Maker; BL71 97:
Brickmaker's Frolic, the; GNTB 186: 
Bride has a Bonny thing, The; CPC8 21: Bride has a Bonnie Thing,
  The; TMP1 16: Bride is a bonny thing, The [as TMP1]: RBR 34:
Bride that was married last night, the; JJ3 87:
Bridge of Anas, The; RBR 58:
Bridge of Lodi; WC20 23:
Bridge of Nairn, The RBR2 109: See the Old man ill never die,
Bridge of Turk; DYMS2:
Bridgewater Camp; SAPT94 62: Bridgwater Camp; MT95 81:
Brighthelmstone Hot Bath; TMP3 87:
Brighton Allemand, the; MT00 41:
Brighton Review; PS94 105:
Brisk and Airy; CDM4 190:
Brisk and Smart; BL71 74:
Bristol Cross; CDM5 116: Bristol Cross; JJ1 34:
Bristol Fair; GM53: Bristol Fair; TMP1 25: Bristol Fair; GNTB
Bristol Lasses; GNTB 526:
Bristol Wells; LM Apr 1755; UM 1st supp 1755: Bristol Wells; TMP1
Britannia; BL71 55b:
British Carnival, the; UM 1st supp. 1753:
British Hero; CDM6 37: British Hero; JJ4 49: British Heroe, the;
  DR3 92: British Hero, The; GNTB 442: British Hero; BL71 84b:~
Britannia's promise; UM Jul 1759; LM May 1762: Brittanias 
  Promise; TMP2 23:
Brittiannias Relief; SAPT90 24:
Broad as Long; JJ4 56:
Broad Bottom; CDM6 38: Broad Bottom; JJ4 50:
Broad Hoop; JJ5 59:
Brockett Hall; TMP5 85:
Broken Brig of Stirling, The; WC13 16:
Brome's Assembly; JJ5 97:
Bromley Bells; TMP4 13:
Brook's maggot; UM Nov 1759; Brook's Maggot; LM Jan 1762: Brook's
  Maggot; TMP2 13:
Broom's Humour; RB III 52:
Broomfield House; JJ5 22:
Brose and Butter; RBR 32: 
Brosely Assembly; TMP4 48:
Brother Trap Foot; TMP1 77:
Brown Bess; PS96:
Brown Bread; MT96 92:
Brown Joak; WJ3:
Brown's Dance; DR63 1: 
Brown's Reel; AMR2 29: NSR: Brown's Rant; HB95 2: Brown's Reel;
  GCR2  28:
Brunswick Waltz, The; LB5 30:
Bucket, the; CDM4 6: Bucket; WCAL3 63: Bucket, the; JJ3 29: 
  Bucket, The; GNTB 304:
Buckland's Fancy; JJ5 54:
Buckle my shoe, see Foxhunter's Jig.
Buckton Rake; GNTB 426:
Bucks Contention; JJ4 87: Buck's Contention, The; GNTB 419:
Bucks of Breadhelmsted, The; LM Sept 1752:
Bucks of Westmeath; HB95 7: 
Bucks Phaeton or a Trip to Windsor, The; CST69 59: Bucks Phaeton,
  or a Trip to Windsor, the; TMP3 59: [see Trip to Windsor]
Buff Coat; BL71 44:~
Buff to Blankett; BL71 32:
Bugle Horn; WC13 18: Bugle Horn, the; MT00 44:
Bull Waggy Bow; BL71 99:
Bull's Head, the; JJ6 76: Bull's Head, The; DR2 60:
Bullion Office, the; MT99 40:
Bumbo Jack; RB68 47:
Bump her Belly; JJ2 58:~
Bumpers Esquire Jones [sung by Mr. Beard in The Provok'd Wife,
  but when? Also as single sheet song with music, c 1745. Song, 
  tune and dance instructions in Gentleman's Magazine. Credited 
  to O'Carolan in The Hibernian Muse, c 1787, and subsequently 
  attributed to him in Irish collections, but Thumoth gave it as
  English tune in Twelve English and twelve Irish Airs, c 
  1743-5.]; GM44 612: Bumpers 'Squire Jones; JJ3 99: Bumpers 
  Esquire Jones; MRMD45: Bumpers, Squire Jone[s]; BL71 73b:
Bung her Eye; JJ3 43:
Bung your Eye; WCAL3 53: Bung your Eye; BYMS: Bung your eye; JJ3
  28: Bung Your Eye [SMM #219]; WC12 24: Bung ye Eye; BL71 58:
Bunningford Assembly; GM53: Buningford Assembly; TMP1 36:
Bunters Ioke, the; CDM4 23: Bunters Joke, the; JJ3 5:
Burford Races; TMP3 31:
Burgo Master; JJ4 10:
Burlesque, or Monmouth Assembly, The; TMP1 59:
Burn of Carnie, The; RBR 53:
Bury Fair; BL71 50:~
Bush, the; JJ5 79:
Bush at the Bottom; JJ6 48:
Bushy Park; WCAL4 97:
Bustle About; TD95 2:
Bustle her in the blanket; GNTB 548:
Busy Body, the; TMP2 84:
Butcher Row; WJ3:
Butcher's Hornpipe; GNTB 329: Butcher's Hornpipe; BL71 62:
  Butchers Hornpipe; JJ1 78:~
Butter'd Beans; CDM5 155: Butter'd Beans; JJ1 52:
Butter'd Buns; BL71 35b:
Butter'd Eggs; DR2 80:
Butter'd Pease; CDM3 24: Butter'd Pease; WCAL1 29: Butter'd Peas
  [facsimile in Music in Colonial Massachusetts, I, 32, 1980]; 
  JJ1 24: Butterd Pease; TMP2 86: Jacks' be the daddy on't or 
  Butter'd Peas; GNTB 202: Buttered Pease; BL71 26: Stumpie; 
  DYMS2: [Reel of Stumpie. In five ballad operas, and The Female
  Parson, 1729, which switches titles for "Jockey has gotten a 
  wife" and "Butter'd Peas."] 
Buttock of Beaf; CDM4 96: Buttock of Beaf; JJ1 88:
Button, The; MT98 14:
Buttons, Three farthings a pair; GNTB 453: Buttons a Farthing a
  Pair [hornpipe]; CSTH 37:
Buxton Wells; CDM5 196: Buxton Wells; JJ1 38:
By. Slip, the; JJ6 18: By Slip, or Merry begotten; BL71 85b:
Byrn's Maggot; JJ5 31:

Cabinet, the; JJ5 40:
Cabinet of love, the; MT97 4:
Cackling of the Hens; WJ3:
Cackny; WCAL2 69: 
Cackney, see New Camargo
Cadger of Crieff; DYMS2: The Cadger o' Crieff; BYMS:
Cadger's of the Cannongate; TMP1 14: Cadgers of the Cannongate;
  RBR 51: Cadger in the Cannongate, the; DR3 61: Cadgers of the 
  Canongate, The; GNTB 34:
Cady Laddy; WCAL2 70: Cady Laddy [Mount your Baggage, SMM #233];
  BL71 39b: Mount your Baggage; RBR2 109:
Cady Lady, the New Way; JJ3 41:
Cai----e House ? [title shorn]; RB66 24:
Caledonian Rant, The; LM Apr 1757; UM Apr 1757:
Caledonian Recruit, The; WR98 7:
Call a Dance; RB III 61:
Callendar House; WC15 24:
Camargo; WCAL2 66: Camargo; CDM5 97: Camargo; JJ2 15: Camargo; 
  MRMD44 303: Old Camargo; FLMS: Camargo; BL71 25b: see also New
  Camargo [La Camargo was a dancer, mentioned in Casanov's 
Cambdelmore_Strathspey; RBR 92:
Camberwell Frolick; JJ5 40:
Cameronian's Rant; DR2 24: W3
Camley Garden [This is Comely Garden, by D. Dow, Reels]; PS94 97:
[Cameron] Camron has got his Wife again; RBR 4: Cammeron has got
  his wife again; DR3 96: Cameron's got his wife again; GNTB 20:
  Cameron has got his Wife again; WC12 14:
Cameronian's Rant [SMM #282. Glen, ESM, notes it in W3, CPC]; 
  RBR 82: Cameronian Rant; TMP1 94: Cameronian's Rant, The; GNTB
  116: Cameronian Rant; BL71 86:
Camp, the; RB III 86: Camp, the; TMP4 2:
Campbells are coming, see Hob or Nob.
Campbel's Frolick; JJ6 52: Campbel's Frolick; DR2 49:
Camstroden's Rant; JJ3 75: Camstroden's Rant; CDM6 88:
Camstronnan's Reel; DYMS1:
Cannings [hornpipe]; CSTH 4:
Cannonbury House; MT99 36:
Canny Hobbie Elliot; GNTB 444:
Canterbury Revell; PT58 3: Canterbury Revell; TMP2 3:
Cape Breton; CDM6 76: Cape Breton; JJ6 75:
Cape S.t Vincent; MT98 24:
Caper fei; DYMS2: Caper Fey; RBR2 102: Caberfei; BYMS:
Caprice; WCAL3 93: Caprice, the; JJ3 70: Caprice, The; GNTB 312:
Captain Campbell's Ramble; GNTB 354:
Cap.n Commin's Ramble; TMP2 27:
Cap. Cooper's Ramble; CST68 48: Cap Coopers Ramble; TMP3 48:
Capt. Dash; JJ5 12: Captain Dash; JJ5 96:
Capt Davis; BL71 78b:
Capt. Driver's Delight; JJ4 3:
Capt.n Finch's fancy; PS94 104:
Captain Flash; JJ4 1:
Captn Fleming's Delight; TMP5 62:
Capt. Foilet's Whim; JJ2 89:
Capt. Kids Fancy; SAPT90 13:
Captain Lochart of the Tartar; RBR 27:
Capt.n Lockyer [hornpipe]; CSTH 41:
Cap Lucas's Fancy; TMP3 61:
Capt Mac Beans Reel; TMP1 34: [Not- Colonel Macbeans Reel; AMR2
Capt. M.cDonalds Rant; PS96:
Capt. MacIntosh's Fancy; SAPT89 1:
Cap. Magan [O'Carolan?]; JJ2 46:
Capt. Pellew's Delight; MT95 82:
Captain Racket; RB III 69:
Cap Reeds Delight; TMP2 83:
Captain Ross; BYMS: Capt. Ross's Reel; RBR 8:
Capt. Trollope's Hornpipe; MT99 34:
Captain's Lady, the; JJ3 33: Captain's Lady; BL71 71b:
Captain's Magot; JJ2 59:~
Capture of Sevingapatam  by D. Macintyre. Calcutta, The; WC16 1:
Cappuchine, the; JJ4 55: 
Capuchin, the; JJ6 80: Capuchin; DR2 55:
Card, the; DR3 75: Card, The; BL71 95b:
Card and Spin; GNTB 365:
Cardinal, The; TMP1 64:
Cardinal Cap, the; JJ6 43:
Careless Lovers, The; BL71 68:
Careless Sally; TMP5 45:
Carey's Maggot; CDM5 42: 
Carey's Minuet; CDM4 107:Carey's Minuet; JJ1 70:
Carl he came o'er the Craft, The; RBR 30: Carle come o'er the
  Craft, The; RB69 52: Auld Carle come o'er the Croft; DR58 6: 
  Auld Carle come o'er the Croft; DR3 85: Carle he come over the
  Craft, The; LB6: [Cf. La Badin]
Carle is your daughter ready; DR3 64: [Scots]
Carle, The; BL71 64:
Carlton Maggot; WCAL2 50: Carleton Maggot; CDM4 41:
Carnarvon Castle; PS94 107:
Carnation, the; WHM Oct. 1788:
Carpenter's Jig, The; GNTB 450:
Carpenter's Maggott; BL71 51b:~
Carpenters Morris; WJ3:
Carpenter's Raff Yard, The; GNTB 505:
Carrick's Reel; WCAL3 74: Carrick Reel; RBR 94: Carrick's Reel;
  RB66 22: Carrick's Real; GNTB 315:
Casks of Brandy; DR3 69:
Cassino, the; TMP4 56:
Cast away care; UM Dec 1750:
Castle Bar; JJ4 77: Castle Barr; BL71 77:
Castle Bar   by W.m Campbell; WC15 16:
Castle Downe; DR1 22: Castle Downe; DR3 42: Castle down; WC17 10:
  Castle Downs, The; GNTB 142: Castle Down; BL71 91b:
Castle Grant; BYMS:
Castle of Comfort; JJ4 76:
Castle Stuart; BYMS:
Cat in Pattens, the; RB III 26:
Catches and Glees; CST69 55: Catches and Glees; TMP3 55: Catches
  and Glees; AMM 2: Catches and Glees; BL71 99b:
Catch her if you can; JJ6 14: Catch her if you can; UM Jun 1751:
  Catch her if you can; DR2 3:
Cath Wallagon; BL71 66:
Caw Hawkey Through the water; DR2 94:
Catholic Brother; WCAL3 22: [Dear Catholic Brother? Simpson,
Cavendish Court, or Look Sharp; UM Aug 1756: Cavendish Court, or
  Look Sharp; TMP1 55:
Celler door key, see Key of the Cellar.
Cephus and Procris; JJ2 9:
Chainey Row; CDM5 75:
Chalford Bottom; UM Jun 1755: Chalford Bottom; TMP1 60:
Champignon, The; MT98 16:
Chance, the; JJ3 82: Chances, The; TMP1 62: Chances, the; DR3 16:
Change Alley; CDM5 263:
Change Assembly, The; SAPT91 34:
Chaplet, the [I]; JJ6 28:
Chaplet [II]; JJ6 96:
Chaplet, The; DR2 31: 
Chaplet; TMP1 9: 
Chaplet; BL71 90b:
Chark's Hornpipe; WJ3: Chark's Hornpipe; JJ3 19: Charks 
  [hornpipe]; CSTH 5: Chark's Hornpipe; BL71 59b:
Charles; JJ3 51:
Charles Street Walk; TMP3 87:
Charles's Jigg; JJ6 100: Charles's Jigg; TMP1 21:
Charlie's Reel; DR3 73:
Charlotte McCarthy; TMP3 4:
Charlton Lads, the; CDM4 24: Charlton Lads, the; JJ3 5:
Charming Fellow, the; TMP5 31:
Charming Kitty; TMP2 98:
Charming Molly; GNTB 332:
Charms of Kildare, The; WC17 14:
charms of the Fair, The; PS94 108:
Charters Reel; TMP3 2:
Chasse D'Amour, or Lovers Hunt; TMP2 28:
Chatsworth, the; RB II 6: Chatsworth; TMP4 91:
Chatsworth House; RB II 12:
Cheap Living; WR98 12:
Cheap Razors; MT98 19:
Cheery and Merry; TMP3 23:
Cheese-Cake, the; MC 1756:
Cherry Cheek'd Lass, The GNTB 224:
Chelsea Hornpipe, The; CSTH 35:
Cherubin; JF92 10-11:
Cheshire Rolling Hornpipe; WJ3:
Cheshire Round; WJ3: Cheshire Rounds; JJ2 60: Cheshire Rounds; 
  TMP2 95:Cheshire Rounds; BL71 50b:~
Cheshunt Statute; RB III 27:
Chester Assembly; JJ5 42:
Chester Fair; LM Nov 1758:
Chester Jigg,; CDM4 55: Chester Jigg; JJ1 76:
Chester Waits; CDM5 246:
Cheston Wells; BL71 59:
Chettingham Wells; WCAL4 58:
Chickens and Asparages; CDM5 142: Chicken and Aspagagus; JJ1 41:
Children in ye Woods-1; JJ1 31: Children in ye Woods-2; JJ1 31:
Chimney Corner, The; WR98 8:
Chinese Festival, The; TMP1 76:
Ching Chit Quaw Dance; SAPT91 25:
Chit Chat; RB IV 90: Chit Chat; TMP5 89:
Chloe's Dream; UM Dec 1758: Chloes Dream; TMP2 22: Chloe's Dream; 
  GNTB 559:
Choclate Pot; WCAL3 92: Chocolate Pot, the; JJ3 67: Chocolate 
  Pot, the; CDM6 178: Choakelate Pote; BL71 59:
Choice of Harlequin, the; TMP5 67: [M. Arne opera, 1782] 
Chorus Jig; TD95 7:
Christ Church Bells; BL71 45b:~
Christenmiss Day in the morning; GNTB 266:
Christmas Gamble; BL71 94:
Christmas is a coming; BL71 26b:
Christmas Tale, the; TMP4 61:
Christening, the; TMP3 22: Christning, The; WR98 8:
City Bully, the; JJ6 92:
City-Mall, the; MC Apr                                        
City Ramble; WCAL4 17: City Ramble, the; CDM6 89: City Ramble; 
  JJ4 99:
Citty, The; BL71 101b:
City of Washington; TD95 3:
Clabury House; JJ4 22:
Clapham Frolick; JJ6 11:
Clarks [hornpipe]; CSTH 20: Clark's Hornpipe; AMM 32:
Clashing at her; GNTB 265:
Claw her weam; GNTB 437:
Clean Pease, see Pease
Cleek him inn; RBR 66:
Clerkenwell Assembly; RB III 32:
Clever Lad, see Because I was
Clifton Springs; TMP5 50:
Cloak Bag, The; DR2 72: Cloak Bag; RB III 57:
Clodun Reel; RBR 19:
[Clown] Latter part of ye Clown; BL71 58b:
Coach Box, The; SAPT94 67:
Cobbs Fancy; CDM5 156: Cobbs Fancy; JJ1 41:
Cobler of Cripplegate's Lap Stone, The [Related to G. A. Stevens'
  Cobbler of Cripplegate?]; RB68 48:
Cock and Bull; WCAL2 96: Cock and Bull; CDM4 38: Cock and the 
  bull, The; GNTB 311:
Cock up thy beaver [See Horse and away, New Market]; GNTB 455:
Cock a Bendie; BYMS: Cockabendie; DYMS2:
Cock's March; JJ3 21:
Coffee and Tea; WCAL3 29: Coffee and Tea; JJ3 54: Coffee and Tea;
  CDM6 193: Coffee and Tee; BL71 35b:
Coffee House, The; CST68 45: Coffee House, the; TMP3 45:
Cold and Raw; JJ2 56: Cold and Raw; BL71 47b:~
Colins Seranade; TMP4 60:
Collar Reel; DYMS2:
Colledge, The [hornpipe]; CSTH 9: College Hornpipe, The, or,
  Lancashire Hornpipe; GNTB 439: The College Hornpipe; AMM 33: 
  College Hornpipe; BL71 105:
Collier's Daughter; WCAL1 82: Colliers Daughter; BL71 41b:~
Collin's Evening Brush; LB2 20: [Singer-songwriter Wm. Collin's 
  song concerts entitled 'Evening Brush,' ran from 1775 to 1793.
  A tune 'Collin's Brush' is given from a manuscript, c 1800, of 
  Frank Kidson in JFSS #33 p. 147-8, 1929, with notes by Ann 
  Geddes Gilchrist. The tune is that also called 'The dew that 
  flies over the mulberry tree.']
Collin's Rant; JJ3 61: Collin's Rant; CDM6 99:
Colombine; JJ2 75:
Colonel, The; WCAL4 50: Colonel, the; JJ3 65: Colonel, the; CDM6
  157: The Collonel; BYMS: Collonel, the; RB III 17:
Colonel Crafurd's Reel; RBR 49:
Col. George's March; JJ2 96:
Colonel Mc Bain; RBR2 101: Colonel Macbeans Reel; AMR2 18:
Colonel Mackenzies   Reel   by W. C.; WC12 15:
Colonel McKay; RBR2 112; DDR 12:
Colonel Robertson's Strathspey  by W.m Campbell; WC16 5:
Colpie's Hornpipe (I and II); GNTB 247, 248:
Combat, the; TMP5 17:
Come haste to the wedding, see Rural Felicity
Come if you can; PT58 4: Come if you can; UM Jul 1758: Come if 
  you can; TMP2 4:
Come, ye jolly lads, Christmas is a coming; BL71 96:
Come, sweet Lass [by Jer. Clarke]; BL71 42b: Song in Pills.~
Comet, The; PT58 3: Comet, the; TMP2 3:
Comical Corner; PT58 6: Comical Corner; TMP2 6:
Comical Fancey, the; TMP2 13:
Comical Fellow, the; TMP4 46:
Coming thro the Broom my Joe; WCAL3 72: Comeing through the 
  broom; JJ2 7: Coming throw the Broom my Jo; RBR 25:
Comly Collin; CDM5 293:
Committee, the; TMP4 31:
Commodore Flip [hornpipe]; CSTH 48:
Commodore How's Ramble; UM Nov 1756: Commodore Howe's Ramble; LM
  Apr 1759: Commodore Howes Ramble; TMP2 14:
Commodore Moore [hornpipe]; CSTH 24:
Compleat Couple, the; CDM5 136: Compleat Couple; JJ2 24:
Confederacy, The, see Queensberry House.
Conquest, the; RB IV 91: Conquest, the; TMP5 91:
Conquest of Corsica; TD95 5:
Contending Captains; CDM6 61: Contending Captains; JJ4 19:
Contending Parsons; RB III 31:
Contented Farmer; CST68 43: Contented Farmer, the; TMP3 43:
  Contented Farmer, The; GNTB 234:
Contented Shepherd, The; SAPT94 71:
Contrary Wind; JJ6 16: Contrary wind; BL71 85b:
Cook in a Hurry, the; JJ6 73:
Cook's Humour; BL71 56:~
Cooler, The; GNTB 264: Lord Delmere's Rant, or ye Cooler; BL71
Copt Hall; JJ4 29:
Coquet; JJ5 12: Coquet, The; JW50 12: Coquet, The; LM Aug 1750:
  Coquet, The; SAPT88 3: Coquet, the; TMP5 3: Coquett, The; JF94
Corby Reel; DYMS2:
Corelis Gavot; CDM4 202: Corelis Gavot; JJ1 75:
Cork; WCAL1 45: Cork; JJ1 27: Cork; BL71 27:
Cormick's Reel; JJ2 77:
Corn Riggs are Bonny; BL71 65b:
Corn Market; BL71 103b:
Corner House, The; TMP1 26:
Cornhill Assembly; JJ6 88:
Coronation, the; TMP2 55:
Coronet, The; BYMS:
Corporal, the; JJ5 56: Corporal, The; RBR 79: Corporal; BL71 87:
Corporation, the; TMP4 56:
Cotilion; CDM5 46: Cotillon; JJ1 3:
Cotillon [See also La -, Le -, etc]; GNTB 535, 536, 537:
Cotillion; BL71 96b:/
Cotillon; BL71 103b:/ Cotillion by Robingson; BL71 70b:
Cotillon La Ballat; GNTB 542:
Cotillon La Nanvine; GNTB 530:
Cotillon La Nouvelle Provence; GNTB 539:
Cotillon La Pare de Bris; GNTB 533:
Cotillon La Pierfitoise; GNTB 538:
Cotillon La Portonistes a La Mode; GNTB 531:
Cotillon La Profalia; GNTB 543:
Cotillon Le Petit Ballot; GNTB 541:
Cotillon Les Marionettes; GNTB 534: ? Marionet's cotillon; BL71
Cotillon Marionettes; GNTB 532:
Cottillion La Promenade, see The King of Denmark's Favourite.
Count Kenvenhullar's March; JJ6 74:
Count Wartensleben; LB5 14:
Countess of Antrim  by J. Banks, The; WC16 22:
Countess of Coventry's march; UM 2nd supp. 1753: Countess of 
  Coventry's March; TMP1 40:
Countess of Lauderdale's Reel  by A. M.cIntosh, The; WC13 10:
Countess of Murray's Reel; JJ3 84: Countess of Murrays Reel; CDM6
Countess of Sutherland's Reel; LB2 9:
Country Attorney, the; RB III 85v: Country Attorney, The; SAPT88
  2: Country Attorney, the; TMP5 2:
Country Bumpkin; WCAL1 85: Country Bumpkin; CDM5 56: Country 
  Bumpkin, The [whole next page describes dance]; WC14 18: 
  Country Bumpkin; BL71 40:
Country Dance   by Shields; GNTB 545:
Country Dance in Genii, The; GNTB 540:
Country Farmer; JJ2 97: Country Farmer; DR2 18: Country Farmer; 
  TMP1 90: Country Farmer; CDM6 113:
Country Farmer's Daughter; BL71 46b:~
Country Garden, the; CDM4 72: Country Garden, the; JJ2 19:
Country Spinnage; CDM5 149: Country Spinnage; JJ2 78:
Countrey Kate; DYMS1: 
Covent Garden Rout [hornpipe]; CSTH 24:
Cow bit off the miller's thumb, The; GNTB 281:
Cow the Lasses bare man; DR3 74:
Cow the Rump; BL71 111b:
Cox Heath; TMP4 81:
Cox's Museum; RB III 62:
Coxcomb, the; JJ5 70:
Coxheath Camp; RB III 19:
Cozeners, the; TMP4 33:
Crack of the Whip, the; DR3 15:
Craftsman, the; CDM3 4: Craftsman, the; JJ1 21: Craftsman, The; 
  BL71 32b: W7 
Cranford Lodge; TMP4 17:
Cravens whim [hornpipe]; CSTH 27:
Crazy Jane; MT00 37: [Song]
Cream Cheese; JJ6 76: Cream Cheese; DR2 53:
Cream Pot, the; JJ6 55: Cream Pot, The; DR2 25: Cream Pot; TMP1
  95: Cream Pot; BL71 92b:
Crewe Hall   by J. Banks; WC16 23:
Crief Fair; RBR 69: Crief Fair; GNTB 507:
Critic, the; BR IV 85: Critic, the; TMP5 85:
Critical Minute; JJ4 53:
Croagh Patrick [Small Pin Cushion, Haste to the Wedding, 
  Carrickfergus, Dargle, Rural Felicity]; RBR2 112:
Croat, the; CDM6 48: Croat, the; JJ4 45:
Cromdel Hill; BYMS:
Crooked Horn'd Ewe, The; DR58 5: Crooked Horn'd Ewe, the; DR3 86:
  The Crooked Horn Ewe; AMR2 29:
Crooked Kitty; DR3 30:
Croppies lie down [Irish song]; WC14 14:
Cross Hands, the; TMP3 8:
Cross Lane; JJ2 80:
Cross the Water; TMP2 63:
Cross Well of Edinburgh, The; RBR2 110:
Croydon Fair; LM Jun 1756:
Croyden Frisk; TMP3 29:
Cuckfield Place; CDM4 32: Cuckfield Place; JJ3 2:
Cuckoes Fancy [hornpipe]; CSTH 29
Cuckoo's Nest, The [variant of Come ashore jolly tar]; GNTB 289:
Cuckold's Point; MT96 95:
Culloden Chace; CDM6 42: Culloden Chace; JJ4 51:
Culloden Fight; JJ4 62: Culloden Fight; TMP3 74: Culloden Fight;
  RB III 58: [Cf. Battle of--]
Cumberland Reel, the; TMP5 29: Cumberland Reel or Una's Lock, The
  LB2 5: Miss Gibson's (or the Cumberland) Reel; GCR2 31: [Not 
  same tune, Scots Musical Museum #447, as 'Oonagh/Una,' and 
  won't fit song 'Una's Lock'l 
Cumberland Waltz; DRD1 2:
Cunundrum, the; CDM6 33:
Cupid's Arrows; MT97 12:
Cupids Frolic; TMP3 77: Cupid's Frolic; TMP4 52:
Cure of all grief; JJ4 7:
Cure for the Gout, A; JJ6 49: Cure for the Gout, A; DR2 51:
Cure for the Heart Ache; MT98 24:
Curiosity, the; CDM6 40: Curiosity; the; JJ4 50:
Curly Locks; DRD1 3:
Curtissimo's Frolick; TMP1 46:
Cutty's Wedding; AMR2 22:
Cuzle together; RBR 85: Cuzle together; RB70 72:
Cynthia's Sceptre; JJ1 94:

Daffindown dilly; BL71 73: [See the Mistake]
Dainty Davy; TMP2 92: Dainty Davy; BL71 52:~
Dairy Maid, the; TMP4 33:
Dam It; CDM4 63:
Damon & Phillada; CDM5 289:
Dance, The; GNTB 573:
Dance for ever; TMP2 40:
Dance with ease; TMP3 22:
Dancing Dogs, the; TMP5 41:
Dandalion; TMP5 61: Dandelion; MT99 35:
Daniel Cooper; BL71 48: DMI9?
Daniel Cooper; BL71 90:
Daniel Cooper, see New ....
Danny; JJ5 19: Danny; UM Mar 1750:
Daphne's Delight; CDM4 194:
Dapper Harry; JJ1 60:
D'aremberg, The; RB70 62:
Dargle [sixth of nine tunes. See also, New Dargle. BUCEM -song
  comm. 'Come haste to our wedding, c 1770. BUCEM- Emanuel 'How 
  happy are we' The Dargle, favourite song in, c 1770.]; Irish 
  Dance, A favorite Comic Dance performed at Drury Lane Theatre.
  Sheet music, Lib of Congress] 
Davie Rea; DR3 71:
Days Whim; CDM5 147: Day's Whim; JJ1 43:
Deacon of the Weavers; RBR2 104:
Dear Dublin  by M.r Jenkins; WC16 8:
Dear mother what shall I do; JJ3 16: [Scots- O, dear mother
Death of the Stag, the; JJ4 21:
Deborah; BL71 79:
Defiance, the; TMP3 7:
Del Caros Hornpipe [Madam Del Caro, or Dilcaro, was a
  professional dancer]; LB5  25: Del caro's Hornpipe; PS96:
Delight of Sudbury, the; TMP2 73:
Delight of the Pantheon, the; RB III 71:
Delvin Side; WC15 2:
Demeple, The; TMP1 78:
Denmark Dance; RB III 51:
Denniss's Hornpipe; CDM6 171:
Dennis's Maggot; JJ2 82:
Dettingen Fight; CDM6 131:
Devil among the Taylors, The [I]; DRD1 2: [This is the tune still
  known by this title]
Devil among the Taylors, The [II]; CST69 57: Devil Among the  
  Taylors, the; TMP3 57:
Devil in Ireland, the; MT00 45:
Devil in the Bush; CDM4 65:
Devil in the Bush, or Walton Abbey; BL71 53b:~
Devil is dead, see Aberdeen
Devil on two sticks, see Petit Doit, Le.
Deel stick the Minister; WCAL4 52: De'el stick the minister; JJ2
  28: De'il Stick the Minister; CDM6 165: Dill Stick the 
  Minister; DR2 94: Deel Stick ye minester; BL71 63: Stick the 
  Minister; BYMS: [Playford's Original Scotch Tunes, 1700] 
De'el Stick the Pretender; JJ4 73:
De'el take the wars [from D'Urfey's song]; BL71 50:~
De'el/ Devils Dead, see Aberdeen
De'el's Head; WC12 3:
Devonshire Allemand, the; TMP5 56:
Dibdin's Fancy; SAPT91 34:
Dick Grimstead; TMP2 26:
Dick the Haberdasher; TMP1 26:
Dick the Welch Man; TMP2 47:
Dick's Fancy; BL71 73b:
Dickey, see Jockey
Dickey Dwindle; SAPT93 53:
Dimple, The; GNTB 210:
Ding Dong Bell; SAPT91 26:
Dirlenton Green; CDM5 254: Dirleton Green; JJ1 62:
Disbanded Oficer; TMP5 23:
Dissapointed Rakes, The; WR98 6:
Do as you like it; JJ6 7:
Do if you can; JJ2 90:
Do you know Jack Adams's Parish; RB III 33:
Dobbins Whim; DR3 12:
Doctor Macky [apparently Irish, known by 1777]; HB95 5:
Doctor's Fancy, the; RB III 18:
Dog Tax; MT97 7:
Doll's my Favorite; BL71 38:
Dolly's Fancy; JJ5 80: Dolley's Fancy; JJ6 5:
Don Fron in Brass; TMP1 64:
Don Fry; JJ6 92:
Don Jumpedo; JJ5 9: Don Jumpedo; GM50 132: Don Jumpedo; JW50 14:
  Don Jumpedo; LM Mar 1750:
Don Pedro; TMP2 42:
Don Quickset; TMP4 27:
Don Side_Strathspey; RBR 63:
Don't be Lazy, see Foxhunter's Jig.
Don't be Silly; LM Oct 1752:
Doodle Doo; JJ2 88:
Dorset, the; JJ4 68:
Double Defeat, the; RBI 12:
Double Kisses; RBR 75:
Double or Quits; JJ6 9:
Doubtful Shepherd, the; RB III 90: Doubtful Shepherd, the; TMP4 
Doves Figary; JJ1 93:~
Dowdy Lad; JJ2 87: [Jockey was a ?~]
Down the bank; GNTB 502: Down ye Bank; BL71 84b:
Down the Burn Davie; WCAL1 10: Down the Burn Davie; CDM5 129: 
  Down the burn Davie; JJ2 23:
Down the wagon way, or, The beer stains; GNTB 271:
Down with the French; CDM6 111:
Down with the Pebbles; HA95 1:
Downfall of the Ginn; WJ3: Downfall of Ginn; JJ3 10:
Downfall of the Rebells [hornpipe], The; CSTH 57:
Downfall of the Wells; JJ6 86:
Downie's Humour; TMP1 51: Downey's Humours; GNTB 53: 
Downie's Rigadon [Not Downie's Humour]; AMM 23:
Dress'd Ship; TMP4 18:  
Drink & be Sow; JJ3 18:
Drinking German, the; LM Dec 1754:
Drive Hockee thro' the water; WCAL3 37: Drive Hockee thro' the 
  Water; JJ3 76: Drive Hakky; GNTB 273: [Cf Hawkie, Hawkey]
Drole, the; CDM6 79:
Drop, The, see Ward's Drop.
Drops of Brandy; WCAL2 53: Drops of Brandy; DYMS1: Drops of 
  Brandy; JJ1 50: Drops of Brandy; GNTB 299: Drops of Brandy; 
  BL71 57b: Drops of Brandy; LB5 23: [Mad Moll family]
Dove House, the; TMP4 16:
Drown Drouth; WCAL1 13: Drown Drowth; JJ1 61: Drown Drouth; CPC1
  33 [6/8]: Drouth, The [9/8]; MRMD45 3: Drown Drouth [Printed by
  Glen, SDM I, p. 14.]; RBR 65: Drouth, the: TMP2 96: Drown 
  Drowth [in 9/8]; GNTB 391: Drown Drowth; BL71 27b: Drouth; 
  DYMS1: The Drought  Irish [9/8]; OFPC2 60: 
Down on Yon Bank (see 17th cent MS); BYMS:
Downie's Humour; LM Jun 1755; UM Jun 1755:
Drum, the; JJ5 17: Drum, The; JW50 3: Drum, The; LM Jun 1750:
Dumbarton Drums; CDM4 70:
Drummer; WCAL3 21: Drummer, The; MRMD44 305: Drummer, the; JJ3 
  53: Drummer, the; CDM6 182: The Drummer; DR2 30: The Drummer; 
  TMP1 85: Drummer, The; GNTB 80: Drummer, The; FLMS: Drumer, 
  The; BL71 35b: Drumer, The [2nd  part diff. from 35b]; BL71 
  68b: The Drummer; BYMS: [SMM #490. Possible original of Good 
  Morrow to your Night Cap in Poor Soldier]: 
Drummond Castle; DYMS1:
Drummond's Rant; DYMS1:
Drummore's Rant; RBR 11:
Drumsheugh; RBR2 106:
Drunken Blacksmith, the; TMP2 16:
Drunken Doctor, the; RB III 53:
Drunken Elders of Moffat; WCAL4 47: Drunken Elders of Moffat, 
  the; CDM6 161:
Drunken Friday; DR3 97: Drunken Fridays  an old Highland Reel 
  [from Stewart's Reels?]; LB6:
Drunken Meg Young; BYMS:
Drunken Peasant; WCAL3 18: Drunken Peasant; JJ3 68: Drunken 
  Peasant; JJ3 22: Drunken Peasant, the; CDM6 142: Drunken 
  Peasant; BL71 59b: Drunken Peasant [only 4 measures given]; 
Drunken Scotchman, The; TMP1 30:
Drunken Wife, The; RBR 48:
Drunken Wives of Aberdeen, The; DR2 71:
Drunken Wives of Fochabers; DYMS1:
Drunken Wives in Pearson's Close, The; BYMS:
Duane Delight; LM Jun 1754:
Duce Hall; JJ4 26:
Duenna, the; TMP4 50: 
Duchess, see also Dutchess
Duchess of Bedfords Strathspey, The; WC20 18:
Duchess of Gordon's Reel; RB70 63: The Duchess of Gordon's Reel;
  AMR2 18:
Duchess of Hamilton's Rant, The; DR1 56: D 6/8 2121 226L2: 
  Dutchess of Hamilton's Rant; DR3 35:
Duchess of York's Waltz; LB2 1:
Dudstone Hall; JJ5 46:
Duff, the; MT97 11:
Duke and no Duke; TMP1 27:
Duke Humphrey [hornpipe]; CSTH 26:
Duke of Athol's Rant; CDM4 183: Duke of Athole's Rant; WCAL2 76:
  Right Scotch Contention, the, or the Duke of Athos [sic] Rant;
  JJ2 68:
Duke of Clarance's Fancy; LB2 6:
Duke of Cumberland; JJ4 61:
Duke of Cumberland's Delight; CDM6 184:
Duke of Gordon's Birth Day Ball, the; MT95 74:
Duke of Hamilton's Reel, The; DR1 54: Em 3b7b41H 3b7b3bH5: Duke 
  of Hamilton's Reel, the; DR3 38: Duke of Hamilton's Reel; RB70
Duke of Hamilton's Reel; RBR 86:(=) Lady Hamilton's Rant; GNTB 
Duke of Lorrain's March; JJ3 48: Duke of Lorrain's March; CDM6 
Duke of Perth's Reel; DYMS2: Duke of Perth's Reel; RBR 8: Duke of
  Perth's Reel; LB6:
Duke of York, the; TMP2 60:
Duke of York at Berlin, The; JF94 10:
Duke of York's Birthday, The; WC20 7:
Duke of York's Cottillion, The; SAPT91 33:
Duke of York's Delight; BL71 101b:~
Duke of York's Rant; GNTB 550:
Duke of Yorks Waltz, The; JF92 2:
Duke William For Ever; CDM6 49: Duke of William Forever; JJ4 44:  
Duke William For Ever, 2nd. tune; CDM6 50: Duke of William 
  Forever, 2nd. tune; JJ4 44:  
Duke's Birth Day, the; JJ4 31: Duke's Birthday, The; DR2 46:
Duke's Reel, the; JJ4 38: Duke's Reel; DR2 40:
Dumb Waiter; DR2 26: Dumb Waiter, The; GNTB 489:
Dumbarton's Drums; JJ2 41: Dumbarton's Drums; BL71 113b:
Dumont's Jigg; JJ4 76: Dumond's Jig; DR2 48:
Duncan Mackay; BYMS:
Duncie's Corrant; JJ3 29:
Dunkellin Lasses; CDM6 73: Dunkellin Lasses; JJ4 92:
Dunmore Kate; CDM6 192:
Dunn's Whim; JJ5 45:
Dunse ding all; WC12 20:
Dunstable Bonnet, the; TMP2 79:
Dunstable Downs; CDM5 76:
Durham Rant; PS94 103:
Dusky Night, the; RB III 23: Dusky Night, the; TMP4 53: 
  [Fielding's song]
Dusty Miller, NCCD 15: Dusty Miller; CDM3 24: Dusty Miller; WCAL1 
  32: Dusty Miller [facsimile in Music in Colonial Massachusetts,
  I, 32, 1980]; JJ1 24: Dusty Miller, The; MRMD45 3: Dusty 
  Miller; RBR 27: Dusty Miller; TMP2 93: Dusty Miller; HA95 2: 
  The dusty Miller; MT98 15: Dusty Miller; BL71 27b: Dusty 
  Miller; LB5 24:
Dutch Dollars; MT00 40:
Dutch Skipper [there are several of this title]/ Dutch Skipper,
  The; GNTB 350: Dutch Skipper, The; GNTB 441: Dutch Skipper;
  BL71 47b: 
Dutchess, see Duchess 
Dutchess of Bedford's Delight; CDM3 8: Dutches of Bedford's 
  Delight; BL71 39:
Dutchess of Cranbourn Alley, the; JJ6 90:
Dutchess of Richmond's Allemand, the; RB III 67:

