2015 Educational Seminars

The Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) is working on the 2015 education schedule that will include Irrigation Tech Seminars and Advanced Pumping Efficiency Seminars. All of these events are designed to match leading experts with timely topics facing California farmers.

These free seminars will be conducted in a variety of locations in the Central Valley. Partners for upcoming events include the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the Department of Water Resources and Pacific Gas and Electric Company.  

Check the Calendar at in the upcoming weeks for more details.  

Irrigation Seminars at World Ag Expo

On Thursday February 12, 2015 irrigation will take center stage at the World Ag Expo Seminar Center. The presentations, beginning at 10:00 am, will cover a range of topics including irrigation wells and pumps; pivot and drip-micro irrigation systems; and real-time monitoring of soil moisture.    

The event is sponsored by the Irrigation Association and Fresno State's International Center for Water Technology.

Additional information about the 2015 World Ag Expo