Some old songs and/or tunes about sex in its many forms Mar. 18, 2001

All you that love good fellows: BBBM
Amorous Old Woman; LM Dec 1756:
Amorous Squeeze, the; JJ6 30:
Andrew and his Cutie Gun; CPC6 4: [Song in TTM, 1740 ed. and 
As Jockey and Jenny together were laid; [Not really Scots. Tune 
  is by Mr. Gough]:
Assignation; CDM6 46: Assignation, the; JJ2 43:
Aye, Marry, and Thank you too (1st); BBM:  
Ballow, my babe: BBBM
Black Almain: BBBM [Black = pubic hair] 
Black Joke; TMP2 94:
Black Mary's Hole; CDM5 115: Black Mary's Hole; JJ1 34:
Blush not Redder (that maidenhead's really of little use); B030: 
Bob in the Bed [Planxty Connor]; WCAL4 68: 
Bobbing Joe/Joan [old and new]
Bonny Lass With the Short Apron, The; Merry Medley, 1744:
Bonny Lassie, take a Man; Mitchel's Highland Fair, 18:
Bore the Gimblet
Breeches Loose; JJ5 50: 
Bride has a Bonny thing, the; CPC8 21:
Bride's good morrow: BBBM
Bring hir ben and Bore hir beller; J. Gillisie MS, 4 #66: 
  [Gillespie MS, 1768]
Buff to Blankett; BL71 32:
Buggerint Oates, prepare thy neck; BBBM
Bush at the Bottom; JJ6 48:
Bustle her in the blanket; GNTB 548:
By Slip, or Merry begotten; BL71 85b:
Carman's/ Comber's Whistle: BBBM 
Clashing at her; GNTB 265:
Claw her weam; GNTB 437:
Come live with me and be my love: BBBM
Come open the door, sweet Betty: BBBM 
Come, sweet lass (1698); BBBM:
Cow the Lasses bare man; DR3 74:
Crossed Couple (spied on by boy, old folktale); B094:  
Cuckolds all a-row; B095:
Cuddy claw'd her; CPC5 9: 
Cuzle together; RBR 85: Cuzle together; RB70 72:
Diana's a Nymph; B116: 
Disappointed widow (insufficient tools for her purpose)
Enfield Common (for prostitutes, also Whetstone Park); B131:
Fair one let me in (1683); B136:
Fil her belly full, full [ZN1270]
Fit's come on me now; B140:
Four bare legs together; GNTB 86: 
The friar and the nun (make babies); B149:  
The friar in the well (but see what happens earlier); BBBM/Child: 
Geld him Lasses Geld him; CPC6 23: [Fragment of song in Herd's 
Gelding of the Devil; B156:
Gerard's Mistress; BBBM: 
Gin ye won ne take me ye may let me be; MG3 #5: = Jockey said to
  Jenny, Jenny wilt thou do't. Song in Herd's Scots Songs]
Go from my window (until husbands asleep) ; BBBM:
Gods of love; BBBM:
Greensleves [doggie style in grass]: BBBM
Had the Lass 'till I win at her; DR3 72:
Haymakers (and rollers); B182:
He till't and she till't; CPC, DR3 [Song is in Merry Muses]
Heart's ease (and other anatomy); B187:
Hey, ho, my honey: BBBM 
Hit her upon the Bum; CPC6 17:
Hobbyhorse (ride); BBBM:
How can I keep my maidenhead; GNTB 300: [Song is in Merry 
  Muses. Tune also called Lenox Love to Blantyre] 
Hump my Lady; [Kidson, OE Dances]: 
I am a poor and honest maid (till now); BBBM:
I am come to lock all fast; B208:
I cannot get time to play with my honey; GNTB 449:
I cannot win at her for her big Belly; CPC5 6 
I long for thy virginite; Straloch, Skene, and Guthrie MSS
I was not -------- [mowed?] Since Martinmass; CPC6 21:
I'll never gan to the dark cellar nae mair; GNTB 176: 
Jack I'll tickle thee; TMP3 17, GNTB 495:
Jacks' be the daddy on't or Butter'd Peas; GNTB 202: [old names 
  for tune, The Reel o Stumpie]
Jamaica [She pregnant when he leaves for]; BBBM
Jenny's cogwheel; B242:
Jenny's delight (is somthing stiff); BBBM:
Jig A Jog-Goo: BBBM 
Joan's Placket is torn: BBBM
John, come kiss (?) me now; BBBM:
Joy to the Bridegroom; BBBM:
Iockey plaise on Ienneis fidle; [Skene MS, title deleted in
  Dauney's contents listings]:
