Specific Phone Features

Phone Features

Call Park

Call Park allows you to "park" a call and pick up the call from another phone:

While in a call, press transfer *41 8 and your 4 digit extension and press complete
Go to the phone you wish to pick up the parked call from and press #41 8 and your 4 digit extension

Editing Phone Screen to Display Name instead of #
Go to Phone home screen (press Phone button)
Press Menu button
Press OK for "Options & Settings"
Press down arrow and then press OK to select "Application Settings"
Press down arrow and then press OK to select "Personalized Labels..."
Press Edit button softkey
Input letters using phone keys to assign label for the phone number
Press "Save" softkey to save changes

Rollover and Virtual Lines
It is necessary to have multiple virtual lines if a group needs to be able to receive calls from a single number.  The other virtual lines do not need to have DIDs.  This would be a hunt group with an ABridge.  This addresses the functionality of "multiple calls can come into one number and multiple people can be in the group receiving these calls". 
For billing purposes these would all be virtual lines.

The Intercom functionality which exists in the Fujitsu switch and was programmed into the Fujitsu switch should be used in a similar manner on the Avaya switch.