Kremen BuildingCenters Associated with the Kremen School

Our Centers provide a variety of services and assistance to the community.

The education community of the Central Valley benefits from the varied activities of the Bonner Center for Character Education and Citizenship to promote character education in the Central Valley.

Potential elementary teachers, primarily those in rural areas, benefit from the innovative online-supported elementary teaching credential delivered through CalStateTEACH.

School districts throughout the Central Valley benefit from conferences, training, coaching, and consulting activities provided by the John D. Welty Center for Educational Policy and Leadership (CVELI) to create cultures of high achievement for students.

Children and families benefit from high quality, intensely supervised, low-cost professional counseling services. Through the Fresno Family Counseling Center.

Faculty benefit from support in the utilization and integration of technology in the curriculum provided by the Instructional Technology and Resource Center (INTERESC).

Low-income student families and others with young children benefit from the training, demonstration, and research in early learning and early childhood programs through supervised classroom experiences provided by the Joyce M. Huggins Early Childhood Education Center.

Children in the community receive literacy tutoring from students specifically trained in reading achievement and offered in our Reading Laboratory.

The Rehabilitation Counseling Program clinics include: Ticket to Work, Workability, and Rehabilitation & Evaluation Services.