Contact information for staff can be found by searching the University’s directory at


Dr. Charles C. Hillyer

Rafael Allende
Field Technician

Yvette Archuleta
Program Assistant

Shawn Ashkan
Agricultural Engineer

Pete Canessa
APEP/Program Manager

Dr. Florence Cassel Sharma
Soil and Water Scientist

Benjamin Francis
Project Coordinator

Dr. Dave Goorahoo
Soil Scientist

Bill Green
Education Manager

Sarge Green
Project Director

Tim Jacobsen
Field Research Manager

Dr. Karl E. Longley
Dean Emeritus Lyles College of Engineering

Jeff Macon
Program Manager

Grace Manly
Project Assistant

Courtney Meinhold
Program Assistant

Jorge Moreno Ramirez
Research Technician

Edward Norum
Agricultural Engineer

Kate Norum
Project Manager

Helle Petersen
Program Manager

Laura Ramos
Program Coordinator

Janet Robles
Research Assistant

Dr. John Suen
Chief, Hydrology Studies

Elaine Torres
APEP/Program Assistant

Dr. Kaomine Vang
Hydraulics Laboratory Manager

Dr. Dilruba Yeasmin
Research Scientist

Dr. David F. Zoldoske
Project Specialist