E.O.; WCAL4 8: E-O; JJ5 24: E. O.; BL71 82: 
Eagle, the; JJ6 15: Eagle, The; BL71 81b:
Earl Marshall's Reel; RBR 73: Earl Marshals Reel; WC14 5:
Earl of Stairs March; JJ2 99: Earl of Stairs March; CDM6 122:
Earl Temples Fancy; TMP5 48:
Early Glass; BL71 36:
East Indian, the; TMP5 63:
Easter Holy Days; TMP2 29:
Easter Tuesday; WCAL2 88:~
Easter Thursday; JJ2 80: [Tuesday?]
Easton Hall; JJ5 91:
Eastwell Park; JJ4 75:
Eau de Luce; DR1 60: Eau de Luce; DR3 36:
Eccle's Rant; BYMS:
Eckel Reel; WCAL2 93: Eckel Reel; CDM4 40: Eckel Reel; JJ2 16:
Eclipse, the; TMP3 6:
Ecossoiese, L'; DR1 25: L'Ecossoiese; DR3 51: L'Ecofsaise; JF92 
Edgebaston, the; JJ6 87:
Edgeworth Bumpkins; CDM5 205: Edgeworth Bumpkins; JJ1 33:
Edinburgh Castle; CDM6 75: Edinburgh Castle; J4 93:
Edinburgh Frolick, the; TMP2 85:
Edinburgh Jigg; JJ6 51: Edinburgh Jigg; DR2 57: [Jig version of 
  Flower of Edinburgh. Thanks to Jack Campin for this 
Edinglassie's Rant; DYMS2:
Edmonton Assembly; TMP5 47:
Edmonton Frolick; CDM4 3: Edmonton Frolick; JJ3 25:
Eggington Rakes; BL71 77b:
Eight Men of Moidert, The [Scots]; DR1 29: Eight men of
  Mudardt; RBR 88: Eight Men of Moidert, the; DR3 49: Eight men 
  of Moidert; BL71 95b:
Eilin Aroon, see Aileen
Elephants Stairs; CDM5 79:
Eleven Streets [hornpipe]; CSTH 2:
18th of April; TMP3 77:
Eliza Augusta; MT00 48:
Elizabeth Canning; TMP2 33: Elizabeth Canning [hornpipe]; CSTH 
  18: Elizabeth Cannon; GNTB 510:
Ellingham Asssembly; GNTB 337: 
Eltham Assembly; JJ3 7: Eltham Assembly; DR2 23: Eltham Asembly;
  BL71 72b: 
Ellingham Hall, see The Merry Dancers.
[Elsie] Alice Marley; JJ5 62: Elsie Marly; RBR 26: Alee Marley; 
  DR2 68: Alcy Marly; GNTB 269: Aylisey Marley; BL71 80b:
Eltons Slip; JJ1 95:
Emperor of the Moon; BL71 47b:~
Enchanted Wood; TMP5 13: Enchanted Wood, the; TMP5 49: Enchanted
  Wood, The; SAPT93 54:
Enfield Common; BL71 51b:~
Ensign, the; JJ5 28:
Ephigenia; JJ6 46:
Eppie/ Euphie McNab; DYMS1: Eppie McKnab; RBR2 111: Epie Mc.Nabb;
  DR3 67:
Epping Forrest; RB IV 92: Epping Forrest; TMP5 94:
Epsom Wells; BL71 56b:~
Esplanade, the; MT99 26:
Esquire's Jigg, the; JJ4 68:
Euphonia; CDM5 84:
Europa; TMP2 88:Europa; TMP3 83:~
Evening Star, The; JF94 6:
Everybody love me [Scots, also as a' body loves me]; DYMS2:
  A'Body loves Me; BYMS:
Every Man in his Humour; LM Jan 1752: Every Man in his Humour; 
  TMP1 29:
Exciseman's Hornpipe, see Fox in the dumps.
Excuse me; BL71 46:~
Expedition, the; CDM4 111:
Express, the; RB I 4:
Extrordinary Gazette, the; RB I 5:

Fair and Lucky; DR58 10: Fair and Lucky; DR3 79:
Fair Fanny; CDM5 279: Fair Fanney; TMP1 18:
Fair Inconstant, the; CDM5 32:
Fair Maid of the Inn, the; TMP4 42:
Fair Maid of Wickham; JJ3 80: Fair Maid of Wickham; WCAL4 80: 
  Fair Maid of Wickham; CDM6 96: Fair Maid of Whickham, The; GNTB
Fair Mead Bottom; JJ4 29:
Fair Peruvian, The; LB2 15:
Fair Quaker of Deal; WCAL3 60: [from play of that title?] Fair 
  Quaker of Deal; BL71 37:~
Fairies, the; TMP5 16:
Fairly Shot on her; WCAL1 18: Fairly Shot of Her; DYMS1: Fairly 
  Shot on Her; CDM5 55: Fairly Shut of Her; JJ1 44: Fairly shot 
  on her; GNTB 261: Fairly Shut of her; BL71 32b:
Fairy Prince, the; TMP3 3:
Fairy's Joy, the; TMP5 23:
Faithful Shepherd, The; CS69 52:
Faithful Swain, the; DR3 8: 
Falmouth Assembly; RB III 92: Falmouth Assembly; TMP4 8:
Family Tune [?]; BL71 91b:
Fancy [hornpipe], The; CSTH 50:
Fandango, TMP4 15:
Fanny the Fair; TMP2 61:
Fanny's Fancy; HA95 3:
Fanny's Maggot; TD95 3:
Fantocini, the; JJD 2: Fantocini, the; TMP3 94:
Far Away Wedding; CDM5 30: farraway Wedding, the [facsimile in 
  Music in Colonial Massachusetts, I, 24, 1980]; JJ1 49:
Fare well Jack; RB68 42:
Farewell to the Downs; JJ2 83:
Farinellis Maggot; CDM4 21: Farinelli's Maggot; JJ3 6:
Farm House, the; TMP3 76:
Farmer, the; SAPT89 6:
Farmer's Barn, The; GNTB 555:
Farthing Rowles; JJ3 37:
Fashion, the; RB II 5:
Fausan's Maggot; WCAL4 62: Faufan's Maggot; JJ3 97: Faufan's 
  Maggot; CDM6 110: Fausan's Maggot, DR2 22: Fausian's Maggot; 
  BL71 74b: [See also Foston]
Favourite, the; TMP3 17:
Favourite, the; TMP3 91:
Feathers, the; TMP4 40:
Feg for a kiss, A; RBR 74:
Female Foxhunter, the; TMP4 84:
Female Rant; BL71 78b:
Female Recruit, The; RB68 44:
Female Soldier, The; SAPT93 56:
Fern Hall; JJ4 27:
Ferry Boat, the; TMP5 22:
Festing's Maggot; JJ1 89:
Festing's March; JJ1 90:
Festing's Minuet; JJ1 88:
Fete, The, [du Village]; BL71 112:
Fettercairn Reel; DYMS2:
Fickle Polly; CDM4 61:
Fiddle Faddle; WCAL1 6: Fidle Fadle; CDM4 103: Fidle Faddle; JJ2
  29: See also, Tail Toddle 
Fiddler's Choice, The; UM May 1752:
Fiddler's Maggot; JJ4 62:
Fiddlidee; JJ6 54:
Fig Leaf, The; TMP1 66:
Figaranthe; BL71 96:
Fight about the Fire side; WC16 21: Fight about the Fireside;
  DRD1 1:
Fighting Cocks, the; MT97 5:
Fighting General [hornpipe], The; CSTH 58:
Fighting Paddy, the; TMP5 83:
Figure 3, the; TMP2 73:
Figure, The; GNTB 411:
File-bek's ay ready, The; RBR 77:
Filly Fair, The; GNTB 427:
Fire Drake; RB III 63:
Firr Tree, The; DR2 100: Fir Tree_Strathspey, The; RBR 38: Fir 
  Tree, The; GNTB 546:
Fireworks, the; JJ5 16:
Fireside Reel; DYMS2: The Fire Side Reel; BYMS:
First of April, the; RB III 91: First of April, the; TMP4 7:
First of August/ Come Jolly Bacchus; JJ1 61:~ First of August; 
  MT97 3:
First of June, the; MT95 78:
Fisher's Hornpipe; BL71 105b:
Fitz William, the; RB IV 94: Fitz William, the; TMP5 92: 
  Fitzwilliam, The; PS94 100:
Flaggon [later in Ireland as Flogging] Reel, The; GNTB 488:
Flanders Merchant, The; UM Apr 1753:
Flat Cap; WJ3:
Flattering Mirtilla; JJ1 95:
Flighing Horse, the; TMP5 53:
Flight, the; TMP5 76:
Flirt, The; WCAL4 30: Flirt, The; GNTB 420:
Flirtation, the; TMP2 50:
Flitch of Bacon [I]; RB III 2:
Flitch of Bacon [II]; RB III 19:
Flower of Edinburgh; JJ5 39: Flower of Edinburgh; TMP1 8: 
  Flowers of Edinburgh, The; GNTB 384: Flower of Edinburgh; BL71
  81b: [song and tune appeared in Universal Magazine in 1749, and
  subsequently as single sheet song with music. See "Edinburgh 
  Jigg" for jig version]
Flower of Glasgow, The; UM Apr 1760:
Flower of the Wells, the; TMP5 29:
Flower Pot, the; JJ6 64:
Flowers of Masons Court, the; TMP5 52:
Fly, the; DR3 11: Fly, the; RB IV 96: Fly, the; TMP5 95:
  Fly, The; BL71 79: [Words by a Mr. Brome, tune by Dr. Maurice 
Folkington Place; JJ5 23:
Follow me Lads; HB95 5:
Folly Dance; TMP5 36: Folly; BL71 88:
Fontenoy; JJ6 75:
Foot Pad, the; JJ5 18:
Foot's Vagaries; JJ5 42: Foots Vagaries, or Green Grows the 
  Rashes, see Grant's Reel 
Foote's [hornpipe]; CSTH 14:
For aw that and aw that, see Lady Mcintoshes Reel. 
Forest Hunt, the; TMP5 81:
Forsan's Jigg; JJ6 99: Forsan's Jigg; TMP1 3:
Fort Augustus; JJ5 88:
Fort William; JJ5 41:
Fort St. George; JJ6 37:
Fortescue's Fancy; JJ4 66:
Fortune Hunter, the; JJ5 48:
Fortune Hunters, the; TMP5 18:
Fortune Teller, The; SAPT88 12: Fortune Teller, the; TMP5 12: 
  Fortune Teller, the; SAPT89 12:
Fortunes Favourite; CDM5 290:
Fosten Meads; JJ3 48: Foster Meads; DR2 29: Foston Meads; WCAL4 
  32: Foston Meades; CDM6 153: Foston Meadows; BL71 67b:
Foudroyant, the; DR3 10:
Foundling, the; JJ5 29:
Four and twenty highlandmen; DYMS2:
Four Drunken Maids; WCAL4 7: Four Drunken Maidens, The; GNTB 527:
  Four Drunken Maidens; FLMS: Four Drunken  Maids; BL71 62b: 
  [copy of song of 1740's in NLS MS 6299]
Four pence halfpenny Farthing; BL71 47:~
Four Seasons, the; TMP4 26:
4th of September, The; BL71 72b:
Fox Chace; DR3 69:
Fox Hunter's Hornpipe; BL71 69:
Fox in the Dumps, the; TMP3 72: Fox in the dumps, The, or, The 
  Exciseman's Hornpipe; GNTB 549:
Fox Hunter's Jig; WCAL3 64: Fox Hunters Jigg, the; CDM4 1:
  Foxhunter's Jigg; MRMD44 1: Foxhunters Jigg, the; JJ3 40:
  Buckle my shoe, or, The Foxhunter's Jig, or, Don't be lazy; 
  GNTB 296: Fox Hunter's Jigg; BL71 39b: Fox-Hunter's Jig, The; 
  DR2 34:
Fox Hunter, The; LB5 4:
Frank and Free; JJ6 17:
Free and Easy; DR2 9:
Free Brittons; TMP2 60:
Free Mason, the; TMP4 62: Free Mason's; BL71 56b:
Free Mistress, the; JJ1 94:
Freegante; DR1 40: Freegante; DR3 31:
French Assembly, TMP4 17:
French Horn; JJ6 31:
French in Confusion, the; MC 1756:
French Milliner, the; DR3 92:
French Strollers [hornpipe]; CSTH 15:
French Warr; WCAL4 23: French Warr; CDM6 106: French Warr; JJ4 
Fresh Herring; DR3 72:
Friars, see Fryars
Frible; JJ5 94: Fribble; UM Feb 1750:
Fribler; JJ5 36:
Fribble Hall; JJ6 96: Fribble Hall; TMP1 9:
Fribble's Delight; JJ5 87:
Friday Hill; JJ4 26:
Friend to the Poor  by H. Fleming, A; WC14 24:
Friends Frolick; JJ6 21:
Frier and the nun, The; BL71 44b:~
Frisbey's Gift; SAPT89 6:
Frisk, the; JJ2 92: Frisk, the; JJ3 65:
Frisk it; WCAL3 13: Frisk It; CDM6 133: Frisk It; DR2 86: Frisk 
  it; BL71 64b: 
Frisky, the; RB III 7: Frisky, the; TMP4 18:
Frisky Dick; JJ6 46:
Frisky Jenny, Charles of Sweden, 10th of June, First of August/
  Tenth of June, or King of Sweedland; BL71 55b:
Frisky Molley's Delight; JJ6 95: Frisky Molley's Delight; TMP1 
Frisky Muse, The [I]; UM Aug 1757:
Frisky Muse, The [II]; LM May 1758:
Frisky Peggy; TMP3 19:
Frog and Mouse, the; TMP4 70:
Frolick, the; JJ5 61: Frolick, The; DR2 61: Frolic, The [Orange 
  and Blue, Blue Bonnets Hornpipe]; GNTB 219: Frolick; BL71 83:
Frolick and Free; TMP1 61:
Fryars, the; JJ5 20: Friars, The; UM May 1750:
Frynpan Pudding; BL71 48:
Fulbeck Maggott; BL71 33:
Fulkington Place; UM Aug 1750:
Full Bottom Wigg; JJ4 54:
Full Moon; JJ5 60: Full Moon, the; RB III 28:
Fumbler, the; JJ5 7: Fumbler, The; JW50 11: Fumbler; JJ6 51:  
  Fumbler, The; LM Apr 1750: Fumbler, The; DR2 58:
Furbelow'd Apricocks; JJ2 53:~
Fy, gar rub her down; BL71 106b:
Fye for Shame; RB66 13:
Fyket, The; RBR 6: Fyket Strathspey, The; NGS1 29: Fyket, The;
  GNTB 217:

Gahagan's Maggot; CDM6 32: Gahagan's Maggot; JJ4 16:
Gairntully's Rant; DYMS2:
Gallant Blakeney; TMP1 80:
Gallant Enterprise; WCAL3 90: Gallant Enterprise, the; JJ2 34:
Gallashiels, Sour Plums of/ Gallow Shiels; BL71 108b:
Galloping Clark, the; DR3 19:
Galloping Horse, The; GNTB 525: [Variant of "The Black Nag"]
Gallaway Tom; WCAL1 89: Gallaway Tom; CDM5 259: Gallaway Tom; JJ1
  54: Galloway Tom GNTB 395: [same]; CPC, SMM #325. Gallaway Tom;
  BL71 57: [many copies of this in later Irish collections. Known
  in Ireland as Little Yellow Boy in 1749, and still known there
  by that title in Gaelic] 
Game Cock, the; CDM5 169: Game Cock, the; JJ1 90:
Gamon's Frolic; SAPT89 8:
Gang to the Kirk; JJ1 82:
Gang to ye Coy; BL71 58b:
Garland, the; JJ5 30: Garland, The; GNTB 468: Garland, the; RB 
  III 65:
Garrat Election; MT97 10:
Garrick's Delight; JJ6 25:
Garrick's Rout; TMP4 94:
Garry Owen  [from] Harlequin Amulet - or the Majic of Mona. 
  [1800] by  Jackson of Cork [but was known earlier by another 
  title. This is the well known Irish? tune]; WC16 2: Geary Owen;
  DRD1 4:
Gates of Edinburgh, The; DR2 1:
Gay Damon; JJ2 39:
Gay Molly's Delight; CDM6 93:
Gay Phillida; JJ2 39:
Gee ho Dobbin; TMP1 54: Go Ho Dobbin; TMP3 54: [song]
Geld him, lasses; BL71 113b: CPC
Geminiani's Art; WCAL3 86:
Geminiani's Minuet; JJ2 64: [see BALOP]
General, the; TMP3 1:
General Action; RB I 10:
General Blakeney; TMP2 28: General Blakney [hornpipe]; CSTH 17:
General Clouds Fancy [hornpipe]; CSTH 16:
Gen. Coote's Return; MT99 25:
General Elloits Delight; TMP2 44:
General Jacko; TMP5 15:
General Littleton's Delight; TMP2 45:
General Waldgrave's [hornpipe]; CSTH 25:
Gentleman Volunteer; CDM6 47: Gentleman Volunteer; JJ4 48:
Gentleman's Farewell; BL71 40:
George Kinloch; WC14 15:
George's [hornpipe]; CSTH 11:
Georgiana's Fancy; LB5 2-3:
German Dance, the; TMP3 84: German Dance, The [Not New German 
  Spa]; GNTB 435:
German Fancy, the; TMP5 70:
German Waltz; LB5 17:
Get her boo; GNTB 371:
Gibralter; CDM5 278:
Giden Hall; RB III 1:
Gideon/ Gidian's Triumph; BL71 93b:
Giddy Hall; JJ4 24:
Gilliecallum; DYMS2: Gillium Callum; CDM4 78: Gillium Callum; JJ2
  2: Killy Kallum; RB69 56: Gille Callum the Original Set; AMR2 
  26: Keelum Kallum taa fein; RBR2 108: Gillium Callum; WCAL2 45:
Gilly Kallum, see Gilliecallum.
Gim Crack, the; JJ5 2:
Gimblet; WCAL3 20: The Gimlet; BYMS: Gimblet; JJ3 43: Gimblet; 
  CDM6 145:
Give me love and liberty; JJ4 95: Give me love and liberty; DR2 
  83: See Twickenham Meads
Glasgow Lasses; JJ5 89: Glasgow Lasses; RB69 59: Glasgow Lasses 
  [1st strain considerably diff. from that in RB69]; GNTB 511: 
  [N. Stewart and WCAL]
Glasis Hornpipe; WJ3:
Glenbucher's Reel; DYMS2:
Glorius 12th of April, or Rodney For Ever, the; TMP5 70:
Gloster House; TMP5 84:
Gloster Reel, the; PS96:
Glover's Stone;  JJ4 58:
Glutton, the; JJ2 8:
Gnoll, the; JJ4 83:
Go and marry, see will yo go and mary
Go George, I can't endure you; MT95 74:
Go to Berwick, Johnny/ Barwick Billy; GNTB 254: ? Berwick Jockey;
  BL71 65b:
Go to the Devil and shake yourself; LB6: Go to the Devil & Shake
  Yourself; MT00 46: Go to the Devil and Shake yourself [As title
  for dance directions, with note that any of the 4 untitled 
  tunes given may be used. But none are that usually found
  elsewhere under this title]; WC13 22: Go to the Devil & shake 
  yourself.  a Jig. Irish; GCR2 21: RFM1 #185:
Goat Hunters, the; CDM5 100: Goat Hunters; JJ2 74:
Gobby O, the; WHM Feb. 1790: Gobyo, The; LB2 21: Goby o, The; 
  LB6: AA4, OFPC [And as song tune in U.S.]
Godriail; CDM4 112:
Gold in Gowpens; GNTB 252:
Gold Ring, the; JJ5 45: Gold Ring, The; GNTB 407:
Golden Laces; GNTB 418:
Good Fellow, the; CDM4 108: Good Fellow, the; JJ1 73:
Goodmans Fields Hornpipe; WJ3:
Goose and Gridiron, The; CST68 38: Goose and Gridiron, the; TMP3
Gordian Knot, the; RB II 4:
Gordon Castle; JJ5 57: Gordon Castle; DR2 97:
Gossip, the; JJ6 12:
Gough House; WC20 22:
Grace's Farewell; DR2 73:
Graces, the; TMP4 62:
Gramachree Molly; TMP4 34: [Scots, see Scots and Irish Indexes]
Granby's Jigg; TMP2 65:
Grand Finish, the; MT97 12:
Grand Parade, The; TMP1 74:
Grand Procession, The; SAPT90 24:
Grand Signor; JJ1 58:
Grand Sultan, the; MT97 4:
Grand Turks Dance, The; SAPT88 9: Grand Turks Dance, the; TMP5 9:
Granier's Hornpipe; RB70 70:
Granny; JJ6 16:
Grano's March; JJ1 36:
Grants Jigg, see Whistling Bob
Grants Rant; TMP3 71:
Grant's Reel; JJ6 50: [see Green grow--] Grant's Reel; DR2 58  C
  2/2 151H6 432H2 
Grant's Reel, The [Green grow the rashes, O]; RBR 64 G 4/4 1331
  2662: Grant's Rant; DYMS2: Grant's Rant, The; AMM: John 
  Black's Daughter; WCAL2 25: Iohn Black's Daughter; CDM4 45: 
  John Black's Daughter; JJ2 1: John Black's Daughter; BL71 61: 
  Foots Vagaries, or Green Grows the Rashes; DR2 22:
Grants of Strathspey, The; GNTB 572: ? Castle Grant a Strathspey;
  AMR2 8:
Grasshopper, the; JJ6 44:
Grays-Inn Belles; JJ6 26:
Gray's-Inn Walks; JJ3 30:
Green Dance, the; TMP5 71:
Green Garden, the; CDM5 177: Green Garden, the; JJ1 96:
Green Grows the Rushes; BL71 80b:
Green Grow the Rushes; BL71 112b:
Green man; BL71 65:~
Green Man Hornpipe; WJ3:
Green Park; JJ6 70: Green Park, the; TMP4 67:
Green Park Pallisades, the; RB III 15:
Green Pease; RB II 3:
Green Room, the; JJ5 93:
Green Sleeves; BL71 46:~
Greenwich Park; TMP4 82:~
Greggs Frolick; WCAL2 21: Gregg's Frolick; CDM4 43: Gregg's 
  Frolick; JJ2 6:
Gregg's, see Greig's
Grenier's Hornpipe; BL71 115b:
Grey Joak, A Country Dance, the; JJ3 11:
[Greig's] Gregg's Pipes; RB III 56: Grieg's Pipes; WC14 17:
Grigg's Maggot; JJ2 52: Grigg's Maggott; BL71 53:~
Grinder, The; WC15 1:
Grove, the; TMP4 78: Grove, The; BL71 92: Grove, The; SAPT94 64:
Grove House, the; RB III 18:
Guard Vizers Flight, the; CDM5 88:
Guardian Angels; TMP4 37:                   [1776
Guess Again; JJ6 3: Guess Again; DR2 10:
Guess or Bob of Dumblane, see Bob of Bumblane
Gufendall Bay; WC14 2:
Guildford Assembly; TMP3 100:
Guilford Races; WCAL4 100:
Guinea Pig, The; MT96 87:
Guitar, The; PT58 4: Guitar, the; TMP2 4:
Gullet's Maggot; JJ3 30:
Gulston Green; CDM5 295:
Gun Fleet, The; WCAL1 56: Gun Fleet, the; JJ2 22: Gun Fleet; BL71
Gunersbury House; TMP2 30:
Guzling Palmers Delight; JJ2 45:

