Phone Functionality FAQs

How do I check voicemail?
Press the message button on your phone or dial 86400

How do I check my old voicemail?
Press the message button on your phone or dial 86464

How do I transfer calls directly to voicemail?
Press the SEND ALL softkey button on your phone (make sure to hit the SEND ALL key once again to turn off Call Forwarding when you answer calls)

How do I put a call on hold?
When on a call, press the HOLD button on the softkey.  Once returning to a call, press the RESUME softkey

How do I answer a second call while on the phone?
When on a call, select the call with the arrow keys and press OK on your phone OR press the blinking call light button to the right of your phone screen(both ways will automatically put the other caller on hold)

How do I transfer a call to another number?
When on a call, select the Transfer button on the softkeys then dial the 5 digit # to transfer the call.

How do I adjust the volume of my phone?
You can adjust the volume by pressing the + or – keys on your phone.  To adjust the ringtone, push the + or – only.  To adjust the handset, pick up the handset and push the + or – buttons.  To adjust the headset, push the headset button on your phone and push the + or – keys.  Finally, to adjust the speaker, push the speaker button and push the + or – keys.

Why can’t I get into my Voicemail on campus through 6400?
Make sure if you dial 6400 on campus, you press * and then # to input your voicemail box #.  If you check your voicemail using 6400 on a phone other than your own or have been transferred to 6400 from another extension, the voicemail system assumes you’re accessing that phone’s voicemail box.  By pressing * and then #, you indicate that you need to access your personal voicemail box.