About the Office of Community Based Learning

The Community Based Learning staff connects the energy and talent of future teachers with opportunities to meet educational needs within local schools and communities, especially with youth from backgrounds of poverty or from high-need schools or communities. A primary objective is to recruit and develop future teachers by involving undergraduates in interactive, cultural, and educational work experiences, which are problem-based and incorporate experiential learning. The program provides paid and volunteer early field experience for undergraduates who plan to teach or work with youth.

Through this work CBL assists youth, primarily from under served communities, to thrive personally and academically, as they move from early childhood through elementary, middle, and high school, and to emerge prepared for meaningful and productive post-secondary involvement.

Program opportunities are provided through partnerships with the California Teaching Fellows Foundation, Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, local school districts and community-based organizations. The pool of university student talent is derived from those planning careers, such as teaching, that call for training and experience working with youth.