Hackney Minuet; CDM4 106: Hackney Minuet; JJ1 70:
Had the Lass till I win at her; RBR 12: Had the Lass 'till I win
  at her; DR3 72: ZZ; GNTB 72
Hailston Jigg; CDM4 196:
Half Moon, The; CST68 46: Half Moon, the; TMP3 46:
Halloween; WC16 17:
Hamilton House; DR1 58: Hamilton House; DR3 34:
Hambleton's Rant; WCAL1 81: Hambleton's Rant; CDM4 29: 
  Hambleton's Rant; JJ1 59: ? Hamilton's Rant; HB95 6:
Hamburgh Dance, the; TMP3 92: Hamburg Dance; RB III 50:
Hammersmith Assembly; TMP1 70:
Hampshire Fencibles; LB6:
Hampshire Hunt, the; DR3 27:
Hampstead Assembly; JJ3 62: Hampstead Assembly; CDM6 104:
Hampstead Manour; CDM4 122:
Handells Hornpipe; JJ2 48: Handel's Hornpipe; DR2 35: Handels 
  [hornpipe]; CSTH 10: WCAL [Tune of this title in ballad opera 
  The Female Parson]
Hand Organ, An Air Composed for the; JF94 12:
Handsome Couple, the; TMP4 75:
Handsome Jewess, the; RB III 20:
Hang him Jack; WCAL4 21:
Hannibal; CDM5 296:
Hanover Hall; JJ6 84:
Hanover Hole [hornpipe]; CSTH 13:
Hannover Maggot; CDM6 59: Hannover Maggot; JJ4 35:
Hanover Square; CDM4 74:
Happy Captive; TMP4 54:
Happy Clown, or Dicky in ye wood; BL71 56:~
Happy Cobler, The; UM 2nd supp. 1758: Happy Cobler, the; TMP2 22:
  Happy Cobbler, The; GNTB 459:
Happy Cottager; RB IV 93v:
Happy Couple; JJ6 94: Happy Couple; TMP1 10:
Happy Dick; CDM5 40: Happy Dick; JJ1 12: [Song was sung to Gossip
Happy Fisherman, the; TMP5 21:
Happy Friends, The; CST69 54:
Happy meeting; WCAL4 95: Happy Meeting, the; TMP5 53:
Happy Night, the; TMP2 43:
Happy Pair, or Royal Wedding; WCAL2 55: Happy Pair, the; CDM5 78:
  Happy Pair, or Royal Wedding; JJ2 68: Happy Pair, the; TMP2 75:
  Happy Pair, The; BL71 27: 
Harding's Folly [hornpipe]; CSTH 49:
Hardwick Hall; CDM5 108: Hardwick Hall; JJ2 32:
Hare in the Corn; WCAL1 50: Hare in the Corn; CDM5 35: Hare in 
  the Corn; JJ1 4: Hare in the Corn; GNTB 390: Hare in ye Corn; 
  BL71 65b: Hare in the Corn; GNTB 390 G 6/8 5563 432H2  [In many
  Irish collections and some Scots, eg. CPC7 p. 12. Even American
Hareum Starum; JJ2 88:
Harlequin; JJ3 68:
Harlequin Every Where; TMP5 79:
Harlequin Gambols; SAPT88 8: Harlequin Gambols; TMP5 8:
Harlequin Gardner; SAPT88 11: Harlequin Gardener; TMP5 11:
Harlequin in the mud; WCAL2 31: Harlequin in the mud; JJ2 16:
Harlequin in the Woods; TMP4 44:
Harlequin Nabob; TMP5 35:
Harlequin Neptune; RB IV 89: Harlequin Neptune; TMP5 87:
Harlequin Ranger; UM Jan 1754: Harlequin Ranger; TMP1 38:
Harlequin Reel: DYMS2:
Harlequin Shipwreck'd; JJ3 40:
Harlequin Vagaries; TMP5 13:
Harlequin Worm Doctor; WCAL3 69: Worm Doctor; JJ3 49: Worm 
  Doctor; BL71 67: 
Harlequin's Birth; CDM6 180:
Harlequin's Maggot; JJ4 7:
Harlequins Museum; SAPT94 69:
Harly Bush Fair; JJ5 99: Harly Bush Fair [hornpipe]; CSTH 14:
Harmonium, The; GNTB 486:
Harper's Frolic, The; JJD 10: Harper's Frolic, the; TMP3 98:
Harriot, the; RB III 94: Harriot, the; TMP4 10:
Harrow Alley, or White Chapel Hornpipe; JJ2 10:
Harry's Delight; JJ4 12: Harry's Delight; RB70 70: 
Harry's Frolick; RB III 30:
Harry's Whim; JJ5 84:
Hart Hall; JJ5 96:
Hart's Frolick; JJ6 89:
Hartingfordbury Tambourine; WCAL4 44:
Harvest is in, the; TMP2 70:
Haste to the wedding, see Rural Felicity
Haton Wall; JJ1 39:
Hatton Reel; DYMS2:
Haul away the hawser; GNTB 267:
Haunted Tower, The; SAPT91 29:
Haunted Village, The; MT96 89:
Have a sup of brandy; JJ4 6:
Have at the French; TMP1 81: Have at the French; BL71 97:
Have at thee Grace; JJ6 71:
Hawkhurst Assembly; SAPT89 4:
Hawkie; WCAL4 51: Hakie; BYMS: Hawkie; JJ3 66: Hawkie; CDM6 158:
  Hawkey, or, Hoggy ovre ye water; BL71 63: 
Hawk's Humour; TMP1 81: Hawk's Humour; BL71 101:
Hay, see also Hey
Hay my Nancy; WCAL1 62: Hay My Nancy; CDM5 61: Hey my Nanny;  
  DYMS1: Hay my Nanny; JJ1 55: Hey my Nanny; RBR 46: Hey my 
  Nanny; GNTB 293: Hey me Nancy; HB95 4: [Mad Moll family] 
Hay time's coming; GNTB 260:
Hay-Mow, The; MT98 18:
Hay Jenny come down to Jock; DR58 1: Hay Jenny come down to Jock;
  DR3 78: [well known Scots song]
Hay to Coupar see Hey to--
Haydon's Maggot; CDM4 83:
Hayden's March; JJ2 70:
Haydn's Frolic; SAPT89 9:
Haymakers; BL71 38b:~, or that below?
Haymakers Dance in Fortunatas, The [Fortunatus first performed,
  Dec. 26, 1753, tune probably by James Oswald]; DR1 26: Hay 
  Makers Dance. Fortunatus; DR3 51: Hay Makers, The; AMM 15: Hey
  Makers Dance; BL71 97: Haymaker's March [in 2/4]; Gibbs MS. ed
  by Keller, 1974, p. 12: 
He hirpl'd til her; RBR 12:
He stole my tender heart away; TMP4 65:
He tilt and she tilt; DR3 64: [Scots]
He would be a manager; WR98 2:
He's aye a kissing me; TMP4 68: [Scots]
Health to all honest men, A; BL71 55b:~ 
Health to Betty, A; BL71 44:~
Health to ye Tackers, A; BL71 28:~
Heart of Oak, the; UM Sept 1760:
Heathcot's Horse Race; CDM5 138: Heathcote's Horserace; JJ1 26:
Hedge Lane; BL71 56b:~
Heir at Law, the; MT99 32:
Heiress, the; TMP5 19:
Helter skelter; UM 1st supp 1752:
Hemp Dressers; DR2 32: Hemp Dressers, The; GNTB 201: Hemp 
  Dresser; BL71 44b:~
Herberts Delight; RB I, 9:
Hercules Pillers; CDM5 277:
Herefordshire Lasses, the; RB III 58:
Hermatage, The; WCAL2 77: Hermitage, the; JJ2 38:
  Hermitage, The; GNTB 320:
Hermione, the; TMP2 71:
Hermit, the; TMP5 43:
Herring Buss, The; UM Nov 1750:
Hertford Assembly; BL71 93:
Hertinfordbury Tambourine; MRMD44 300: Hertingfordbury 
  Tambourine; JJ3 96: Hertingfordbury Tambourine; CDM6 109:
  Hertingford Tambourine, The, or Mesell; BL71 73:
Hessian Allemand; RB II 7:
Hessian Camp; DR1 45: Hessian Camp; DR3 43: Hessian Camp; TMP3 
Hessian Dance; DR1 42: Hessian Dance; PT58 2: Hessian Dance, The;
  UM June 1758: Hessian Dance; DR3 32: Hessian Dance; TMP2 2:
Hey Ding a Ding; RB III 94: Hey Ding a Ding; TMP4 10:
Hey for Honesty, or Neighbor Downright; TMP2 85:
Hey for Lincolnshire; BL71 77:
Hey to Cowper; DYMS1: Hay to Coupar; CDM4 101: Hay to the Cooper;
  JJ3 22: Hey to Couper; RBR 89: Hey to Couper; GNTB 309: Hey to
  Couper; WC13 12: Hay to Coupar; WCAL2 40: [Hey] Hay to ye 
  Cooper; BL71 24
Hey to Ruckholt; WCAL4 18: Hey to Ruckholt; CDM6 85: Hey to 
  Ruckholt; DR2 76:
Hey to the Camp; JJ2 47: Hey to the Camp; TMP2 92: Hey to the 
  Camp; BL71 44b:~
Hey to the Jubilee; JJ6 34:
Hey to the wake; or, the merry clown; UM May 1760:
Heywood Wake; PT58 9: Heywood Wake; TMP2 9:
Hibernian Frolick; DR1 50: Hibernian Frolick; DR3 39: Hibernian 
  Frolick, The; TD95 9:
Hick's Hall has broke us all; JJ6 60:
Hie to Cambridge, or Parry's Farewell; GM52 (Jan):
high Road to Dublin, The [not same as Highway to Dublin, both in
  Brysson's Curious Coll'n, Edin., 1791]; LB6:
High Park Corner; CDM5 148: High Park Corner; JJ1 43:
High Rocks, the; TMP5 93:
Highland Fair, the; TMP5 79:
Highland Jigg; WCAL2 49: Highland Jigg, the; CDM5 146:
Highland Jubilee, the; RB II 6:
Highland Laddie; CDM3 22: Highland Laddy; WCAL1 53: Highland
  Laddie; DYMS1: Highland Laddy; JJ1 25: Highland Laddie; DR2 17: 
Highland Laddie [i.e., The Black Highland Laddie]; DR1 53: The
  [Black] Highland Laddie, The; RBR 47: Highland Laddie; DR3 37:
  Highland Laddy; BL71 28: [A song in a Scots MS]
Highland Laddie's Hornpipe, The; GNTB 292:
Highland man down the hill, the; GNTB 519:
Highland man kiss'd his Mother, The; RBR 10: Highland man kiss's
  his mother; DR3 99:  
Highland queen, The; DR58 2: Highland Queen, the; DR3 77:
  ? The Highland Queen; CPC11 10: 
Highland; WCAL2 83:
Highland Reel, A; JJ3 15:
Highland Reel; JJ3 45:
Highland Reel, The; DR63 11: 
Highland Reel; HA95 1:
Highland Reel, the; JJ5 66: Highland Reel, The; DR2 65: 
Highland Skip, The; WC12 13:
Hilland Solo, The; WJ3:
Highland Wedding; LM Oct 1757: Highland Wedding, the; TMP2 15: 
  Highland Wedding, the; TMP3 82: Highland Wedding; MT97 7:
Highway to Ardmillan, The; GNTB 490:
Highway to Edinburgh  by W.m Campbell, The; WC15 21:
Highway to Eglinton, the; JJ4 34: Highway to Eglington, The; DR2
  44: high way to Eglinton, The; BL71 78:
Highway to Gedburgh, the; DR3 73:
Highway to Inverness; GNTB 331: 
high way to Scarborough, The; DR1 20: Highway to Scarborough, 
  the; DR3 41:
Highwayman, the; JJ5 14: Highwayman, The; JW50 1: Highwayman, 
  the; LM Nov 1750: Highwayman, the; DR2 17:
Hill's Minuet; JJ3 33:
hills of Crook Haven, The; JF92 13:
Hive Bonnet, the; TMP4 70:
Hob or Nob; WCAL4 89: Hob or Nob; JJ4 78: Hob a Nob; GNTB 443: 
  Hob or Nob; DR2 15: Campbells are coming; BL71 75: Hob or Nob;
  TMP1 88: Campbell are coming O ho; RBR 83: Campbells are 
  coming; WC17 14: Hob Nob; Riley's Flute Melodies, c 1820
Hobbies of the Times, The; SAPT94 68:
Hobby Horse; CDM5 134: Hobby Horse; JJ1 28: Hobby Horse; BL71 
Hoble about; RBR 59:
Hobson's Choice; WCAL3 91: Hobsons Choice; JJ2 38:
Holburn March; JJ1 31:
Holly Bush, The; BYMS:
Holyrod Day; CDM6 187:
Honble Hobart's Reel, The; RB66 23:
Hon.ble Maules Reel   by Rob.t Mackintosh, The; WC13 7:
Honest Farmer; TMP1 67:
Honest Miller, the; CDM4 35: Honest Miller, JJ3 1:
Honest Philpot; JJ3 2:
Honest Temple's Jigg; TMP2 97:
Honest Thieves, The; MT98 13:
Honest Will; TMP2 48:
Honest Yorkshire man; WCAL2 36: Honest Yorkshireman, the; CDM4 
  52: Honest Yorkshireman; JJ2 81: [see Carey's ballad opera in 
Honey Moon, the; CDM6 39: Honey Moon, The; SAPT88 4: Honey Moon,
  the; TMP5 4: [a generic title, several others later]
Honey Pot, the; TMP2 78: Honey Pot, The; GNTB 228:
Honeysuckle's Frolick; JJ5 82:
Honble Miss Eardleys Minuet  by Wm. Payne; JF94 15:
Hon.le Miss Onslows fancy; PS96:
Honours of War, the; MT95 79:
Hook or by Crook; TMP4 39:
Hoopers Jigg; DR2 53:
Hop and go forwards; WCAL3 85: Hop and go forwards; JJ3 47: Hop 
  and Go Forwards; CDM6 136:
Hop Ground, The; PS94 104:
Hop Pickers Feast, the; TMP5 28:
Hopkin's Corner; TMP1 66:
Hoptoun House; RBR 9: Sweet Molly; NSR 11: Sweet Molly   Scotch;
  OFPC2  45:
Hornpipe, by Morgan (I), (II) and (III) [Morgan's Maggott is
Hornpipe, A, the Duncan Gray; GNTB 563:
Hornpipe, A, The Humours of Wapping, see Humours of Wapping.
Horse and away to Newmarket [Version of Johnny, cock up your
  beaver]; GNTB 288: A Horse and away to New Market; BL71 104b: 
  New Market, or Johnny, cock thy Beaver; BL71 46:
Hot Cocklis; BL71 83b:
Hot Grey Pease, or Pipeing Phips; JJ3 8:
Houghton Feast; GNTB 237:
Houper's Jigg; JJ6 78:
Hour Glass, the; TMP2 24:
House of Gray, the; JJ4 33: House of Gray, The; DR2 48: House of
  Gray, The; RBR2 101:
How can I keep my Maiden head; WCAL2 92: How can I keep my 
  maidenhead; JJ2 18: How can I keep my maidenhead (Lenox Love);
  GNTB 300: How can I keep my maiden head, or ye Rarity; BL71 
  61b: [Glen, ESM p. 209, prints "Lenox Love to Blantyre," which
  is almost identical to this in GNTB. Lenox love in GNTB, #336,
  qv. is quite different. However this "How can I keep my 
  maidenhead" is "Lenox love". See also Lenox Love]; GNTB 300: 
Huckle and Buff; WJ3:
Huddle it Over; JJ6 27:
Hugh Hopley; CDM5 203: Hugh Hopely/ America Minuet; JJ1 37:
Hugh Trevor; MT98 17:
Hull Assembly, or Nottingham Assembly; BL71 76:
Hull Assembly [II]; BL71 98b:
Hull Hampleford, or the Monster; DR3 6:
Hum-Bug; JJ6 30:
Hum Drum, the; RB III 29:
Hum the Hummer; TMP2 39:
Humourist, the; CDM6 19:
Humours of Castlebar; HB95 8:
Humours of Covent Garden; RB I 11:
Humours of Craignmanoch, The; LB6:
Humours of Dundrum; HB95 7:
Humours of Dublin; WCAL4 65: Humours of Dublin; CDM5 17: The 
  Humours of Dublin, [6/4]; MRMD45 7: Humours of Dublin, or Slow
  Men of London; JJ1 18: Humours of Dublin, the; CDM6 90: Humours
  of Dublin, the; JJ4 99: [The disappointed Widow-The Widow 
Humours of Dublin, The (II); AMM 31; The Humours of Dublin [as
  AMM]; JBA 17: 
Humours of Dublin, The (III); GNTB 351: 
Humours of Finchly, the; DR3 90:
Humours of Hillsborough, the; JJ4 90: Humours of Hillsbrough, 
  The; DR2 73:
Humours of Katheonra, the; CDM6 31: Humours of Katheonra, the; 
  JJ4 16:
Humours of Marybon; JJ5 38:
Humours of Newbury, the; JJ6 1:
Humours of Patrot; GNTB 463:
Humours of Reken, The [script poor, Reken may be wrong]; GNTB
Humours of Wapping; LM Feb 1756: Humours of Wapping, the; TMP3 
  79: Humours of Wapping; BL71 99b: A Hornpipe, The Humours of 
  Wapping; GNTB 438:
Hungarian March, The; DR2 19: Hungarian March, The; TMP1 89:
Hungarians Delight, the; JJ5 80:
Hunt Royal, the; JJ4 19:   
Hunt the Hare; CST68 42: Hunt the Hare; TMP3 42: Hunt the Hare; 
  TMP4 52: Hunt the Hare; GNTB 282:
Hunt the Squirrill; BL71 52b:~ 
Hunt the Whistle; TMP3 18: ?Hunt the weasel; GNTB 466:
Hunting the Stagg; WCAL3 42: Hunting the Stag; JJ3 39: Hunting 
  the Stagg; CDM6 194:
Hurley Burly, the; JJ6 28:
Hurlothrumbo; CDM4 94: Hurlothrumbo; JJ1 83:
Hurry Scurry, The; SAPT91 26:
Huzza; CDM3 6: Huzza; WCAL1 66: Huzza; JJ1 22:
Huzza my Boys; PS94 101:
Huzzar, the; DR3 25:
Huzzy Muzzy, or Fuzzy Muzzy; JJ3 33: [see Tuzzy
Hymen's Garden; MT97 6:
Hyp Doctor; JJ5 3: Hyp Doctor, The; JW50 21: Hyp Doctor, The; LM
  Apr 1751:

I cannot get time to play with my honey; GNTB 449:
I conna buckle too; MT96 88:
I don't care whither or no; DR2 12:
I know something; JJ4 28: I know something; DR2 47:
I lost my love I care not; GNTB 366:
I often for my Jenny Strove; BL71 48:~
I wish you wou'd marry me now; RBR 58:
I wonder at it; BL71 97b:
I wou'd but I cannot; JJ5 68: I would, but I cannot; BL71 93:
I wou'd but I dare not; WCAL4 41: I would but I dare not; JJ3 
  88: I wou'd but I dare not; CDM6 115: I wou'd, but I dare 
  not; BL71 74b:
I wou'd if I cou'd; TMP5 46:
J'en ne scai quoi; JJ3 36:
I'm a top of Tom Tinkler's Ground; TMP1 62:
I'll be married; RB66 22:
I'll gae nae mair to your Town; RBR 6:
I'll gar you; JJ2 66:
I'll have a Wife of my own, See, I have---. 
I'll make you fain to follow me; RBR 24: I'll make you be fain to
  follow me; GNTB 487: I'll make you be fain to follow me; WC13
I'll Never Leave Thee; BYMS:
I'll Raing around; BL71 56:
I've forgott the name on't [Probably note, not title]; BL71 66b:
I've got a wife of my ain; WCAL2 47: I will have a wife of my  
  own; CDM4 25: I've got a wife of my own; JJ2 17: I'll have a  
  Wife of my own; MRMD45 6: I will have a wife; BL71 27: A Wife 
  of my Own; DYMS1: I have a wife of my Ain; RBR 45: I have a   
  wife of my ain; WC14 22: 
If were, see It were
Impatience; CDM5 51:
In behind the Door; WCAL3 40: In behind the door; JJ3 76:
In the Fields in Frost and Snow; BL71 54b:~
In the Moor among the Heather, see Over the Moor.
India Bill, the; TMP5 38:
Indian Princess, The; MT96 89:
Indian Queen; BL71 51b:~
Infant, The; CST69 56: Infant, the; TMP3 56: Infant, The; HB95 3:
Inkle and Yarico; SAPT90 21:
Innocent Maid, the; RB III 88: Innocent Maid, the; TMP4 4:
Jnsh of Perth, see Perth Inch; RBR 69: 
Inspector, The; RB66 21:
Installation, the; TMP3 90: Installation, the; RB III 95: 
  Installation, the; TMP4 11:
Intrepid, The; TMP1 73:
Intreague, the; CDM3 25: Intreague, the; JJ1 16: Intreague; BL71
Invation, The; GNTB 509:
Invercauld's Reel; DYMS2: Invercaul's Reel; RBR2 107:
Inverara Reel; DYMS2:
Invitation, the; TMP2 36:
Irish Baulk; CDM6 65: Irish Baulk; JJ4 92:
Irish Beauties, or Miss G---'s Maggot; UM Feb 1752: Irish 
  Beauties, The; RB66 20:
Irich Brogues, the; JJ5 60: Irish Brogues; DR3 62:
Irish Bull, the; CDM6 71:
Irish Grove, the [Marchmont House]; TMP5 82:
Irish Half Pay, the; JJ6 71:
Irish Hero: or Blakeny for ever; LM Feb 1757; UM Oct 1756: Irish
  Hero, or Blakney for ever; BL71 96b:
Irish Hoboy; RB II 10: Irish Hoboy; BL71 33b-34: [i.e., Hautboy]
Irish Jigg the new way; WCAL4 99:
Irish Jigg; JJ5 100:
Irish Lamentation; CDM5 197: Irish Lamentation; JJ1 3:
Irish Lass, The; GNTB 497:
Irish Lasses, The; GNTB 215:
Irish Lawyer, The; TMP1 47:
Irish Lilt; TMP2 76:
Irish Lottery; GM53 533: Irish Lottery, The; LM Jan 1753:
  Irish Lottery, The; TMP1 31: Irish Lottery, the; TMP5 20:
Irishman's Choice, The; UM Aug 1755: Irish Man's Choice, The; 
  TMP1 52: Irishman's Choice, the; TMP3 52:
Irish Quickstep; WC12 10:
Irish Ragg/ Ragg, CDM5 14: Ragg, The; MRMD45 1: The Irish Ragg; 
  BT2 #44, Irish [Irish Index]: Irish Ragg, The; JBA 13: Ragg; 
  BL71 31: Ragg; WCAL1 24: Ragg; JJ1 15:
Irish Vauxhall; JJ5 31: Irish Vauxhall; DR1 9: Irish Vauxhall; 
  DR3 53: Irish Vauxhall; TMP2 100: Irish Vauxhall; BL71 94:
Irish Washerwoman; SAPT89 1: Irish Washerwoman; LB2 3: Irish 
  Waterman, The [Irish Washerwoman]; J. Brysson's Curious 
  Collection, 8:
Irish Whim; CDM6 69: Irish Whim; DR2 42: Irish Whim, The; TMP1 
Irish Widow, the; TMP4 100: [Song in 'Irish Fair', 1772, composed
  by J. Vernon]    
Irland's Hornpipe; SAPT89 3:
Iron Chest; MT97 9:
Irvin Stiple; RBR 36:
Isla Reel, The; WC17 12:
Isle of Man.___A new Reel   by W.m Campbell; WC15 15:
Isle of May, The; GNTB 342: Isle of May, or Duke of Cumberland;
  BL71 75b:
Isle of Skye; RBR 7: Isle of Skie, The; DR58 9: Isle of Skie, 
  the; DR3 84: Isle of Skye, The; GNTB 162: The Isle of Skie; 
  AMR2 30:
Islington Assembly; UM Jul 1754: Islington Assembly; TMP1 38:
It grieves me much to Pitty thee; CST69 50: It grieves me much to
  pity thee; TMP3 50:
It were Tweedy; WCAL2 97: If were Twedy; JJ3 6:
It's my ladies call; SAPT89 7:
It's Three O'clock, we'll have another dance; LM Dec 1752: Its 
  three o' Clock we'l have t'other; TMP1 32:
It's well it's no worse; TMP3 4:

Jack Austin's Humour; UM Nov 1753: Jack Austin's Humour; TMP1 37:
Jack Grace's Front; UM Aug 1759: Jack Graces Front; TMP2 20:
Jack Holme's Reel; JJ4 37: Jack Holme's Reel; DR2 39: Jack Hume's
  Reel; BL71 63b: ? [Jackie ?] Home's Reel [Title badly trimmed,
  first letter prob J. 'Home's' rather than 'Hume's.']; LB6:
Jack I'll tickle thee; TMP3 17: Jack I'll tickle thee; GNTB 495:
Jack in a Box [hornpipe]; CSTH 53:
Jack in his Trowsers [hornpipe. Not 'Come ashore jolly tar.'];
  CSTH 39:
Jack in the Box; DR2 3: Jack in the Box, TMP4 93:
Jack Latin; WCAL2 63: Jack Leighton; DYMS1: Jack Latin; CDM5 98:
  Jack Latin; JJ2 4: Jack Latine; BL71 29: [Probably from song 
  Jacky Leighton's Courtship, c 1730. Jack Latten was fiddler in
  Ireland c 1725-30] 
Jack Lintel's Jig; GNTB 208:
Jack [Insh?] of Perth; BL71 63:
Jack of the Green [hornpipe]; CSTH 7: 
Jack on the Green; WCAL1 33: Jack on the Green; BYMS: Jack of the
  Green; JJ2 20: Jack on the Green; DR2 32: Jack of the Green; 
  CPC12 2: Jack on the Green Jack on the Green; TMP1 92: Jack o'
  the Green; FLMS: [Comic dance for man and woman (Mr. Taylor and
  Miss Mann) first performed at production of 'The Spanish 
  Fryars', Drury Lane Theater, Sept. 30, 1735] 
Jack on the Green [II]; RFM1 83:
Jack on ye Green [I]; BL71 39b: Jack on ye Green [II]; BL71 100b:
Jack Straw; JJ5 67:
Jack the Horse Coursers Hornpipe; WJ3: Jack the Horse Courser's 
  Hornpipe; CDM6 179:
Jack Walker's Hornpipe; CSTH 32:
Jackie Stuart's new Reell; DR1 48: Jakie Stewarts Reel; PT58 9: 
  Jackie Stewart's New Reel; DR3 45:
Jack's Alive; DR1 17: Jacks A-live; DR3 60: Jack's Alive; HB95 4: 
  Jack's Alive; BL71 94b: Jack's  Alive   a Jig; GCR3 17:
Jacks' be the daddy on't or Butter'd Peas, see Butter'd Peas.
Jack's Delight, or Mock Highland Man; JJ4 82: Jack's Delight; DR2
  41: (W3) Jack's Delight; TMP1 93:
Jack's Frolick; JJ5 78:
Jack's Health; JJ2 49: Jack's Health; BL71 45b:~
Jack's Ramble; TMP4 57:
Jack's Whim; JJ6 1: Jacks Whim; TMP3 25:
Jacky Stewarts Reel; RBR 7 Em 4/4 5151 47bL7bL7bL: Jackey 
  Stuart's reel; UM Sept 1758: Jakie Stewart's Reel; DR3 94: 
  Jakie Stewarts Reel; TMP2 9: Jack Stuard; GNTB 223 Em 4/4: 1351
  47bL7bL7bL [= (Scots) Sir John Stewart of Grandtully's Reel]
Jackson's Dream and Roodulum an Irish Medley [both Irish and
  found elsewhere. See Roodulum here]; WC14 20: 
Jackson's Drum; WHM Sept. 1790:
Jacksons Morning Brush; TMP4 77: [see Irish index]
Jackson's Square [hornpipe]; CSTH 1:
Iames's Maggot; JJ2 83:
Jamies Return; SAPT88 7:Jamies Return; TMP5 7: [Song, sequel to 
  Auld Robin Grey] 
Janey, see Jenny.
Janno's Jigg; JJ6 81:
Jemmy's Fancy; JJ6 31: Jemmey's Fancy; TMP1 13:
Jemmy Jigger; JJ5 90:
Jemmy Twinkles Wish; TMP5 30
Jenny Cameron; CDM6 60: Jenny Cameron; JJ4 36:
Jenny Cameron's Rant; GNTB 579:
Jenny come tie my cravat; GNTB 375: Jenny, Come tye my Cravat;
  BL71 47: DMI7A 
Jenny dang the Weaver; WCAL2 60: Jenny Dang the Weaver; CDM5 81:
  Jenny Bang the Weaver, or Musselborough; JJ2 35: Jenny dang the
  Weaver; RBR 54: Jenny dang ye weaver; FLMS: Jenny bang the 
  Weaver; HB95 3: Jenny Bang ye Weaver; BL71 28b: Jenny Dang the
  Weaver; DR2 36: [or, Jenny beguiled the Webster] 
Jenny Jessamy; RB69 55:
Jenny Nettles; DR1 16: Jenny Nettles; RBR 80: Jenny Nettles; DR3
  60: Jenny Nettles; JF94 3: Genny Nettles; BL71 99b:
Jenny of the Green; UM Sept 1557; " [with song] UM May 1752; LM 
  May 1752: Jenney of the Green; PT58 12: Jenny of the Green; 
  TMP2 12: Janey of the Green; GNTB 472:Jenny's Taste; BL71 76b:
Jenny Sutton; TMP5 98: [bawdy song by Capt. Morris]
Jenny's Whim; JJ2 100: Jenny's Whim; JJ5 98: Jenny's Whim; TD95 
Jerry Buck; DR1 35: Jerry Buck; DR3 47:
Jew, The; MT96 85; Jew, The; LB5 20:
Jews Restoration, The; TMP1 39:
Jilt's Progress; JJ3 25:
Joan Sanderson; BL71 43b:~
Joans Placket; TMP2 91: Joan's Placket; BL71 44:~
Job's Done, the; TMP2 69:
Jock's Lodge; RBR 93:
Jockey has got him a wife [in 9/8]; The Irish Fair.~ [in 9/8. 
  Sheet music; a multipart dance using nine tunes of which at 
  least 5 are Irish. Drury  Lane Theater, 1772? BUCEM - 
  J .Vernon]: Butter'd Peas [6/4. In this work titles have been 
  switched for "Jockey has gotten a wife and "Butter'd Peas," 
  qv]; Female Parson, 1729: Jockey has got a wife; WCAL3 68: 
  Neals' Country Dances, Dublin, c 1726. Jockey has gotten a wife
  [II. Reel of Stumpie variant, mistitled, in Female Parson, 
  1729. see Butter'd Pease.]; The  Female Parson, 1729.]; Jockey
  has Gotten a wife [?]; BL71 69: Dickey Has Got him a Wife; CDM5
  87: Jockey has got a wife; JJ3 16:
Jockey of the Green; SAPT93 55:
Jockey to the Fair; TMP4 97:
Jockeys Delight; TMP3 34:
Jockeys Jigg, the; DR3 23:
Joe Bent; BL71 40b:
Joe's Jigg; TMP1 47:
John Barton; WCAL4 12: John Barton; JJ4 8: John Burton; DR2 14: 
  John Barton; TMP1 99: John Barton; BL71 71:
John Black's Daughter, see Grant's Reel/Rant = Green grows the
John Gilpin; TMP5 26: [Song]
Iohn Handcock of Padgin; JJ2 44:
John Ocheltrie; DR58 4: John Ocheltrie; DR3 87: [Scots]
John, ye Mad man; BL71 58b:
Johnny Grots House; JJ5 95: Johnny Groats House; DR2 5:
Johnny Little; MT98 23:
Johny Cock thy Beaver; TMP2 90:~
Johny Too; CDM4 64:
Johnny's Frolick; JJ6 5: Johnny's Frolick; DR3 90:
Joiner's Jig, The; GNTB 522:
Jollity; WCAL4 5: Jollity, the; JJ4 9: Jollity, DR2 24: Jollity,
  The; GNTB 240: Jollity; BL71 81:
Jolly Boat; WC17 18:
Iolly Boy, the; JJ2 44:
Jolly Buck, the; CDM6 18: Jolly Buck, the; JJ4 13: Jolly Buck, 
  The; BL71 79:
Jolly Huntsman, the; JJ1 91:
Iolly Ioe; JJ2  92:
Jolly Mortals, the; TMP2 54:
Jolly Night, the; TMP2 57:
Jolly Old Man; JJ1 52:
Jolly Plowman, The; RBR 89:
Jolly Robin; DYMS2:
Iolly Roger; CDM4 192:
Jolly Young Waterman; TMP4 39:
Jovial Clowns, the; JJ1 98: Jovial Clown; JJ3 86:
Jovial Crew, the; CDM5 215:
Jovial Dancers, the; TMP2 48:
Jovial Fellow, the; TMP3 78:
Jovial Jockey; CDM5 244:
Jovial Tar, The: SAPT91 36:
Jovial Tars, The; UM Jan 1756:
Joy go with her; WCAL2 98: Joy go with her; CDM5 154: Joy go with
  her; JJ2 76:
Joyful days is coming; GNTB 404:
Juba; CDM5 189:
Jubilee, the; TMP2 88: Jubilee, the; TMP3 83:
Jugler, The; JW50 24: Juggler, The; LM Mar 1751:
Jump upon nothing [hornpipe]; CSTH 8:
Juniper Hill; TMP4 99:
Junketting Bout, the; JJ6 27: Junketting bout, The; UM Jul 1752:
Jupiter in the Clouds [hornpipe]; CSTH 50:
Just a Comeing; JJ5 53:
Just a going; WCAL4 91: Just a Going; JJ4 80: Just a going; DR2 
  79: Just a-going; GNTB 352: Just a Going; BL71 74b: 
Just as I was in the Morning; DR2 84: Just as I was in the
  morning; CPC11 4: Just as I was in the morning; RBR 64: Just as
  she was in the morning; GNTB 413: 
Just in Time; SAPT94 63:
Justice Ballance; TMP4 20:
Justice Guttle; TMP1 72:
Justice Jolly; CDM5 284:

Kate; WCAL2 67: Kate; CDM5 82: Kate; JJ2 34: Kate; BL71 29: ? 
  Countrey Kate.
Kate McFarlan; BYMS:
Kate of the Dale; SAPT94 67:
Kate's Delight; RB III 25:
Keel Row; BL71 62b:
Keelman's Petition, The; GNTB 409:
Keep it up; JJ6 98: Keep it up; TMP1 2:
Keep the Country Bonny Lassie; RBR 32: Keep the country bonny
  lass; GNTB 447: Keep the Country Bonny Lassie; AMR2 41:
Keeths Reel; RB I 7:
Ken ye not little Jack Rob; GNTB 523:
Kendall House; JJ6 94: Kendall House; TMP1 10:
Kensington Court; JJ2 55:~
Kentish Cricketters, the; JJ3 82: Kentish Cricketters; WCAL4 36:
  Kentish Cricketeers; MRMD44 299: Kentish Cricketters; CDM6 146:
  Kentish Cricketers, The; DR2 88: Kentish Cricketers, The; GNTB
  74: Kentish Cricketters; BL71 77: Kentish Cricketeers; RB69 60: 
Kentish Ramble, The; TD95 7:
Keppels Delight; RB III 91: Keppels Delight; TMP4 7:
Keppoch's Rant; JJ5 65: Keppoch's Rant; DR2 63:
Kerry Reel; PS94 103:
Kettle Bender; JJ4 5: [Bawdy song in Scarce Songs file, tune also
  in CPC-so by Oswald?]
Kew Green; JJ5 97:
Key of the Celler; WCAL3 16: Key of the Cellar; JJ3 13: The Key 
  of the Cellar; BYMS: Key of the Cellar; CDM6 141: Key of ye 
  Seller; BL71 58: The Celler door key; GNTB 377: [later Bob and
  Joan, or Rakes of Stony Batter]; 
Kick him Jenny; WCAL2 57: Kick Him Jenny; CDM5 106: Kick him 
  Jenny; JJ2 2:
Kick the Scrubs Out; JJ4 47: Kick the (Rouges/ Scrubs Out); DR2 
  37: Kick the Rogues out; RBR 36: Kick the Rogues out; BL71 75b:
Kick the World before me; WCAL2 28: Kick the World Before you;
  DYMS1: Kick the World Before me; CDM4 44: Kick the World before
  me; JJ2 3:
Kien Long; MT96 93:
Kilbourn Wells; JJ5 13:
Kill him quite; CDM6 139:
Killie Crankie; WCAL3 70:
Killing Kitty; CDM5 250:
Killy Kallum, see Gille Callum.
Kilmarnoch's Reel; DYMS2:
Kilwinan Lodge; RBR 38: Kilwinder Lodge; GNTB 235:
Kind Bacchus; CDM5 173: Kind Bacchus; JJ1 87:
King of Damascus Reel; WCAL2 22: King of Damascus; DYMS1: King of
  Damascus Reel; JJ2 43:
King of Denmark's Favourite, The; CST69 52: [same] Cottillion La
  Promenade, or, The King of Denmark's Favourite; GNTB 249:
King of Prussia's maggot; WCAL4 72: King of Prussia's Maggot; JJ2
  61: King of Prussia's Maggot; CDM6 125:
King of Prussia's Reel; RBR 25:
King Street Coffee House; JJ6 88:
Kingdom of Fife, The; BYMS: Kingdom of Fife, the; JJ3 74:
Kingsbridge Assembly; RB III 86: Kingsbridge Assembly; TMP4 2:
King's Arms, The; WCAL1 30: Kings Arms; JJ1 2: King's Arms; BL71
King's Entry; JJ2 42:
King's Head [hornpipe], The; CSTH 56:~ 
King's Hornpipe [Soldier's Joy]; GNTB 246:
King's Oak; JJ4 25:
Kirkudbright; DYMS1:
Kiss, The; CST68 39: Kiss, the; TMP3 39:
Kiss at the Garden Gate; JJ4 52:
Kiss for a Half Pennie, A; BYMS:
Kiss for Nothing, A; RBR 74:
Kiss her behind the Garden Gate; BL71 79b:
Kiss me early; JJ5 32:
Kiss me fast my Mother's coming; WCAL2 46: Kiss Quick Mothers a 
  Comeing; CDM4 22: Kiss quick mother's coming; JJ2 13: Kiss me 
  quick, Mother's coming; MRMD44 307: [not 'O whar would bonnie 
  Annie lye,' which is also known by this title, nor is it "Kiss
  me fast my Minnie's coming. a Jig" in Gow's Complete 
  Repository, Book 2.] Kiss Quick [Kiss me Quick, mother's 
  coming?]; BL71 26b: 
Kiss me sweetly; DR1 23: Kiss me Sweetly; RBR 4: Kiss me Sweetly;
  DR3 42: Kiss her Sweetly; GNTB 43:
Kiss the Lass ye like best; RBR 55:
Kiss under the Stairs; DR2 4:
Kiss your Cousin; JJ6 34:
Kiss'd her under the coverlet; GNTB 280:
Kiss'd Yestreen, see O as I was.
Kitt Green's Hornpipe; CSTH 32:
Kitty Fisher; DR3 16: Kitty Fisher; TMP2 29:
Kitty Grogan; SAPT94 70:
Kitty's Frolick; JJ5 91:
Kitty's Whim; DR3 5:
Knebsworth Place; JJ5 79: Knebsworth Place; TMP1 84:
Knees and Elbow; DR3 20:
Knight's of the Garter; TMP3 88:
Knit the Pocky; RBR 84: Knit the Pocky; RB70 71:
Knocking and Scratching; TMP2 71:
Knot; BL71 46b:
Kriden Fair; GNTB 216:

Labyrinth, the; JJ5 4: Labyrinth, The; JW50 7: Labyrinth, The; LM
  Jul 1751:
Lac'd Waistcoat, or Fibea Dea, the; JJ3 85:
Ladies Amusement, the; RB III 64:
Ladies Breast Knot, The; DR1 13: Lady's Breast knot, The; RBR 31:
  Ladies Breast Knot; DR3 40: [SMM #214]
Ladies Choice; TMP5 28:
Ladies Delight; MRMD44 306 :
Ladies Maggot, the; JJ4 65:
Ladies of London; BL71 47:~
Ladies Play Thing, the; TMP3 25:
Ladies Pull Off Your Hoops; JJ5 11:
Ladies Regimentals, the; RB III 21:
Lads and Lasses; JJ5 34: Lads and Lasses; GNTB 456: Lads and 
  Lassies; BL71 89b:
Lad and Lasses, the; RB III 33:
Lads of Air, see Merry Lads of Air.
Lads of Boot, the; JJ5 67: Lads of Boot, The; DR2 100:
Lad's of Bonny town, The; DR1 59: Lads of Bonny Town; DR3 34:
Ladds of Dunce; CDM3 2: Ladds of Dunce; WCAL1 44: Ladds of Dunce;
  JJ1 17: Ladds of Dunce, the; TMP2 89: Lads of Dunse; BL71 30b:
Lads of Elgin, The; RBR 59:
Lads of Footscray; JJ4 11:
Lads of Kilwinning, The; GNTB 493:
Lads of Leath, The; WCAL1 16: Lads of Leath; CDM5 130: Lads of 
  Leath; JJ1 51: Lads of Leith, The; GNTB 498: Lads of Leath, 
  The; BL71 67b: The Lads of Leith; BYMS: Lads of Leith, The [SMM
  #398]; CPC4 31: 
Lads of Saltcots [SMM #357, Hey how Johnnie Lad]; DR58 10: Lads 
  of Saltcots; DR3 79: Lads of Saltcots, The; GNTB 554:
Lady Abdingdons Allemand; TMP5 78:
Lady Abergaveney's Fancy; SAPT94 65:
Lady Ann Erskin's Reel; RBR 86: Lady Ann Erskin's Reel; RB70 69:
Lady Ann Hambleton's Rant; WCAL2 56: Lady Anne Hambleton's Rant;
  JJ2 15: Lady Anne Hamilton's Rant; MRMD45 5, C 1H5H5H5H 
  1H5H2H4H: Lady Ann Hamilton's Rant; GNTB 494 1H5H5H5H 1H52H4H:
  [Lady Home's Jig, GCR1 C 1H5H5H5H 1H5H2H4H , see Lady Jean 
  Hume's Reel]
Lady Austa's Delight; JJ5 61: [Augusta?]
Lady Augusta's Delight; DR2 62:
Lady Aylsbury's Reel; PS96:
Lady Bairds Reel or Little Fanny Love; WC13 21:
Lady Barbara Ashley Coopers Strathspey  by M.r Jenkins; WC16 7:
Lady Barnsley's Fancy; TMP4 80:
Lady Bells Jigg; DR3 25:
Lady Berkeley's Whim; JJ5 43: Lady Berkley's Whim; DR2 20: Lady 
  Berkley's Whim; TMP1 96: Lady Berkley's Whim; HA95 4:
Lady Betty Cochrane's Reel; RBR 72:
Lady Betty Hay; RBR2 106:
Lady Betty Wemyss's Reel; RBR 21:
Lady Boyd's Reel; DR3 66:
Lady Boyes' Rant; GNTB 334:
Lady Bradnets Scots Reel; DR63 10: 
Lady Caroline Stanhopes Birth-Day; DR3 26: Lady Caroline 
  Stanhope's Birth Day; TMP2 99:
Lady Cathcart's Reel; MT99 32:
Lady Catherine Blythe; WC17 6:
Lady Charles Spencers Fancy; TMP4 76:
Lady Charlotte Bentinchs Waltz; WC13 5:
Lady C. Campbell's Reel; PS94 105:
Lady Charlotte Campbell's Waltz; WC14 1:
Lady Charlotte Dundas's Reel; RB66 17:
Lady Charlotte Hamilton's Reel; WC15 11:
Lady Charlote Maurie's Reel; CDM5 43:
Lady Charlotte Perceys Fancy; WC20 14-15:
Lady Charlotte Spencer's Fancy; BL71 113:
Lady Charlott's Delight; JJ6 32: Lady Charlott's Delight; TMP1 
Lady Cholmondley's Waltz   by Weippert WC12 17:
Lady Christian Montgomrey's Hornpipe; DYMS1:
Lady Coventry's Delight; TMP1 73:
Lady Derby's Waltz; LB6: Lady Derby's Waltz; MT00 39:
Lady Doll Sinclair's Reel; RBR 1: Lady Doll S.t Clair's Reel; 
  DR58 8: Lady Doll St.Clair's Reel; DR3 83: [King of France he 
  ran a race, CPC]
Lady Duncannon's Fancy; TMP5 97:
Lady Elgin's Reel; RBR 62:
Lady Elizabeth's Delight; DR3 61:
Lady Fitzgeralds Reel; WC17 2:
Lady Foster's Delight; CDM5 175:
Lady Frances Seymour's Birth Day; JJ5 21: Lady Frances Seymour's
  Birth Day; UM Apr 1750
Lady Frances Weemy's Reel; CDM6 174:
Lady George Beauclerk's Reel; RBR 33:
Lady Hamilton's Rant, see also Lady Anne Hamilton's Rant.
Lady Hamilton's Rant; GNTB 307 G 4/4 1331 2727 [Duke of
  Hamilton's Reel in wrong Key]: 
Lady Hamilton's Rant   by W. C.; WC12 23:
Lady Hampdons Reel by J. Gow; WC16 18:
Lady Hariot Hope's Reel; RBR 10: Lady Harriet Hope's Reel; GNTB
Lady Harriot Bentick Fancy; DR3 1: 
Lady Harriot Spencers Fancy; RB II 11:
Lady Holderness's Jigg; JJ6 42: Lady Holderness' Jigg; TMP1 6:
Lady Isabella Thynnes Minuet; JF92 16:
Lady Jane Douglas's Strathspey  by W. C.; WC12 4:
Lady Jane Stewart's Reel; RB66 14: Lady Jane Stuart's Reel; GNTB
  28: Stewart's Rant, The; GNTB 28:
Lady Jean Hum's Reel; DYMS1: Lady Jean Hume's Reel; RBR 50: Lady
  Jane Hume's Reel; BL71 57b: [See Lady Ann Hamilton's Rant]
Lady Jean Murray's Rant; RBR 35: Lady Jane Murray's Rant; DR2 70: 
Lady Louden's Reel; CDM6 81:
Lady Mc Intosh's Rant; JJ5 62: Lady McIntosh's Rant; DR2 65: Lady
  McIntosh's Reel; RBR 52: For aw that and aw that; GNTB 485: 
  Lady Makentosh's Reel; BL71 86b: [ = Prince's Reel, qv]
Lady Mc.Intoshes New Reel; DR3 99:
Lady Maria Parkers Strathspey; WC20 11:
Lady Mary Bentinch's Fancy; WC20 20:
Lady Mary Menzies Reel; RBR 82: Lady Mary Menzies Reel; RB70 66:
Lady Mary Ramsay; DRD1 3:
Lady Mary Stopford's Reel; WC12 18:
Lady Mary's Linnet; JJ2 32:
Lady Mary's Minuet; CDM5 107:
Lady Mayoress Fancy; LB6:
Lady Montgomeries Reel; WC29 2:
Lady Murray's Reel [Not Miss Murray's]; GNTB 333:
Lady Nelly Wemyss's Reel; RBR 13:
Lady Nelly's Fancy; JJ4 2:
Lady North's Fancy; RB III 64:
Lady of the Manor; RB III 2: Lady of the Manor; RB III 85: Lady 
  of the Manor, the; TMP4 1:
Lady Salisburys Whim; SAPT88 4: Lady Salisburys Whim; TMP5 4:
Lady Shaftsbury; LB2 11:
Lady Susan Gordon's Reel; RB66 16:
Lady Susan Montgomery's Hornpipe; DYMS1:
Lady Terfichen's Rant; WCAL1 22: Lady Terfichen's Rant; CDM5 37:
  Lady Tersichen's Rant; JJ1 5: Lady Terfichen's Rant; GNTB 396:
  Lady Terfichent's [Torphichen's] Rant; BL71 30b:
Lady Termagant; UM Jun 1752:
Lady Towns; WC20 5:
Lady Townsends Fancy; TMP5 58:
Lady Villiers Delight; TMP4 35:
Lady Virginia Murray's Fancy; LB2 17:
Lady Warkworth's Reel; RB66 14: 
Lady Warkworth's Reel; GNTB 239:
Lady Warwick's Reel; LB6:
Lady Weymouths Fancy; DR3 24:
Lady Worsleys Fancy; TMP4 82:
Ladys Favourite; JJ4 2: Lady's Favourite; DR2 19: (W3) Lady's 
  Favourite, The; TMP1 89:
Lady's Triumph; CDM4 77:
Lake, the; JJ4 32:
Lamair's Frolick; RB III 68:
Lamb Skinnet; LM Oct 1753: Lamb Skinnet; TMP1 28:
Lambeth Wells; JJ2 59:~
Lamp Lighter, the; MT95 73:
Lancaster Hornpipe; BYMS: Lancashire Hornpipe, or Yorkshire
  Hornpipe, or Lancashire Witches; BL71 71:
Lane's Minuet; BL71 49:~
Lanstram Wake; JJ3 23:
Lantrum's Curse; JJ3 32:
Lary Grogan; WCAL2 23: Larry Grogan; JJ2 5: Larry Grogan. 
  [Spirited song celebrating Larry Grogan's piping is in songbook
  without music, The Charms of Chearfulness, 1781, and The Polite
  Singer, 1781.It is in six verses and commences "Ye rakes that 
  are jolly and hate melancholy." Another song to the tune is 
  "The Limerick Buck Hunt" in the songbook just cited and earlier
  in The Charms of Melody, Dublin, 1776. This commences "By your
  leave Larry Grogan". This latter is also in T. C. Crocker's 
  Popular songs of Ireland./ Larry Grogan; CPC10 12: Lary Grogan
  Irish; AA4 #30: Lary Grogan Irish; OFPC2 38: Lary Grogan; RFM1
  16: Larry Grogan; GNTB 297: Larry Grogan; FLMS: Larry Grogan; 
  BL71 28b:
Lashley's March; CDM5 111: Lashley's March [facsimile in Music in
  Colonial Massachusetts, I, 67, 1980]; JJ1 19: [Leslie's]
Lass, see also Lassie.
Lass may look down, A; JJ3 96:
Lass of Levengstone, The; WCAL1 90: Lass of Levingstone; CDM5 
  125: Lass of Levengstone; JJ2 4:
Lass of Perth, the; CDM4 9: Lass of Perth; WCAL3 61: Lass of 
  Perth, the; JJ3 17:
Lass of Petty's Mill; NCCD 29: Lass of Patties Mill; CDM5 194: 
  Lass of Patties Mill; JJ1 2:
Lass of the grass, The, or, O gin I had such a laddy as this;
  GNTB 512:
Lass of the Valey; JJ5 71:
Lass with the yellow petticoat, The; GNTB 434:
Lass' Trumpancy, see Lastrum pone.
Lass' white stockings, The; GNTB 425:
Lasses have at ye; TMP4 91:
Lasses likes nea Brandy; RBR 83: Lasses likes nae Brandy; RB70
  65: Lasses Pisses Brandy; GNTB 370:
Lasses liking, The; GNTB 403:
Lasses of Bath, The; DR63 9:
Lasses of Berwick; DR2 92: Lasses of Berwick [See also Berwick
  Lasses]; BL71 57b:
Lasses of Charing; JJ4 75:
Lasses of Dunce; JJ2 30: Lasses of Dunce; DR2 96: Lasses a Dunce;
  BL71 75:
Lasses of Linlithgow; JJ6 29: Lasses of Lethgow, the; DR3 68:
Lasses of Lynn; GNTB 529:
Lasses of Portsmouth; TMP4 21:
Lasses of Stirling; GNTB 229:
Lasses Tickled me; WCAL3 94: Lasses tickled me, or Cowitch, the;
  JJ3 71: Lasses tickled me, or Cowitch, the; CDM6 201:
Lassie with the yellow Coatie; WCAL4 49: Lassie in the Yellow 
  Coatie; JJ2 30: Lassie with the Yellow Coatie; CDM6 166:
  Lassie with the yellow Coatie, The;. RBR 76: Lass with the 
  yellow cottie; GNTB 515: The Lassie with the Yellow Coaty; AMR2
  34: Laddie with the Yellow Coatie; DYMS1: Lassie in the Yellow
  Coatie, The; DR2 93: 
Last Merry Night; JJ3 100: Last Merry Night; MRMD44 307: Last 
  Merry Night; CDM6 114: Last Merry Night, The; DR2 76:
Last Night; JJ2 97:
Last of the Family, The; WR98 9:
last pint Ale, The; RBR 37: Last pint of ale, The; GNTB 161: CPC9
Last Stake, the; CDM6 36: Last Stake, the; JJ4 18:
Lastrum Pone/ Lass Trumponey; WCAL1 79: Lass Trumponey; CDM5 59:
  Lass Trumponey; JJ1 57: Lastrumpony; CPC11 13: Lestrum Pone, in 
  Beggar's Wedding, 1729: Lass' Trumpancy; GNTB 501: Lastrum 
  Pone; NCCD 6 [c 1726]: Laustrum Poney in O'Farrell's
  Pocket Companion, 6/8 pipe jig now called Langstern's pony in 
  Ireland. See Irish Index.]~
Laugh and Lay Down; TMP2 82:
Lawson Frollick; DR3 2:
Lawyers Whim, the; TMP2 59:
Layton Grains; JJ4 25:
Leap Year; SAPT93 57:
Leather Lane; CDM5 101: Leather Lane; JJ2 7: Leather Lane 
  [hornpipe]; CSTH 56:
Leazes Hopping; GNTB 569:
Leicester Lasses, The; UM Mar 1750:
Leister House; JJ5 95: Leicester House; DR1 55: Leicester House;
  DR3 38:
Leith Wynd; DR58 2: Leith Wind; DR3 77: Leith wind [Come hap me 
  with thy petticoat]; BL71 114b:
Lemington; BL71 68b:
Lenox Love to Blantyre [SMM #483. Glen, ESM p. 209, prints
  Sinkler MS tune, 1710, and notes tune is entitled 'How can I 
  Keep my Maiden-head,' qv, in Walsh's Caledonian Country Dances, 
  ii, c 1736. Dick, SRB p. 370, notes Stewart's and Campbell's 
  tunes, "Lenox Love." These not listed in Glen's SDM.]; Lennox 
  Love; DYMS1: Lenox love to Blantyre; RBR 17: NSR 9: JCR 13: 
  Lenox Love to Blantyre; MRMD45 6: Lenox Love to Blanyre [sic];
Lennox's Love [Diff. tune] GNTB 336: ? Lennox Love; DR3 75:
Lenstick, The; RB68 39:
Leominster Assembly; TMP3 33:
Leonara; CDM5 243:
Leslie, see Lashly
Lester's Fancy; SAPT89 11:
Let's be jolly; UM supp 1751:
Let's be merry o'er the year; TMP5 62:
Lets Begin Again; DR3 20:
Let's lose no time; JJ5 22: Let's lose no time; UM Jul 1750:
Let's shake her weall; WCAL1 60: Let's Shak her Weal; CDM5 54:
  Shak Her Weel; JJ1 72: ?; Ari de Camera:
Let's to the Ard_Strathspey; RBR 62: Let us to the Aird; AMR 18:
Letham Lasses; GNTB 506:
Lewis Bourge; BL71 100b:
Lewis Castle; WCAL2 71: Lewis Castle; CDM4 67:
Lewis Pettit; DR3 3:
Lewis Races; TMP5 52:
Liar, see Lyar
Liberal Lover, the; TMP4 40:
Liberty; MRMD45 6: H. Carey's ?
Liberty and Loyalty; JF94 14:
Lidia's Ramble; TMP1 43:
Life of Pleasure; JJ3 47:
Light and Airy; TMP3 23:
Ligrum Cus [Shambuy/Over the water to Charlie variant]; HB95 7 :
Lilling Hall; RB III 13:
Lilli Burlero; BL71 47b: Lilly Bullery [Lilliburlero]; GNTB 373:~
Lilly, the; DR3 18: Lily, The; GNTB 461: Lilly, The; WC15 6:
Lime-House Bridge; JJ2 45:
Limerick Lasses, the; DR3 22:
Lincoln Races; RB III 4:
Lincolnshire Ladds; TMP2 49:
Lincolnshire Lasses; TMP2 49:
Links of Leith; RBR 57:
Linnen Hill; TMP4 77:
Litchfield Races; LM Aug 1755; Litchfield Races; UM Sept 1755: 
  Litchfield Races; TMP1 52: Litchfield Races; TMP3 52:
Little Ben; SAPT93 52:
Little Brown Thing, the; JJ5 32:
Little Devil, the; TMP5 67:
Little Devil or No Devil, The; WC15 5:
Little Driver; TMP1 75:
Little Gypsy, the; TMP5 65:
Little Jeannette; SAPT91 30:
Little Leaper, the; RB III 69:
Little Man & Maid; TMP2 34: [Song]
Little Peggy's Love, see Miss Farquharson's Strathspey.
Little Swiss, The; LM Feb 1754: Little Swiss; TMP1 28: 
little Waist, the; PS96:
lively Sophie, The; LB5 8:
Liver Pool Prize; RB III 11:
Liverpool Hornpipe; CSTH 45:
Liverpool Jigg, The; WJ3:
Livery Mens Choice, the; JJ3 37:
Lloyd's Whim; TMP4 25:
Loch Aloie; WC17 1:
Loch_ness; RBR 29:
Lochaber's Rant; LB2 14:
Lochiel's Rant; JJ5 63: Lochiel's Rant; DR2 64: Lochiels Rant; 
  RBR 44: Lochiel's Reel; GNTB 222:
Lochspey Side   by W.m Campbell; WC15 7:
Locket, the; RB III 49:
Lockhing's Whim; GM53
Loggerhead; JJ3 42:
Loncile; DR63 3:
London Assembly, the; TMP3 86:
London Association; RB III 7:
London Hornpipe; CDM5 152: London Hornpipe; JJ1 46:
London House, The; SAPT93 53:
London Military Association Dance, the; RB IV 88: London Military
  Association Dance, the; TMP5 86:
London Sally; JJ1 98:
London Scotch Measure; CDM4 7: London Scotch Measure; JJ3 15:
London's Loyalty; JJ2 49:~
Long live the king; JJ4 58: Long Live the King; DR3 17: Long Live
  the King; SAPT90 15:
Look before you leap; LB5 4:
Looking Glass, see Breast Knot.
Lord Aberdower's Reel; DR3 70:
Lord Albemarle's Delight; JJ5 63: Lord Albermarlse Delight; DR2 
Lord Anson forever; UM Oct 1755:
Lord Baths Gate; CST69 51: Lord Bath's Gate; RB69 50: Lord Baths
  Gate; TMP3 51: Lord Bath's Gate; GNTB 3: Lord Bath's Gate; HA95
Lord Brook's Tambourine; JJ6 7:
Lord Byron's Maggot; BL71 51:~
Lord Delmere's Rant, or ye Cooler, see Cooler.
Lord Duncans Victory; WC13 1:
Ld. Drumore's Rant; JJ3 34:
Lord Eglinton's Reel; RBR 95: Lord Eglinton's Reel; TMP1 8: Lord
  Eglinton's Reel; AMR2 30: Lord Eglinton's Reel; WC15 22:
Lord Garlis's Reel; RB66 15  (1st strain = 4 meas.):
Lord Hereford's Delight; CDM4 188:
Lord Holderness's Rant, or, York Rant; GNTB 429:
Lord Homes Reel; WC20 12:
Lord Hoods Fancy; TMP5 38:
Lord Howe [hornpipe]; CSTH 23: Lord Howes Hornpipe; LB5 28:
Lord How's Jigg; TMP4 59:
Lord Kelly's Reel; RBR 57  (part): Lord Kelly's Rant/Reel; GNTB
  477: Earl of Kelly's Reel, The [more elaborate than RBR]; AMR 
Ld. Kilcubrie, the; JJ1 84:
Lord Kincaird's Reel; RBR 81:
Lord M.c Donalds Reel [also called 'Virginia Reel.' Cf. 'Leather
  Britches']; JF94 1: Lord Macdonald's Reel; AMR 19: Lord 
  McDonalds Reel; LB5 21:
Lord March's Night Cap; DR63 2:
Lord Moira's Fancy; MT95 77:
Lord Nelson's Waltz; WC14 3: Lord Nelson's Waltz; DRD1 1:
Lord North's Jigg; RB III 15:
Lord Plymouth's Frolick; TMP2 44:
Lord Primrose's Delight; CDM5 139: Lord Primroses Delight; JJ2 
Lord St. Vincent's Hornpipe; MT99 33:
Lord Simples Lamentation after ye Highlanders; BL71 68:
Lord Spindle; CST68 38: Lord Spindle; TMP3 38:
Lord Strathmore's Reel; GNTB 481:
Lorrain's Delight; JJ1 26:
Lotharia; JJ6 89:
Lottery, The; MRMD45 3: Lottery, the; TMP5 71:
Lough Erric Side; WHM Mar. 1796: [Scots, Loch Erroch]
Lough Swilly; MT99 33:
Loup, The; RB69 53:
Love & a Bottle; JJ1 45: Love and a bottle; BL71 104b:~
Love & Mary; MT98 21:
Love & Opportunity; TMP4 58:
Love for ever; GNTB 496: Love for ever; BL71 45b:
Love in a Forrest; JJ4 86:
Love in a Tub; RB III 35:
Love in a Village; TMP2 74: Love in a Village; HB95 1: [Arne/ 
  Bickerstaff opera of 1762] 
Love in the East; SAPT89 7:
Love Me Dearly; TMP4 85:
Love Sick Polly; TMP4 86:
Loveing Nancy; CDM6 143: [Lovely?]
Lovely Collin; JJ5 4:
Lovely Fanny; JJ5 59: Lovely Fanny; DR3 62:
Lovely Fancy; RB III 71: [Fanny?]
Lovely Kate; TMP3 64:
Lovely Lass, the; CDM5 140: Lovely Lass; JJ2 77:
Lovely Lass to a Fryar came, A; BL71 117:
Lovely Nancy; JJ3 46:
Lover's Leap [hornpipe], The; CSTH 59:
Lover's Loadstone, The; UM Nov 1760:
Lovers Wrangle, the; TMP5 40:
Loves Last Shift; CDM5 255:
Lovet's Reel; JJ5 88:
Lovisa, the; JJ5 98:
Lowden, The; JJD 3: Lowden, the; TMP3 95:
Lowland Lad; BL71 89b:
Lowthers Hornpipe; SAPT93 58:
Lowton Hall; JJ4 30:
Loyal Cobler, The; SAPT94 72:
Loyal Poole Artillerymen, the; MT00 47:
Loyalist; JJ4 59:
Lubbers Hole or Tower Lane; PT58 8: Lubbers Hole, or Tower Lane;
  TMP2 8:
Lucas for ever; JJ5 7:
Lucky Black's Daughter; DYMS1:
Lucky Dick; JJ5 90:
Lucy's Delight, or the Villa; WCAL3 82: Lucy's Delight; DR2 28:
  Lucy's Delight; TMP1 92: Lucy's Delight; GNTB 1: Lucy's
  Delight or ye Villa; BL71 37:
Ludlow Races; UM Jun 1758?; Ludlow Races; LM Sept 1758:
Lumps of Pudding; CPC7 4: Lumps of Pudding, or, Shives of Bread;
  GNTB 400:
Luxborough; WCAL2 72: Luxbourough, the; JJ2 79: Luck's Burrow; 
  JJ4 22:
Lyar, the; TMP3 19:
Lycurges; CDM5 234:
Lyon's Fancey; TMP2 26:

McDonalds Jigg; DR3 21:
Mac Donald's Rant; WCAL2 74: MacDonald's Rant; CDM4 181: 
  Mc.Donald's Rant; JJ6 80: McDonald's Rant; DR2 59: Macdonald's
  Rant; BYMS: Macdonald's Rant; BL71 36b:
M.cGilpins Strathspey; JF92 9:
McFarland's Reel; DR58 7: McFarland's Reel; DR3 82: ? 
  Macfarlane's Reel; DYMS2: Macfarlane's Reel; AMR2 17:
Mac Fosset's Farewell; WCAL1 57: Mac Foset's Farewell; CDM5 50: 
  Mac Forsets Farewell; JJ1 42: 
Maclean's Farewell; JJ6 62:
Mc.Leane, or the Ladies Favourite; JJ6 85:
MacLod's Rant; JJ5 92:
M'Neils blunder; LM Nov 1754:
Mac Pherson's Farewell; JJ3 93: McPhersons Rant; BYMS: 
  MacPherson's Rant; GNTB 397: Mac Pherson's Farwell; BL71 38b: 
  Macpherson's Lament; AMR2 1:
Macs Hornpipe; PS 96:
Macaroni, the; TMP3 8:
Macaroni Dance, A New; LM Mar 1774:
Macaroni Fop, the; RB III 66: 
Macaroni's Allamand, the; RB III 66:
Maccarony Dance; TMP4 21:
Machies, the; JJ4 83:
Mad Bess; GNTB 218:
Mad Cap; JJ4 77: Mad Cap; CST69 60: Mad Cap; TMP3 60:
Mad Cat; JJ3 64: Mad Cat; CDM6 107:
Mad French Man, The; GNTB 470:
Mad Moll; JJ2 56: Mad Moll; TMP2 94: Mad Moll; BL71 50:~
Mad Robin; JJ2 57: Mad Robbin; BL71 49:~
Madame Bounaparte's Waltz; WC17 5:
Madam Blair's Reel; GNTB 561: [Not Miss Blair's Reel]
Madam Bossi's Fancy; MT99 30:
Mad:m Capdevill's Hornpipe; CSTH 42:
Madam Chateaneaut's Dance; WCAL3 77: Madam Chauteaneut's Dance; 
  CDM6 144:
Madame Corde's Fancy; PS94 97:
Madam Didelot's Reel; WC13 4:
Madam Flurt, the Capt.ns Lady; JJ6 83:
Madam Hillingsburgh Reel [she was a professional dancer. See Miss
  Farquharson's Strathspey/ Little Peggy's Love]; LB5 32: Mad. 
  Hillisberg's Reel [She was professional dancer]; MT98 14:
Madamoselle; RB III 60:
Mad.e Heinel's Fancy; JJD 11:
Madm. Theadores Allmand; TMP5 97:
Maggie Lauder/ Moggie Lawther, or Margaret Lowther; BL71 111:
Maggy/ Moggy Lauther [II]; NCCD 11:
Maggies Tocher [See also A Trip to marrow=bone; JW50 22: Magies 
  Tocher; LM Sept. 1751:
Maggot, the; JJ3 63: Maggot, the; CDM6 103:
Maggoty Nan; JJ6 12:
Maggy's Weam is fu' I true; RBR 85: Maggy's Weam is fu' I trow;
  RB70 69:
Magic Dance, the; TMP5 57:
Magick Lanthern, the; TMP3 30:
Mahmoud; LB6:
Maid in the Wood; JJ2 73:
Maid of Bath, the; TMP3 93: Maid of Bath, the; RB III 50:
Maid of the Mill; HB95 8:
Maidens Choice, The; PT58 6: Maidens Choice, the; TMP2 6: [not 
  Ballance a Straw/Tulip/ Wearing of the Green, whose song is 
  sometimes under this title]
Maiden's Choice, The; UM Feb 1758:
Maids Delight; JJ2 100: Maids Delight, the; JJ2 37:
Maids Morris; CDM6 191:
Maids of Kent, The; SAPT94 66:
Mail Coach, the; TMP5 14:
Mairi Allan; BYMS:
Major, The; WCAL2 81: Major; NCCD 10: Major; JJ2 18: The Major; 
  BT1 36-37 [as Irish tune]: The Major; GNTB 263: The Major; HA95
Major Graham's Fancy; MT95 79:
Major Macdonalds Rant; WC20 21:
Major O'Flaherty; JJD 6:
Make Shift, the; JJ3 99:
Maltman, The [Roger de Coverley, See Old Roger]; DYMS1: Malt-man
  comes a Monday, The; RBR 47:
make shift, The; BL71 31b:
Man in the Bottle, the; JJ5 49:
Man in the Moon, the; TMP3 20: Man in the moon, The; GNTB 243:
Man on the Wire, The; TMP1 33:
Manchester Hornpipe; WJ3:
Mandarin Dance, The; SAPT91 36:
Mandarine, The; SAPT90 14:
Mansell, or My Loveing Cuzen; BL71 62:~
Mantua Makers Frollick, The; PT58 5: Mantua Makers Frolick, the;
  DR3 13: Mantua Makers Frollick, the; TMP2 5: Mantuamaker's 
  Frolic, The; GNTB 185:
Mar Ross; JJ3 7: [Ross Meor?]
Marat's Vagary; PS94 108:
Marble Hall; JJ4 3:
March; JJ1 82:
Marchioness of Worcester's Favorite; LB2 16:
Marchmont House; RBR 23: [Irish Grove]
Margarets Fancy; RB III 5:
Margaretta, the; SAPT89 2:
Margate Assembly; TMP5 51:
Margate Hoy, the; TMP5 61:
Margate Rout; TMP3 36:
Maria's Frolick; CST68 42: Maria's Frolick; TMP3 42: Maria's 
  Frolic; GNTB 503:
Marian; SAPT89 9: [Marione?]
Marine Joak, the; JJ6 74: Marine Joke, the; GM Jun 1750:
Mariners, The; SAPT94 65:
Marine's March; CDM6 167:
Marione; TMP4 45:
Marionets; TMP3 94:
Mark in the Dumps; RB III 30:
Mark Ross; WCAL2 73:
Marquesan, the; MT00 39:
Marquis of Granby's Rant, the; TMP2 37:
Marquis of Huntley's fling; PS96:
Marquiss of Lorn's Strathspey  by D. Macintyre; WC14 11:
Marshall Broglio Escape; CDM5 150:
Marshall Noatlles's Lamentation; JJ2 89:
Marshal Saxe's Tambourine; TMP1 22:
Mary Gray; RBR 81 : Mary Gray; RB70 62:
Mary Nairn; DR58 1: Mary Nairn; DR3 78:
Maryann's Fancy; CST68 40: Maryann's Fancy; TMP3 40:
Masons Rant; JJ2 29: Mason's Rant; DR2 95:
Masquerade Royal; CDM4 47:
Master Jackey; JJ5 52: Master Jackey Wagtail; TMP1 78:
Master Sitwell, or Not til we are married; DRD1 1
Mathews frighted at the Highway man; LM Nov 1753:
Matthew Briggs [he was a composer in 1738]; BL71 64: CPC
Mathew's Humour, or A Trip to Norwood; JJ3 27:
Mathews [hornpipe]; CSTH 12:
Matilok Whim; BL71 92b:
Matlock Bath; JJ5 47:
Maxwill's Rant; JJ4 40: Maxwill's Rant; DR2 42: 
May Day Morn; TMP4 24:              
May Pole, the; JJ5 30:
Mayor of Garrat; RB68 45: Mayor of Garratt, the; TMP2 83:
Medley; JJ3 66: [Bath -?]
Medway, The; WCAL4 34: Medway; JJ2 26: Medway; DR2 85: Mid Way, 
  The; GNTB 346:
Meillionen; WCAL1 38: Meillionen; CDM5 53: Meillionen; JJ2 21:
Melchers Rant; DR3 29:
Mercy Jack; DR3 7:
Merlin's Cave; JJ2 82:
Merliton; JJ2 81:
Merrily Dance the Quaker [song not yet printed in Greig-Duncan
  Coll'n]; RBR 53: So merrily Danced the Quaker; DR1 7: So 
  Merrily Danced the Quakers; DR3 54: So merily dance the Quaker;
  BL71 100b:
Merry and Wise; JJ6 10:
Merry Annie; DYMS2:
Merry Archers, The; SAPT91 35:
Merry Bachanal, the; JJ1 78: 
Merry Captain, the; WHM June 1796:
Merry Cobler, the; SAPT89 5:
Merry Contrivances, the; CDM6 82:
Merry Counsellor; WCAL4 16: Merry Councellor, the; JJ4 79:
  Merry Councillors, The; DR2 74: Merry Counsellor, The; GNTB 
  348: Merry Councellours; BL71 83b:
Merry Dancers; WCAL2 42: Merry Dancers, The; MRMD44 302: Merry 
  Dancers, the; JJ3 44: Merry Dancers; RBR 94: Merry Dancers, The
  [6/4]; TMP1 91: Merry Dancers; HB95 6: Bonny Lass, The, or, 
  Ellingham Hall, or The Merry Dancers [6/8]; GNTB 302: Merry 
  Dancers; FLMS: Merry Dancers; DR2 33: The Merry Dancers [6/8];
  RFM1 #70: 
Merry Doctor; JJ3 35: Merry Doctor, the; CDM6 25:
Merry Gamesters, the; JJ4 100:
Merry Girls, the; JJ5 21: Merry Girls, The UM Feb 1750:
Merry Girls of Bristol, the; TMP4 88:
Merry Girls of Epsom; JJ6 40: Merry Girls of Epson, The; DR2 6: 
  Merry Girls of Epsom; TMP1 4:
Merry Girls of Maidstone, The; UM Apr 1755: Merry Girls of 
  Maidstone; TMP1 57: 
Merry Girls of Ostwestry, the; CDM5 47:
Merry Go Round, the; TMP5 80:
Merry Grigg; JJ5 46:
Merry Harry; JJ5 89:
Merry Hunters, the; TMP4 22:
Merry Jack; TMP1 44: 
Merry Lads of Air; RBR 15: The Lads of Air; BYMS: Lads of Air  
  [considerably diff. from RBR]; RB69 58: Lads of Ayr, The [close
  to RB69]; GNTB 355: Lads of Aire; BL71 88b:
Merry Lads of Hunting Tower, the; JJ6 50: Merry Lads of Hunting 
  Tower; DR2 54:
Merry Lasses, the; DR3 12:
merry maids of Wagginton, The, or Kirkgate Braes; BL71 33:
merry Meeting, The; CPC7 5: = ? merry Meeting, The; WH18 1: Merry
  Meeting, the; TMP4 65:
Merry Mortals; CDM5 300: Merry Mortals, The; GNTB 227:
Merry Pair, the; TMP2 84:
Merry Parson; WCAL4 10: Merry Parson, the; JJ4 64: Merry Parson;
  BL71 76:
Merry Reapers, the; MT00 42:
Merry Sailors of the Centurion; WCAL4 82: Merry Sailors of the 
  Centurion, the; CDM6 102:
Merry Scot, the; CDM6 78: Merry Scot; JJ5 72: Merry Scot, The; 
  DR2 16: Merry Scot, The; GNTB 278: Merry Scot; BL71 79b:
Merry Shepherd, the; RB III 62:
Merry Sherwood, or the Straw Bonnet; WC12 19:
Merry Strollers, the; TMP5 25:
Merry Swaggs, the; RB II 9:
Merry Tarpawlin, the JJ5 20: Merry Tarpawlin, The; UM Jun 1750:
Merry Taylors; JJ2 26: Merry Taylors; DR2 90:
Merry Thing, The; GNTB 412:
Merry Thought; WCAL3 33: Merry Thought, the; JJ3 58: Merry 
  Thought, the; TMP3 36: Merry Thought, the; TMP5 44: Merry 
  Thought, The; GNTB 295: Merry Thought, The; BL71 67: 
Merry Tom; WCAL3 88: Merry Tom; CDM6 140:
Merry Wakefield; WCAL3 50: Merry Wakefield; MRMD44 308: Merry
  Wakefield, The; RB69 54: Merry Wakefield, or, The Shipwreck; 
  GNTB 316: Merry Wakefield; BL71 35b: Merry Wakefield; DR2 34: 
  Kidson's OED. 
Merry Weaver, the; TMP2 59:
Merry Wedding, The; GNTB 268:
Middlesex Farmer, the; TMP3 72:
Midnight Frolick; WCAL4 85: Midnight Frolick; JJ4 85:
Midnight Ramble, the; TMP2 27: Midnight Ramble, the; TMP3 16:
  Midnight Ramble [hornpipe], The; CSTH 60:
Midnight Wanderers, The; SAPT94 72:
Mile End Assembly; JJ6 95: Mile End Assembly; TMP1 7:
Mile End new Assembly; RB68 43: 
Milesian, the; TMP4 72:
Milford Haven; DR3 26:
Militia Dance, the; TMP2 33:
Militia Jig, The; GNTB 504:
Milk Maid, the; TMP4 43:
Milk Maids Hornpipe, the; RB III 22:
Milk-sop, The; UM 2nd supp. 1755:
Milkmaids, the; RB III 9:
Milkmaids of Blantyre; RBR 2: Three Milk Maids of Blantyre [as
  RBR]; DR58 9:
Miller of Dron; WCAL3 56: Miller of Dron; the; JJ3 77:
  The Miller of Drone; BYMS:
Miller of Mansfield, the; CDM4 11: Miller of Mansfield; WCAL3 78: 
  Miller of Mansfield; MRMD45 8: Miller of Mansfield, the; JJ3 
  14: The Miller of Mansfield; GNTB 388:
Millers Dance on the Windmill; WJ3:
Miller's Daughter, The (I); AMR 5: NSR?
Millers Daughter, The (II); RB70 67: 
Miller's Daughter, The (III); GNTB 500: 
Millers Daughter, the; TMP3 67: not Brides
Millers Iigg; JJ2 54: Miller's Jigg; BL71 46:~
Miller's Wedding_Strathspey, The; RBR 41:
Milliner's Choice, The; TMP1 31:
Milliner Shop, The; TMP1 50: Milliner's Shop, The; UM Sept 1756:
Mills' Hornpipe; GNTB 432:
Miners of Wicklow; HA95 7:
Minion; RB II 1:
Minister, The; WR98 12:
Minos Court; TMP5 59:
Mirth and Jollity; TMP1 94:
Miser; MRMD44 300: Miser, The; WCAL4 26: Miser, The; DR2 78:
  Misart, The; GNTB 327: Parson & his Boots, The; RBR 15: Murphy 
  Delaney; WC20 1: [Jig to the Irish Cry in Thumoth's 12 Scotch 
  and 12 Irish Airs] 
Misers Jewel, the; TMP2 70:
Miss Adams Strathspey  by W.m Campbell; WC16 16:
Miss Alderslay's Fancy; TD95 11:
Miss Ann Amelia Stewarts Strathspey; WC13 13:
Miss Ash's Delight; JJ4 8:
Miss Athill's Reel; WC14 10:
Miss Baker; TMP3 29:
Miss Baker's [hornpipe]; CSTH 49: Kidson's OED, also Mrs....
Miss Bell's Reel   by W.m Campbell; WC15 13:
Miss Bentley's Hornpipe; RB III 59:
Miss Bernard's Delight; JJ5 76:
Miss Bethells Fancy; TMP5 60:
Miss Betsey Thoughtless; UM Oct 1753:
Miss Betty M.cDonald's Reel; DR58 12: Miss Betty Mc.Donald's 
  Reel; DR3 81: Miss Betty McDonald; RBR2 99: 
Miss Bishops Waltz   by Weippert; WC12 16:
Miss Bladen's Reel; RB69 53:
Miss Blair's Reel; RBR 5: Miss Blair's Reel; DR58 11: Miss
  Blair's Reel; DR3 80: ZZ; Thompson's Misc. Coll'n, 1787:
Miss Blands Allemand; RB II 2: Miss Blands Allemand; RB IV 95: 
  Miss Blands Allemand; TMP5 93:
Miss Bowes's Rant; RB66 18:
Miss Bowlby's Allemand; TMP5 34:
Miss Brown's Minuet  by Sig.r Rauzzini; LB5 27:
Miss Burchell's Humour; UM Aug 1754: Miss Burchell's Humour; TMP1
Miss Cahoon; RBR2 98:
Miss Calderwood's Reel; DR58 7: Miss Calderwoods Reel; DR3 82:
Miss Campbell's Fancy  by W.C.; WC12 5:
Miss Charlot's fancy; UM Oct. 1752:
Miss Charteris Reel; RB70 61:
Miss Cochrine's Rant; DR3 70:
Miss Cockbourne's Allemand; RB III 63:
Miss Collier's Fancy; TD95 12:
Miss Cresty's [Christie's?]; BL71 96b: 
Miss Cruickshanks Strathspey  by W. C.; WC12 9:
Miss Cummings Fancy; WC13 17:
Miss Dawes's Delight; CST69 58: Miss Dawe's Delight; TMP3 58:
Miss Dawson's Delight; GNTB 479:
Miss Dawsons Hornpipe; DR3 13: Miss Dawson's Hornpipe; CSTH 36: 
  [substantially the same as the tune for 'Nancy Dawson' as  on 
  contemporary single sheet song issue. Also here as Nancy Dawson
  and 'Piss upon the Grass'.]
Miss Dawson's new Hornpipe; CSTH 33:
Miss Dishington's Fancy  by D. MacIntyre; WC12 6:
Miss Dobson's Delight; JJ6 43:
Miss Doland's Delight; TMP4 92:
Miss Drax Delight; WCAL3 13: Miss Drake's Delight; JJ4 96:
  Miss Drak's Delight; DR2 78: Miss Drake's Delight; BL71 75:
Miss Drury's Fancy; MT00 38:
Miss Eastwood's Fancy; WC15 17:
Miss Edwick's Whim; TD95 4:
Miss Ellis's Fancy; SAPT93 60:
Miss Ester Stanhope's Reel; MT97 2:
Miss Farquharson's Reel [My love shes but a lassie yet. SMM
  #225]; RBR 19: Miss Fargiharsons Reel; TMP3 75:
Miss Farquharson's Strathspey or Little Peggys Love  by Mr
  Marshal [For Little Peggy's Love and Madam Hillisberg's dance 
  in it see BUCEM, Bossi, C., and King, M. P.]; WC13 8: Little 
  Peggy's Love [simplified, or reel, version of Wm. 
  Marshall's Miss Farquharson's Strathspey]; LB5 29:
Miss Flora McDonald's Reel; RBR 21: Miss M.cDonald's Reel, or
  the of June [set much higher than in RBR]; RB69 52: Miss 
  Macdonald's Reel [as RBR]; AMR2 29: ? (Flora) MacDonald's Reel;
  GNTB 26: Miss Macdonal's Reel, or Miss Floro McDonald's Reel; 
  BL71 86: (Miss) Flora McDonald's Reel; DR2 97: Miss McDonalds 
  Reel; SAPT93 55: G //5-13/5131//5-131/4222//
Miss Fraser's Reel; RBR 19: Miss Frazier's Reel; BL71 88:
Miss Gamble's Frolic; MC Dec 1755:
Miss Goldworthy's Waltz; MT99 27:
Miss Gould; JJ4 78:
Miss Grace Grants Reel; WC20 4:
Miss Gunning; JJ6 47: Miss Gunning's (Reel/Delight); DR2 2: Miss
  Gunnings; TMP1 97: Miss Gunning's Reel; GNTB 357: Miss 
  Gunning; LB2 22: [Marshall's 'Kinrara sheet,' c 1800]: Miss 
  Gunning's Reel; AMR2 44: Miss Gunning['s Reel]; BL71 88b:
Miss Ham N to Miss D-K.; JJ6 86:
Miss Hamelton's Reell; DR3 93: Miss Hamiltons Reel; TMP4 15:
Miss Hamilton's jigg; UM 2nd supp 1754: Miss Hamilton's Jigg; 
  TMP1 58:
Miss Hay's Reel; DR63 8 :  
Miss Hay's Reel; AMR2 21:
Miss Heysham's Fancy; JJ5 83:
Miss Hobarts Fancy; RB IV 92: Miss Hobarts Fancy; TMP5 94:
Miss Hobarts Favourite; RB II 10:
Miss Hoyden; JJ2 66: Miss Hoyden; BL71 54b:~
Miss Hoyden's Rant; JJ3 93:
Miss Huffeys Reel; PS96:
Miss Hutchinson's Frolick; TMP1 82:
Miss in a Heat; JJ5 33:
Miss in her own hair; DR2 66: (W3)
Miss in her Teens; JJ5 29:
Miss Jackson's Whim; TD95 8:
Miss Jane Cameron; JJ6 66:
Miss Johnsons March; TMP2 87:
Miss Judwins Waltz  by M. Weippert; WC14 6:
Miss Katy Hill's; WC12 12:
Miss Kitty Campbell's Strathspey; WC14 4:
Miss Kitty Campbells of Shawfields Reel; WC14 12:
Miss Kitty's Delight; JJ6 55:
Miss Lamberts Delight; TMP4 89:
Miss Louisa Rushs Reel; WC17 11:
Miss Loyds Delight; CDM5 31:
Miss MacDonald's Delight; CDM6 29: Miss MacDonald's Delight; JJ4
  17: Mis [sic] Macdonald's Delight; BL71 79b:
Miss MacDonal's Rant; JJ5 55:
Miss M.cDonald's Reel, see Miss Flora McDonald's Reel.
Miss Mc.Kenzie's Reel; DR3 97:
Miss McQuire's Reel; GNTB 518:
Miss Margaret Grants Reel; WC16 13:
Miss Margarets Delight; TMP5 64:
Miss Mary Ram's Fancy; WC17 13:
Miss Maxwell's Reel; WC15 19:
Miss Meynells Reel; TMP3 9:
Miss Milners Delight; RB IV 87: Miss Milners Delight; TMP5 90:
Miss Minie's Reel; GNTB 571: [Miss Louisa Campbell's Delight, or
  Lucy Campbell]
Miss Molly Scot's Rant; DR2 67:
Miss Molly's Wigg; TMP4 24:
Miss Montgomeries Reel; WC20 6:
Miss Moore's Waltz; MT00 45:
Miss Murray's Rant; JJ5 100:
Miss Murry's Reel; JJ4 43: Miss Murry's Reel; DR2 38: Miss 
  Murray's Reel; RBR 11:
Miss Nancy frowns; UM Jan 1755: Miss Nancy frowns; TMP1 60:
Miss Ottoes Reel; TMP3 34:
Miss Peachy's delight; UM May 1755: Miss Peachey's Delight 
  [Buff-Coat]; TMP1 59:
Miss Pemberton's Reel  by A. M.cIntosh; WC13 24:
Miss Pigots Whim; TMP4 95:
Miss Polly Skinner's Reel; RBR 2: Miss Polly Skinners Reel; DR58
  12: Miss Polly Skinners Reel; DR3 81:
Miss Poultney's Delight; CST68 47: Miss Poultney's Delight; TMP3
Miss Prateapace; CDM6 15: Miss Prateapace; JJ4 14:
Miss Pratt's Reel  by J. Jenkins; WC17 9:
Miss Ramsey's Reel; RBR 3:
Miss Reed's Reel  by W.m Campbell; WC16 3:
Miss Sally Surman's Delight; JJ5 74:
Miss Sandys Delight; SAPT88 6: Miss Sandys Delight; TMP5 6:
Miss Santlow's Frollick; JJ2 36:
Miss Sibbalds Waltz  by M. Weippert; WC14 8:
Miss Smiths Fancy; JF92 5:
Miss Stanleys Rant; PS96:
Miss Stevenson's whim; UM Sept 1754:
Miss Strachen's Reel; TD95 6:
Miss Strinberg's Delight; JJ5 41:
Miss Strong's Allemande; TD95 2:
Miss Tashis Maggot; TMP4 37:
Miss Templar's Fancy; TD95 4:
Miss Thomson's Fancy; JJ5 87:
Miss Verie Hay's Reel, see Brechin Castle &---.
Miss Vincent's Allemande; TD95 11:
Miss Walker's Fancy; MT00 48:
Miss West's Favorite; SAPT89 2:
Miss Whites Reel; PS96:
Miss Wieses Waltz  by M. Weippert; WC14 7:
Miss Wilmot's Maggot; TMP4 96:
Miss York's Hornpipe; RB III 68:
Miss Zoffany Weippert Waltz; WC12 8:
Miss's Whim; JJ6 2:
Mistake; WCAL4 86: Mistake; JJ4 86: Mistake, The; DR2 74: 
  Mistake, the; TMP3 62: Mistake, The, or, the Daffeedowndilly; 
  GNTB 575:
Mistake, or a Second Ramble to Mary-Bon, the; JJ6 83:
Mr A. Cummings Fancy; WC16 10:
M.r Edward's Hornpipe; WC15 10:
Mr. Gray's Reel; MT00 38:
Mr. Hale's Paspey; JJ2 95:
Mr. Handel's Hornpipe; BL71 76b:
Mr. Harry Angelo Favorite by Mr. Jenkins; WC16 9:
Mr. Isaac's Maggot; CDM5 274:
Mr. Jones's Inquiry; JJ6 85:
Mr. Mayor's Rigadoon; BL71 42:
Mr Mellish's Dance; TMP4 51:
M.r R. Downies Fancy  by J. Jenkens; WC17 3: 
Mr. Robt. Kenedys Reel; RBR 5 : Robert Kennedy's Reel; GNTB 568:
Mr. Sanderson's Waltz; MT00 44:
Mr. Sherriffs Whym; TMP3 15:
Mr. Slack's Jigg; MT95 73:
M.r Small's Reel; LB6:
Mr. Tapner's Jigg; LM Oct. 1755:
Mr. Webster's Fancy; GNTB 551:
M.r Will's Strathspey; WC15 18:
Mrs. Bakers Fancy; RB I 11:  
Mrs Blair of Blairs Reel; WC16 15:
Mrs Boyce's Delight; CST68 46: Mrs Boyce's Delight; TMP3 46:
Mrs Carey's Bridal Day; TMP3 15: Casey; SAPT88 6: Mrs Casey; TMP5 6: [from O'Keffee's song] 
Mrs. Coleman's Delight; MT95 78: Cruickshank's Fancy; WC14 16: Garden of Troup's Strathspey [by Robt. Petrie]; WC14 9: Gray's Reel; LB6:
Mrs Hubbard's Allemand; TMP4 35:
Mrs. Kents Dance; RB III 6:
Mrs Macintire or Lady Amellia Stewart's Reel; WC20 3: M.cKenzies Strathspey; WC20 8:
Mrs. Middleton's Dance; CDM5 48:
Mrs. Midnight's Maggot; The Midwife, 1755:
Mrs Murray of Auchtentyre [sic]; WC12 11:
Mrs Neighbours Fancy; TMP4 89:
Mrs. Phillips Fancy; SAPT93 57:
Mrs Plummers Fancy; WC17 20:
Mrs. Ross's Reel; RBR 20:
Mrs. Sewels Delight; RB III 12:
Mrs. Shaws Fancy; SAPT90 19: Stewart's Reel; WC12 21:
Mrs Vernon's Hornpipe [hornpipe]; CSTH 31:
Mitting Dance, the; CDM5 57:
Moated House, the; TMP2 35: 
Mock Highland man; WCAL4 92: Mock Highland man; BL71 84:
Modest Dolly; GNTB 341: Modest Dolly, or Marsall Wade; BL71 75b:
Mole Catcher, the; TMP2 67:
Mole-Catcher's Hornpipe, The; CSTH 44:
Moll 'i th Wad [also song tune]; WC12 10: Moll in the Wad; John 
  Lee, Dublin, c 1796:
Moll Peatly; TMP2 86: Moll Peatley; BL71 51:~
Moll Ross; WCAL4 9: Moll Ross; JJ4 9: Moll Ross; DR2 23: Moll 
  Ross; BL71 99b:
Moll Spicers Reel; TMP2 87:
Molly Apple Pye; RB III 54:
Molly Lamb; JJ3 94:
Molly Mogg; CDM5 299: Molly Mogg; JJ1 47: [for J. Gay's song?]
Molly Zouch's frisk; UM Jun 1755: Molly Zouch's Frisk; TMP1 41:
Molly's Delight; JJ4 36: Molly's Delight; DR2 45:
Molly's Hoop; CDM5 120: Molly's Hoop, or O Mother a Hoop; JJ1 29:
  O Mother a Hoope; BL71 38: 
Monday Night; TMP2 80:
Money in Both Pocketts [Irish?]; JF92 12: Money in both Pockets;
  LB2 2:
Monk's March; BL71 54:~ 
Monmouth Asssembly, see Burlesque.
Monro's Speech; DR3 95:
Monroe's Maggot; JJ5 17:
Monster, The; SAPT91 33:
Montague House; JJ2 52:~
Montpelier Gardens; MT98 16:
Monseiur Pantin; DR2 68:
Month of August, the; TMP2 51:
Month of March, the; TMP2 79:
Moorfields Hornpipe; CSTH 39:
Mopping Nelly; WCAL3 32: Mopping Nelly; JJ3 59: Mopping Nelly;  
  GNTB 513: ? Mumping Nelly; BYMS: 
Morgan of Pently; DR3 28:
Morgan's Maggott [hornpipe]; CSTH 47 :
Morgan's Whim; CST69 49: Morgans Whim; TMP3 49:
Morning Dance, the; TMP5 50: 
Morning Rout, the; TMP5 22:
Morning Visit, The; WR98 11:
Morton's Maggot; MRMD44 300: Morton's Maggot; JJ3 79: Morton's 
  maggot; WCAL2 64: Morton's Maggot; CDM6 91: Morton's Maggott; 
  GM Jan 1753: Morton's Maggot; GNTB 446: 
Moselle; CDM4 182:
Mosette, the; CDM4 20:
Mother Dobney's Trenchers; JJ1 1:~
Mother Gillum; JJ6 60:
Mother Midnight's Taste; RB III 31:
Mother quoth Hodge; CDM5 141: Mother quoth Hodge; JJ1 33:
  Mother, quoth Hodg; BL71 34b:
Mother quoth hodge the new way; DR2 18: Mother quoth Hodge the
  new way; TMP1 90: 
Mother's best Boy; WCAL2 79: Mothers Best Boys; CDM4 84:
Mouse Trap, the; JJ5 86:
Mount Edgcomb; TMP2 39:
Mount Pleasant [hornpipe]; CSTH 38:
Mountaineers, The; PS94 99: Mountaineers, the; MT95 81:
Mountebank, the; JJ1 99:
Mowdewort; WCAL3 30: Mowdewort; JJ3 77: Moudewort; RB69 55:
Mowers, The; CST68 40: Mowers, the; TMP3 40:
Moving Dispensary, the; WHM Apr. 1796:
Much ado about Nothing; JJ5 1: Much ado about nothing; LM Oct 
  1756: Much ado about nothing; DR2 98: Much ado about Nothing; 
  TMP1 100: Much ado about Nothing; BL71 95:
Muffin, the JJ5 13: Muffin, The; DR2 55:
Muirland Willy; WCAL1 58: Muirland Willie; CDM5 29: Muirland 
  Willie; JJ2 33: Muirland Willy; GNTB 393:
Mulberry Garden, the; JJ6 58:
Mulberry Tree, The; SAPT94 70:
Mullowny's Jig; TMP4 36: Mullounys Jigg; HA95 3: [see Scots and 
  Irish Indexes]
Mumper Nell; JJ3 34:
Mun's Delight; TMP1 34:
Mungo; RB III 36:
Munster Lass, The; LB2 7:
Murphy Delaney, see The Miser.
Mussaties; JJ6 93:
Musette, The, or, The American Goddess; GNTB 464:
Mutual Love; TMP4 58:
Muzzle Hill; TMP2 17:
My Ain Kind Dearie; CDM3 8: My ain kind Deary; WCAL1 64: My own 
  Kind Dearie; DYMS1: My Ain Deary; JJ1 23: My ain kind Dearie; 
  RBR 76: My Ain kind Deary; RB69 51: [My] Own kind deary O; GNTB
  294: My ain kind Deary; BL71 28b:
My Daddy he kiss'd my Mother; BL71 75b:
My dear jewel; GNTB 242:
My Lord's Delight; JJ6 41: My Lords Delight; TMP1 5:
My Love is passing by me; BL71 39:
My Mither's ay glowran o'er me; RBR 87: My Mither's ay glow ran
  o'er me; RB70 72:
My Uncle Toby; TMP2 54:
My wife is a wanton wi thing; JJ2 11:
Mynheer in the Dumps [from Dibdin song? see Salt Eel for
  Mynheer]; WR98 1:
Myrtle, the; TMP4 73:
Mysterious Wife, The; MT98 17:

Nabob, The; CST68 43: Nabob, the; TMP3 43: Nabob, The; WR98 3:
Na'er a bottom, see Narrow Bottom
Naked Truth; JJ5 8: Naked Truth, The; UM Apr 1752:
Namure, the; CDM4 199: Namure, the; CDM5 181: Namure, the; JJ1 
Nancy Dawson, see also Miss Dawson, and note there./ Nancy
  Dawson; GNTB 274: Nancy Dawson; HA95 6: Nancy Dawson; BL71 31b:
  See Piss upon the Grass, and Miss Dawson's Hornpipe.
Nancy Dawson's Fancy; TMP2 52:
Nancy Plym; CST68 37: Nancy Plym; TMP3 37:
Nancy Stuart  by Wm. Payne; JF94 15:
Nancy Under the Hill; RB III 32:
Nancy's to the Greenwood gone; BL71 107b:
Nanny's Choice; DR3 33: Nancy's Choice; RB III 25:
Nanny's Delight; TMP2 43:
Nancy's Frolic; TMP4 32:
Narcissus; CDM5 283:
Narrow Bottom; MRMD44 308: Narrow Bottom; JJ3 94: Narrow Bottom;
  GNTB 577: Na'er a bottom, The; DR2 89:
Nassau, The; WCAL1 12:
Nassau, or Prince of Orange; WCAL2 87:
Neals Maggot; JJ1 60:
Neapolitan; CDM6 128:
Neapolitan Dance, The; JJD 12: Neapolitan Dance, the; TMP3 12:
Neat Mr. John; CDM4 187: Neat Sir John; CDM5 44:
Needy Grooms Hornpipe; CDM5 135:
Negroe, the; JJ6 52: Negroe, The; DR2 49:
Negus; CST68 45: Negus; TMP3 45:
Neil Gow; WR98 4:*
Neither here nor there; WCAL3 14: Neither here nor there; JJ3 60:
  Neither here nor there, or the Tea Weavers; CDM6 137: Neither 
  here nor there; TMP2 89: N[e]ither hear nor their; BL71 59:
Nells Ramble [hornpipe]; CSTH 28:
Neptunes Rage; CDM5 92:
Nether Bow has vanished, The; RBR2 104:
Never believe 'em; TMP5 100:  
Never mind it; GNTB: 462:
Neville's Maggot; JJ5 82:
New Academy, the; RB I 8:
New Allemand, the; RB IV 96: New Allemand, the; TMP4 12:
New Belle Catherine; TMP5 100:
New Bigging; DYMS1: New Biggin; JJ2 43:
New Bowling Green; JJ2 12:
New Bridge of Ayr  by John Riddle, The [Not in Glen's List,
  SDM.]; WC16 11:
New Burling Waltz, The; JF92 8:
new Camargo, The; MRMD45 4: Cackney, or New Camargo; JJ2 79
  New Camargo; BL71 24b: New Camargo; FLMS: see also Camargo, 
New Christmas; RBR 91: New Christenmiss Day; GNTB 259:
New City Militia; TD95 1:
New Claret; RBR 70:
New Coblers Jigg; CDM4 69:
New Country Dance, A [Untitled]; MC Jan 1758:
New Country Dance, A [Untitled]; LM Dec 1759:
New Cotillon, the; RB III 35: 
New Cotillon; GNTB 553:
New Cotillon al Demene; GNTB 552:
New Dancers; JJ3 41:
New Daniel Cooper; JJ6 20: New Daniel Cooper [see Daniel Cooper];
  DR1 6: New Daniel Cooper; TMP1 87: New Daniel Cooper; DR3 54:
  New Donnal Cooper; GNTB 33: Daniel Cooper [see New -]; HA95 6:
New Dargle, The [see Dargle, 1772]; HB95 3:
New Dash, The, or Zoiac; DRD1 2:
New Drury; MT97 3:
New Dutch Skipper, the First; WJ3~: New Dutch Skipper; CDM5 195:
  New Dutch Skipper; JJ1 38:
New Fandango, the; RB III 24: New Fandango, the; TMP4 83:
New Feathers, the; TMP4 100:
New German Spaw; RB III 87v: New German Spaw; SAPT88 1: New 
  German Spaw; TMP5 1:
New German Waltz, the; RB IV 93v: New German Waltz, The; LB5 13:
New Gypsie, The; LB2 13:
New Hanover Square; CDM5 85: New Hanover Square; JJ1 66:
New Highland Dance; BL71 41:
New Highland Laddie [Arne's?]; BL71 82:
New Highland Reel; SAPT91 27:
New Hornpipe, or, Grant's Rant [as DR2, not that = Green grow the
  rashes]; GNTB 433 :
New Irish Jig; GNTB 574:
New Lango Lee; TMP4 26: [See Irish Index for copy of 1772] 
New London, The; LB2 12:
New Long Room at Scarborough; JJ4 89: New long room at 
  Scarborough, The; DR2 75:
New Macaroni Dance; LM Mar 1774:
New Margery; CDM4 198:
New Market, or Johnny, cock thy Beaver, see Horse and away.
New Mills House; RBR 72:
New Ministry, the; TMP3 24:
New Pantin; JJ5 47:
New Pavement, the; TMP3 26:
New Pierot; WCAL1 46: New Pierot; CDM5 36: New Piero; JJ1 14:
  New Pierot; BL71 30:
New Polones, the; RB III 88: New Polones, the; TMP4 4:
New Prince of Orange's March; JJ3 13:
New Princess Royal, see Princess Royal 
New Roger [de Coverly], or Don Boin, or Kate in ye west; BL71 
New Scotch Contention; BL71 25b:
New Scotch Dance, the; SAPT89 5:
New Shields; JJ4 95: New Shields; DR2 82:
New Shields Lasses; GNTB 578:
New Spa, the; TMP5 99:
New Spring Gardens Hornpipe; CSTH 35:
New Star; JJ5 19: New Star, The; UM Apr 1750:
New Tambourine; MRMD44 299: New Tambourine; CDM6 160: New 
  Tambourin, The; DR2 16: New Tambourine; BL71 91:
new Tartan Plaidie, The; WC13 11:
New Theatre, The; SAPT88 8: New Theatre, the; TMP5 8:
New Town of Edinburgh; RBR2 97:
New Wells; JJ2 86: New Wells [hornpipe], The; CSTH 58:
New way of carding and spinning, A; GNTB 250:
New way of getting bairns, The; GNTB 251:
New way of ye world; BL71 84:
New way of wooing [I]; CPC5 28: 
New Way of Wooing; CDM3 1: New way of wooing; WCAL1 37: New Way 
  of Wooing, the; JJ1 9: New way of Wooing; BL71 30: New way of 
  Wooing; FLMS: [Scots "What will I do an my hoggie die = "Moss 
  Plate" = "Cocks louns walie hoyn"]:
New Whim, the; TMP2 47:
New White Hart Hornpipe, The; WJ3:
New Wild Morris; WJ3:
New Windsor Forest; SAPT89 11:
New Year's Day in the morning; UM Feb 1755: New Years Day in the
  Morning; TMP1 53: New Years Day in the Morning; TMP3 53:
New Years Gift, the; TMP4 30:
New York [King's Maggot?]; BL71 57:~
New York the New Way; WJ3: New York the new way [hornpipe]; CSTH
Newburn Lads; GNTB 258:
Newgate Broth; DR2 31:
Newmarket Downfall [hornpipe]; CSTH 53:
Newmarket Tom [hornpipe]; CSTH 43:
Newport Assembly; TMP4 71:
News from Denmark; TMP3 10:
Nibb's Pound [hornpipe]; CSTH 3:
Niel Gow's Strathspey  by D. MacIntyre; WC2 2:
Night House, the; JJ6 67:
Night's Intrigue, The; UM Feb 1756:
Nine Pins; MT98 20:
Niobe; WR98 1:
No body knows it; JJ2 37:
No Catchee No havee; DR2 5: No catchee, no Havee; BL71 98:
No Excise; CDM4 62:
No Joy like Love; TMP1 16:
No matter for that; DR1 28: No matter for that; DR3 49:
No Sure; DR2 64: (W3)
Noble Peasant, the; TMP5 47:
Noggin, the; JJ5 33:
Nomans Jigg; TMP2 91: Noman's Jig; GNTB 570: No Body's Jigg; BL71
  45:~ [Nobody's]
None like it; JJ4 42: None like it; DR2 43:
None so pretty; JJ2 25: None so pretty; DR2 87: None so pretty; 
  PS96: None so pretty; SAPT94 61: [There's none so pretty as my
  sweet Betty?- Pills]
None Such, the; JJ3 70:
Nonmonkton Hunt, The; RB68 40: Non Munton Hunt; RB III 57:
  Nun Monkton's Hunt; GNTB 2:
Noon Herald, the; TMP5 78:
Noorah Creenah [Irish]; WC15 8:
Norfolk Freeholders, the; TMP3 84: Norfolk Freeholders, the;  
  GNTB 565: [Single sheet song with music, c 1730];
Norland Jockey, see Northland Jockey
North Aston Frolcik; JJ6 20: North Ashton Frolick; DR1 2: North 
  Ashton Frolicl; DR3 56: North Aston Frolic; GNTB 338: North 
  Aston Frolick; BL71 87:
North Country Frisk; WJ3: North Country Frisk [hornpipe], The; 
  CSTH 60:
North Country Lass, the; TMP3 61: [Dibdin song, Gillian?]
North Loch, The; RBR 44:
North Reel, the; JJ5 58: North Reel, The; DR2 99:
Northampton Frolick; DR2 10:
Northern Frisk, The; WJ3: Northern Frisk; LM Feb 1758:
Northern Lass, the; CDM6 45: Northern Lass, the; JJ4 47:
northern Tygress, The; MT96 96:
Northland Jockey; DR2 6: Norland Jockey; JJ5 3: Norland Jockey; 
  JW50 19: Northland Jockey; BL71 98:
Nosegay, the; RB III 72:
Nothing New [Cf. Something New]; RB66 18: Nothing New; TMP2 77:
Nothing to do; JJ4 52:
Nottingham Races; TMP4 97:
Nott's Green; JJ4 27:
Nova Scotia; JJ6 97: Nova Scotia; TMP1 1:
Novelty, The; TMP1 61: Novelty, The; MT96 91:
Now for it; TMP1 67:
Now or Never; JJ4 4: Now or Never; TMP3 35: Now or Never; TMP4 
Number One; JJ3 98:
No. 13; JJ4 81:
Nun, the; JJ6 22:
Nun Monkton, see Nonmonkton.
Nun's Dance, the; TMP5 32:
Nursery, the; MT99 31:
Nutkins March; JJ1 36:
Nymph, the; TMP5 15:
Nymph of the Grot; MT97 8:

O as J was Kiss'd the Streen; RBR 75: Oh as I was Kiss'd the
  Streen; RB69 54: Kiss'd Yestreen; DYMS1:
O dear what can the Matter be; JF94 4: O dear what can the matter
  be; SAPT94 71:
O Mother, a Cock; BL71 35:
O Mother a Hoop, see Molly's Hoop
O the days when I was young; TMP4 49:
Oak Assembly, the; TMP5 60:
Oak's, the; TMP4 29:
Oat Cake; JJ6 79:
Obelisk, the; TMP3 5:
Oberon, or the fairy king; UM Jan 1752:
Ochal Reel; DYMS2:
Octavious; CDM5 256:
Oddity, The; CST68 41: Oddity, the; TMP3 41:
Odiham Races; TMP3 66:
Off she Goes; WC20 10:
Old Age and Young; WCAL2 99: Old Age and Young; DYMS1: Old Age
  and Young; BL71 86b: Old Age and Young; CDM4 186:
Old Buff, the; CDM6 58: Old Buff, the; JJ4 34:
Old Captain, the; JJ1 93:
Old Glenvillee; GNTB 528:
Old Highland Dance; BL71 37:
Old Jack's Delight; RB68 47:
Old Lancashire Hornpipe; JJ2 12:
Old Maid, the; TMP2 53:
Old Nectar; CDM5 128: Old Nectar; JJ1 97:
Old Oxford; JJ1 45: Old Oxford; BL71 40:~
Old Rigadoon; JJ2 51: Old Rigadoon; BL71 48:~
Old Roger A Coverdill [Roger de Coverley]; GNTB 285: Old Roger
  [de Coverly]; BL71 53:
Old Roger [de Coverly], the new way; BL71 96:
Old Sadlers; DR3 93:
Old Simon the King; GNTB 369: DMI6A
Old Stuart's back again; RBR 88: Old Stewart's back again, The;
  GNTB 516: The Old Stewart's back again; CPC :
Old Wagon Way; GNTB 367:
Old Way's Best; CDM5 66: Old Way's Best; JJ1 57:
Old Wife Beyond the Fire, The; DYMS1: Old wife behind ye fire; 
  JJ1 74: The Old Wife behind the Fire; RB66 22: Old wife behind
  ye fire; BL71 37:~ Auld Wife ayont the fire, The; RBR 90: Old 
  wife beyond the fire; GNTB 183: Set the old Wife ayont the 
  Fire; WCAL2 52: Set the Old Wife Beyond the Fire; CDM4 49: Old
  Wife behind the Fire; RB III 59:
Old Woman's Oratory, The [Dust Cart?]; UM Jan 1753:
Old York [hornpipe]; CSTH 55:
Olive, Beauty, The; UM 1st supp. 1750:
Olympian Revels; WR98 3:
Once a Night; TMP4 16:
One in six; BL71 39b:
One in ten; JJ3 18: One in Ten; BL71 40:
One two three; TMP2 17:
Only think on it; BL71 36b:
Open the Door to Three; RBR2 100: Open the Door to Three [Time
  sig. is written 6/8, but is actually scored 9/8]; CPC8 27: Open
  the door to three; DMI2A: =  Winifred's Knot
Opera Hornpipe, The; MT96 86:
Oracle, The; UM Sept 1753:
Orange Grove; DR1 3: Orange Grove; DR3 56:
Order of Merit, the; MT99 27:
Ordinance, the; RB II 4:
Orpheus and Eurydice; PS94 106:
Osburn Place Assembly; RB II 61v: Osburn Place Assembly; SAPT93 
  51: Osbourn Place Assembly; MT95 76:
Our Bride is No Maid; GNTB 205:
Out and in upon occasion; UM may 1759: Out and in upon occasion;
  TMP2 18: Out and in upon occasion; GNTB 452:
Out and Inn's; TMP3 18:
O'er Bogie; WCAL1 93: O'er Bogie; DYMS1: O'er Boggie; CDM5 261:
  O'er Boggie; RBR 90: Ore Boggy; NCCD 16: O'er Boggie; JJ1 55:
Over the dyke and at her; GNTB 440:
[Over] the Hills and away to New Bigging; BL71 64:
Over the Hills and far away; TD95 5: O'er the hills and away;
  WCAL2 48: O'er the Hills and Far away; BL71 53:~
O'er the Hills to Betty; JJ4 65:
O'er the Muir Among the Heather; BYMS: O'er the Moor amang the
  Heather; RBR 77: In the Moor among the Heather; PT58 11: In the
  moor among the heather; UM Mar 1758: O'er the Moor among the 
  Heather; RB69 51: In the moor among the heather; TMP2 11: Over
  the moor among the heather; GNTB 287: Aldavaligh or O're the 
  moor among the Heather; AMR 24:
Over the Moor She ran; WC20 13:
Over to moor to Betty; GNTB 410: 
O'er the Moor to Katie; CPC2 16: 
O'er the Muir to Maggie; CPC7 16: ? SMM #55
O're the Muir to Ketty; AMM 14  part:
Over the Water [to Charlie]; TMP1 96: Over the Water (to
  Charlie); DR2 20: Over the Water to Charlie; RBR 16: O, over ye
  water to Charley; BL71 62: ?Over ye water; BL71 83: [See 
O'er young to Marry yet; RBR 28: Over young to marry yet; AMR2
  46: She's o'er young to Marry yet, TMP1 18: She's o'er young 
  to marry yet; BL71 87b: Bonny Lad to marry me, A [O'er young to
  marry yet]; GNTB 270: O'er young to marry yet; DR2 4:      
Owen's Humour; JJ2 75:
Owen's Rant; JJ4 71:
Own kind deary O, see My own kind...
Oxford Act; JJ1 92:
Oxford Waits; CDM5 170: Oxford Waits; JJ1 86:
Oyster Wives Rant, The; RBR 80:

Paddington Fair [hornpipe]; CSTH 52:
Paddy O Flanagan; WC17 4:
Paddy Wack; TMP3 92: Paddy Wack; RB III 49: [see Irish Index]
Paddys Flight to London; TMP5 39:
Padlock, the; TMP3 68: [Dibdin's?] Padlock, The; GNTB 417:
Pallet, the; JJ6 63:
Pan-cake; MC Sept 1756:
Pandour, the; CDM5 44: Pandour, the; JJ4 46: Pandour Dance, the;
  RB III 3:
Pantalone Britches; WCAL3 89: Pantaloone Breeches; CDM6 159:
Pantaloon, the; TM5 66:
Pantheon, the; TMP3 11:
Pantin; JJ6 68:
Parhan Place; CDM4 19: Parham Place; JJ3 4:
Paris; JJ5 39:
Parity; JJ3 84:
Park Gate; JJ4 72:
Parks of Kilburnie, The; RBR 3: Parks of Kilburnie, The; DR58 6:
  Parks of Kilburnie, the; DR3 85: Parks of Kilburn, The; GNTB 
Parson Adams; TMP1 33:
Parson & his Boots, The; RBR 15 :
Parson in the Suds, the; JJ6 53:
Parson of Feltham; WCAL4 67: Parson of Eltham; JJ3 90: Parson of
  Feltham; CDM6 132: Parson of Eltham, The; DR1 34: Parson of 
  Eltham, the; DR3 46: Parson of Eltham, The; RB66 20:
Parson on Horseback, the; DR3 21:
Parson upon Dorothy; BL71 45:~
Parsons Whim; JJ5 44:
Parting Lovers; JJ3 50: Parting Lovers, the; TMP4 48:
Partridge, The; TMP1 80:
Past One A Clock; JJ1 48: [see Ballad Opera, Scots and Irish 
Patrick Sarffield, or New Langolee; RB III 90: Patrick Sarffield,
  or New Lanolee; TMP4 6: [This is old Langolee, and is not the 
  Irish tune known as Patrick Sarsfield.]
[Pattie's]/ Patty's whim; JJ5 65: Patties Whim; DR1 19: Patty's 
  Whim; DR2 69: Patties Whim; DR3 59: Pattie's whim; BL71 89:
Pattie's Delight; WCAL2 39: Pattie's Delight; JJ2 17: Pattys 
  Delight; MRMD45 2: Patty's Delight; FLMS: Patty's Delight; BL71
Patty, see Pattie
Patty from Cork; JJ6 49: Pattsy from Cork; DR2 56:
Patty Swan; DR3 2:
Pau Paw; WCAL4 43: Paw Pau; CDM6 127:
Paul and Virgina; MT98 15:
Paul's Alley; CDM4 189:
Paxton's Humour; JJ5 76:
Pay Day; JJ2 74:
Peace and Plenty; CDM4 33: Peace & Plenty; JJ3 1: Peace and 
  Plenty; LB5 7:
Peacock, the; CDM4 81: Peacock, the; JJ2 69:
Peacock Jigg; WJ3:
Pease Straw; WCAL4 61: Pease Straw; JJ3 79: Pease Straw; CDM6 92:
  Clean Peas straw; RBR 65: Pease Straw; DR3 66: Pease Straw, 
  The; GNTB 203: Clean  Peas Straw; WC17 8:
Peas upon a Trencher; HB95 2:
Peasant Dance, The; DR1 10 *: Peasants Dance; TMP1 86: Peasants 
  Dance, the; DR3 52: Pheasant's Dance, The; GNTB 35: Peasant's
  Dance, or Johnny Commenda in Queen Mab; BL71 90:
Peckets Hornpipe; WJ3:
Pedlar, The; MT96 90:
Peep at the Jubilee, A; RB III 27:
Peggie's Wedding; RBR 54:
Peggy Band; TMP3 62: [Bawn, song]
Peggy of the Green; RB III 96: Peggy of the Green; TMP4 12:
Peggys Return; SAPT90 19:
Peggy's Whim; JJ5 86: Peggy's Whim; JJ6 90:
Peg Huglestones Hornpipe; WJ3:
Peeping Tom, see Trip to Coventry.
Pembroke's Maggots; RB III 54:
Penelope; CDM4 197:
Penington Rant; JJ6 33: Penington's Rant; TMP1 14:
Penitent Nun, the; CDM5 213: Penitent Nun, the; JJ1 40:
Pennington's Maggot; JJ4 66:
Penny's Folly; MT95 77:
Pennyworth of all mild; JJ5 52:
Pentonville Assembly, The; WC16 19:
Perfections of Love; JJ1 84:
Perouse; WC17 17:
Perriwig maker of Derby; BL71 47:
Perro; CDM3 7: Perro; JJ1 13: Pearo; BL71 41: [Pierrot] 
Perth Inch; WCAL4 48: Perth Inch; CDM6 170: Jnsh of Perth; RBR 
Perthshire Volunteers; WC13 9:
Petar's Hornpipe; JJ1 89:
Petit Doit, Le, or De'el on Twa Sticks; DR1 27: Devil on two 
  Sticks, The; TMP1 83: La Petit Doit, or De'el on Twa Sticks; 
  DR3 50:
Petro's Fancy; CST69 53:
Petticoat Loose; JJ4 60: Petticoat Loose; DR2 13: Petticoat 
  loose; TMP1 98: Petticoat loose [hornpipe]; CSTH 15: Petty 
  coat loose; WC17 19: Petticoat Loose, or How do you like it (2
  copies); BL71 80: W3
Petticoat Tight; JJ5 44: Petticoat tight; DR2 21: W3
Petticoat Wooing; JJ6 35:
Pharo's Reel; DYMS2:
Phebe's Delight; JJ4 10:
Phelabeg, The; RB68 39:
Phyllis Mac Cue; MT99 28: = next?
Philly M.cCue; WC13 4:
Philosopher's Jigg, the; RB III 29:
Philpots Delight; JJ2 84:
Pig in the Parlour; CMD4 8: Pig in the Parlour; JJ3 19: Pig in ye
  parlour; BL71 66b:
Pilgrim, The; CST68 37: Pilgrim, the; TMP3 37:
Pill, The, see Ward's Pill.
Pin Cushion, the; JJ6 45:
Piper, the; BYMS:
Piper's Magot, the; JJ3 73: Piper's maggot; WCAL4 45: Piper's 
  Maggot, the; CDM6 173: Pipers Maggot; RBR 29: Piper's Maggot, 
  The; GNTB 123: Piper's Maggot; BL71 58: Piper's Maggot; HA95 1: 
Pipers Round; CDM4 80: Pipars Round; JJ2 69:
Pirgo; JJ4 30:
Piss upon the Grass; WCAL3 35: Piss upon the Grass; JJ3 55: Piss
  upon the Grass; CDM6 202: [later Nancy Dawson and Miss Dawson's
  Hornpipe, qv]
Pitherie's Reel_Strathspey; RBR 66:
Pitt's Fancy; PT58 8: Pitt's fancy; UM May 1758: Pitt's Fancy; 
  TMP2 8:
Pizarro  by W.m Campbell; WC16 6:
Placard, The; WR98 11:
Plain Dealer, the; JJ4 98:
Playhouse Squabble, The; CST69 54:
Play my Fancy; RB68 42:
Pleasant Reel, The; SAPT94 64:
Pleasures of Salisbury, the; TMP5 32:
Pleasures of Sproughton, the; TMP5 59:
Pleasures of the Town, the; TMP4 53: pleasures of the Town, The;
  BL71 115b:
Pleasures of Youth, the; TMP5 43:
Plimouth Hornpipe; WJ3:
Plimouth Jigg; WJ3:
Plod, the; JJ5 37:
Ploughman's Reel, The; GNTB 356: Am 4/4 7bL43b7bL 7bL411
Plumb Pudding; TMP1 84 :
Plumb Tree Court; CDM5 91:
Plymouth Assembly; TMP3 69:
Plymouth [hornpipe]; CSTH 7:
Poet's Fate, The; MT98 22:
Poll Booth, the; TMP5 44: [Toll?]
Poll's Whim, or What you will; JJ3 67: Polls Whim, of What you 
  will; CDM6 138:
Polly; JJ3 59:
Polly Berry; JJ6 57
Polly Cleveland's Favorite; TMP4 23:
Polly Peachum's Hornpipe; WJ3:
Polly Pouts; MC 1755:
Polly's Rant; JJ6 67:
Polly's Whim; WCAL3 15: [Polls?]
Polonese, the; TMP5 21:
Polygon, The; JJD 9: Polygon, the; TMP3 97:
Pompone, The; UM Dec 1755:
Poney Races; MT96 88:
Pontius Pilate's Maggot; WCAL3 17: Pontius Pilate's Maggot; CDM6
Pontius Pilate's Rant; MRMD44 306: Pontius Pilate's Rant; JJ3 73:
  Pontius/ Pauntus Pilate's Rant; BL71 64:
Poor Dick; BL71 95b:
Poor John, JJ5 54:
Poor Tom; RB IV 94: Poor Tom; TMP5 92:
Poor Recruit, The; SAPT93 59:
Pope Joan; BL71 49: Pope Joan; DMI9: Pope Joan; CCDM1 203-03:
Popes Worms; JJ3 3:
Port Chagre Demolish'd; CDM6 199:
Port Jackson; MT96 96:
Port Patrick; RBR 55:
Porter's Jigg; WJ3:
Porto Bello; WCAL3 62: Porto Bello; JJ3 56: Porte a Bello; Porto
  Bello; CDM6 181: BL71 63b: [?Mowdiewort, qv]
Porto Bello March; CDM6 175:
Porto Bello Siege; JJ3 62: Siege of Porto Bello; CDM6 188: Porto
  Bello. Siege; CDM6 169:
Portsdown Telegraphe; MT96 86:
Portsmouth; JJ2 60:~
Portsmouth Harbor; TMP3 89:
Portsmouth Hornpipe; CSTH 43:
Portsmouth Review; TMP4 19:
Portsmouth Rout; TMP2 62:
Post Coach, the; TMP3 31:
Pot Stick; JJ4 11: [= Over the Water to Charlie, Shambuy]
Powell's Fancy; TMP4 86:
Poyntins Maggot; CDM4 57: Poyntins Maggot; JJ1 71:
Poyntins Whim; WJ3: 
Prancing Dick; BL71 87b:
Prattling Poll; UM 2nd supp 1759: Prattling Poll; GNTB 473:
Pray be civil; JJ5 24:
Pray Sir be civil; GNTB 345: Pray, Sr, be Civile; BL71 77b: 
Pray what is that to you; SAPT91 32:
Preaching Quaker, the; DR3 8:
Presbyterian Hornpipe; WJ3: 
Presbyterian Jigg; WJ3: Presbyterian Iigg; JJ2 48:
Preston Guild; TMP2 66:
Pretty Bell; JJ5 25: Pretty Bell; LM Nov 1749: Pretty Bell; BL71
Pretty Bettsey; TMP3 35:
Pretty Catto; JJ5 35:
Pretty Dick's Hornpipe; GNTB 328:
Pritty Fool, the; JJ4 23:
Pretty Jilt, The; UM Jul 1760:
Pretty Kitty; TMP2 50:
pretty Milliner, The; TMP1 22: Pretty Milliner, the; RB III 65:
Pretty Miss Fancy; JJ5 94:
Pretty Miss Sally; JJ6 37: Pretty Miss Sally; TMP1 12:
Pretty Nancy; JJ5 53: Pretty Nancy; RB68 46:
Pretty Polly; CDM5 208:
Pretty Sally; LM Sept 1753:
pretty Witch of Lancaster, The; DR1 21: Pretty Witch of 
  Lancaster, the; DR3 41:
Priest in his Boots, The DR63 12: Priest in his Boots, The 
  [hornpipe]; CSTH 42: The Irish Lilt [The Priest in his boots];
  CPC10 17: Priest in his Boots; HB95 2: Priest in his Boots, 
  The; WC15: [Used for several songs, including Murphy Delaney, 
  which also had The Miser for its tune];
Prince Adolphus Fancy; PS94 100:
Prince and Old England, The; JF94 13:
Prince Charles; CDM6 67:
Prince Charle's March; CDM6 126:
Prince Edwards Delight; DR3 27:
Prince Edward's jigg; UM Nov. 1754: Prince Edward's Jigg; TMP1 
Prince Ernest's Waltz; LB6:
Prince Eugene's March; BL71 53:~
Prince Ferdinand; TMP3 28: Prince Ferdinand [hornpipe]; CSTH 22:
Prince Fredrick's Hornpipe; WCAL1 9:
Prince George; WCAL4 96: Prince George; JJ6 62: Prince George; 
  DR2 21:
Prince George Forever; LM Apr 1752: Prince George for ever; TMP1  
Prince George's Rigadoon; JJ4 40: Prince George's Rigadoon; TMP1
Prince Henry's Jigg; TMP2 98:
Prince Henry's Maggot; UM Feb 1760:
Prince Modina; CDM5 153:
Prince of Bevern's Jig, The; DR1 44: Prince of Bevern's Jig, the;
  DR3 43:
Prince of Brunswick, the; TMP4 95:
Prince of Brunswick's [hornpipe], The; CSTH 46:
Prince of Mecklenburgh's Jigg, the; TMP2 65:
Prince of Orange; CDM5 131: Prince of Orange; JJ2 23: Prince of 
  Orange; JJ3 85:
Prince of Wales, the; TMP2 64:
Prince of Wales' Birthday; WCAL3 65: Prince of Wales's Birth Day;
  CDM4 12: Prince of Wales's Birth Day; JJ3 14: Prince of Wales 
  Birth Day, The; TMP1 13: Prince of Wails' Birth Day; BL71 58b:
Prince of Wales's Delight; TMP5 54:
Prince of Wales's Fancy; RB III 72: Prince of Wales' Fancy; BL71
Prince of Wales' Jig; GNTB 233:
Prince of Wales Reel, The; JF92 1:
Prince of Wel's Delight, The; AMM 7:
Prince Rupert's March; BL71 44:~
Prince William; CDM3 2: Prince William; JJ1 17: Prince William; 
  RB III 70:
Prince William's March; JJ3 8:
Prince Williams Return; TMP5 49:
Princes favourite, the; PS96:
Prince's Reel, The; DR2 69: [Lady McIntosh, For 'a that]
Princess Augusta's Tamborine; MC Mar 1755 and UM Mar 1755: 
  Princess Augusta's Tambourine; TMP1 57:
Princess Amelia; MRMD44 305:
Princess Amelia's Birthday; WCAL2 38: Princess Amelia's Birth 
  Day; CDM4 30: Princess Amelia's Birthday; JJ2 14: Princess 
  Amelia's Birthday; BL71 26b; ?Princess' Birthday, The; GNTB 
Princess Caroline; CDM5 65:
Princess Fredericas Whim; JF92 3:
Princess of Hesse; WCAL3 44: Princess of Hesse; JJ3 54: Princess
  of Hesse-2; JJ3 60: Princess of Hesse; CDM6 197: Princess of 
  Hesse; CDM6 108: Princess of Hesse; BL71 67:
Princess of Hesse's Jigg; JJ3 55: Princess of Hesse's Jigg; CDM6
Princess of Wales; PS96:
Princess of Wales's New Waltz, the; MT00 43:
Prin[cess] [?] of W[artembur]g's [?] Waltz, The [title badly
  trimmed]; LB6:
Princess Royal; CDM3 26:
Princess Royal the New Way; CDM5 69: New Princess Royal; JJ1 7: 
  [O'Carolan's Miss MacDermott]
Princess' Birthday, The; GNTB 469:
Princess's Reel, The; RB69 56:
Prior Park; LB5 6:
Prittle Prattle; JJ6 48:
Prophets of Old Times. The; SAPT93 60
Provident Damsel, the; JJ1 91:
Prussian Camp, The; LM Jan 1759: Prussian Camp, The; UM 1st supp.
Prussian Dance, The; DR1 46: Prussian Dance, The; PT58 11: 
  Prussian's Dance, The; UM Apr 1758: Prusian Dance, the; DR3 44:
  Prusian's Dance, the; TMP2 11:
Prussian Dragnon, the; THP5 24:
Prussian Lads, The; GNTB 221:
Prussian Hornpipe; GNTB 244: 
Prussian Hornpipe, The; GNTB 383:
Prussian Maggot; CDM6 55: Prussian Maggot; JJ4 41:
Prussian Maggot, 2nd. tune; CDM6 56: Prussian Maggot, 2nd. tune;
  JJ4 41:
Prusian Rant, the; DR3 29:
Prussian Soldier, the; TMP2 37:
Prussians, The [hornpipe]; CSTH 19: 
Public Thanks, RB I 3: 
Publick Utility; RB I 8:
Pudding Maggie; RBR 50: Pudding Moggy; DR3 65:
Puddings and Pies; BL71 37b:~
Puff, the; JJ4 17:
Pultney Green; JJ5 99:
Pump Room, The; WCAL1 48: Pump Room, the; CDM5 13: Pump Room, 
  The, or, The Dog; GNTB 556: Pump Room; BL71 27b:
Punch Bowl, the; JJ6 44: Punch Bowl, The; DR2 57:
Punch's Wedding; SAPT91 32:
Punchanello; TMP2 74:
Punchanello's Hornpipe; WCAL2 30:
Punk's Delight (the New Way); CDM6 155:~
Pursue the French; WCAL4 53: Pursue the French; JJ2 63: Pursue 
  the French; CDM6 129:
Push About the Jorum; RB III 16: Push about the Jorum; TMP4 98:
  [Song in Scots Nightingale]
Putney Bowling Green; JJ4 94: Putney Bowling Green; DR2 80:
Pyeping Pye-Man, The [hornpipe]; CSTH 29:

Quadrille; WCAL2 89: Quadrile, the; CDM4 54:
Quaker's Dance; BL71 50b:
Quakers Wedding, The; SAPT90 23:
Quarter Day; JJ5 36:
Quebec/ Quibeck's taken [1759]; BL71 102b:
Queen Besse's Dame of Honour; BL71 54:~
Queen Caroline; CDM3 26:
Queen Mab; JJ6 6: Queen Mab, or, The Maid's got milk down the 
  lane; GNTB 558: Queen Mab; AMM 15: [See Scots tunes. by 
Queen of Hearts; HB95 6:
Queen of Spain's Sevil Orange; JJ6 70:
Queens House, the; TMP2 68:
Queen's Jig, the; JJ3 21:
Queens Mule, the; TMP2 72:
Queens Night Cap, the; TMP4 22:         
[Queensbury] Queen's Burry House; JJ4 46: Ye're welcome Charlie 
  Stewart [SMM #471. Glen,  ESM p. 205, also notes Walsh printing
  of tune as 'The Confederacy,' qv, but is in DMII4, 1725, and 
  CCDM2, 1719. Stenhouse, SMMI p. 415, says tune formerly called
  'Miss Stewarts Reel,' and quotes song 'You're welcome Charlie   
  Stewart.']/ Confederacy; DYMS1: Queensbury House; DR2 37:
  Queensbury House; RBR 40: Queensbury House; RB69 60: 
  Confederacy; WCAL2 54: Confederacy, the; CDM5 77: Confederacy,
  the; JJ3 44: Confederacy, The; GNTB 322: Confederacy; BL71 43: 
Quicken the Fair; CDM5 95:
Quiet and Snug; JJ6 36: Quiet and Snug; DR2 9:
Quintus Cuissius; CDM5 285:
Quite Contrary, see La Vant Contraire
Quite Prodidious; WCAL4 11: Quite Prodigious; JJ4 64: Quite 
  Prodigious; DR2 43: Quite Prodigious; BL71 74b:
Quiver, or Cupid's Prophecy, The; UM Feb 1759: Quiver, the; TMP2
Quizzes, The; SAPT94 61:
Quoz; SAPT91 30:

Racer, The; TD95 10:
Radnorshire Ramble, the; JJ5 83:
Ragg, The, see Irish Ragg.
Ragged Sailor; WCAL3 28: Ragged Sailor; JJ3 52: The Ragged 
  Sailor; CPC2 20: Ragged Sailor; CDM6 190: Ragged Sailor; BL71 
  60: The Ragged Sailor; BYMS: 
Rainbow, the [I]; RB III 14:
Rainbow, the [II]; RB III 56:
Rainbow [III]; TMP4 13:
Raising the Dead/ Irish Ground; JJ1 79:~
Rakes of Adair; JJ5 27: Rakes of Adair; UM Mar 1750: Rakes of 
  Adair, The; DR2 7:
Rakes of Foston, The; BL71 74b:
Rakes of Kilkenny; HA95 7 :
Rakes of London (= Mallow), The; DR2 90:
Rakes of Mellow; JJ3 63: Rakes o' Mallow, The; GNTB 204: Rakes of
  Mellow; WCAL4 37: Rakes of Mellow, the; CDM6 121: Rakes of 
  Mellow; BL71 73: Rakes of Mallow; HB95 4: [ptd. by Thumoth c 
  1743-5. Song text in The Charmer, 3rd ed.1765, and later. 
  Expurgated in Croker's Pop. Songs of Ireland]
Rakes of Perth; JW50 5: Rakes of Perth; LM Feb 1751:
Rakes of Rochester, the; CDM6 26: Rakes of Rochester; JJ4 1:
  Rakes of Rochester, The; TMP1 88: Rakes of Rochester, The; 
  TD95 9: Rakes of Rochester; BL71 81: Rakes of Rochester; DR2 
  15: (W3) [Irish]  
Rakes of the Town, the; JJ6 59:
Rakes of West Meath; JJ4 72: Rakes of Westmeath; HA95 8 : R[akes]
  of W[estmeath], The [? title badly trimmed]; LB6: [Irish]
Rake's Rant, The; DYMS2:
Rakes Vagary, the; JJ6 17:
Ralph's Jig; JJ6 79:
Ram Horns; DYMS1: Ram Horns; RBR 30:
Ramah Droog[, or Wine does Wonders. Mazzinghi and Reeve comic
  opera, 1798. A song or two from this were reprinted later]; 
  WC15 14:
Ramble, the; TMP3 70:
Ramble to Greenwich, A; MC 1757:
Ramble to Oxford, A; MC 1757:
Rangers Frolick; DR2 29: Rangers Frolick; TMP1 93:
Ranger's Wedding, the; JJ5 15: Ranger's Wedding; JW50 2: Ranger's
  Wedding; LM Feb 1750:
Randelagh Ball; JJ6 97: [Ranleigh?]
Rant and Tear; CDM6 24:
Rantan Roran Highland-man [SMM #297. Drap O Cappie O]; RBR 31: 
Ranting Highland man; BL71 61:
Ranting Highland man; BL71 88b:
Ranting Highland Man; RB69 57 :  
Ranting Highland Man; WCAL1 8: Ranting Highland Man; CDM4 27:
  rantin Highland Man, A; DYMS1:
Ranting Highlandman, The; SAPT91 29: G //33/321//3234/31+//53/321
Rantin' Highlander, The; GNTB 155: 
Ranting Lawyer; JJ6 25:
Ranting Roaring Willie; CDM4 113: Rantin' Roaring Willy [Blaikie,
  Atkinson MSS, CPC7 9; GNTB 286: Ranting Roring Willy; BL71 41b:
Ranting Widow; CDM6 30:
Rape, the; CDM3 27: Rape, the; JJ1 15:
Ratclift Cross; WJ3: Ratcliff Cross; JJ1 16: Ratcliff Cross 
  [hornpipe]; CSTH 4: 
Ratha Fair; RBR 1: ? Rathick Fair; DR3 67:
Rattle, the; TMP3 85:
Rattling Roaring Willie; CDM5 90: Ratling Roaring Willie; JJ1 65:
  Rattling Roaring Willie; BL71 63b:
Ravenscroft's Fancy; WJ3:
Ravenscrofts Maggot; WJ3:
Ravenscrofts Fancy [hornpipe]; CSTH 6:~ 
Ravish'd Lover, the; JJ2 93:
Rayland's Humours; GNTB 362:
Reading Room, the; MT99 26:
Reap Hook, the; JJ3 31:
Rebells Flight, the; CDM6 52: Rebells Flight, the; JJ4 38:
Recruiting Officer; CDM4 36: Recruitin' Officer, The; GNTB 277: 
  Recruiting Officer; FLMS: Recruiting Officer, or Balk [Not 
  Baulk, qv]; BL71 55: AA1 p. 12:~
Recruits, the; TMP4 14:
Red and all Red; TMP1 20:
Red Heath; TMP2 78:
Red House; BL71 48b: DMI9
Red Joak; WJ3: Red Joak; CDM3 83: Red Joak; JJ1 6: 
Red Lion; CDM5 209: Red Lyon Hornpipe; WJ3: Red Lyon; JJ1 35:
  Red Lion [hornpipe]; CSTH 10: Red Lyon  Hornpipe; BL71 100b:
Red Ribbon, the; CDM5 93: Red Ribbon, the; JJ1 67: Red Ribband; 
  BL71 62b:
Red Rose, the; TMP2 40:
Red Wood Ficket, or the Dutchess of Hamiltons Reel; DR3 71:
Reel of Bogie; PS94 106:
Reel of Glames, The; WCAL1 100: Reel of Glamis; the; CDM5 94: 
  Reel of Glamis, the; JJ1 64:
Reel of Kilwinning, The; GNTB 480:
Reel of Tulloch; RBR 84: Reel of Tulloch; RB70 68: Reel of
  Tulloch; The; GNTB 24: 
Regatta, the; TMP4 45:
Rejoicing Night, the; RB I 5:
Relief of Williamstadt, The; JF94 11:
Relishing Bit; WCAL4 22: Relishing Bit, the; CDM6 86:
  Relishing Bit, The; GNTB 349:
Renown, the; JJ6 13: Renown, The; UM 2nd supp. 1750:
Repleys Delight; DR2 96:
Reputation Square [hornpipe]; CSTH 8:
Restoration, The; SAPT90 15:
Restoration Spring Garden Hornpipe; WJ3:
Retreat, or the Pretender's March, the; JJ6 8: Retreat, The; DR2
  26: Retreat, the; TMP2 77:
Revellee, the; TMP5 18:
Review, or Bellisle March; TMP2 80: Review, The; GNTB 257: 
  Review, the; RB II 2:
Rhine, the; JJ5 15:
Rice Cake; MT96 92:
Richard Snary; WCAL2 20: Richard Snary; CDM4 42: Richd. Snary; 
  JJ3 64: Richard Snary; GNTB 326: Richard Snary; BL71 37b:
Richardson's Maggot; JJ3 57:
Richbel's Drums; JJ4 61:
Richer's Hornpipe; WC12 7: Richer's Hornpipe; WR98 4:
Richmond Ball; JJ2 50: Richmond Ball; BL71 50: = Lane's 
Richmond Fancy; JJ6 6:
Richmond Green; JJ2 25: Richmond Green; DR2 85:
Riddle, the; JJ6 69: Riddle, The; GNTB 460: 
Ride a Mile; TMP3 73: Ride a Mile; WC17 2: [several other copies,
  another of the Mad Moll family]
Ridotta; WCAL2 18: Ridotta, the JJ1 1: Ridotta; BL71 60b: Ridotta
  [hornpipe], The; CSTH 57: 
Ridotto al Fresco; TMP3 67:
Right Honble Lady Elizabeth Grevilles Waltz by E. Weippert, The;
  WC16 24:
Right Scotch Contention, see the Duke of Athols Rant
Ring, The, or Ring; BL71 75b:
Ringers, the; MT99 29:
Ringing Post, The; GNTB 474:
Rioters, the; TMP2 81:
Rippels, the; CDM5 86: Rippels, the; JJ1 66:
Rising Sun; WCAL1 92: Rising Sun, the; CDM5 49: Riseing Sun; JJ1
Rival Milkmaids, the; TMP4 28:
Rival Mimicks; JJ5 5: Rival Mimics, The; JW50 9: Rival Mimics, 
  The; LM Jul 1750:
Road to Ruin, The; SAPT93 49:
Roaring Seas; the; CDM4 200: Roaring Seas, the; JJ1 73:
Roast Beef and Brown Beer; CDM4 16: Roast Beef and Brown Beer; 
  JJ2 72:
Roast Goose; UM Dec 1752:
Roasted Emperor, The; TD95 8:
Rob Shear'd in Herst; CPC5 11: Robin shore in herst; RBR2 103: 
  Robin Shore in Harst; DR58 3: Robin Shore in Harst; DR3 76:
  Bob Shear Harvest; GNTB 323: Rob Shore in Harvest; DYMS1: Rob 
  Shear in Harvest; WCAL2 95: Rob Shear in Harvest; CDM4 185: 
  [Song is in SMM #543, to the different tune, 'Bob and Joan,' or
  'The Rakes of Stoney Batter,' or 'The Keys of the Cellar.'] 
Robe de Chambre; MT98 18:
Robert Kennedy's Reel, see Mr Robert K...
Robin, see Rob
Robin a Bobbin; JJ5 74:
Robin and Kate; CDM4 73:
Robin Goodfellow; CDM6 172:
Robin/ Robing a Roy; BL71 69b:
Robin?/ Robing in a Bedd [Cf. Bob in...]; BL71 68:
Robinson Cruso; RB III 86v: Robinson Cruso; TMP5 74:
Rock and a Wi Pickle, or Hey for Genava; JJ2 91:
Rocket, The; CST69 56: Rocket; TMP3 56:
Rocks of Cashel [contemporary Rakes of Cashell is diff tune];
  HA95 5 :
Roger of Coverly; TMP3 96:~
Roger's Fancy; JJ6 3:
Roger's Wish; CDM4 109: Roger's Wish; JJ1 30: 
Roger's Wish- Minuet; JJ1 30:
Role the Rumple Sawney; WCAL3 58: Role the Rumple Sawney; CDM5 
  109: [not that in CPC]
Roling Tom; TMP5 20:
Roll in the haycock; GNTB 475:
Roman Reel, The; JJD 4:
Romance, The; MT98 20:
Romp, the; CDM5 127: Romp, the; JJ1 97: Romp, the; TMP5 19: Romp,
  The [signed] T. Sx. [Timothy Essex]; BL71 108:
Romps, or the Merry Girls of Scarborough, the; TMP4 96:
Romping Fanny; RB III 53:
Roodulum [Irish, also as Rowdelum. See Jackson's Dream]; WC14 21:
Room, the; CDM6 149:
Rose, the; DR3 7: Rose, the; TMP4 64: [See, La Rose] 
Rose and Colin; TMP5 45:
Rose-hill; UM Sept 1750: Rose Hill; TMP3 76: Rose Hill; GNTB 567:
Rose in Bloom, The; RB68 44:
Rosehall; JJ5 23:
Rosemary Lane; WCAL2 90:
Rosetta, the; TMP4 63:
Rosey Lass, The; RB68 45:
Ross Meor; WCAL1 72: Ross Meor; CDM5 16: Ross Meor; JJ1 69:
  Ross Moore; MRMD45 7:
Rothamurches Rant_Strathspey; RBR 42:
Rough and Smooth; TMP1 15:
Round About, the; TMP3 85:
Round about Ferryhill; GNTB 262:
Round about our Coal Fire; RB66 19:
Round Ear'd Cap, the; CDM4 91: Round Ear'd Cap, the; JJ1 81:
Round the May-Pole; TMP3 20:
Round Tower, The; WC20 17:
Rout, the; CDM6 41: Rout, the; JJ4 51: Rout, The; GNTB 521:
Rover, the; JJ6 24: Rover, The; UM supl. 1751:
Row well you mariners; CDM6 147:~
Rowing match, the; MT95 80:
Rowles, the; JJ4 33:
Rowls and Butter; JJ5 51:
Rowley's Reel; JJ5 56:
Roy Stuart's Reel; DR1 41: Roy Stewart's Reel; DR3 33: Roy 
  Stewart's Reel [same as DR1]; WC15 23: 
Royal Artillery Whim or the of October, The; WC13 14:
Royal Charlotte, the; TMP2 52:
Royal Choice, the; CDM4 114: Royal Choice; JJ3 51:
Royal Circus, the; TMP5 57: 
Royal Cradle, the; TMP2 72:
Royal Dozen, the; TMP4 38:
Royal Exchange; TMP1 12:
Royal Grove, the; TMP5 17:
Royal Hunters, the; CDM6 43: Royal Hunters; JJ4 53:
royal Marriage, The; MT96 95:
Royal Meeting, The; SAPT94 68:
Royal Midshipman, The; UM Oct 1758: Royal Midshipman, the; TMP2 
Royal Navy, the; RB I 6:
Royal Nuptials; JJ2 61:
Royal Pair, the; RB III 28: Royal Pair, The; SAPT93 51:
Royal Prince Fredrick, the; TMP4 85:
Royal Salute, the; RB I 4: Royal Salute, the; TMP4 20:
Royal Sheep; MT96 94:
Royal Sovereign, the; JJ4 39: Royal Sovereign, The; DR2 40: 
Royal Volunteers, the; DR3 14: Royal Volunteers, the; TMP2 30:
Roynons Delight; TMP5 90: [= Beyan's, qv.]
Ruckholt House; JJ5 16:
Ruffian's Rant_Strathspey, The; RBR 43: Ruffians Rant; WC12 1:
Rugged and Tuff; CDM4 82: Rugged and Tuff; JJ2 70:
Rumford Assembly; UM Dec 1754: Rumford Assembly; TMP1 58:
Rumor; BL71 53b:
Runaway, TMP4 74:
Running Footman; CDM3 6: Runing Footman; WCAL1 68: Running 
  Footman; JJ1 22: Runing Footman; BL71 38:
Runing Footman's Jigg; WJ3:
Running Horse, the; WHM July 1788:
Running Morris, The; WJ3:
Rural Assembly; RB IV 93: Rural Assembly; TMP5 96:
Rural Felicity; TMP3 96: [Come haste to the wedding/ Small Pin 
  Cushion/ Carrickfergus, Dargle]
Rural Grove, the; TMP5 30:
Rural Sports; JJ4 82: Rural Sports; LM June 1757; UM Nov 1756:
Russel, The; WR98 6:
Russian Dance, The; JJD 7: Russian Dance, the; TMP3 96:
Rutland Lodge; WHM May 1788:
Ryan's Rant; HB95 8:
Rylands Humour; TMP2 25:

Sack Posset; DR2 86:
Sadler's Wells; JJ4 69:
Sailing Match, The; MT98 21:
Sailor Lassie, The; RBR2 107:
Sailor's Delight, The; GNTB 368: Saylor's Delight; BL71 44b:
Sailors Glory, the; TMP5 80:
Sailor's Rant; JJ5 10: Sailor's Rant; LM Aug 1751: Sailors Rant,
  The; DR1 24: Sailor's Rant, The; JW50 6: Sailors Rant, the; DR3
  40: Sailor's Rant; BL71 91:
St. Brides; CDM4 193:
St. Brides's Bell; UM Oct 1754: St. Brides's Bell; LM Dec 1755; 
  St. Brides Bell; TMP1 56: St Bride's Bells; BL71 101:
St. David's Day; CDM4 195:
St. George's Day; SAPT90 16:
St. Georges Fancy; CST69 55:
St. Georges Fields; TMP3 55:
St. Gile's Pound; CDM5 119: St. Gile's Pound; JJ1 18: St Giles 
  Pound; BL71 68b:
St. James's Park; JJ6 32: St. James's; DR2 72: St. Jame's Park; 
  TMP1 17: 
St. James' Bason; WCAL1 74: St. James Bason; JJ1 8: St. James 
  Bason; CDM5 198: St. James Basin; GNTB 399: St. James Bason; 
  BL71 28: 
St. John's Day, or Parson Darral's Fancy; TMP4 46:
St. Martin's Lane; BL71 49b:~
St. Mary's Wells; CDM5 104: St. Mary's Well; JJ2 85:
St. Patrick's Day; DR2 1: [CPC] 
St. Patrick's Day in the Evening [Not same as St. Patrick's Day 
  in the Morning]; RB66 23:
St Thomas's Day; TMP5 34:
Salloon, the; TMP4 64:
Sally Kelly [Carolan's Susanna Kelly?]; WC14 23:
Sally's Fancy; DR1 36: Sally's Fancy; DR3 55:
Sallys Favourite; TMP3 27:
Sally's Taste; UM Nov 1757: Sally's Taste; PT58 12: Sally's 
  Taste; TMP2 12:
Salt Eel for Mynheer [Dibdin song]; WR98 5:
Salt Fish and Dumplins; WJ3: Salt Fish; CDM5 201: Salt Fish; JJ1
  11: Salt Fish and Dumplines [SMM #437]; BL71 43b:
Salvilettin's; TMP3 81:
Sam's Humour; TMP1 25:
Sanctified Sue; JJ4 98:
Sandy Laddy; WCAL1 52: Sandy Laddy; CDM5 18: Sandy Laddy; JJ1 6:
  Sandy, Laddy; BL71 28:
Sandy o'er the lea; GNTB 211:
Saturnia; CDM5 229:
Saundy's Delight; JJ6 54: Sauny's Delight; DR2 51:
Sauney's Jigg; JJ5 69: Sauney's Jigg; DR3 63:
Savages Dance in 'Robin Crusoe', The; BL71 110b:
Saville House; UM Jan 1757:
Savoyards, The [2, see Les --]; SAPT91 25:
Savoyards Frolic, The; SAPT88 10: Savoyards Frolic, the; TMP5 10:
Saw ye my Love, Peggy; BL71 109b:
Saw ye my Sister Sarah, or Gayly yet [Cf. Up with Aily]; BL71
Saw ye not my Moggy; BL71 33b:
Saw you my father; TMP3 99: [song in Herd's Scots Songs, and 
  single sheet]
Scamperers, the; CDM6 21:
Scampton Cade; DR1 14: Scampton Cade; DR3 58:
Scant of Siller; GNTB 517:
Scaramouch, The; TMP1 72:
Scarborough Whim; DR2 89:
Sceptre, the; DR3 91:
Scheme, see The Star.
Scheming Jockey, the; TMP5 12:  Scheming Jockey, The; SAPT88 12: 
  Scheming Jockey, the; SAPT89 12:
Scholar, the; JJ3 90:
School for Lovers, A; DR63 4: School for Lovers, the; TMP3 98:
  School for lovers, The; GNTB 17:
School for Scandel, A; TMP4 61: 
Scipio's March; JJ1 32:
Scornfull Nancie; WCAL1 88: Scornful Nancy; CDM5 118:
Scotch Baulk, the; CDM6 51: Scotch Baulk, the; JJ4 37:
Scotch Billy; CDM5 144: Scotch Billy; JJ2 31:
Scotch Bonnet; JJ4 57: Scotch Bonnet; TMP1 99: Scots Bonnet; RBR
  28: Scotch Bonnet, The; GNTB 156: Scots Bonnet; DR2 14: Scotch
  Bonnet; BL71 81:
Scotch Collops; WCAL4 6: Scotch Collops; CDM6 68: Scotch Collops;
  JJ4 93: Scotch Scollops; DR2 45:
Scotch contention; WCAL1 77: Scotch Contention; CDM5 34: Scotch 
  Contention; JJ1 50: Scotch Contention; BL71 24b:
Scotch Ditty; CDM6 54: Scotch Ditty; JJ4 40:
Scotch Embassador; JJ2 65:
Scotch Fishery, the; DR3 65:
Scotch Glee; CDM6 22: Scotch Glee; JJ4 13:
Scot[c]h Jigg, see Aberdeen 
Scotch Keal; JJ4 57:
Scotch Lady; JJ6 24: Scotch Lady; BL71 85:
Scotch Lilt; GNTB 514:
Scotch Measure; GNTB 209:
Scotch Parson; JJ2 84:
Scotch Pedlar; MRMD44 304: Scotch Pedlar, the; JJ3 20: Scotch 
  Pedlar; BL71 34:
Scotch Peggy; WR98 10:*
Scotch Ramble, the; TMP3 80:
Scotch Wedding [? Blythsome Bridal, to An the kirk wad let me
  be]; BL71 39:
Scotland Yard; JJ2 27: Scotland Yard; DR2 93:
Scots Bonnet; DR2 14:
Scots Bridge; JJ3 92:
Scots Dance, The; SAPT94 69:
Scots Fuziliers, The; BL71 63:
Scots Hall, The; TMP1 56 : Scots Hall; GNTB 256:
Scots Measure, A; BL71 115:
Scoulding Pair,the; CDM4 59: Scoulding Pair; CDM5 143: Scoulding
  Pair, the; JJ1 63:
Scratch It; JJ4 60:
Sea Nymphs; JJ3 86:
Sea Side, The; RB68 41:
Seldom Cleanly, or, Clarty Bich the maden; GNTB 308 :
Serenade, the; CDM6 83: 
Serenade, 2nd. part, the; CDM6 84: 
Set the old Wife ayont the Fire, see Old wife.
Settee, The; DR1 4: Settee, the; DR3 57: Sette[e]; BL71 94b:
Severn Banks; UM Jan 1757:
Seymour's Whim; UM Mar 1759: Seymours Whim; TMP2 20:
Shaccabac; MT00 43:
Shade, The; UM Aug 1753:
Shady Bow'rs, the; JJ1 83:
Shaftsbury Bezzant; SAPT90 18:
Shak Her Weel, see Let's shak..
Shake your Nob Harry [hornpipe]; CSTH 52:
Seven Stars, (the); DR2 11: Moon and Seven Stars, The; AA1 4: 
  Seven Stars, the; TMP4 81:
Seymer's Fancy; MT97 1:
Sham Doctor; CDM6 195:
Sham Fight, the; RB III 85: Sham Fight, the; TMP4 1:
Sham Squire, the; CDM5 214: Sham Squire, the; JJ1 40:
Shambuy; DR1 1: Shamboy; TMP1 39: Shambuy; DR3 55: =Pot Stick, qv
  [Sean Buidhe= Yellow ('fair, not 'cowardly') John. = Over the 
  water to Charlie, qv. A very late bawdy song 'Shawnbee,' 1819,
  fits this tune] 
Shark, the; JJ6 39:  
Shautley's Hornpipe; GNTB 385:
Shaun Truish Willichen; RBR 71:
She wou'd not, and she wou'd; BL71 72:
She's o'er young to Marry yet, see Over young to marry yet..
Sheaver, the; DR3 4:
Sheep Shearing, the; TMP3 12: ? Sheep Shearers; BL71 55:
Shepherd & Shepherdess, the; MT99 34:
Shepherds Holiday, The; SAPT93 49:
Shepherd's Round; JJ6 69:
Sherburn Castle; JJ5 72:
Sheriff's Whim; GNTB 557:
Sherringham Hall; MT95 84:
Shew me the way to Wellington; WCAL3 100: Shew me the way to 
  Wellington; JJ3 72:
Shields Hornpipe, The; GNTB 436:
Shift, the; CDM6 28: Shift, the; JJ4 15:
Shilanagary [Irish, Sheela na Guira, printed by Thumoth, 1743-5.
  One of the most often printed and used of Irish tunes in 
  England. J. Boswell mentioned hearing it in London. BUCEM lists
  a sheet music copy of c 1770, and a MS copy of about that date
  is in a Library of Congress collection of single sheet songs. 
  Many copies in non- dance works.]; GNTB 275: She la Negari or 
  Drunken Parson; WCAL4 93:
Shilling a Gig; TMP3 13: Shillin' a Jig; GNTB 482 D 9/8 351H 356:
  Shilling a Gig; JBA 6: Sheela na Gigg; HCD1 #22 : Sheela na 
  gig; BL71 76b:
Ship Hornpipe, The; CDTH 34:
Shipwreck, see Merry Wakefield.
Shipwreck, The; SAPT88 3: Shipwreck, the; TMP5 3:
Shire of Air, the; BYMS:
Short and Easy; SAPT90 22:
Short Apron [Cf. Bonny Lass, with the Short Apron]; RBR 9 : Short
  Apron, The; GNTB 132: Short Apron; BL71 103b:
Short Folly, the; RB III 70:
Short Waists; MT98 13:
Show me the Way to Oxford; TMP1 30:
Shoulder of Mutton, The; GNTB 415:
Shrewsbury Cakes; JJ3 91:
Shrewsbury Lasses, the; TMP4 90:
Shrewsbury Wakes; JJ4 90: Shrewsbury Rakes; DR2 75:
Shropshire Round; WCAL3 51:
Shuffle and Cut; WCAL2 65: Shuffle and Cut; CDM4 14: Shuffle and
  Cutt; JJ2 71: Shuffle and Cut; BL71 57: GNTB 83:
Shuffle Board, the; JJ6 9:
Shurley's Fancy; JJ6 13: Shurley's fancy; UM May 1751:
Shuter's disappointmnet; LM Apr 1754:
Shuter's Humour; TMP1 65: Shutter's Humours; GNTB 359:
Shutter's Hornpipe, by Morgan; GNTB 379:
Sick and very bad; GNTB 283:
[Sicilian] Secilian Peasant, the; RB III 3: Sicilian Peasant; 
  TMP4 44:
Siege of Curzola, the; TMP5 16:
Siege of Porto Bello, see Porto Bello Siege
Siege of Valenciennes, the; MT95 75:
Sigh, the; JJ6 78: Sigh, The; DR2 50:
Sigr. Fiddlidee; DR2 54:
Sigr. Spoonatissimo; DR3 88:
Silly old Man; WCAL1 76: Silly Old Man; CDM5 262: Silly Old Man;
  GNTB 394: [An the kirk..]
Simon Brodie; BYMS:
Simple George; TMP1 43:
Simpsons Reel; WC13 6:
Singleton's Slip; CDM6 183:
Sir Alex. Mcdonald's Reel; DYMS2: Sir Alex McDonald's Reel; RBR
  22: S.r Alexander M.cDonald's Reel; RB70 67: Sir Alexr. 
  McDonald's Reel; TMP3 70:
Sir Cecil Wrays Delight; TMP5 40:
Sir Charles Rant; DR3 24:
S.r David Hunter Blairs Reel By D. H. B.; WC16 2: S.r David
  Hunter Blair's Reel; DRD1 3:
Sir Henry Trollope's Fancy; WC13 3:
Sir John Malcolm, see Allister
Sr Miles for ever; BL71 31b:
Sir Sidney Smith's Delight; MT95 84:
S.r Sidney Smith's Waltz  by E. Weippert; WC15 12:
S.r Tom in an Office; CST69 51: Sr Tom in an Office; TMP3 51:
Sir Watkin's Jigg; JJ5 26: Sir Watkin's Jigg; UM 2nd supp 1749:
Six and Sevens; WCAL2 34: Six and Sevens; CDM4 46: Six and 
  Sevens; JJ2 36: Sixes and Sevens; GNTB 314:
Skarden's Humour; TMP2 46:
Skater, the; JJ5 77:
Skimmer, the; JJ3 24:
Skip it about Nimbley; BL71 70b:
Skipping Miss; MT 99 29:
Skipton Lasses; GNTB 423:
Sleepy Moggie; JJ6 8: Sleepy Moggy; DR1 12: Sleepy Maggie; CPC 10
  9: Sleepy Maggie; RBR 48: Sleepy Mogie; DR3 46: Sleepy Maggie;
  AMR2 35: Sleepy Moggy; WC17 15: Sleepy  Maggie; GNTB 103: Slepy
  [sic] Moggy; BL71 85: Gow's Complete Repos, I:
Sleggs [hornpipe]; CSTH 12:
Slingsby's Reel; TMP3 1:
Slip, the; CDM6 152:
Slip It In Easy; CDM4 5: Slip it in easy; JJ3 28: Slip it in 
  easy; BL71 24
Smarts Fancy; TMP3 5:
Smiling Dicky's Jig; GNTB 360:
Smiling Polly [or, Keel Row, PMOT]; TMP2 63:
Smirking Nancy; JJ5 8: Smirking Nancy; JW50 20: Smirking Nancy; 
  LM May 1751:
Smiths Orange & Fork  by J. Sanderson; WC16 20: Smith's Orange &
  Fork; DRD1 4:
Smith's Whim; LM Aug 1754:
Smockfield Lane; GNTB 372:
Snibsons Maggot; JJ1 77:
Snowden Hill; JJ6 73:
Snug Party, the; RB III 21:
So merrily Danced the Quaker, see Merrily Danced the Quaker.
So she bid me tell you; WCAL4 88: So she bid me tell you; JJ4 87:
Soap Suds; JJ6 72:
Sober Sally; CDM5 288: 
Sodi's Tambourine; WCAL4 98:
Soldier Laddie; CDM3 5: Soldier Laddie; WCAL1 86: Soldier Laddie;
  JJ1 10: Soger Laddie; RBR 22: Soldier Ladie; BL71 31:
Soldier and a Sailor, A [J. Eccles tune for Farquhar's song?];
  BL71 49b:~
Soldier's Fancy, the; TMP5 68:
Soldier's Glory, the; MT97 9:
Soldier's Hornpipe, The; GNTB 478:
Soldiers Joy, the; TMP4 99: Soldier's Joy, The; HA95 3: The 
  Soldier's Joy; AMM 32 [1778]: Soldiers Joy, The; BL71 109b: 
  [BUCEM, single sheet song, c 1760, BL, comm: "When the shrill 
  trumpet sounds on high," wretched song! Also with the music in
  'Vocal Music, or The Songsters Companion', p.  240, c 1778. 
  King's Hornpipe.]
Soldier's live merry life's; BL71 55:
Some thing new [Cf. Nothing New]; TMP1 68:
Somerset Minuet, The,  by the Hon. D. Anstruther; LB5 26:
Sooner the Better, the; TMP5 33:
[Souters] Sulters of Selkerke; WCAL1 96: Sulters of Selkerke; 
  CDM5 137: Sulters of Sellkerke; JJ1 44: Souters of Selkirk; 
  GNTB 398: Souters of Selkirk; BL71 105b:
Soulton Jig; CDM4 28:
South Downs; DR3 5:
Sow in the Sack, the; GM51: Sow in the Sack, the; MC 1755:
Sower Court; JJ6 65:
Spa Dance, The; JJD 8: Spa Dance; TMP3 97: The Spa Dance [German
  Spa?]; AMM 42:
Spadill, The; RB70 64: Spadill; TMP3 26:
Spaniard, the; TMP4 55:
Spanish Dance; JJD 1:
Spanish Dollars, The; SAPT91 31:
Spanish Spy, the; TMP5 77:
Speaking Figure; RB III 88v: Speaking Figure, The; SAPT88 10: 
  Speaking Figure, the; TMP5 10:
Spell, The; DR63 7: Spell, The; RBR 73: Spell, The; RB66 24:
  Spell, The   a Reel; GCR3 20:
Spick and Span; JJ6 4: Spick and Span; DR3 89:
Spinning Lass, the; JJ2 9:
Spirit of Fancy, The; SAPT90 21:
Spirit of France, The; SAPT90 15:
Sphinx, The; WR98 1:
Spithead Fleet; TMP1 70:
Splash'd Petticoat; DR2 12
Splice the Main Brace; JJ5 18:
Sporting Damsel, the; JJ6 35:
Sportsman, the; RB III 12:
Sprightly Nancy; CDM6 16: Sprightly Nancy; JJ4 14:
Sprigs of Laurel, The; SAPT94 63:
'Squire Fribble; CDM6 17:
Squire Whimsical; CDM5 99: Squire Whimsical; JJ2 78: Squire 
  Whimsical; BL71 85b:
Stadtholder, the; JJ3 33: Stadtholder, the; CDM6 35: Stadtholder,
  The; BL71 79:
Stag at Bay, the; JJ4 21:
Stag Hunt, or Windsor Amusements, the; TMP5 36:
Stagg Hunters Jig, the; JJ4 20:
Stage-Coach, The; UM Jan 1758: Stage Coach, The; PT58 1: Stage 
  Coach, the; TMP2 1:
Stage Hornpipe, The; GNTB 245:
Stage Mutineers, the; JJ3 98:
Staggin's Jigg; BL71 45:~
Stangate Bridge; JJ5 93:
Stanmore House; DR3 6:
Stanton's Meriment, or Mr. Snart's Resurrection; BL71 72:
Stapleford Hall; BL71 70b:
Star, The; MRMD44 301: Star, the; JJ3 12: The Star; TMP1 91: 
  Scheme, The, or, The star; GNTB; 301: Star; FLMS: The Scheme 
  [printed upside down]; Gay's Achilles, 1733: Starr at Lewis, or
  the Scheme; WCAL3 59: Star at Lewis, or ye Scheme; BL71 59b: 
  Star, The; DR2 33: [Also called Irish Lilt] 
Stay & take your Britches; WCAL2 80: Stay and take your breeches
  with you; DYMS2: Stay & take your breeches with you; JJ3 46:
Stay and take your Petticoat with you; TMP1 44:
steel Hoop, The; TMP1 53: Steel Hoop, the; TMP3 53:
Steane, the; DR3 3: Steen, The RB68 37:
Steer, see Stur.
Steg knetter'd at the Snek band; JJ3 80: Steg Kneter'd at the 
  Sneck Band; CDM6 95: Steg Knetter'd at the sneck band; GM53: 
  Staggs knattered, or Snake band; BL71 73:
Stegg's Hornpipe; JJ2 8:
Stepney Long Room [hornpipe]; CSTH 17:
Stepney new Revived [hornpipe]; CSTH 51:
Sterling Castle; JJ4 71:
Stewart Cumming; WC13 20:
Steward's Rant; WCAL1 5: Steward's Rant; CDM4 26: Stuarts Rant; 
  BYMS: Stewart's Rant; DYMS2: Steward's Rant; JJ2 28: Stuart's 
  Rant, The; RBR 45: Stewart's Rant; BL71 26:
Stick a pin there; TMP1 69:
Stirling, see Sterling
Stolen Kiss, the; DR3 4: [Oswald's?]
Stone Stairs [hornpipe]; CSTH 16:
Stour Lodge; LB2 24:
Stow Fair; LM Mar 1760: Stow Fair; TMP2 14:
Strange's Hornpipe; CSTH 33:
Straglass House; RBR2 100:
Strasbourgois, The; RB70 65:
Stratford Jubilee; TMP3 64:
Strathmore's Reel; DYMS2:
Strath Speys Rant; WCAL3 76:
Strath Spay Reel; DR2 11: 
Stratham, the; JJ3 38:
Strathspey Reel, A; GNTB 491:
Strickland, or a trip to Phylo; WCAL2 16: Strickland, the; JJ3 
  20: Strickland, or A trip to Filo; BL71 34:
Strike Home ye Britton's; DR1 47: Strike home ye Britton's; DR3 
Strike me stiff; JJ2 85:
Strike the bell; GNTB 339:
Strike the Colours; TMP2 68:
Strip me naked; DR3 9:
Struen Robertson's Rant; RBR 17:
Stuart's, see Stewart's
Sturgess's Hornpipe; CSTH 37:
Stur the Guill; DR1 15: Steer the Gil; RBR 13: Stur the Guill; 
  DR3 58: Stir the guile; BL71 78b:
Sublingny's Dance; CDM4 191:
Success to the Fleet; UM Nov 1755: Success to the Fleet; LM Apr 
Successful Campaign or Bath Frollick, The [Facsimile in Music in
  Colonial Massachusetts. Fig. 60.]; CST69 50: Successful 
  Campaign, or Bath Frollick, the; TMP3 50: Success to the 
  Campaign; GNTB 566:
Such a wife as Willy had [not that for Burns' song. See Dick,
  SRB, p. 425-6]; GNTB 253:
Such Things Are; SAPT90 22:
Suckey's  Delight; TMP4 92: See Suky's
Suffield's Fancy; JJ3 26:
Sugar Candy; RBR 91: Suggar Candie; DR3 94: ? Sweet as sugar 
  candy; GNTB 111: 
Sugar Dish; JJ6 64:
Sukey's Fancy; WCAL4 24: 
Sukey's Favourite; UM Jul 1757: Sukey's Favourite; LM Apr 1758:
Sukey Bids Me; JJ5 26: Sukey bids me; UM Dec 1749: Sukey Bids me;
  DR2 25: Suky bids me; TMP1 95: Sucky bids me; GNTB 422: Sucky 
  bids me; BL71 100: See Music in Colonial Massachusetts, I, pp.
  62-66, 1980.
Suky's Delight; JJ6 10: see Suckey's
Summer Dance, the; TMP5 58:
Summers Amusement; RB III 11:
Sun Assembly; JJ6 41: Sun Assembly; TMP1 5:
Sun beam, The; CPC12 13: 
Sun Beams, the; TMP3 99: Sun Beams, The; GNTB 361: 
Sun Flower, The; SAPT93 58:
Sun Hall, the; JJ6 87:
Sunbury Common; JJ6 100: Sunbury Common; TMP1 19:
Sunderland Hornpipe; WJ3:
Sunning-Hills Wells; UM 2nd supp. 1752:
Surgeons Hall [hornpipe]; CSTH 30:
Surly, the; CDM5 182: Surly, the; JJ1 68:
Surprise, the; TMP3 7:
Surrender Quesnoy; PS94 107:
Surry Reel, the; TMP3 14:
Swab the Decks; JJ5 14: Swab the Decks; UM 1st supp. 1751: Swab 
  the Decks; DR1 57: Swab the Decks; DR3 35: Swab the Decks; RB69
Swallowfeild Boy's; JJ1 47:
Swan, The; DR1 49: Swan, the; DR3 45:
Swedish Dance; WCAL4 74:
Sweet Conclusion, the; MC 1755:
Sweet Jockey; JJ6 91:
Sweet Molly, see Hopton House.
Sweet Richard; CDM5 112: Sweet Richard; TMP3 73: Sweet Richard; 
  JJ1 19: Sweet Richard; LB2 4: Sweet Richard; GNTB 564: Keller 
  and Sweet, Choice Selection of American Country Dances, p. 45,
  1975: [facsimile in Music in Colonial Massachusetts, I, 67, 
Sweet Willy come away; WCAL3 96: Sweet Willie come away; JJ3 71:
Sweetbread Sally; CDM5 204: Sweetbread Sally; JJ1 48:
sweetest Rose, The; RB68 46:
Swine's Tail; WCAL2 85: Swines tail to Georgia; JJ2 67:
Swinish Multitude, The; MT96 87:
Swinley Camp; WC15 18:
Swiss, The; WCAL4 77: Swiss, the; JJ3 39: Swiss, the; CDM6 150:
Swiss Allemand, the; TMP5 81:
Sword Dance; BL71 54b:
Sydenham Wells; JJ5 85:

