Farm Tours

Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

We are currently beginning to scheduled Farm Tours with an anticipate kick-off date of September 12, 2022, providing everything continues to move forward as planned.

Please note a price increase to $4.00 per student effective January 10, 2022.

The Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology in coordination with the Department of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education provides a hands on learning experience not only for our college students, but for community school groups as well. All tour groups must be accompanied by a tour guide and anyone visiting the farm without a scheduled tour guide may be asked to leave the farm. We want everyone's visit to the farm to be safe and enjoyable. Tours of the Fresno State Farm are available from early September through mid-May. The cost for attending the farm tours, as of January 10, 2022, is $4.00 per child in attendance (these fees also apply to any siblings who might attend).

These tours are dedicated to providing information on each of the animal units housed here at Fresno State and the form below is used to schedule an on-campus tour.

Requirements for Scheduling a tour:

  • ALL children attending must be 5 years or older.
  • Group must consist of at least 12 students or the equivalent ($48.00).
  • No stroller or wheelchair access on Tours.

Please complete the form below: 

For any questions, please email

All tours are dependent upon availability.


More Information (insurance / payment / cancellation / etc.)

Parking Location (Map)

Farm Tour Request Form

*Once we receive your request, we will email a confirmation letter to you with the date of your farm tour. You are not scheduled for a farm tour unless you receive a confirmation email. Anyone visiting the farm without a confirmation letter will be asked to leave. Please review and share the policy letter and map attached to your confirmation letter before attending the tour.

Fields in red are required. If you have difficulties with your submission, you may e-mail the webmaster directly. Please include all information from the form below.