<H3>17th & 18th Century Scots Music MSS</H3>

Contents of Some 17th & 18th Century Scots Music MSS

Updated 11/11/99.

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Many tunes in the earlier MSS have been identified, usually under later titles in such works as Dauney's Ancient Scottish Melodies, 1838; G. F. Graham, The Songs of Scotland, 3 vols., 1849-51; John Glen, Early Scottish Melodies, 1900, and a two part article by J. McBain in the Scottish Musical Magazine,1922. Many others are English tunes and most will be found in C. M. Simpson's The British Broadside Ballad and Its Music , 1966. John Ward refers to several tunes in these in Music for Elizabethan Lutes, 1992.

Full contents listings and many tunes from 17th century MSS are given by Nelly Diem, Beitrage zur Geschichte der Schottischen Musik Zurich, 1919.

I have another version of this in which tunes are given alphabetically, but problems arise in connecting 17th and 18th century MS collections, since same title may not mean same tune, and copies of tunes in MS are not easily come by for comparison purposes.

......... New 06/03/01. Further information on 16th and 17th century MS and printed sources can be found on web at:
Wighton Collection-Dundee: www.dundecity.gov.uk/centlib/wighton/airs.htm Buy microfilms of most 16th and 17th century Scots music collections in a series at www.adam-matthew- publications.com/collect/p104.htm. Individual Panmure MSS available on microfilm from NLS ................. Many tunes from MSS below are given in A. Fleischmann's 'Sources of Irish Traditional Music', 1998. Noted by SITM below

Manuscript Sources

MRMS: Wm. Mure of Rowallan Lute MS, c 1612-28. Edinburgh. Univ. Lib. Glen gives "Maggy Ramsey" from this, ESM. Is this the cantus part-book MS Laing.III.488? Contents, Diem, p.17. Cf. Dauney, pp. 138-9

MRMS2: Mure of Rowallan's cantus, Edinburgh Univ. Lib. MS La. III. 488

STMS: Straloch Lute MS. Original lost. Contents from Diem's list.
--GMT is Graham's transcript, NLS MS Adv 5.2.18.
--MT is Alfred Moffat's transcript and translation in Library of Congress.
--GMSS is Graham's Songs of Scotland.
--MS See J. Ward for Leeds copy of transcript.

SKMS: Skene MS, NLS ADV. MS 5.2.15. Index below, from my contents listing, 1972.

LDMS: Leyden, 1639. NLS MS Adv. 5.2.14. Little, if any, Scots music. Also called Wm. Stirling MS. Photocopy in Folger Shakespeare Library.

GTMS: Guthrie, 1675-80. Edinburgh Univ. Lib.

LWMS: Leyden Lyra Viol MS, 1692. G.F. Graham transcript in NLS, Adv MS 5.2.19. Original, long lost, now Newcastle Univ. Lib. MS White #42. Suggested date more recently to be, c 1695 and c 1700. 12 pieces in SITM, a few having been given earlier. Graham prints some tunes from MS in Songs of Scotland. Title list from Diem.

BVMSA: Blaikie MS B: "1683." Stated by Dauney to be lost by Mr. Blaikie, but that Mr. Blaikie had translated the principle airs, and these translations also seem to be lost. According to Glen's account in ESM, p. 11-12, it is this MS that forty airs were transcribed by James Davie and by A. J. Wighton, and which are in the Dundee Public Library. This manuscript was supposed to contain 112 tunes, exactly the same as that following. I suspect Glen erred and the partial transcripts are from of the MS below. Glen, in giving tunes from the Blaikie MS in Early Scottish Melodies, always gives the date as 1692.

BVMS: Blaikie MS A: "1692." Dauney refers to this as a Viola da Gamba manuscript, and this was repeated by Glen. Wm. Chappell, Popular Music of the Olden Time, pp. 771-72, described this manuscript, which was lent to him after the loss of that of "1683", noting it was for Bassviol, and contained the statement 'Lady Katherine Boyd aught this book.' Chappell found no date in the MS. He noted that the MS contained 112 tunes, and he put its date as not earlier than 1745. This date he probably arrived at from the tune "God Save the King" in the MS, and his note that this only became well known in 1745. See his discussion of "God Save the King," pp. 691-704. Chappell stated he had translated many tunes from this manuscript, but I do not know where these may be found. See his commentary on this manuscript in Roxburghe Ballads, II, p. 64, 1872, and PMOT, II, pp. 771-72, 608, 784.

AHMS: Hume (Agnes), 1704. Contents list from Diem. NLS MS 5.2.17. 5 pieces given in SITM.

MSMS Margaret Sinkler, 1710. Formerly John Glen's. NLS MS 3296. Several tunes given from MS in Glen, ESM, and 8 in SITM.

WTMS: Waterston MS, c 1715. Contents from Diem, p. 34. Property of Waterson family, Edinburgh.

DYMS: Drummond Castle manuscript compiled by David Young, dated 1734, bound with a second part, undated, but probably about the same date. Contents from Emerson. Copy NLS MS Acc. 7722. 'Duke of Perth MS' (Panmure ?)

BYMS: Bodleian MS.Don.d.54, compiled by David Young dated 1740. Contents from Emerson.

JGMS: James Gillispie Violin MS, 1768. NLS MS 808. Contents from Emerson. Tunes are stressed note and scale degree incipt coded in Rabson and Van Winkle Keller's National Tune Index, 1980. Many tunes given in SITM.

BLB Balcarres Lute Book, conflicting listings, NLS Acc 9769 (owned by Lord Crawford), or J. Rylands Library, Manchester. Many tunes published, in tablature, by Richard Darsie, but no complete contents list given. Those listed below are those in his publication, The Balcarrres Lute Manuscript: Selected Pieces, 1997.

Other MSS cited, complete contents lists not published.

AKMS: Atkinson, 1694-95. Soc. of Antiquaries, Newcastle.

WGMS: Graham (William) Flute Book MS. ESM p. 80. Once the property of Wm. Chappell, but I do not know its present location.

LAMS: Laing MS, 1706. I don't know where this is now.

CRMS: Crockat MS, 1709, Lost. Passed from Wm. Stenhouse to C. K. Sharpe. Some tunes from MS given by Stenhouse in Illustrations to SMM.

MFMS: McFarlane, c 1740. vol 2 NLS MS 2084, vol 3 NLS MS 2085. See David Johnson, Scottish Fiddle Music, Edinb. 1980, 1997. Vol. 1 borrowed in 1806, never returned. Some tunes from the two remaining are in SITM.

PCMS: Patrick Cumming Violin MS, 1723. NLS MS 1667 [?Formerly Frank Kidson's Edin. Univ. Lib.]

Others not seen:

Scone Palace MS. Earl of Mansfield, Scone Palace, Perth.
Bowie, Geoard, Fiddle MS, c 1705. Francis Collinson's MS. NLS MS Acc. 5462
NLS MS Acc. 2764 Panmure 7, NLS MS 9454, violin c 1675. 8 of 72 pieces given in SITM.
Panmure 10, Burnet. NLS MS 9447, Property of Earl of Dalhousie 1600-?
Panmure 11. Edwards. NLS MS 9450, c 1630-50
Panmure ?/ NLS MS 9458. 7 of 17 keyboard tunes given from MS in SITM. Miller. NLS MS 9477, on loan
Weemys, NLS Dep. 314, no. 23, music?
Wode part book, quintus, Georgetown Univ. Lib.
NLS MS Adv. 5.2.20. Flut music, c 1760. NLS MS Adv. 5.2.24. violin and keyboard, c 1750
NLS MS Adv. 5.2.25. Misc pop music c 1777 NLS MS 2086. violin, c 1750
NLS MS 3327. c 1765 NLS MS 3346. c 1765-75 NLS MS 5449. c 1765 NLS MS 5778, 28 pieces for violin, c 1680. 1 given in SITM. Gairdyn, James. Fiddle MS. (1710-35) NLS Glen 37. 5 pieces given in SITM.
Thompson, James. Recorder and Fiddle MS. NLS MS 2833
Skene, George. Fiddle MS, c 1717-40. NLS MS Adv. 5.2.21. 13 pieces given in SITM.
J. Glen, ESM p. ?, mentions a David Young MS of 1760, whose location I don't know.