Jockey's gone to the wood (dame Jenny's gone too); B249:
Kiss me fast/ quick my Mother's coming; WCAL2 46: 
Kiss'd behind the garden; GNTB 64:
Kiss'd her under the coverlet; GNTB 280:
Ladies Play Thing, the; TMP3 25:     
Lady, (or lady) Lie near me; B269:
Lady's Fall; BBBM
Lasses Pisses Brandy; GNTB 370: 
Laugh and Lay Down; TMP2 82: [And see broadside index for 17th 
  cent. song]
Lavender Green (Country lovers know how too); B273: 
Light o' Love; BBBM:
London Gentlewoman (Hemp-dresser does her to her content): BBBM
Lovely lass to a friar came (what absolution she got); BBBM:
Lusty Gallant; BBBM:
Maggy's Weam is fu' I true; RBR 85:
Man, man is for woman made; BBBM:
Maying Time; BBBM:
Milkmaids, Merry Milkmaids, or Milking Pail (Gopis); BBBM:
  as Maulkin was a country maid 
My dear durst I but m-w you; G. Skene MS, NLS Adv. 5.2.21
My Hearty Wanton Carlie; [Cox MS, MS's contents listing:]
My Loves a Bonny Naithing [O'Carolan's Tom Judge]; CPC8 3:
My Wife's a Wanton Wee thing; CPC6 12: Mitchels Highland Fair, 
My young Mary (minds dairy and other); B317
New way of getting bairns, The; GNTB 251: 
New way of wooing; [= What will I do gin my hoggie die/ Moss
  Plate/ Cocks Louns Walie hoyn]
Nobody else shall plunder but I; BBBM:
O mother! Roger (with his kisses); B341:
Old wife she sent to the miller her daughter (was ground);BBBM:
Once I loved a maiden fair (until he finds she is slut); BBBM:
Our Bride is No Maid; GNTB 205:
Out and in upon occassion; TMP2 18: 
Out and Inn's; TMP3 18:
Over the dyke and at her; GNTB 440:
Peg a Ramsey, or Peggy Ramsey (obliging Scots lass); B365: 
Peggy I must love thee; BBBM:
Peggy's gone over sea with the soldier
Petticoat Loose
Piss upon the Grass [later known as "Nancy Dawson"]
Pray Sir be civil; GTNB
Pretty Peggy Benson (can't abide shy lad); BBBM:
Put in all (all in) BBBM: 
Robin Cushee (Kind Robin Loves Me [and not his old wife])
Roll in the haycock; GNTB 475:
Sabina (did in dead of night); BBBM:
Shaking of the sheets; BBBM
She got Money By't (prostitution); BBBM:
She griped at ye greatest on't; CPC4 5: [Song in Merry Muses]
She lay all naked in her bed; BBBM:
Shoe looks as shoe wold lett me; Skene MS
She's Sweetest when she's naked; CPC1 26:
Slip it in easy; JJ3, CDM4
Spinning Wheel (until lover comes); B445: 
Still I'm wishing, still desiring; B449:
Strip me naked; DR3 9: Sweet if you love me (be free in expressing it); B453:
Tail Toddle; DYMS2: Take me right; TMP3 21: Thomas, you cannot (get stiff); B462: To[o] high, to[o] low (for vagina, ZN2537) Tom come tickle me (ZN2485) Tom Tinker (plugs many varieties of holes); B468:
Tumble her over again; GNTB 457: Two entire lovers; B475: Under the Blanketts; TMP 25: Upon a summer's day (started in spring but couldn't give it up); Under and over (again and again); B476: Under the greenwood tree (not all couples bothered w/ trees); Uptails all: BBBM Up Weat. Heals of my Cummother; GTNB Wanton Widow, the; TMP2 42: Wanton Wife (I); BBBM: Wanton Wife of Castlegate (R. Burns borrowed a bit); Watton Town's End [forthel district]: BBBM Watkin's Ale [spermatoza]: BBBM We will all lie together; GNTB 483: We'll all be kissed [f-k'd] in the morning. We're a kiss'd [f-k'd]sleeping; CPC11 4, DR3: When Aurelia (Barbara Villiers) first I courted (Charles II) When I have often heard young maids complaining; B507: Where's my shepherd (my love, hey, ho); B513: Whoop! do me no harm good man (shoot outside); B519 What shou'd a Lassie do wi an auld Man['s ware]; CPC6 5: Whore's March. GNTB