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Leading Teams to Excellence

People2 + Structures + Systems = Team Success

This 4-part dynamic leadership workshop is designed for those interested in leading change. Perfect learning opportunity for individuals and teams.
Learn skills and strategies that can be applied immediately in any  K-12 leadership role.

M Franks

  Dr. Mabel Franks, Facilitator

Distinguished Central Valley educator and leader with over 35 years of experience as teacher, mentor, principal, assistant superintendent and MA Ed Amin Leadership coordinator. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, national business reports and regional news media and has received numerous awards for her innovative thinking, creative problem solving, effective team building, shared leadership practices and student engagement enterprises. Her research on effective school reform underscores the need to unite the entire school community in a common cause, the education of our children- all our children.

Session 1:   Phases and Stages of Team Development

November 7, 2019

Teams don't just happen.  Rather, they are nurtured and supported through careful planning and interactions.  This highly interactive introduction to team building applies systems thinking and group dynamic to understand the stages of team development, assess current state of teams and apply simple techniques and strategies to increase team effectiveness designed to create a culture of alliance and interdependence

Session 2.  Facilitating Collaborative Problem Solving and Decision Making

January 16, 2020

Using real world scenarios, learn practical techniques and strategies applied routinely by successful leaders in education and business organizations to identify opportunities, break through barriers, encourage team problem solving and increase shared responsibility for decision making- a must to create momentum, maintain growth and sustain effective change.

Session 3.  Creating and Sustaining Engagement to Get Results

March 5, 2020

It's all about the people.  Learn what makes people tick, how to raise expectations without destroying self-confidence and what leaders can do to gain team power through empowerment.  Understand what drives engagement, produces results, encourages action and builds the collective capacity of team members.

Session 4:  Dealing with Difficult Different People      

May 7, 2020                        

Learn concrete techniques for communicating effectively and dealing with difficult people.  Create an environment that encourages complainers to agree, bullies to surrender, non-communicators to participate and pessimists to see the brighter side of life and appreciate the power of teams.

Workshop Information:

Registration Fee: $600 per individual; $500 per person when registering 3 or more (Includes materials, parking, and continental breakfast- lunch on your own)

Location:  Fresno State University, Kremen Bldg, Room 54

Time:  8:30 am-2:30 pm

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