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Wayfinders at California State University, Fresno is an inclusive, postsecondary, independent living program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities between the ages of 18 - 28.

Wayfinders students increase their independence by experiencing university life in an age-appropriate setting along with their university peers through facilitated and non-facilitated interactions.

Students live in the Palazzo Apartments at Campus Point adjacent to the Fresno State campus. They take classes that are focused on preparing them for transition into an independent living arrangement of their choice after graduation. Wayfinders curriculum is based on the best practices of existing inclusive postsecondary programs.


Wayfinders students receive support in the following major areas (domains).


Wayfinders students receive individualized supports by Residential staff and coaches to learn the skills necessary to successfully maintain a tidy apartment, set and maintain a budget, plan and prepare their meals, successfully shop for groceries, and pay their rent.


A key component of Wayfinders is developing students into competent employees. Students are provided work experience and classroom opportunities to learn skills in preparation for competitive integrated employment.


Research findings revealed that students with intellectual disabilities who have some type of post-secondary education were more likely to obtain employment, require fewer supports and have increased self-esteem.


Wayfinders students participate in a variety of activities during their free time. Students are given the opportunity to choose the activities they would like to participate in and are supported and encouraged to try new experiences.


Wayfinders students are supported in ensuring their transition into their chosen community is structured and goal-oriented enabling the student to have a productive and fulfilling life in the setting of their choosing.


Case Managers provide direct support in order to promote student independence and self-efficacy. The goal of Case Management is to guide students towards utilizing natural supports and other resources to fulfill their activities of daily living.


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