The following phone features are supported by the Technology Service Desk:

  • Changing the type of calls that can be made; local only, US long distance, and international calls
  • Changing the ability to forward calls (on campus only, on and off campus)
  • Adding or removing bridged appearances
  • Modifying bridged appearance ring types
  • Departmental Lines (formerly rollover or virtual lines)
  • Adding Busy Lamps
  • Adding Message waiting buttons
  • Modifying display name/caller ID of phone
  • Moving VOIP  phones to another office
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Park
  • Intercom
  • Editing Phone Screen to Display Name instead of the phone number
  • Setting up and accessing Voicemail
  • Resetting Voicemail Password
  • Setting up an extended absence greeting
  • General functionality of phone (ie. transfer, conference and placing calls on hold)