Program and Department Contact Information

Departments Chair Phone Email
Counselor Education and Rehabilitation Dr. Song Lee 559.278.0340
Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Roy Bohlin 559.278.0240
Educational Leadership Dr. Susana Hernandez 559.278.0350
Liberal Studies Dr. Frederick Nelson 559.278.0261
Literacy, Early, Bilingual and Special Education Dr. Cathy Yun 559.278.0250


Undergraduate Program Contact Phone Email
BA, Liberal Studies Dr. Frederick Nelson 559.278.0261


Credential Programs Contact Phone Email
Bilingual Authorization Dr. Teresa Huerta 559.278.0364
Credential - Early Childhood Education Dr. Cathy Yun 559.278.0238
Credential - Multiple Subject Dr. Lisa Bennett 559.278.0243
Credential - Pupil Personnel Services Dr. Gitima Sharma 559.278.0069
Credential - Single Subject Dr. Emy Lopez-Phillips 559.278.0446
Credential - Special Education Cheryl McDonald 559.270.0412


Graduate Programs Contact Phone Email
Graduate Programs Coordinator Dr. Alicia Becton 559.278.0433
MA, Education - Curriculum & Instruction Dr. Carol Fry Bohlin 559.278.0237
MA, Education - Early Childhood Education Dr. Heather Horsley 559.278.0119
MA, Education - Educational Leadership & Administration: P-12 Pathway Dr. Mabel Franks 559.278.0265
MA, Education - Educational Leadership & Administration: HEAL Pathway Dr. Susana Hern√°ndez 559.278.0320
MA, Education - Multilingual Multicultural Education Dr. Teresa Huerta 559.278.0364
MA, Education - Reading/Language Arts Dr. Imelda Basurto 559.278.0285
MA, Special Education Dr. Kimberly Coy 559.278.1724
MA, Teaching Dr. Nancy Akhavan 559.278.0345
MS, Clinical Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling Dr. Alicia Brown Becton 559.278.0433
MS, Counseling - Marriage, Family & Child Counseling Dr. Chris Lucey 559.278.0407
MS, Counseling - School Counseling Dr. Gitima Sharma 559.278.0069
MS, Counseling - Student Affairs & College Counseling Dr. Kyoung Mi Choi 559.278.0070


Doctoral Program Contact Phone Email
Ed.D Educational Leadership Dr. Ignacio Hernandez 559.278.0455