MSS Contents:


For kissing for clapping for loving for proving, set to lute by me, W. Mure; MRMS:
Mary Beatoun's Row; MRMS:
Corn gairds; MRMS:
Battle of Harlaw; MRMS: [Given in Dauney's Ancient Scottish Melodies, p. 349:
Magie Ramsay [Glen, ESM p. 28]; MRMS:
Cummer tried; MRMS:
Ouir the Dek, Davy; MRMS:
Katherine Bairdie; MRMS:
Volt, Currants, Gavots; MRMS:
Spynelet; MRMS:
Spynelet reforme; MRMS:
La Voici; MRMS:
Sabit Sant Nikola: MRMS:
In ane inch Y warrant yow; MRMS:
Gypsyes Lilt; MRMS:
[Untitled airs]; MRMS:

STMS: Contents from Diem's list, p. 40-41, compared with my own of the following, made in 1972.

The Buffens; STMS: GMT, MT:
Sleepe wayward thoughts; STMS: [Song in BL MS Harl. 3551]
Sannicola; STMS:
Sheepheard saw thou not; STMS, GMT, MT: [Crimson Velvet]
What if a day; STMS:
Give caire does cause men cry; STMS: [Verse and 3 tunes in J. Ward's 'Music for Elizabethan Lutes', 1992
Canaries; STMS, GMT, MT:
Finis, quod Ostend, (no title); STMS:
[Finnis ballat, or Almon ?]; STMS:
Hurries Current; STMS:
Queen's Current; STMS:
Frogge's Galzeart; STMS:
Lyke as the Dumbe; STMS:
When Daphne did; STMS:
The Prince Almon; STMS:
The day dawes; STMS: GMT as "The day dawis" [Given, Addl, p. 534]:
Cum sueit love, lett sorow cease; STMS:
Finis, Haddington's mask; STMS:
Thir Gawens; STMS:
Queene's Almone, as it is played on a fourteen cord lute [Finis, - ]; STMS:
A Saraband; STMS:
Ther wer three Ravens; STMS:
In a garden so green; STMS:
Haddington's maske; STMS:
The barg of maske; STMS:
Begon sueit night; STMS:
Tell me Daphne; STMS:
Lachrymy; STMS:
A stryng of the Spanish Pavin; STMS:
Darges Current [Finis -]; STMS:
Fantasie; STMS:
A passing sour; STMS:
Ballart's Current; STMS:
The quadro pavin; STMS:
The galziart of the pavin; STMS:
In till a mirthful May Morning; STMS:
Orlio's Current; STMS:
Hebrun's Current; STMS:
A Port; STMS, GMT, MT [Given, Addl. p. *376]:
Port Priest; STMS, GMT, MT title is "Port Briese":
Before the Greeks; STMS:
Brangle, simple; STMS:
The Old man; STMS, GMT, GMSS II p. 166:
I long for the Wedding; STMS, GMT, MT:
Gray Steel; STMS, GMT, MT:
Put on the Sark on Munday; STMS, GMT as "Put on thy Sark on Munday", MT:
Brail de Poyctu. STMS, GMT as "Brail de Poictou, MT:
Canaries; STMS, GMT as "The Canaries", MT:
Ostende; STMS, GMT, MT:
God be with the, Geordie, STMS, GMT, MT:
A Pasmissour; STMS:
A Brangle with the braking of it; STMS:
A Braill: second third, fourt, fift, sext, braill; STMS:
Thoe's rare and good in all; STMS, GMT as "Shoe's rare and good in all," MT:
Lilt Ladie: An Gordone [Finis, -]; STMS, GMT, MT:
Green greus ye rashes [A dance: - ]; STMS. GMT as "A dance. grein greus ye rasses," MT. In GMSS I p. 31, title is quoted as "Green greus the rasses. A daunce." [Given, Addl., p. *139]:
Come Love let's walk; STMS:
Cum lett us walk into yon springe [Finis. - ]; STMS:
Hunter's carrere; STMS, GMT as "Hunter's Careire," at end of which is "Finis Hunters Carrier mense marte 1627." MT:
Upon a Sommer's time; STMS: [Simpson]
It's a wonder to see how ye world does goe; STMS, GMT as "Its a wonder to see." MT:
An thou wer myn oun thing [Given by Diem, p. 151.]; STMS, GMT as "An thou wer myn own thing." MT:
Finis port Jean Kinsay; STMS, GMT as "A Port. Port Jean Linsay." MT. [Given, Addl., p. *377]:
Cockstouns hoggie; STMS:
Rorie Dall [A Port. - ]; STMS, GMT as "A Port. Port Rorie Dall." MT [Given, Addl., p. *371]:
Wo betyke thy waerie bodie; STMS, GMT as "Wo betyd thy wearie bodie." MT. GMSS I p. 9:
Ladie Laudion's Lilt; STMS, GMT as "A Lilt. Ladie Laudian's Lilt." MT:
A Port. (untitled) GMT, MT:
Have over the water; STMS, GMT adds 'Finis R.G.' and note that notation is faulty. MT:
I long for thy virginite; STMS, GMT with note that notation is faulty. MT:
from the fair of Lavintan shore [Eng. song by Hughes, "From the fair Lavinian shore, I am come no more."]; STMS:
Keath keares not for thy kyndness; STMS:
Earlie in the Mornning; STMS:
Galua Tom; STMS, GMT with note that notation is faulty. MT:
The tript of Diram [Tup, The Ram of Diram/Derby]; STMS:
Kist her while she blusht; STMS, GMT as "I kist her while she blusht." MT: [Given, Addl., p. *139]:
God be with my bonnie love; STMS:
Whip my toudie. STMS, GMT, MT:
Bon accord; STMS:
My beelful breest; STMS:
Hench me malie Gray; STMS, GMT, MT:
Thir gawens ar gey; STMS:
A preludium; STMS:

SKMS: D means translation published by Dauney at number following of Ancient Scottish Melodies, 1838.