Taber and pipe, or Lord Burleigh, or Felton's Gavotte; BL71 76b:
Tabernacle, the; MC 1757:
Tail Toddle; DYMS2: Tail Todle; CDM5 190: Tale Toddle; BL71 25: 
  Tale Toddle; BL71 34: See also, Fiddle Faddle
Take a Dance; DR1 38: Take a Dance; PT58 7: Take a Dance; DR3 31: 
  Take a Dance; TMP2 7:
Take me Jenny; TMP3 65:
Take me right; TMP3 21:
Take my bitt; JJ3 17: Take my Bitt; CDM4 10: Take my bitt; BL71 
Tamavuiln; DYMS2:
Tambourike; JJ3 69:
Tambourine Dance (2nd); WCAL3 81: ?Tambourine Dance-1; CDM6 163:
Tambourine Dance; WCAL3 84: ?Tambourine Dance-2; CDM6 164:
Tambourine; BL71 36: 
Tambourine Matlote; BL71 66:
Tamcore, The; RB68 48:
Tarnivah Reel; DYMS2:
Tarr's Triumph or Bawdy-house Riot, The; JW50 16: Tarr's Triumph,
  or Bawdy-house Riot, The; LM Oct 1750:
Tar Water; JJ4 94: Tarr Water; DR2 82: Tar water; BL71 84:
Target, the; RB I 12:
Tartar, The; PT58 1: Tartar, the TMP2 1: Tartar, the; TMP4 84:
Tast a la Mode; JJ4 63:
Taste of the Town; CDM6 63: Taste of the town; JJ4 91: 
Taste of the Town, 2nd part; CDM6 64:Taste of the town, 2nd part;
  JJ4 91: 
Tatter the Road; WHM May 1790:
Tattoo; PT58 7: Tattoo, the; TMP2 7:
Taylor's Joy, the; SAPT 89 4:
Taylors Measure, The; LM Oct 1754: Taylor's measure, The; GNTB 
Tea Board; JJ6 63:
Tea Chest; JJ6 22:
Tea Pot, The; TMP1 24:
Tea Room; MRMD44 301: Tea Room, the; JJ3 81: Tea Room; WCAL4 33:
  Tea Room, The; DR2 91: Tea room, The; GNTB 272: 
Teague's Humour; CDM6 70:
Tempest, the; TMP5 75:
Temple Bar; JJ6 68:
Temple of Health, the; TMP5 64:
Temple Rakes, The; TMP1 42:
Temple Shades; JJ4 84:
Teneloses Frolick; JJ5 78:
Tent and Brandy; JJ6 33: Tent and Brandy; TMP1 19: Tent and 
  Brandy; BL71 87b:
Tenth of June, or King of Sweedland, see Frisky Jenny.
Texel Island, the; MT00 37:
Thatch'd House, The; LM Aug 1753: Thatch'd House, The [I]; TMP1 
Thatch'd house, The [II]; GNTB 340: ? Ben Wait's thath'd House;
  BL71  78:
Theobalds; CDM5 206: Theobald's; JJ1 25:
Theodore, the; TMP5 56:
There's Brave Beer at Sudbury's; DR2 79:
This is not my own House; DYMS1: Tis not my ain house; RB III 
This world's but a Trouble [This great world is but a trouble?
  Leveridge]; BL71  42b:
Thisselworth Assembly; JJ2 67:
Thistle, The; RB68 37:
Thomas and Sally; TMP2 53: [Arne's ?]
Thomas, I cannot [seemingly a song tune but used for dances.
  Several other copies. 17th cent. song in Percy Folio MS]; BL71
  38: Thomas I cannot; NCCD 14:
Thorsen Meads; FLMS:
Thrashers, The, or, Buttons three farthings a pair; GNTB 414:
Three Captains, The; LB6: 
3 Merry Boy's, or Barkin's Whim, the; JJ3 23:
Three Milk Maids of Blantyre; DR58 9: Three Milk Maids of 
  Blantyre; DR3 84:
Three Coney walk or Number three; BL71 35:
Three merry Devils; BL71 42b:
Three Sheep Skins; BL71 37b: DMI10~
Three Tuns; WCAL2 100:
Threepence wet and threepence dry; GNTB 401:
Threshers, the; TMP2 41:
Thyrsis the Gay; CDM5 245:
Thumpaty Thump; JJ2 42: [H. Carey's song?]
Tibalt's Row; BL71 34b:
Tibbie Fowler in the Glen; DYMS1:
Tibey's Delight; JJ5 81:
Ticonderoga; TMP4 69:
Tiger, the; CDM6 196: Tyger, the; JJ5 34: Tiger, The; BL71 60b:~ 
Tight Rope Waltz, The; LB5 16:
Times, the; RB II 7: Times, The; SAPT90 20:
Timothy Sharp; CST68 44: Timothy Sharp; TMP3 44:
Tipling John; SAPT88 2: Tipling John; TMP5 2: [on riot night? See 
Tippy Bob; SAPT93 56:
Tipstaff; BL71 103:
Tis not my ain house, see this is not...
Tit Bitt, the; TMP2 35:
Tit for Tat; WCAL2 64: Tit for Tat; CDM4 13: Tit for tat; MRMD44
  307: Tit for Tat; JJ2 71: Tit for Tat; BL71 26b:
Toast, the; JJ5 6: Toast, The; JW50 8: Toast, The; LM Jan 1751:
Tod's Assembly; WCAL2 32: Tod's Assembly; GNTB 317: Tod's 
  Assembly; JJ2 64:
Tod's Folly; JJ6 56:
Tom and Mary; JJ6 38: Tom and Mary; TMP1 11:
Tom Edwards; DR3 9:
Tom Jolly; CDM4 75: Tom Iolly; JJ2 46: Tom Jolley's [hornpipe]; 
  CSTH 47:
Tom Jones; JJ5 5: Tom Jones; JW50 10: Tom Jones; LM Jan 1750: Tom
  Jones; GM50: Tom Jones; DR1 11: Tom Jones; DR3 52: Tom Jones; 
  TMP2 100: Tom Jones; HA95 6: Tom Jones; GNTB 99: Tom Jones; 
  BL71 86:
Tom Jones's [hornpipe, not tune above]; CSTH 13: 
Tom Pitt's farewell [hornpipe]; CSTH 27:
Tom Prick'its Favourite; TMP2 19: 
Tom Well's Jigg; CDM5 174: Tom Wells Jigg; JJ1 79:
Tom's Frisk; JJ6 61:
Tom's Maggot; CDM5 210: Tom's Maggot; JJ1 35:
Tommy's Chance; TMP1 74:
Tomson's Whim; CDM5 281:
Ton, the; TMP4 71:
Tonva, the; TMP3 89:
Top and Bottom; JJ6 98: Top and Bottom; TMP1 2:
Top of the Monument; CDM5 105: Top of the Monument; JJ2 73:
Topsy Turvy; WCAL4 27: Topsey Turvy; JJ4 88: Topsy Turvy; DR2 77:
  Topsey Torvey; BL71 81:
Totingham/ Tatnam Fair; BL71 65:
Tottenham Loyalty; JJ4 74:
Touch and Take; JJ6 65:
Touch the Rudder [hornpipe]; CSTH 45:
Touchstone, the RB III 93: Touchstone; TMP4 9:
Tower Hamlets; MT99 36:
Tower Waits Hornpipe; WJ3:
Toy, the; MT95 83:
Tranquill; DR63 5:
Trap Ball; CST68 41: Trap Ball; TMP3 41:
Tray Ace; CDM4 60: Tres ace; DYMS2: Tray Ace; JJ1 63:
Treban Morganough; JJ2 11:
Trial, The; BL71 102:
Trifle, The; CST68 48: Trifle, the; TMP3 48:
Trim'd Waiscoat [sic], The; CST68 39: Trim'd Waistcoat, the; TMP3
Trim the French [hornpipe]; CSTH 34:
Tringhams Fancy, or Recruiting Sarjant; TMP3 2:
Trip from Holborn to the Minories, A; JJ2 93:
Trip from Stade, A; TMP2 56:
Trip it; WCAL4 42:
Trip it up Stairs; JJ4 67:
Trip to Aberdeen, A; DR3 17:
Trip to Alexandria, A; MT99 25:
Trip to Ankerwich; CST69 53:
Trip to Bagshot, A: SAPT93 50:
Trip to Bath, A; JJ2 14: Trip to Bath, A; MRMD45 8: Trip to Bath;
  TMP1 82: Trip to Bath, A; BL71 61b: 
Trip to Bath [II]; GNTB 325 G 6/8 31H31 4275: 
Trip to Bath, or Britches Loose, see Breeches Loose.
Trip to Bath Easton, A; TMP4 60:
Trip to Bedford House; RB66 15:
Trip to Bengall, A; TMP4 94:
Trip to Bermonsey Spa, A; TMP5 27:
Trip to Birmingham; JJ4 12:
Trip to Bow Fair, A; WJ3:
Trip to Brighthelmstone, A; DR3 1: 
Trip to Brussels, A; WCAL4 81:
Trip to Carlisle, A; TMP2 32: Trip to Carlisle; GNTB 363:
Trip to Castle Howard; TMP4 29:
Trip to Chelmsford; TMP5 72:
Trip to Chelsea, A; JJ6 39:
Trip to Cheltenham; JJ6 36:
Trip to Chester; JJ4 59: Trip to Chester, A; GNTB 499:
Trip to Clapham; JJ5 11: Trip to Clapham; JW50 4: Trip to 
  Clapham; LM Dec 1750:
Trip to Cork; TMP5 26:
Trip to Coventry, or Peeping Tom; TMP1 79:
Trip to Denmark, A; RB70 68:
Trip to Dover, A; SAPT89 10:
Trip to Dublin; JJ4 70: Trip to Dublin, A; TMP4 59:
Trip to Dulwich; JJ4 84:
Trip to Dulwich Wells; JJ6 61:
Trip to Dunsburn, A; TMP3 75:
Trip to Easton; RB III 87: Trip to Easton; TMP4 3:
Trip to Edinburgh; RB III 4:
trip to Fieldings, A [hornpipe]; CSTH 3:
Trip to Flanders, A; TMP3 33:
Trip to Fraleigh; WCAL4 90: Trip to Fairleigh; JJ4 79:
Trip to Gallaway; TMP4 28:
Trip to Georgia, A; CDM4 92: Trip to Georgia, a; JJ1 81:
Trip to Germany, A; TMP2 38: Trip to Germany, A; GNTB 562:
Trip to Glasgow; RB II 3:
Trip to Goree, A; DR3 15:
Trip to Grindthorpe; GNTB 335:
Trip to Guadaloup, A; TMP2 66:
Trip to Hackney; TMP1 29:
Trip to Hanover, A; JJ3 12: Trip to Hanover, A; GM50:
Trip to Hardins [hornpipe]; CSTH 23:
Trip to Harowgate, A; PT58 10: Trip to Harrowgate, A; TMP2 10:
  Trip to Haragate; BL71 101:
Trip to Hereford; JJ5 38:
Trip to Highgate; TMP4 57:
Trip to Hinkston; RB III 8:
Trip to Holy Well; WCAL3 47:
Trip to Islington; JJ2 90:~
Trip to Italy, A; WHM May 1788:
Trip to Jersy; MT96 91:
Trip to Kendal House; JJ6 47:
Trip to Kew, A; TMP3 30:
Trip to Kingston, A; JJ6 4:
Trip to Lairey; JJ4 69:
Trip to Lewsom [hornpipe]; CSTH 54:
Trip to Lincoln; TMP2 75:
Trip to London; JJ6 82: Trip to London, A: RBR 18:
Trip to Maiden Head; TMP1 15:
Trip to Manchester; JJ4 6:
Trip to Margate; PS94 98:
Trip to Martinico, A; TMP2 67: Trip to Martinico, A [hornpipe]; 
  CSTH 41:
Trip to Mary le Bone, A [Trip to Marrow-bone? = Maggie's Tocher.
  DMI]; BL71 54:
Trip to May Fair; JJ3 97:
Trip to Merryland, A; BL71 59:
Trip to Milan, the; TMP4 30:
Trip to Milford, A; UM Feb 1754:
Trip to Nenagh; HB95 5:
Trip to Nettle-bed, A; UM Jul 1759: Trip to Nettle Bed, A; TMP1 
Trip to New Market; SAPT88 9: Trip to New Market; TMP5 9:
Trip to Nottingham, A; CDM4 34:
Trip to Oatlands; TMP4 66: [In Scots collections]
Trip to Oxford; PS96:
Trip to Paris; TMP3 80:
Trip to Philleses Book, A; JJ2 10:
Trip to Plymouth, A; TMP2 45: Trip to Plymouth; RB III 8:
Trip to Portbury; JJ4 4:
Trip to Quebec, A; TMP2 99:
Trip to Ranelaugh; JJ3 88: Trip to Ranalagh, A; DR2 83: Trip to 
  Ranlegh; TMP1 1:
Trip to Richmond; JJ5 1: Trip to Richmond; JW50 15: Trip to 
  Richmond; LM May 1750: Trip to Richmond, A; TMP2 82:
Trip to St. George's; JJ6 2:
Trip to Scarborough, A; WCAL4 38: Trip to Scarborough, A; JJ2 62:
  Trip to Scarborough, A; CDM6 119: Trip to Scarborough; BL71 74:
Trip to Scots Bridge, A; WCAL4 28: Trip to Scots Bridge; CDM6 
  116: Trip to Scotch Bridge; GNTB 347:
Trip to Shannon; JJ5 70:
Trip to Shorts, A; CDM5 228: Trip to Short's, A; JJ1 8:
Trip to Sligo, A; UM Feb 1757:
Trip to Spa, A; RB III 61:
Trip to Strasbourg; CST69 49: Trip to Strasbourg; TMP3 49:
Trip to Stratford upon Avon, A; RB III 26:
Trip to Teagueland; UM Dec 1751:
Trip to Teddinton; JJ5 9: Trip to Teddington; JW50 13: Trip to 
  Teddington; LM Sept 1750:
Trip to the Barking Mill; SAPT91 28:
Trip to the Camps; UM Dec 1756: Trip to the Camps; LM Dec 1757: 
  Trip to the Camp; RB II 11: Trip to the Camp, A; TMP4 75:
Trip to the forest, A; UM Dec 1757: Trip to the Forest, A; GNTB 
Trip to the Gun; JJ6 45:
Trip to the Highlands; GNTB 467:
Trip to the Jubliee; JJ6 42: Trip to the Jubilee, A; DR2 28: Trip
  to the Jubilee; TMP1 6: Trip to the Jubilee, A; BL71 52: ? 
  Trip to the Jubilee, Danc'd at the Playhouse, A; CCDM1 304:
Trip to the Lawndry; CDM3 3: Trip to the Lawndry, A; WCAL1 20: 
  Trip to the Landry, A; JJ1 20: Trip to the Laundry, A; GNTB 
  303: Trip to ye Lawndry, A; BL71 31: [Gay's Achilles, 1733]
Trip to the Nore, A; WR98 5:
Trip to the Nunnery; JJ5 10: trip to the Nunnery, A; DR1 51: Trip
  to the Nunery, A; DR3 39:
Trip to the Oakes; TMP4 67:
Trip to the Pantheon; RB III 60:
Trip to the Tender; GNTB 214: The Press gang'd Jigg: or, a trip
  to the Tender; Misc. Corres., July, 1755.
Trip to the thacht House; RB68 43:
Trip to the Turf; RB66 19:
Trip to Tunbridge Wells, A; JJ3 10:
Trip to Twickenham; JJ4 80:
Trip to Vauxhall; RB I 7:
Trip to Virginia, A; TMP4 32: Trip to Virginia; BL71 101:
Trip to Weston, A; RB III 52:
Trip to White Conduit; TMP1 63: Trip to White Conduit
  [hornpipe]; CSTH 21:
Trip to Wimbleton, A; CDM4 58: Tript to Wimbleton, a; JJ1 67:
Trip to Winchcomb; TMP3 13: Trip to Winchomb, A; GNTB 236:
Trip to Windsor, A; UM Nov 1752: See Bucks Phaeton
Trip to Weymouth; TMP3 65: Trip to Weymouth; SAPT90 14:
Trip to York; JJ6 66: Trip to York; DR3 68:
Trip up stairs, A; DR2 92: Trip up Stairs; TMP1 100: Trip up
  stairs; BL71 83b:
Tristram Shandy; TMP2 51:
Triumph of Loyalty, The; JF94 8:
True Britton, the; TMP2 64: True Briton, The; GNTB 212:
True Brittons, The; JF94 7:
True Joak; WCAL1 49: True Joak; CDM5 41: True Joak; JJ1 7: True 
  Joak; BL71 43:
Trusty Dick/ The King Enjoys His Own Again; JJ1 32:~
Tullochgorum; DYMS2: Tulloch Gorm; RBR 16: Tulluck Goram (two
  copies); BL71 90b:
Tumble down Dick; JJ3 89:
Tumble her over again; GNTB 457:
Tumble up [hornpipe]; CSTH 28
Tumbler, The; TD95 12:
Tumbling and Trampling; TMP5 24:
Tunbridge Castle; TMP5 27: 
Tunbridge Frisk; WCAL1 80: Tunbridge Frisk; JJ1 56: Tunbridge 
  Frisk; CDM5 60: 
Tunbridge Reel, The; MT96 85:
Tunbridge Rocks; CDM4 4:
Tunbridge Rout; TMP1 35:
Tunbridge Walks; JJ3 27:
tune with out a name, A; BL71 88:
Turbit and Venison; TMP1 69:
Turk and No Turk; TMP5 35: [Arnold opera, 1785]
Turk's Jigg; JJ2 62: Turks Jigg; CDM6 120:
Turkish Dance; TD95 1:
Turkish Jigg; TMP1 55:
Turn in the Park, A; RB III 67:
Turnham Green Frolick; TMP2 34:
Turtle, The; CST68 47: Turtle, the; TMP3 47:
Tuzzy Muzzy; CDM6 23: Tuzzimuzzy; DR2 63: [see Huzzy
Twelfth Night; WCAL4 79: Twelfth Night; CDM6 105:
Twelfth of August, the; TMP5 63:
Tweed Side; JJ1 59: Tweed Side; WCAL1 84:
Tweedale Club, the; PS96:
Twenty Fifth of May; TMP2 76:
25 of November, The; RB66 16:
Twenty may play as well as one; TMP1 63:
Twickenham Meads; JJ5 6: Twickenham Meads, or Give me Love and 
  Liberty; BL71 92: See Give me love
Twig the Mercer; TMP1 71:
Twilight; RB III 88v:
Twinkling Star, the; RB III 51:
Two and Two; TMP2 69:
Two Brewers; WCAL4 31: Two Brewers, The; GNTB 421:
Two for One; TMP4 87:
Two to One; TMP5 42: [Colman, Jr./ Arnold play, 1784]
Two Legged Dropsy, the; TMP2 62:
Twopenny Tom; JJ6 58:
Tyo, or the Bonny Scotchman; JJ5 75:
Twy-light; SAPT88 7: Twy-light; TMP5 7:
Tyger, see Tiger

Una's Lock, see Cumberland Reel. 
Unconstant Cloe; JJ1 100:
Under and Over; CDM6 148:~
Under the Blanketts; TMP2 25:
Under the Greenwood Tree; BL71 45: DMI6A
Under the Rose; UM Apr 1756: Under the Rose [hornpipe]; CSTH 1: 
  Under the Rose; RB III 34:
Under the Water; DR1 52: Under the Water; TMP1 40: Under the 
  Water; DR3 37:
Unfortunate Jock; DYMS1: Unfortunate Joak, The; MRMD45 4: 
  Unfortunate Joak; JJ3 83: Unfortunate Joak; DR2 88: Unfortunate
  Joake, The; BL71 65b:
Union, The; DRD1 4:
Union, or New Russia Dance, the; TMP5 83:
Union   by E. Weippert, The; WC16 4: 
Up and Down; LB5 19:
Up in the Morning Early; BYMS:
Up the Water; TMP3 28:
Up to War a Willie; WCAL2 37: Up and Worst them all Willy; DYMS1:
  Up and Warr a Willy; CDM4 102: Up & war them a' WIllie; RBR 60:
  Up and War'em all Willy; GNTB 445: Up and war them aw, Willy; 
  BL71 83: Up and war them a Willie; DR2 36:
Up went Aily [17th cent Scots tune. Used by J. Beard for 'We're
  Gaily yet,' a single sheet song, c 1745, and innumerable later
  printings to c 1825. Cf. Saw  ye my sister Sarah, or gayley 
  yet]; BL71 41:~

Vain Belinda; JJ2 50:
Vale Royal; MT97 8:
Valenciennes; PS94 99:
Valentine Day; RB70 63:
Valentines Maggot; JJ1 87:
Valintine House; JJ4 28:
Vallentinia; CDM5 157:
Vauxhall Gypsie, The; PS94 98:
Vauxhall Jubilee; TMP5 14:
Venerable, The; WC13 19:
Vento's Farewell; TMP5 84:
Venus and Adonis; CDM3 136:
Venus's Girdle; MT97 6:
Vernon Forever; JJ3 95:
Veteran, the; CDM6 57: Veteran, the JJ4 42:
Vicar & Moses; TMP3 93: [song]
Victory, the; RB III 93: Victory, the; TMP4 9: Victory; LB5 2:
Vienna Waltz, the; MT00 46:
Villa, the; JJ3 56: Villa, the; CDM6 198:
Village Feast, The; SAPT90 20:
Village Maiden, The; SAPT90 18;
Viotti's Fancy; LB6:
Virgin Frolick, the; RB III 34:
Volatile, the; TMP4 47:
Volunteer, The; LB5 5:
Volunteer Corps, the; MT99 30:

Wade's Jigg; JJ4 73:
Wagon Way, see Old Wagon Way.
Waggoner, The; SAPT93 59:
Wags of Windsor; WC17 16:
Waistcoat Pocket, The [hornpipe]; CSTH 19:
Wakefield Hunt; TMP4 78: Wakefield Hunt; RB III 13:
Wallace's March; BL71 106: CPC
Wallingford House; CDM6 156:~
Wally Honey; CDM3 1: Walley Honey; WCAL1 78: Walley Honey; JJ1 9:
  [CPC, SMM]
Waltz, the; WHM Oct. 1794:
Wansted Assembly; JJ4 23:
Wansted House; JJ4 31:
Wanstead Maggot; CDM5 133: Wanstead Maggot; JJ1 28:
Wanton Bess; JJ1 100:
Wanton Betty's Vagaries; TMP1 23:
Wanton God; WCAL3 24: Wanton God, the; JJ3 53: wanton God, The; 
  MRMD45 1: Wanton God, the; CDM6 185: Wanton God; BL71 60: [Tune
  of song 'The Wanton God that pierces hearts?] 
Wanton Lass, the; TMP4 90:
Wanton Widow, the; TMP2 42: Wanton Widow, The; GNTB 226:
Wanton Wife of Hull  by M.r Payne, The; WC14 13:
Wap at the Widow; WCAL1 98: Wap at the Window [i.e., Widow, Scots
  song]; JJ2 33:
Ward's Fancy; JJ5 43:
Ward's Drop; JJ2 40: Drop, The; WCAL2 59: Drop, the; CDM5 74: 
  Drop, The; GNTB 318: Drop; BL71 60b: 
Ward's Pill; JJ2 40: Ward's Pill; BL71 27: The Pill; GNTB 319: 
  Pill, The; WCAL2 58: Waring's Delight; JJ2 76:
Warley Common; RB III 1: Warley Common; RB III 24: Warly Common;
  TMP4 73:
Warman's Fancy; DR3 22:
Warwick Castle; LB2 8:
Warwick Court; TMP3 78:
Warwickshire Will; TMP3 74:
Wasp, the; RB II 5:
Waterman's Rant, The; RBR2 105:
Watford Hornpipe; CSTH 44:
Watling Street; JJ3 58:
Wattie Laing; DYMS1: Watty Longs Reel; JJ2 91: ? Watie Laing or 
  the lifting of the Linnen Reel; Gows' 1st Coll'n of Strathspey
  Reels, p. 14:
Watton Townsend; BL71 44:~
Way to get married; MT97 10:
Way to keep him; TMP2 41:
We are all a coming; WCAL4 94: We are all a coming; TMP5 42:
We are all dead with drinking; DR58 4: We are all dead with 
  drinking; DR3 87:
We are all right at Canterbury; DR2 7:
We can't help it now; BL71 95b:
We have nothing else to do; TMP1 65:
We will all lie together; GNTB 483:
We will down with the French; RB III 92: We will down with the 
  French; TMP4 8: [Cf. Down with the French]
We're a Kiss'd Sleeping; DR58 5: We're a' kissed sleeping; DR3 
  86: [Scots]
We're all drunk a drinking none; JJ2 95:
We're all forsaken for want of silver; DYMS1: We are all forsaken 
  for want of siller; GNTB 321: We're a' forsaken for.. Siller;  
  WCAL2 68: We'r aw Forsaken for Want aw Siller; CDM4 50:
We're Gayly Yet; JJ5 25: We're Gayly yet; UM Oct 1749: We are 
  gayly yet; CST69 59: We are gayly yet; TMP3 59: [Single sheet 
  song, sung by Mr. Beard, c 1745]
We'll all be married; TMP2 56:
We'll all be Merry; LM Dec 1753:  
We'll all to Kelso go; RBR2 105: CPC
We'll be jolly together; MT95 75:
We'll be Kiss'd in the Morn; RB68 38:
We'll be Merry in Our Old Cloaths; CDM4 66: We will be merry in 
  our old Clothes; BL71 41b: Well all be Wed in Our Auld Clothes;
  GNTB 189;
We'll dance all night; TMP2 58:
We'll gang no more to yonder; RB69 57:
Weaverretti's Delight; JJ4 54:
Weavers Hornpipe; CDM4 204: Weaver's Hornpipe; JJ1 77:
Weazle, he; JJ5 27: Weazle, The; UM Jan 1750: Weazle, The; DR2 
Wedding Day; WCAL3 56: Wedding Day; CDM5 126: Wedding Day; JJ1 
  51: Wedding Day, the; TMP2 57: Wedding Day, the; TMP5 46:
Wedding in the West, The; GNTB 364:
Wedding Ring, the; TMP4 14:
Wedding what ever comes out, A; GNTB 290:
Wednesday Night; UM Jan 1759: Wednesday Night; TMP2 21:
Welch Fuzileers; WCAL3 48: Welsh Fusileers; BYMS:
Welch, see also Welsh
Welch Jig, The; SAPT91 35:
Welch March; JJ1 53:
Welch Rabit, the; JJ6 72: Welch-Rabbit, the; MC 1755:
Welch Reel, the; PS96:
Welch's [hornpipe]; CSTH 51:
Welcome from France; JJ5 28:
Welcome from Hanover; JJ6 99: Welcome from Hanover; TMP1 3:
Welcome from Havanna; TMP3 14:
Welcome home again; TMP1 24: Welcome here again; BL71 32:
Welcome home my deary; GNTB 213: Welcome home my deary; GNTB 416:
Welcome Peace; JJ5 49:
Welcome to the Country; JJ5 66: Welcome to the Country; DR2 71:
Welcome to your feet again; DYMS2:
Well Dane [Done] Jack; GNTB 374: Well done Jack; CCDM2 15:
Welsh, see also Welch
Welsh Morris Dance; CDM5 103:
Wenlock Election; TMP4 47:
Wertemburg Waltz, The; WC13 15:
West Hatch; JJ4 24:
West Indian, The; GNTB 448:
West Street Assembly; DR2 8:
Westminster Bridge; JJ3 92: Westminster Bridge; DR2 8: 
  Westminster Bridge; TMP1 48:
Westminster Volunteers; RB III 10:
Weston's Magot; JJ1 53:
Wet and Weary; JJ4 45: Wet and Weary; DR2 39: [Stewart's Reels 
Wet Quakers, the; RB III 23:
Weymouth Fete, The; WC20 9:
What a Beau my Granny was; BL71 106b: [by Shields?]
What d'ye call it; WCAL3 26: What d'ye call it; JJ3 78:
What do you think of her; JJ4 81: What do you think of her now?;
  GNTB 458: What do you think of He[r now]; BL71 78b:
What meikle sorrow ails you; DYMS2: What Meikle Sorrow Ails You;
What Ship; JJ3 57: What Ship; BL71 67:
What the devil ails you [I]; CPC 10 3: ? What the D--l ails you;
  RBR 67: 
What the Devil ails you; WCAL3 52: What the devil ails you [II];
  GNTB 484: 
What you will; TMP3 32:
What's that to you; TMP1 45: What's that to you; BL71 77b:
Wheatsheaf, the; TMP4 54:
Wheedler, the; CDM4 203: Wheedler, the; JJ1 75:
Wheel of Life, The; UM Jun 1759: Wheel of Life, the; TMP2 18: 
  Wheel of life, The; GNTB 378:
Wherefore come ye here; WCAL2 26: Wherefore Come ye here Ise 
  Warrant; CDM4 39:
When Wars Alarms; TMP4 98:
Which is the properest Day to Drink; RB68 38:
Whigs of Fyffe, The; DR58 3: Whigs of Fife, the; DR3 76: Whigs of
  Fife, The; LB6:
Whim, the; JJ2 54: Whim, the; TMP3 91: Whim, The; TD95 6: ? The 
  Wheem; AMM 38: Whim; BL71 48b: Whim, The [signed] T. Sx.; BL71
Whim of the Moment, The; SAPT91 28: 
Whim Wham, the; RB III 22:
Whimsical Lover, The; LB5 3:
Whip her and gird her; WCAL2 14: Whip her and Gird her; BL71 29b:
  Whip Her and Gird Her; DYMS1: Whip her and gird her; JJ2 13:
  Hoop her and gird her; Gow's 4th Coll'n of Stathspey Reels, p.
Whip the Cat; DR2 66: (W3)
Whirle it about; JJ1 58:
Whisk; JJ5 71:
Whistle oer the leave o't_Strathspey; RBR 56: Whisle o'er the 
  Lave ont; DR58 8: Whisle o'er the lave ont; DR3 83: Whisle O're
  the lave o't; AMR 31: 
Whistling Billy; DR3 19:
Whistling Bob, or Grants Jigg; DR3 11:
Whistling Jenny; JJ2 87:
Whitby Abbey; GNTB 405: 
Whitby Pier; GNTB 406:
White cockade, the; DR3 91:
White Fryars Hornpipe; WJ3:
White House, the; JJ6 59: White House, the; TMP2 61:
White Joak; WJ3: White Joak, the; CDM3 3: White Joak; JJ1 20:
  White Jack [Joke]; GNTB 207: White Joak; BL71 43b: [song tune]
White Widow, the; CDM4 76:
Whiteman's Hornpipe; JJ4 100:
Whitney's Farewell; JJ2 55:~
Whitson Hollidays [or Parson in the Peas]; BL71 34b:~
Whittington's Catt [hornpipe]; CSTH 40:
Who can help it now; GNTB 402:
Who cares for you; TMP4 42:
Who's Afraid; TMP4 69:
Who's the Dupe; RB III 10:
Whore's March, The; GNTB 547:
Why did you promise to marry me; JJ3 74: Why did you promise to 
  marry?; GNTB 238:
Widow Lady; WCAL3 54: Widdow Lady, the; CDM5 89:
Widow of Wareham, The; UM Aug 1760:
Widow Wadman, the; RB III 16:
Widows Choice, the; JJ4 56:
Widow's Delight, the; JJ3 100;    
Widdows Excuse; CDM6 62:
Widow's Frolick, the; JJ5 85:
Widow's Joak, the; CDM6 34: Widow's Joak; JJ4 18:
Widow's Jigg, see Auretti's Dutch Skipper
Wild Goose, the; JJ6 53: Wild Goose, The; DR2 52:
Wild Highland Man, the; CDM5 145:
Wild Irishman, The [time, 2/4, should be 6/8]; RB70 64: Wild 
  Irishman, the; TMP3 69: Wild Irishman; HA95 4: The Wild 
  Irishman; AMM 36; JBA; Noran Kishta; OFPCI 98: Noreenkesta; 
  RFM1 #66: [Irish, Bunting - Nora with the purse]; 
Wildboars Maggot; TMP1 83:
Wilke's Fancy; CST69 57: Wilke's Fancy; TMP3 57: Wilk's Fancy; 
  GNTB 6:
Will o' th' Wisp; JJ5 2: Will o' th' Wisp; JW50 23: 
  Will-0'-th'-Wisp; LM Oct 1751:
Will this please ye?; TMP2 36: Will this please you?; GNTB 358:
Will Wimbel's Rant; GNTB 344:
Will with a Wisp; JJ6 77: [Will o'?
Will you go and marry Kettie; NSR 22: Go and marry Kattie; DR3  
  95: Will you marry Kitty; LB6:
Will you go to Sheriff Moor; RBR 49:
Willey Wilky; WCAL1 17: Willy Wilky; CDM5 110: Willy Wilky; JJ1 
  64: Willy Wilky, or, Cobbler's Hornpipe; GNTB 305: Willy Wilky;
  BL71 26:
William's Delight; TMP2 46:
Willie Winks_Strathspey; RBR 61: 
Willie with his Tartan Trues [Trews]; JJ5 57: Willie with his 
  Tantan Trues; DR3 100: [Shaun Truish ?]
Willing Quaker, the; TMP4 79:
Willingham Frolick; LM Sept 1754:
Willy's Rare and Willy's Fair; RB IV 89: Willy's Rare and Willy's
  Fair; TMP5 87:
Wimble's Rant, or Kingston's Rant; BL71 76:
Wimbleton House; JJ5 81:
Winchester Camp; RB IV 91: Winchester Camp; TMP5 91:
Winchester Wedding, or Lankeshire witches; BL71 68:~
Windmill, the; JJ5 19: Wind Mill, The; DR1 31: Wind Mill, the; 
  DR3 48:
Windsor Chace; RB II 12:
Windsor Farmer, The; MT96 94:
Windsor Forest; DR1 18: Windsor Forest; MC 1757: Windsor Forest;
  DR3 59: Windsor Forest; TMP2 97: Windsor Forrest; HA95 7: 
  Windsor Forest; BL71 99:
Windsor Terras; JJ1 80: Windsor Terrace; TMP3 88:~  
Winton's Frolic; GNTB 465:
Wit without Money; CDM5 287:
Within a Mile of Dublin; WHM June 1796:
Wives as they were; MT98 22: 
Wives of Kilwinnin, The; RBR2 111:
Wives of Torpichen, the; JJ4 35: Wives of Torphichan, The; RBR 
  42: Wives of Torphican, The; DR2 44:
Wolf's Fancy [hornpipe]; CSTH 22:
Women and Wine; CDM5 96:
Wonder, the; TMP4 34:
[Wooburn] Woodburn Abbey; RB II 9; = Wooburn Abbey; RB III 93: 
  Wooburn Abbey; TMP5 96:
Wood House, the; TMP3 9:
Wood of Fyvie. The; DYMS2: The Wood of Fyvie; BYMS:
Wood Larke; BL71 94:~
Wooden Shoes; JJ2 53: Wooden Shoes; GNTB 220:~
Woodford Assembly; TMP4 31:
Woodman, The; SAPT93 54; Woodman, the; MT95 76:
Woodward's Rant; UM Jul 1753:
Woo'd and Married & a'; RBR 52: Woo'd and married and a'; DR3 89:
  Woo'd and married and a'; GNTB 139:
Wooton-Underedge Assembly; UM Oct 1753: Wooten Undridge 
  Asssembly; TMP1 37:
Worcester Races; UM May 1757:
Worm Doctor, see Harlequin...
Worse for Better; GM50:
Wotten [sic] Undridge Fair; TMP1 71:
Would you have a young Virgin [or, Poor Robin's Maggot]; BL71
wounded Tree, The; MT96 93:
Wright's Humour; JJ1 39:
Wright's Rant, The; RBR 92:
Wrights Reel; DR3 30:

Ye Social Pow'rs; TMP4 68:
Yea & Nay; CDM5 257: Yea or No; JJ5 84:
Yeal Yeal; RBR 68: Yell Yell; AMR 11:
Yellow hair'd Laddy; WCAL2 91:
Yellow Joak; WJ3: Yellow Joak; CDM3 61: Yellow Joak; JJ1 85:
Yellow Stockins; NCCD 18:
York Assembly; CDM4 79: York Assembly; JJ2 72:
York House; CDM5 237: York House; LB2 18:
York Rant, see Lord Holderness's Rant.
Yorkshire Bite, the; SAPT 89 10:
Yorkshire Buffs; BL71 101b:
Yorkshire Hornpipe; WCAL4 66: Yorkshire Hornpipe; JJ2 98: 
  Yorkshire Hornpipe; CDM6 124:
Yorkshire Lad; JJ4 5:
Yorkshire Lanes, the; RB III 20:
Yorkshire Lass; LM Aug 1757:
Yorkshire Reel, the; PS96:
Yorkshire Tale; JJ2 94:~ [see BALOP]
Yorkshire Trip; WCAL4 20: Yorkshire Trip, the; JJ3 75: Yorkshire
  Trip, the; CDM6 87:
Yorkshire Volunteers; RB III 86v: Yorkshire Voluntiers; TMP5 66:
You may if you please; JJ6 93: You may if you please; TMP4 87:
You must not kiss on Sunday; BL71 38b:
You're a Jack; JJ5 35:
You're Another; JJ6 21:
You're Welcome to Broadstreet; TMP4 88:
You're Welcome to the Country; RB69 59:
your welcome to your feet again; RBR 14:
You'll aye be welcome back again; DYMS1: Ye'll ay be welcome back
  again; RBR 56: Ye'll ay be Welcome back again [SMM #149. Duncan
  Davison]; CPC10 1: You be welcome here again; JJ3 9: You be 
  welcome here again; TMP3 81: [see Welcome--
You'll never be like my other good man; GNTB 231: [Auld Goodman,
  SMM #318]
Young Damon's Flight; CDM4 71: Young Damon's Flight; JJ2 19:
Young Essex; JJ2 94:
young Fox, The; TMP1 51: young Fox, The [hornpipe]; CSTH 26:
Young Jemmy; JJ2 47:~ 
Young Johnny's Delight; JJ6 38: Young Johnny's Delight; TMP1 11:
young Lady's Fancy, The; BL71 103:
Young Prince, the; TMP2 81:
Young Quaker, the; TMP5 48:
Young Ralph; MT96 90:
Youngs Wisdom; CDM4 110: Young's Wisdom; JJ1 30:

Zinzans Maggot; CDM4 68: Zinzans Maggot; JJ1 99:
Zodiac; WC15 20:
Zorinski; PS96:

Allemand L'aventeur; MT97 5:
Bonne Bonche; SAPT91 31:
La Badin; DR1 32: La Badin; DR3 48: Le Badin, or The Carle he 
  came through the croft [not Scots one]; GNTB 520:
La Bagatelle; TMP5 73: Le Bagatele; RB II 8:
La Ballet Hollandoise; TMP3 68:
La Beaute'; TMP5 74:
La Bella Rosa; WC20 19:
La Belle Assemblee; RB IV 86: La Belle Assemblee'; TMP5 88:
La Belle Catherine; RB II 85v: La Belle Catherine; SAPT88 1: La 
  Belle Catherine; TMP5 1: [several other printings, used also as
  song tune]
La Belle Chasse; TMP5 33:
La Belle Jeannette; SAPT88 5: La Belle Jeannette; TMP5 5:
La Bienfacile; TMP5 76:
La Boutonniere; TMP4 80:
La Brunetta; RB III 87: La Brunetta; TMP4 3:
La Brounett; RB IV 85:
La Capauchen; TMP5 82:
La Capuchine Cotillon; GNTB 544:
La Chasse; TMP5 68:
La Chaumiere; PS94 102:
La Contrefatte; TMP4 49:
La Countess; TMP4 43:
La Cymbal; TMP3 11:
La Double Entendre; JJ6 23: Double Entendre; DR2 2: La Double 
  Entendre; TMP1 97: Duble Entender; BL71 92:
La Fete Champetre; BL71 28b: Fete Champetre; TMP4 38: [Apted Book
  of Country Dances]
La Foes Allemand; TMP4 36:                 
La Fricasse Dance; MT95 83:
La Galatea; TMP5 75:
La Galliard; TMP5 76:
La Jupon Rouge; TMP5 72:
La Laponois; PS94 101:
La Lume; RB69 49:
La ma mout; LM Aug 1752:
La Malbro; RB IV 92v:
La Malbrouk; TMP5 37:
La Malheureus; DR3 10:
La Nouvelle Hambourgh; TMP4 19:
La Pandour; RB68 40:
La Papillon; RB III 14:
La Petite; TMP4 51:
La Poisseneiu; RB68 41:
La Pulleys Allemand; RB III 96: Le Pulleys Allemand; TMP4 11:
La Repoche   Cotillon; LB5 10:
La Revolution; SAPT90 16:
La Rose; TMP4 83:
La Saube; RB III 55:
La Triomphe; SAPT90 13:
La Vant Contraire; DR1 8: La Vant Contraire; DR3 53: Quit[e]
  Contrary, or Le vent Contraire; BL71 85b:
La Ville de Paris; TMP5 69:
La Visetta; SAPT89 8:
La Volupte   Cotillon; LB5 8-9:
Lee [sic] Bon Gout; BL71 96b:
Le Brasselets; TMP4 79:
Le Brunette; RB II 8:
Le Critique; RB II 1: [Cf. the Critic]
Le Deroute de Jourdan  Cotillon; LB5 11:
Le Fete da Village; TMP4 63:
Le Je na fais quoi  Cotillon; LB5 12:
Le Pulleys Fancy; RB IV 88: Le Pulley's Fancy; TMP5 86:
L. Pulley's Whim; TMP5 54:
Le Savoir vivre; PS94 102:
Le tout ensemble; UM Sept 1752: Le Tout Ensemble; JJ6 29:
Le Vertigo; RB III 6:
Les Fetes Champetre; RB III 17:
Les Savoyards [I]; SAPT90 17:
Les Trois Soeurs; JF92 14:
Voulez vous Dancer, Mademoiselle; BL71 104:

Untitled; MC Sept 1758; MC Feb 1759; 
Untitled/ Scots Measure, A; BL71 115: 
Untitled Tune; BL71 91b: Untitled tune; BL71 103:
[Title trimmed off in LC copy]; LB2 23:
[Pages missing from LC Copy]; WC17 21-24:
[Title shorn]; RB66 13: