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HTST Pasteurization Workshop 

Fresno State University
Fresno, California

HTST  Workshop
August 15-16, 2018

This two-day Pasteurization Workshop gives participants an overview of the concepts of pasteurization including the time, temperature and pressure relationships of the system. This course covers the individual component’s design and function, fail-safe features, regulatory requirements, sanitation considerations and system integrity issues.

Why You Should Attend:

Our workshop in High Temperature Short Time (HTST) Pasteurization will teach you:

  • Basic Dairy chemistry and microbiology as it relates to pasteurization
  • History of pasteurization and common methods of pasteurization
  • The theory and function of an HTST system and its individual components
  • Legal controls and their requirements
  • HACCP & Food Safety criteria relating to the Critical Control Point
  • Sanitation basics and cleaning of an HTST system
  • Auxiliary equipment including homogenization and separation
Who Should Attend?
  • Individuals in Quality Control/Food Safety 
  • Operations Management/Plant Superintendents
  • HTST Operators | Plant Engineers
  • Dairy Consultants
  • Individuals with Food Safety oversight and responsibility
For more information, call (559)-278-4405 or email micserrano@csufresno.edu





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For additional information regarding the conference call (559)278-4405 or email Michelle Serrano at micserrano@csufresno.edu.     
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