Male Simme; SKMS I #1/D #38:
Doun in yon banke; SKMS I #2/ D #40:
O sillie soul alace; SKMS I #3/ D #36:
Long er onie old man; SKMS I #4/ D #10:
The Spanishe Ladie; SKMS I #5/ D #63:
My dearest sueat is fardest fra me; SKMS I #6/ D #8:
I long for your virginitie [See III, #17]; SKMS I #7/ D ?:
Hutchesouns Galziard; SKMS I #8/ Not trans.:
Pitt man in thee and movir of it; SKMS I #9/ D ?:
A French Volt; SKMS I #10/ Not trans.:
Lady Elizabeth's Maske; SKMS I #11/ D #69:
Kette Bairdie; SKMS I #12/ D #47: [Cate of Bardee, or The Queen's Jig? as later mentioned, c 1690, as "Cater Bordee," a dance]
Trumpeter's Currand; SKMS I #13, II 19/ D #85:
Joy to the Persone; SKMS I #14/ D #60:
Comedianes Maske; SKMS I #15/ D #68:
Aderneis Lilt; SKMS I #16/ D #42:
Sommersets Maske; SKMS I #17/ D #78:
Johny Devisonne pint of rum; SKMS I #18/ D #36:
Horreis Galziard; SKMS I #19, III #14/ No trans.:
Froggis Galziard; SKMS I 20/ D #64:
I cannot live and want thee; SKMS I 21/ D #22:
I mett her in the medowe; SKMS I #22/ D #20:
Prettie weill begunn man; SKMS I #23/ D #9:
Prince Henreis Maske; SKMS I 24/ D #67:
Lady, wilt thou love me; SKMS II #1/ No trans.:
The Lass o Glasgowe; SKMS II #2/ D #37:
Shoe looks as shoe wold lett me; SKMS II #3/ D #25:
Alace yat I came owr the moor and left my love behind me; SKMS II #4/ D #1:
Bonnie Iean makis meikle of me; SKMS II #5/ D #34:
Iockey plaise on Ienneis fidle; SKMS II #6/ D ?: [not in published listing]
Lett never crueltie dishonour beautie; SKMS II #7/ D #27:
My love winns not her away; SKMS II #8/ D #17:
Iennet drinks no water; SKMS II #9/ D #18:
A Frenche ***; SKMS III #1/ D #84:
Scerdustis; SKMS III #2, V #3/ D #71:
My Ladie Rothemaies Lilt; SKMS III #3, VI #11/ D #4:
Blew Breiks; SKMS III #4, VIII #5/ D #21:
Aberdens Currand; SKMS III #5/ Not trans.:
Scullione; SKMS III #6, V #20/ D #81:/ Not trans.:
My Ladie Laudians Lilt; SKMS III #7, V #21/ Not trans.:
Lesleis Lilt; SKMS III #8/ D #35:
The Keiking glasse; SKMS III #9/ D #29:
To dance about the Bailzeis dubb; SKMS III #10/ D #3:
I left my love behind me; SKMS III #11/ Not trans.:
Alace this night yat we suld sunder; SKMS III #12/ D #12:
Pitt on your sirt on Monday; SKMS III #13, V #2/ D #58:
I dowe not gune cold; SKMS III #15/ D #23:
My mistres blush is bonie; SKMS III #16/ D #33:
I long for her Virginitie [See I, #7]; SKSM III #17/ D ?:
A Saraband; SKMS III #18/ Not trans.:
What if a day; SKMS IV #1/ D #70: [Tho. Campion?]
Floodis of Tears; SKMS IV #2/ D #77:
Nightingall; SKMS IV #3/ D #3:
The willow trie [Finnis - ]; SKMS IV #4/ D #74: [How now shepherd, what means that, Maying Time]
Marie me marie me quoth the bonie lass; SKMS IV #5/ D #55:
My Lord Hayis Currand; SKMS IV #6/ Not trans.:
Ieane is best of onie; SKMS IV #7/ Not trans.:
What high offences hes my fair love taken; SKMS IV #8/ D #72:
Alman Nicholas; SKMS IV #9/ Not trans.:
Currand Royal [crossed out, then added] Sir Iohn Hope's Currand; SKMS IV #10/ D #46:
Hunters Carrier; SKMS IV #11/ D #46: [Bass's Career, Simpson]
Blew Ribbern at the bound rod; SKMS IV #12/ D #6:
I serve a worthie ladie; SKMS IV #13/ D #49: [Dumbarton Drums]
Canareies; SKMS V #1/ D #80:
Shoe mowpitt it comming owr the lie; SKMS V #4/ D #50:
Adew Dundie; SKMS V #5/ D #24: [Bonny Dundee]
Thrie Sheips Skinns; SKMS V #6/ D #31: [Dancing master and 3 ballad operas]
Chrichtons gud night; SKMS V #7/ D #65:
Alace I lie my alon I'm lik to die awld; SKMS V #8/ D #28:
I love for love again; SKMS V #9: I love my Love for love again; SKMS VI #13/ D #5:
Sincopas; SKMS V #10/ D #73: [French dance, Cinque Pas]
Almane Delorne; SKMS V #11/ D #56:
Whoe learned yow to dance and a towdle; SKMS V #12/ D #51:
Remember me at eveninge; SKMS V #13/ D #19:
Love is a labour in vaine; SKMS V #14/ Not trans.:
I dare not vowe I love thee; SKMS V #15/ D #26:
My Lord Dingwalls Currand; SKMS V #16/ Not trans.:
Brangill of Poictu; SKMS V #17/ D #83:
Pantalones; SKMS V #18/ D #53:
Ane Alman Moreiss; SKMS V #19/ D # 57:
Queins Currand; SKMS V #22/ Not trans.:
Then wilt thou goe and leave me her; SKMS VI #1/ D #61:
I will not goe to my bed till I suld die; SKMS VI #2/ D #48:
The Flowres of the Forrest; SKMS VI #3/ D #48:
The fourth measur of the Buffins; SKMS VI #4/ D #82:
Shackle of Hay; SKMS VI #5/ D #39: [Shackley Hay, see Simpson]
Com Love lett us walk into the Springe; SKMS VI #6/ D #62: [English song]
Sa mirrie as we have bein; SKMS VI #7/ D #45:
Kilt thy coat Magge kilt thy coatti; SKMS VI #8/ D #11: [probably the Gilty coat Peggie cited on English broadsides]
Shipeherd saw thow not; SKMS VI #9/ D #75: [English. Crimson Velvet]
Peggie is over see wie ye souldior [added in another hand]; SKMS VI #10/ D #2: [for broadside of c 1635]
Omnia vincit amor; SKMS VI #12/ D #52:
Ostend; SKMS VI #14/ D #14:
Sr Iohn Moresouns Currand; SKMS VI #15/ Not trans.:
Praeludium; SKMS VIII #16/ Not trans.:
Exercises; SKMS VIII #1/ Not trans.:
Gilcreichs Lilt; SKMS VIII #2/ D #44:
Blew Cappe; SKMS VIII #3/ D #43:
Lady Casslilles Lilt; SKMS VIII #4/ D #30: [Jonny Faa, the Gypsie Laddie]
Port Ballangowne; SKMS VIII #6/ D #32:
Iohne Andersoun my Io; SKMS VIII #7/ D #7: [bawdy Scots song, oft ptd, 1744, 1756, 1757, 1768, c 1770, c 1771, 1782]
Good night and God be with yow; SKMS VIII #8/ D #16:
A Sarabande; SKMS VIII #9/ Not trans.:
Lik as the Dum Solsequium; SKMS VIII # 10/ Not trans.:
Come sueat love let Sorrow cease; SKMS VIII #11/ Not trans.:
Veze Setta; SKMS VIII #12/ D #79:
A Sarabande; SKMS VIII #13/ Not trans.:


Imperial Sweetness; GTMS:
Munks March; GTMS:
The Kings delight. A french thing; GTMS:
Imperial Court; GTMS:
The gwon made; GTMS:
Green grow the rashes; GTMS:
Skip Jon Waker wantonlie; GTMS:
Ov' late among the broom; GTMS:
Once I lov'd another mans wife. An English thing.; GTMS: [See Simpson's BBBM]
That mouth of thine; GTMS:
Bonnie Jean; GTMS: [of Aberdeen?. SITM #77]
Corn bunting; GTMS:
A Lankishire hornpipe or Tikled her over again; GTMS:
The Laird of Clovys fyking it; GTMS:
The Malt greinds well; GTMS:
The old man neidled it; GTMS:
Ostend; GTMS:
God by with my bonny Love; GTMS:
Fain would I be married; GTMS:
The gee wife; GTMS:
The balifs; GTMS:
Long a-growing; GTMS: [My bonny laddie's young but he's growing]
Hald her going; GTMS:
He cockinea a french thing; GTMS:
Katrin Ogie [translated by Diem, p. 154, SITM #78]; GTMS:
Bonie Maidlen Wedderburn; GTMS:
We all shall ly together; GTMS: [Song in Pills?]
My Lady Binnies Lilt or Urania; GTMS:
Bessie Bell [translated by Diem, p. 155. SITM #79]; GTMS:
It is brave sailing here; GTMS:
Jon Robinsons park; GTMS: [not translated, for song of same title, in Scots and English copies, c 1675, an antecedent of "The Huntsmans's Delight", c 1680 = "The Keeper," English folksong]
The wallie warkloon; GTMS:
Clout the caldron; GTMS:
I love my love in secret [see 2nd copy.]; GTMS:
The shoemaker [translated by Diem, p. 157, who gives two other copies, a fourth is in The Female Parson. This is expanded out and given by Stenhouse in Illustrations. Stenhouse says name was "The Gallant Shoemaker"]; GTMS:
If the Kirk would let me be; GTMS: [or, I am a silly old man, for broadside "Scottish Contract" c 1675, containing much of Scots "The Blythsome Brydal" which is to this tune. SITM #80]
The King of France; GTMS:
The Blench of Midlbie; GTMS:
The bonnie broom [translated by Diem, p. 159]; GTMS:
The windie writer; GTMS:
The high Court of Justice; GTMS:
Sweet Willie; GTMS:
If thou wert my own thing; GTMS:
My love hath left me sick sick; GTMS:
Stolen away when I was sleeping; GTMS:
I love my love in secret [translated by Diem, p. 156]; GTMS:
I long for thy virginitie; GTMS:
Ketie thinks not long to play with peter at even; GTMS:
Sour grows the Tanzie; GTMS:
Jockie drunken bable; GTMS:
Bonnie Christan; GTMS:
Levins rant; GTMS:
Joy to the person of my love; GTMS:
Good night and god by with yow [translated by Diem, p. 160]; GTMS:
Fair Seynthia; GTMS:


1: A health to Betty [Glen, ESM p. 30. Diem, p. 162]; BVMS: WTR
2: Down Tweedside; BVMS:
3: Honest Lucky; BVMS: given, Dauney's Ancient Scottish Melodies, p.349: Honest Lucky; Blaikei transcript
4: King James's March to Ireland [Given, Glen, ESM p. 89]; BVMS: WTR
5: Yet Meggie, I must Love Thee [Given, Glen, ESM p. 43. Diem, p. 169]; BVMS: WTR
6: Where Helen lies [Given, Glen, ESM p. 111]; BVMS: WTR
7: Tow to spin [Given, Diem, p. 164]; BVMS: WTR [Nancy's to the Greenwood gane]
8: Sweet Willie [Given, Glen, ESM p. 222. SMM #525]; BVMS: WTR/ Sweet Willie/- Sweet Willie - a different sett: Blaikie Transcript
9: Robin and Jonnet; BVMS:
10: Highland Laddie [See New Hilland Ladie in this MS]; BVMS: Hiland Ladie; Blaikie transcript
11: Franklin is Fled far away; BVMS: Franklin is fled far away; Blaikie transcript. [Recent surprise, original "Frankin's Farewell" in Scots MS, source of tune title, see Simpson for tune and broadside version.
12: For lake of gold she left me [Given, Glen, ESM p. 114]; BVMS: WTR
13: Abbayhill's Rant; BVMS: Abbay hills Rant; Blaikie transcript
14: Bonny roaring Willie; BVMS: WTR
15: O'er the muir to Maggy; BVMS:
16: My dearie, if thou dye; BVMS: WTR
17: When the King enjoys his own again; BVMS: [See Simpson]
18:The last time I came over the moor [Given, Diem, p. 167]; BVMS:WTR
19: The new way of owing; BVMS: WTR
20: The Bed to me; BVMS: The Beed to me; Diem: The Beed to me; Blaikie transcript
21: The ladd's gane; BVMS: The lad's gane; Blaikie transcript
22: Binny's Jig [Given, Glen, ESM p. 41.]; BVMS: WTR
23: Sheugare-Candie; BVMS: WTR
24: Phillporter's Lament; BVMS: [text in Pills to Purge Melancholy,orig. tune in virginal book c 1656, recently published]
25: Do Rant; BVMS:
26: New Cornriges [#104, according to Glen, ESM p. 51]; BVMS: WTR: New Corn rigs; Blaikie transcript
27: Montrose Lynes [Given, Glen, ESM p. 31. Scottish "Chevy Chase" = "I'll never love thee more." Last is song of c 1623 in Folger MS, later in drolleries and broadside.]; BVMS: WTR
Maclean's Scots Measure; BVMS: Montrose Lynes; Blaikie transcript
28: My Lord Aboyn's Ayre [Given, Glen, ESM p. 58, who notes it is "Cumbernauld House."]; BVMS: WTR
29: Lady Binny's Lilt [#96. Given, Glen, ESM p. 40, Diem, p. 161]; BVMS: WRT: Lady Binney's Lilt; Blaikie transcript
30: John, come kiss me now [Given, Glen, ESM p. 27.]; BVMS: WTR
31: Jockie went to the wood [Given, Dauney's Ancient Scottish Melodies, p. 349]; BVMS: Jockie went to the wood or Jockie went too: Blaikie transcript
32: Joy to the person; BVMS: WTR [English]
33: Ballow; BVMS: [Scots Lady Douglass farewell, among English copies of song is MS, c 1625 in Folger]: Ballou; Blaikie transcript
34: Bonie Nanie; BVMS: WTR: Bonie Nanie; Blaikie transcript
35: Jock, the laird's brother [Brother is "Auld Rob Morice." Given, Glen, ESM p. 123; Diem, p. 165]; BVMS: WTR:Jock the Laird's brother; Blaikie transcript.
36: Hold away from me, Donald; BVMS: [Scots song of which long version is in NLS MS 6299] WTR
37: Hey how, Robin, quoth she [Glen, ESM, p. 208? better know as "Robin Cushee." English broadside of c 1690 reworks unknown original Scots song. Tune used for a few later English broadsides]; BVMS: Kind Robin-Diem
38: Bonny Christon; BVMS: Bonny Christon; Blaikei transcript
39: Drumlanrick's Ayr; BVMS: WTR: Drumlanrick's Air;Blaikie transcript
40: Duke of Lenox Port: BVMS:
41: Gerard's Mistress; BVMS: [See Simpson]
42: I pray your love turn to me; BVMS: [See Simpson]
43: In January last [#94, from D'Urfey song? he didn't actually claim it as original. See Glen, ESM p. 40. Version of "Lady Binny's Lilt." Given by Diem, p. 161]; BVMS: WTR
44: Jockie wod [would] a owing go; BVMS: WTR: Jocky wed a owing go
45: My Ladie Monteith's Lament; BVMS: My Lady Monteith's Lament; Blaikie transcript
46: Jockie drunken bable [Given, Dauney's Ancient Scottish Melodies, p. 349]; BVMS: Jockie drucken bauble:Blaikie transcript
47: Mackbeth; BVMS: WTR: Mack Beth; Blaikie trancript
48: My Lady Errol's Lament; BVMS: My Lady Errol's Lament;Blaikie transcript
49: The Bonny brow [#80. See Glen, ESM p. 40, Version of "Lady 50: Binny's Lilt." Given by Diem, p. 160]; BVMS: WTR? The bonny brow or In January last:Blaikie transcript
51: The Nightingale; BVMS: [See Simpson]
52: The Canaries [Dance tune]; BVMS
53: The Seamen's dance; BVMS:
54: Woman's work will never be done [Glen, ESM p. 59, gives tune, with source identification at p. 135. Same tune entitled "Women's work will never be done," from LWMS, is given in Wooldridge's edition of PMOT, II p. 152. This later called the Black Eagle.] Women's work will never be done: Blaikie transcript
55: Put up thy Dagor Jennie [Given, Glen, ESM p. 134. Also in Fitzwilliam virginal book, but Vox Borealis or the Northern Discovery, 1641, identifies it as Scots song tune]; BVMS: WTR: Put up thy dagor Jennie; Blaikie transcript
56: New Hilland Ladie [Given, Glen, ESM p. 242; BVMS: WTR

