Acceptable Grade Values

Listed below are all the acceptable grades that the PeopleSoft system allows. Keep in mind that some of these grading options may not be available depending on the class or student.

  • A, B, C, D, F  (earned letter grade)
  •  (Incomplete)
  • IC  (Incomplete Charged)
  • WU  (Withdrawal. Authorized or unauthorized, Registrar determines this based on withdrawal date and other criteria)
  • CR  (Credit)
  • NC  (No Credit)
  • RP  (Report in Progress, used for classes that normally last longer than one semester such as independent study)
  • SAT (SATisfactory)
  • NSAT (Not SATisfactory)
  • ADM Administrative Hold - Students with ADM next to their name currently have an administrative hold on their account, acceptable grade values for these students are RD(Report Delayed), IC(Incomplete), W Withdrawn. If you wish to assign a letter grade to the student please follow these instructions.

NOTE: It is not possible to use "+" or "-" variations of grades such as "A-" or "B+." Only the grade options listed when you click on the magnifying glass next to a student's name are allowed for that particular student. The list of grade options above may not be applicable for all classes or all students. The only way to verify the appropriate grade options for a particular student in a class is to click the magnifying glass next to the student's name.