Welcome to the Department of Industrial Technology!

  • Students use GPS equipment as part of a precision agriculture course in the campus vineyard.
  • Department chair Dr. Athanasios Alexandrou congratulates student honorees at the department's annual awards reception.
  • Industrial Technology classes cover a wide range of systems and skills from vehicles, technology, design, computer, energy, manufacturing, wood, electronics, safety, statistics and manufacturing.
  • The Fresno State Motorsports Club is one of the department's most popular student organizations.
  • The Jordan College Advising and Career Development Center offers students specialized professional and career counseling to better connect them with internships and jobs.
  • The department's industry advisory board connects faculty with alumni and area professionals to keep Fresno State up to date with the industry's latest technology and hiring trends.
  • Faculty and IT student, Valentino Burnias, talking to potential applicants at Madera High.
  • IT 106 Energy Conversion and Utilization class in front of the dish which was built by the Alternative Energy club members.
  • A blend of lectures, online instruction and hands-on lab activities provides an environment that nurtures critical thinking and encourages innovation.

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