In Wighton transcript

57: Now we are Met; Diem
58: What if a day; Diem
59: Another way of Sweet Willie; Diem
60: Hopton's Jigg; Diem
61: Lavionion Shore; Diem
62: Old Mans Wish; Diem
64: Gather your rosebuds; Diem

The Capita me: Blaikie transcript
Montrosse March; Blaikie transcript
Bonnie Lassie; Blaikie transcript
Song with text [Ye woods and groves and purling streams]; Blaikie transcript


When the King enjoys his own; LWMS 1:
King James march to Ireland; LWMS 2:
Old mans wish, The; LWMS3:
March, A; LWMS 4:
Killie Crankie [Given, Diem, p. 171]; LWMS 5:
Saraband; LWMS 6:
Jigg, A; LWMS 7:
Corant; LWMS 8:
Over the mure to Maggie; LWMS 9:
Minivet, A; LWMS 10:
French March, A; LWMS 11:
My dearie if thou die; LWMS 12:
Robin and Jannet; LWMS 13 [Songs of Scotland, II, p. 167]:
Money in both yr pockets; LWMS 14 [She got money by it, or, Four-pence Halfpennny farthing]:
Lady's Goune, The; LWMS 15:
Bonie Nanie; LWMS 16:
Missing; LWMS 17,18:
Ducke of Lorain's March, The; LWMS 19:
Maggie, I must love thee [Given, Diem, p. 169]; LWMS 20:
Where Helen lays; LWMS 21:
dance of it, The [Where Helen lays?]; LWMS 22:
Almon; LWMS 23:
Corrant; LWMS 24:
Stick upon a Strogin; LWMS 25:
Hallow Even [#26 and Hallow Even missing from Diem's list but she gives tune, p. 172]; MS 26:
Mackbeth; LWMS 27:
Katherine Ogie [Given by Diem, p. 154]; LWMS 28:
What shall I do to show; LWMS 29: [how much I love her. See Simpson]
Happie Man is he; LWMS 30:
New hilland ladie; LWMS 31:
If love's a sweet passion; LWMS 32: [English]
Celia that I once was blest; LWMS 33: [English]
When cold storms is past; LWMS 34:
Women's work will never be done; LWMS 35: [see above, BVMS]
prince of Walles welcome to ye world, The; LWMS 36:
seven Bishops, The; LWMS 37:
McLean's Scots Measure; LWMS 38:
Jocke, the lairds Brother [Given, Diem, p. 166]; LWMS 39:
Vallent Jockie; LWMS 40: [march'd away to fight the foe with brave McKay]
Prince of Walles March, The; LWMS 41:
Ayer, An LWMS 42:
No scornful beauty; LWMS 43:
Young Phaon; LWMS 44: [strove the bliss to taste]
Bonnie Lassie; LWMS 45:
Jenny, I told you; LWMS 46:
Queen's Almon, The; LWMS 47:
Almon; LWMS 48:
Gilliflower, The; LWMS 49:
bony brow, The [Given by Diem, p. 162]; LWMS 50:
New Kirk Gabell, The; LWMS 51:
Saraband; LWMS 52:
Almon; LWMS 53:
Saraband; LWMS 54:
Nightingall, The; LWMS 55:
Jockie went to the wood; LWMS 56: [dame Jenny's gone too]
Haill to the mirtle shade; LWMS 57:
Adew to the folles & pleasures of love; LWMS 58:
Montrose Lynes; LWMS 59: [Scottish "Chevy Chase"]
Gather your rose buds; LWMS 60: [Herrick's verses]
Come love, lets walk; LWMS 61: [into the spring]
Joy to ye person; LWMS 62: [of my love]
Almon; LWMS 63:
Saraband; LWMS 64:
Haill Great S.r [Caesar]; LWMS 65: [D'Urfey song]
Why are mine eyes [still flowing]; LWMS 66: [English]
watter of Boyne, The; LWMS 67:
Sweet Willie; LWMS 68:
Bony roaring Willie; LWMS 69:
Lillibolero; LWMS 70:
Spanish jigg, A; LWMS 71:
O ye bonny Christ Church bells; LWMS 72:
No charms above her; LWMS 73: [I often for my Jenny strove- Simpson]
Katherine Ogie; LWMS 74:
Twide Syde [Given, Diem, p. 173]; LWMS 75:
Minive, A; LWMS 76:
When she came ben [Given, Diem, p. 175]; LWMS 77:
I cannot wine at her [for her big belly?]; LWMS 78:
Horn-Pyp, A; LWMS 79:
King's health in a mug, The; LWMS 80:
Full fa' my eyes; LWMS 81:
Minuet; LWMS 82:
Hilland ladie; LWMS 83:

In Dauney's list, but not in Diem's

When the bryd cam ben she becked; LWMSX:
The Colleyrs Daughter; LWMSX:
Foull take the wars; LWMSX:
The bonie brookit lassie, blue beneath the eyne; LWMSX:
The milking pell; LWMSX:

LAMS: from Dauney, p. 146.

Wind has blown my plaid away;
Widow, art thou wakin;
Findlay came to my bed-stock;
King James March to Dublin;
Jamaica; [see my note Folk Music Journal]
Galloway's Lament;


The Lads of Gallowater; BLB
The lasse of Pettie's mill; BLB
The New Highland ladie; BLB
The more Discreet, the Welcomer; BLB
Coren riggs are bonnie; BLB
Montrose tune; BLB
Port Atholl; BLB
The princes air; BLB
Celia, that [I] once was blest; BLB
Another Celia; BLB
Dearest Jocky; BLB
Nathaniell Gordon, the old way; BLB
A new scots Measure; BLB
Another new scots measure; BLB
I Love my love, in secret; BLB
My bird, if I come near thee; BLB
Belle heruse; BLB
Willie Winks; BLB
The Gaberlunzie Man; BLB
The souldiers misery; BLB
Buckingham's Sarraband; BLB
Nathaniell Gordon, the new way; BLB
The Bonnie Boatman; BLB
From the fair Lavinion shoar; BLB
This one Night; BLB
Fancie Free; BLB
Jean is best of any; BLB
Macklaines scots measure; BLB
Love me, as I deserve; BLB
Phill Porter's Rantt; BLB
Tweedsyde, the old way; BLB
The old Duke of Loraine's March; BLB
Katherine Ogie; BLB
I serve a worthy lady; BLB
Alan water; BLB
Lillybollaro; BLB
Armada; BLB
Drumlangrigges Air; BLB
Watsons scotts measure; BLB
Rothes Rant; BLB
Come hither, my bony bird chuck; BLB [?own sweet duck]
The Duke's Port; BLB
My dearie, an thou dye; BLB
Jock the Laird's Brother; BLB [obviously Auld Rob Morris]
The Black Ewe; BLB
John Cock, thy Beaver; BLB
I never [k]New, I loved thee; BLB
John come Kisse me now; BLB
The Galloway Horenpipe; BLB
The last tyme I came over the moore; BLB
Jamaica; BLB
I will have my gown made; BLB
Over the Dyke and kisse her ladie; BLB
Green sleeves; BLB
Green grows the Rushes; BLB
Down the burne davie; BLB
Fairly shott off her; BLB
Dolas air; BLB
Hallow my fancie; BLB
The Caping Trade; BLB
Over the More to Katie; BLB

............... Auld Lang Syne; BLB Da Mihi Manum; BLB AHMS:

