Case Management

Students enrolled in Wayfinders are assigned a case manager. The case managers provide direct support in order to promote student independence and self-efficacy. The goal of case management is to guide students towards utilizing natural supports and other resources to fulfill their activities of daily living. In addition, the case managers serve as the liaison between the Wayfinders Program, regional center service coordinators, students and parents/guardians.

The case manager works to provide student support in the following areas:

Case Management

  • Report student progress via Quarterly Progress Reports to regional center service coordinators and parents/guardians
  • Collaborate with the student's circle of support in learning how to further provide appropriate independent living support
  • Collaborates with domain coordinators, staff, and Executive Director to implement systems and action plans to develop, address, and support students with short term and long goals and needs
  • Monitor and promote student progress across all program domains (University Inclusion, Residential, Vocation, Activities, and Transition)
  • Frequent case management meetings to allow students expression of their needs, thoughts, feelings, and concerns
  • Connection to community resources
  • Support students with adhering to University and Program protocols
  • Oversee compliance to program procedures related to travel and overnight guests
  • Work with students to learn the steps to arrange travel plans independently

Adult Relationships

  • Support students with practicing and developing personal and self-advocacy skills
  • Use the person-centered approach to guide students in developing the skills to make adult decisions
  • Provide students with psychoeducation and resources regarding independent living topics such as health, safety, social relationships, etc.
  • Provide encouragement and guidance to students to participate in university and community inclusion opportunities
  • Individual/group meetings to discuss personal needs, feelings, and concerns
  • Serve as an advocate for students


  • Support students in learning more about disabilities and medication need to further promote independent living
  • Support students with developing the skills to work with natural supports such as family, pharmacy, and physicians to manage medical needs more independently
  • Communicate with staff to support students with managing personal health needs

Contact Information

Gabriel Diaz M.S
Case Manager
Donna Martinez M.S
Case Manager

 Case Managers