Mary Scott; AHMS Ir, IIr: [the Flower of Yarrow]
pitticott, The; AHMS; Ir:
Glkenbrishels Jigg; AHMS Iv:
New Aylie; AHMS IIr: [Up with Aley, Aley?]
Lillye Burlerro; AHMS IIv:
Jockie's gaine to the wood; AHMS IIv:
She gote money by it; AHMS IIIr: [see note above]
Athol's L(ilt); AHMS IIIr:
King's Delight, The; AHMS IIIv: [Simpson]
Minaway, A; AHMS IIIv;
Minaway, A Trumpet; AHMS IVr:
Maclein's Scotts Measher; AHMS IVv:
Preludio; AHMS Vv:
Lady Storthelen's Tune [Strathden's? Loch Eroch Side? Dick, SRB p. 355]; AHMS Vv:
Untitled dance tune; AHMS VIIr:
To little or no purpose [with English song. See Simpson]; AHMS VIIIv:
Untitled tune; AHMS Xv:
Come, pretty wanton [with song]; AHMS XIVv:
I have lost my love [with song]; AHMS XVr:
There is a lady sweet and kind [with song]; AHMS XVv:
Gather your rose buds [with Herrick's song]; AHMS XVIr:
I wish thou wouldst no more [with song]; AHMS XVIv:
How coole and temperate [with song. See Simpson, p. 749-50];
Come love, let's walk [with song]; AHMS XVIIr:
John Anderson my jo; AHMS XVIIIv:


The Shoemaker Scottish; WTMS:
Through the wood ladie; WTMS:
I wish my love were in a mire; WTMS: [best song text is from Southern Appalachins]
All joy to great Cesar. Faranell's Grounds; WTMS: [D'Urfey's song]
My Nanie; WTMS:
John Anderson my joe; WTMS:

18th century MSS. Most will be found in Scots index, with notes and Scots tunes not published in Scotland.
DYMS1: Drummond Castle MS, David Young, 1734.

Whip Her and Gird Her; DYMS1:
Jack Leighton; DYMS1: [Single sheet song, c 1730, and a real Irish fiddler, c 1725]
Drummond's Rant; DYMS1:
Athol Braes; DYMS1:
Argyle's Bowling Green; DYMS1:
Fairly Shot of Her; DYMS1:
Allastor; DYMS11:
New Bigging; DYMS1:
Drops of Brandy; DYMS1: [or "Dribbles of Brandy" common 18th cent. tune of Mad Moll family]
Hey to Cowper; DYMS1:
The Maltman; DYMS1: [comes on Monday]
Wee're all forsaken for want of silver; DYMS1:
A Wife of my Own; DYMS1: [See Burns' song on this theme to this tune]
Euphie McNab; DYMS1:
My own Kind Dearie; DYMS1: [Later the Lea Rigg]
Lady Jean Hum's Reel; DYMS1:
Lady Susan Montgomery's Hornpipe; DYMS1:
Ram Horns; DYMS1:
Camstronnan's Reel; DYMS1:
Lady Christain Montgomrey's Hornpipe; DYMS1:
Drouth; DYMS1: [Drown Drouth]
Hey my Nanny; DYMS1: [another of Mad Moll family]
Kirkudbright; DYMS1:
Kiss'd Yestreen; DYMS1: [Song in Herd, and tune ptd earlier]
Lucky Black's Daughter; DYMS1: [?John Black's Daughter= Green grows the rashes]
Highland Laddie; DYMS1:
Lennox Love; DYMS1: [also called earlier "How can I keep my maidenhead"]
Wattie Laing; DYMS1: [or the lifting of the linnens]
You'll aye be welcome back again; DYMS1: [Duncan Davidson?]
Up and Worst them all Willy; DYMS1:
Because I was a bonny lad; DYMS1: [Apparently Northumberland tune, "Bonny lads" in Irish collection. See G. Huntington's William Litten's Fiddle Book]
A rantin Highland Man; DYMS1: [title common]
Countrey Kate; DYMS1:
Laddie with the Yellow Coatie; DYMS1:
Tibbie Fowler in the Glen; DYMS1:
Rob Shore in Harvest; DYMS1: [Song set to wrong tune in SMS, original in Oswald's CPC]
Old Age and Young; DYMS1:
Braes of Mar; DYMS1:
This is not my own House; DYMS1:
King of Damascus; DYMS1:
The Old Wife Beyond the Fire; DYMS1:
O'er Bogie; DYMS1:
Kick the World Before you; DYMS1:
Unfortunate Jock; DYMS1:
Drunken Wives of Fochabers; DYMS1:
Border Reel; DYMS1:
Confederacy; DYMS1: [Queensbury House. You're welcome Charlie Stewart]
Drummond Castle; DYMS1:

Drummond MS, Part 2.

Duke of Perth's Reel; DYMS2:
Gairntully's Rant; DYMS2:
Tullochgorum; DYMS2:
Sir Alex, Mcdonald's Reel; DYMS2:
Glenbucher's Reel; DYMS2:
Balmoral's Reel; DYMS2:
Pharo's Reel; DYMS2:
Invercauld's Reel; DYMS2:
Gilliecallum; DYMS2:
Bridge of Turk; DYMS2:
Caper fei; DYMS2:
Jolly Robin; DYMS2:
Stay and take your breeches with you; DYMS2:
Kilmarnoch's Reel; DYMS2:
Ochal Reel; DYMS2:
Stewart's Rant; DYMS2:
Everybody love me; DYMS2: [or A' body loves me]
Tres ace; DYMS2:
Cockabendie; DYMS2:
Edinglassie's Rant; DYMS2:
Strathmore's Reel; DYMS2:
Baxter's Rant; DYMS2:
Tamavuiln; DYMS2:
Ardkinglas's Reel; DYMS2:
Tarnivah Reel; DYMS2:
Stumpie; DYMS2: [Reel of stumpy, Nobody's Jig, Butter'd Peas in 1729]
Corby Reel; DYMS2:
Collar Reel; DYMS2:
Beggar Reel; DYMS2:
Cadger of Crieff; DYMS2:
Macfarlane's Reel; DYMS2:
Harlequin Reel: DYMS2:
Grant's Rant; DYMS2:
The Rake's Rant; DYMS2:
Inverara Reel; DYMS2:
Hatton Reel; DYMS2:
The Wood of Fyvie; DYMS2:
What meikle sorrow ails you; DYMS2:
Welcome to your feet again; DYMS2:
Four and twenty highlandmen; DYMS2:
Fireside Reel; DYMS2:
Merry Annie; DYMS2:
Fettercairn Reel; DYMS2:
Tail Toddle; DYMS2: [Fiddle Faddle in WCCD]

BYMS: David Young, , Bodleian MS, 1740.

Bung your Eye; BYMS:
Caberfei; BYMS: [Note above]
The Collonel; BYMS:
The Braes of Balquhidder; BYMS:
The Drummer; BYMS: [See Scots index]
A'Body loves Me; BYMS:
The Drunken Wives in Pearson's Close; BYMS:
The Ragged Sailor; BYMS:
The Cadger o' Crieff; BYMS:
Down on Yon Bank; BYMS:
The Holly Bush; BYMS:
Stick the Minister; BYMS: [See Scots index]
The Lads of Leith; BYMS:
Welsh Fusileers; BYMS:
Mairi Allan; BYMS:
Arthur's Seat; BYMS:
Mumping Nelly; BYMS: [Mopping Nelly]
Jack on the Green; BYMS:
Cromdel Hill; BYMS:
Up in the Morning Early; BYMS: [Probably Go hame in the morning early, fragment in Herd, but from Garland of c 1745]
O'er the Muir Among the Heather; BYMS:
The Wood of Fyvie; BYMS:
What Meikle Sorrow Ails You; BYMS:
The Fire Side Reel; BYMS:
A Kiss for a Half Pennie; BYMS:
The Gimlet; BYMS: [See Scots index, for this and later title]
Drunken Meg Young; BYMS:
The Miller of Drone; BYMS:
The Kingdom of Fife; BYMS:
I'll Never Leave Thee; BYMS:
The Coronet; BYMS:
The Lads of Air; BYMS:
The Key of the Cellar; BYMS: [Best know as "Bob and Joan" or "Rakes of Stoney Batter." Tune for S. Woodworth's American "The Patriotic Diggers" and for two Americn college songs. WCCD]
Hakie; BYMS: [Drive or Ca' Hawkie]
Cock a Bendie; BYMS:
Simon Brodie; BYMS:
McPhersons Rant; BYMS:
Stuarts Rant; BYMS:
Castle Stuart; BYMS:
Duncan Mackay; BYMS:
Castle Grant; BYMS:
The Shire of Air; BYMS:
Macdonald's Rant; BYMS:
Lancaster Hornpipe; BYMS:
The Piper; BYMS:
Eccle's Rant; BYMS:
Captain Ross; BYMS:
Kate McFarlan; BYMS:
JGMS: James Gillispie Violin MS, 1768. Contents from Emmerson.

Part 1, Airs and Marches

Lord Lenox's March; JGMS1 #1:
Duet by Mr Handel; JGMS1 #2:
Gavot by Corellie; JGMS1 #3:
Count Sax's March; JGMS1 #4:
King George's March; JGMS1 #5:
A March; JGMS1 #6:
Belisle March; JGMS1 #7:
Britons Strike Home; JGMS1 #8:
Prince Eugene's March; JGMS1 #9:
Count Brown's March; JGMS1 #10:
A March in Solomon; JGMS1 #11:
The Duke of Holstine's March; JGMS1 #12:
Skelcher's March; JGMS1 #13:
Granoe's March; JGMS1 #14:
The Edinburgh Train Band's March; JGMS1 #15:
Gavot by Mr Handle; JGMS1 #16: [Handel]
Dorchester March; JGMS1 #17:
Hearts of Oak A Song; JGMS1 #18:
Charles the 12th King of Sweden's March; JGMS1 #19:
Gilderoy; JGMS1 #20:
Britania; JGMS1 #21:
[Untitled.] An Air; JGMS1 #22:
Thro the Wood Ladie. A Song; JGMS1 #23:
[Untitled.] Air by Mr Handel; JGMS1 #24:
The Grenadiers March; JGMS1 #25:
Gavott by Charles McLean; JGMS1 #26:
Lord Loudans March; JGMS1 #27:
Old Buffs March; JGMS1 #28:
A March in Rinaldo; JGMS1 #29:
[Untitled.] Air by Handel; JGMS1 #30:

Part 2, Scots Tunes.

Gillicrankie; JGMS2 #1:
Up in the Morning Early; JGMS2 #2:
The Coalliers; Daughter; JGMS2 #3:
I'll Never Leve thee; JGMS2 #4:
Pinkie House; JGMS2 #5:
New Highland Ladie; JGMS2 #6:
The Bottom of the Punch Bowl; JGMS2 #7:
For Lake of Gold she's left me; JGMS2 #8:
Woes my Heart the we Should Sunder; JGMS2 #9:
Rossline Castle; JGMS2 #10:
Lo Down in the Broom; JGMS2 #11:
The Isle of Sky. A Scots Measure; JGMS2 #12:
McLauchlen's Scots Measure; JGMS2 #13:
Balginie's Bowling Green; JGMS2 #14:
My Apron Dearie; JGMS2 #15:
Bonny Jean; JGMS2 #16:
The Charmes of Lovely Peggy; JGMS2 #17:
Peggy Grives Me [Bush aboon Traquair title in ballad operas]; JGMS2 #18:
Miss Hamilton's Delight; JGMS2 #19:
The Dutch Skipper; JGMS2 #20:
Logan Water; JGMS2 #21:
The Lilles of France; JGMS2 #22:
Widow art thou Wakeing; JGMS2 #23:
Jack and his Trowsers on; JGMS2 #24:
She Rose and let me in; JGMS2 #25:
Saw ye na Eppie Mc Enab th' day; JGMS2 #26:
Throw the Wood Ladie; JGMS2 #27:
Katherine Ogie; JGMS2 #28:
Ettrick Banks; JGMS2 #29:
Saw ye my Love Peggie; JGMS2 #30:
I Wish my Love were in a Mire. New Set; JGMS2 #31:
Moggie Lawther; JGMS2 #32:
To Danton Me; JGMS2 #33:
John Hays Boney Lassie; JGMS2 #34:
The Lasse of Patie's Mill; JGMS2 #35:
Over the Watter to Charlie; JGMS2 #36:
Johne Cope are you Waking yet; JGMS2 #37:
The Ducks dang Over My Dadie; JGMS2 #38:
Joy to Great Ceaser; JGMS #39:
The Merry Wives of Carlile; JGMS2 #40:
The Noble Reace of Jenken; JGMS2 #41:
My Own kind Dearie; JGMS2 #42:
Where shall Our Goodman Lay; JGMS2 #43:
Duncan Gray; JGMS2 #44:
Cock up your Bevar; JGMS2 #45:
Lumps of Pudens; JGMS2 #46:
Whisle Ore the Leve Ot; JGMS2 #47:
The Flowers of the Forrest; JGMS2 #48:
Grigs Pipes; JGMS2 #49:
Black Jock; JGMS2 #50:
Jackie Latten; JGMS2 #51:
Roring Willie; JGMS2 #52:
Sandie Rea &c; JGMS2 #53:
Comely Garden. A Reel; JGMS2 #54:
John Come Kiss me Now; JGMS2 #55:
O'er the Moor to Maggie; JGMS2 #56:
Carrick Fergus. New Set; JGMS2 #57:
Sour Plumbs of Gallowshilds; JGMS2 #58:
A Reel; JGMS2 #59:

Part 3, Minuets.

The State Houlders Minuet [Stadt- ?]; JGMS3 #1:
The Duke of York's Minuet; JGMS3 #2:
Lady Ann Dundass's Minuet; JGMS3 #3:
Lady Belly Erskine's Minuet; JGMS3 #4:
Miss Fletchers Minuet; JGMS3 #5:
Lady Rothes or Lord Mark Kers Minuet; JGMS3 #6:
Miss Lenoys Minuet; HGMS3 #7:
Miss Bowls Minuet; JGMS3 #8:
Lady Mary Powiss's Minuet; JGMS3 #9:
Sir Charles Sedleys Minuet; JGMS3 #10:
Virjina Minuet; JGMS3 #11:
Miss Carmichals Minuet; JGMS3 #12:
Countess of Coventrie's Minuet; JGMS3 #13:
Miss Caw's Minuet; JGMS3 #14:
Signo Pissqualie's Minuet; JGMS3 #15:
Miss Montgomerie's Minuet; JGMS3 #16:
Miss Sewart's Minuet; JGMS3 #17:
Miss Maley Edmonstons Minuet; JGMS3 #18:
Lady Banff's Minuet; JGMS3 #19:
Mr Pitt's Minuet; JGMS3 #20:
French Minuet; JGMS3 #21:
Mrs Bouth's Minuet; JGMS3 #22:
Lady Boyd's Minuet; JGMS3 #23:
The Neapoliton Minuet; JGMS3 #24:
Marshal Sax Minuet; JGMS3 #25:
A Minuet; JGMS3 #26:
Major Erskine's Minuet; JGMS3 #27:
Miss Mally Montgomerie's Minuet; JGMS3 #28:
Miss Woffingtone's Minuet; JGMS3 #29:
Prince Charles's Minuet; JGMS3 #30:
Italian Minuet; JGMS3 #31:
Princess Amelia's Minuet; JGMS3 #32:
Miss Monro's Minuet; JGMS3 #33:
Miss Pringle's Minuet; JGMS3 #34:
Miss Porterfeeld's Minuet; JGMS3 #35:
Prince Ch: New Minuet; JGMS3 #36:
Lady Betty Cochrane's Minuet; JGMS3 #37:
Countess of Weem's Minuet; JGMS3 #38:
Jigge Minuet; JGMS3 #39:
Lady Peggie Stewart's Minuet; JGMS3 #40:
Lady Faney Erskine's Minuet; JGMS3 #41:
Lord Crawford's Minuet; JGMS3 #42:
Lady Dundass's Minuet; JGMS3 #43:
Miss Mary Porterfieeld's Minuet; JGMS3 #44:
She's Sweetest when She's Naked or Miss Faw's Minuet; JGMS3 #45:
A Minuet; JGMS3 #46:
Oswald's Bass Minuet; JGMS3 #47:
Mary Scot; [in minuet section]; JGMS3 #48:
A New Minuet; JGMS3 #49:
Lulleys Minuet; JGMS3 #50:
Bellizie Minuet; JGMS3 #51:
Cuckoo Minuet; JGMS3 #52:
Weldmans Minuet; JGMS3 #53:
A New Minuet; JGMS3 #54:
Scarabanda by Correllie; JGMS3 #55:
Germain Minuet; JGMS3 #56:
Italian Minuet; JGMS3 #57:

Part 4, Hornpipes, Jigs and Reels.

The Flowers of the Forrest. A Reel; JGMS4 #1
Make the Bed. A Reel; JGMS4 #2:
Love's Reel; JGMS4 #3:
Burford Races. A Reel; JGMS4 #4:
New Hay; JGMS4 #5:
Inch of Perth. A Reel; JGMS4 #6:
Up the Moor Amongst the Heather. A Reel; JGMS4 #7:
The Lads of Air. A Reel; JGMS4 #8:
Green grow's the Rashes. A Reel; JGMS4 #9:
Sweet Mally. A Reel; JGMS4 #10:
Lady [Doll ?] Sinclairs Reel; JGMS4 #11:
The Royal Exchange Reel; JGMS4 #12:
Lady Fanie Montgomeries Reel; JGMS4 #13:
Lady Hariot Hope's Reel; JGMS4 #14:
The Soldier Ladie. A Reel; JGMS4 #15:
[Untitled] A Reel; JGMS4 #16:
The Duke of Athol's Blew Britches; JGMS4 #17:
The Duke of Perths Reel; JGMS4 #18:
Miss Blairs Reel; JGMS4 #19:
[Untitled] A Reel; JGMS4 #20:
Sir Alexr Mcdonald's Rant; JGMS4 #21:
Lasses of Dunce. A Reel; JGMS4 #22:
Suky Bids Me; JGMS4 #23:
Shan Trowes [Shaun Truish Willichen ?, see Deil Stick the Minister.]; JGMS4 #24:
For Lake of Gold Jige; JGMS4 #25:
Linkem Dodie. A Reel; JGMS4 #26:
The Pretty She. A Strathspey; JGMS4 #27:
[Untitled] Strathspey Reel; JGMS4 #28:
Wanton Towdie; JGMS4 #29:
Prince Charlie's Delight; JGMS4 #30:
Green Slivs; JGMS4 #31:
Jack's Alive; JGMS4 #32:
Geld him Lasses. A Hornpipe; JGMS4 #33:
I'll lay no more with my Mother; JGMS4 #34: [D. Johnson gives]
Carouse and be Merry; JGMS4 #35:
O If I had such a Lassie as this; JGMS4 #36:
Daniel Couper; JGMS4 #37:
Rigadown; JGMS4 #38:
King Charles Jige; JGMS4 #39:
Unfortunate Jock; JGMS4 #40:
I'll Kick the World Before Me; JGMS4 #41:
Boll of Bear; JGMS4 #42:
Dustie Miller. A Hornpipe; JGMS4 #43:
If the Kirk would lett me be; JGMS4 #44:
The Birks of Abergeldie. A Reel; JGMS4 #45:
Cameron's got his Wife Again. A Reel; JGMS4 #46:
The Highland Hill's; JGMS4 #47:
Keep the Country bonny Lassie. A Reel; JGMS4 #48:
Peas Straw; JGMS4 #49:
The Ranting Highlandman. A Reel; JGMS4 #50:
Hopetoun House. A Reel; JGMS4 #51:
Welcome Home my Dearie; JGMS4 #52:
Invercald Reel. A Strathspey; JGMS4 #53:
Highland watchs farewell to Ireland; JGMS4 #54:
Lick the Ladle Sandie. A Reel; JGMS4 #55:
Struan Robertsons Rant; JGMS4 #56:
Reel of Tulloch; JGMs4 #57:
Will you go to Sheriff Moor; JGMS4 #58:
Peggie's Wedding; JGMs4 #59:
Kiss the Lass ye like best. A Reel; JGMS4 #60:
Ye'll ay be Wellcome back again; JGMS4 #61:
New Christmass; JGMS4 #62:
Garick Reel; JGMS4 #63:
Merry Dancers; JGMS4 #64:
Merrly Dance the Quaker; JGMS4 #65:
Bring hir ben and Bore hir beller; JGMS4 #66:
Sing Tantarah Raragh Rouges all; JGMS4 #67:
A Trumpet Jigge; JGMs4 #68:
I wish you would marrey me now. A Reel; JGMS4 #69:
Russians [Ruffian's?] Rant. A Strathspey Reel; JGMS4 #70:
Breas of Angus. A Reel; JGMS4 #71:
Lady Jean Hoom's Reel; JGMS4 #72:
The Boney wi thing. A Reel; JGMS4 #73:
I've got a Wife of [my] Own. A Reel; JGMS4 #74:
The Free and Accepted Mason; JGMS4 #75:
Lochyell's Rant. A Strathspey; JGMS4 #76:
The Lass of Elgin. A Reel; JGMS4 #77:
The Marques of Granby's Delight; JGMS4 #78:
[Untitled] Hornpipe; JGMS4 #79:
[Untitled] A Strathspey Reel; JGMS4 #80:
My Wife's a Wanton wi thing; JGMS4 #81:
My Minnie['s] Ay Glowran O'er Me; JGMS4 #82:
Carrick Fergues. An Irish Reel; JGMS4 #83:
Love in a Village. A Reel; JGMS4 #84:
[St.] Bernards Well. A Reel; JGMS4 #85:
Hallow Fair. A Reel; JGMS4 #86:
Lord Kellys Reel; JGMS4 #87:
Lord Kincairds Reel; JGMS4 #88:
Jannie dang the Weaver. A Reel; JGMS4 #89:
I'll Make you be fain to follow me. A Reel; JGMS4 #90:
O'er the Moor among the Hedder. A New Set. A Reel; JGMS4 #91:
Cameronians Rant; JGMS4 #92:
Campbells are Coming Oho; JGMS4 #93:
Short Apron; JGMS4 #94:
Blair Drummonds Reel; JGMS4 #95:
The Parson and his Boots; JGMS4 #96:
Tulloch Gorm. Reel; JGMS4 #97:
Mary Gray. A Reel; JGMS4 #98:
Mr Reidheads Reel; JGMS4 #99:
Had the Lass till I win at her; JGMS4 #100:
Miss Robertsons Reel; JGMS4 #101:
Nancy Dawsons Hornpipe; JGMS4 #102:
Miss Frassers Reel; JGMS4 #103:
Irish Reel; JGMS4 #104:
Kincathrins Reel; JGMS4 #105:
Miss Frassers Reel. New Set; JGMS4 #106:
Captain Brouns Reel; JGMS4 #107:
Peas Straw. A New Set; JGMS4 #108:

8: Sweet Willie [Given, Glen, ESM p. 222. SMM #525]; BVMS: WTR/ Sweet Willie/- Sweet Willie - a different sett: Blaikie Transcript