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Frequently Asked Questions

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Knowing Where to Start

I would like to know more about the credential program. Where do I begin?

Visit our Credential Program website to learn more about the credential programs we offer, or call the Education Student Services Center at 559.278.0300 to schedule an appointment with an advisor. Our advisors will help you get started with the application process, testing, etc.

How do I schedule an appointment with an adviser?

Please call the Education Student Services Center at 559.278.0300 to schedule an appointment with an adviser. Please have your Fresno State student ID (if applicable) ready. Our advisors are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about the application process or the different programs we offer.

I want to teach elementary school; which credential program would I need?

In order to teach at the elementary school level, you would need a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. This credential allows teachers to instruct in a variety of subjects for grades K-6. The program is typically 3 semesters and 38 units of coursework. This program is compatible with the Early Childhood Education, Dual and Internship options.

I want to teach middle school or high school students; which credential would I need?

In order to teach at the middle or high school level, you would need a Single Subject Teaching Credential. This credential allows teachers to instruct in one specific subject for grades 7-12. The program is 2-3 semesters and 34 units of coursework.

I want to teach students with disabilities; which credential would I need?

In order to teach students with disabilities, you would need an Education Specialist Credential. The Education Specialist Credential authorizes the holder to teach students with mild/moderate or moderate/severe disabilities (K-age 22) in public or private school programs, clinics, special schools, resource classrooms, educational programs, residential facilities, hospitals, and other agencies serving persons with special needs. This credential program prepares the teacher candidates through required coursework and fieldwork. The program is typically 3 semesters and 45 units of coursework.

What if I want to get more than one credential?

Students that are interested in obtaining more than one credential have several options:

  • If you are interested in adding a Single Subject Credential onto an existing Single Subject or Multiple Subject, you would need to complete CI 161: Methods and Materials in the appropriate subject area and complete subject matter competency by passing the appropriate CSET or completing approved coursework in the appropriate subject area.
  • If you are interested in adding the Multiple Subject Credential to an existing Single Subject Credential, you would need to complete all three sections of the multiple subject CSET, pass the RICA exam, and enroll in the following courses: Curriculum and Instruction in TK-8 contexts and Literacy Instruction, Assessment, and Observation in TK-8.
  • If you are interested in an Education Specialist Credential and have already completed a California teaching credential program, not all admission requirements are needed. Please meet with an advisor to determine coursework specific to your individual path.
  • If you are interested in obtaining the Multiple Subject AND the Education Specialist credentials simultaneously, you can apply for the DUAL program. This program is typically 4 semesters, 63 units of coursework, and combines Multiple Subject and Education Specialist coursework.

How do I apply to the credential program?

There are three simple steps to apply to the credential program:

  1. Meet with an adviser to discuss credential program options. You can set up an appointment with an adviser in ED 100 or by calling 559.278.0300. This is not a requirement, but may be helpful as you plan for your future.
  2. Apply to the University on Cal State Apply. Please see program application instructions - not all students are required to apply to the University (Liberal Studies blending students). You can find the University application at:
  3. Complete the credential program application requirements. Make sure all necessary signatures from coordinators and/or advisors are obtained.

Please note that you cannot be admitted to the program if items from your application are incomplete or missing.

Is there a deadline to apply to a credential program?

There is typically a priority deadline for each semester. 

We make every effort to accept students into a credential program however if a student has not applied to Fresno State before the University deadline the student will have to begin the credential program the following semester.

The University application deadline on Cal State Apply is subject to change each semester.

Can I start the credential program as an undergraduate?

Yes, a student can start the credential program as an undergraduate. If you are blending your undergraduate program with the credential program, you should fill out the credential program application as normal. You do NOT need to reapply to the University on Cal State Apply until you have completed your undergraduate degree requirements.

*Please note: You must have 90 units toward your BA degree completed prior to admission.

How long is the credential program?

  • Single Subject:          2-3 semesters
  • Multiple Subject:        3 semesters
  • Dual:                        4 semesters
  • Education Specialist:  3 semesters

*Please Note: These semesters are based on full-time enrollment; programs may exceed their semester estimation if your enrollment status is part-time.

Are any of the credential programs offered online?

A Multiple Subject Teaching Credential program is offered online via CalStateTEACH. This program is offered through the Chancellors Office, but a CalStateTEACH Office is housed on Fresno State's campus. This is the only teaching credential program offered online. For more information please contact the CalStateTEACH office at 559.278.0234.

Are there internships available for credential students?

There are paid internships available to credential students! Students must be enrolled in the credential program and have prerequisites for the internship program completed in order to be eligible. Please see the Internship Office in ED 220E for more information, or call 559.278.0232.

How much does the credential program cost?

Tuition costs vary each semester. Tuition fees are determined by part-time and full-time status.

Is there financial aid available for credential students?

There are several loans and grants available to credential students. Financial Aid can give you specific loan information.

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University Requirements

Do I need to apply to the University on Cal State Apply?  

  • If you have never attended Fresno State, then you need to apply to the University as a post baccalaureate student.
  • If you are not a current Fresno State student, then you need to reapply to the University as a post baccalaureate student.
  • If you are a current Fresno State undergraduate student that is graduating prior to starting the credential program, you will need to reapply to the University as a post baccalaureate student.
  • If you are a current Fresno State undergraduate student that is starting the credential program as an undergraduate, you will not need to reapply to the University until you have completed all undergraduate requirements and apply for your bachelor’s degree.
  • If you are a current Fresno State post baccalaureate student that is switching or adding the credential, you do not need to reapply to the University.

How do I apply to the University on Cal State Apply?

Visit the Cal State Apply website at: to start a new application. This application is completed online.

Create an account if you do not already have one. Apply as a Graduate and select the Credential option.

Please make sure you apply for the same semester that you intend to start the credential program.

Candidates that start the credential program as undergraduates should apply for the semester after they graduate.

For instructions, please refer to the Cal State Apply Graduate application guide.

Should I list coursework or include program materials on my Cal State Apply application?

Only in progress or future planned coursework should be listed on your application.

Do not include any credential program documentation with your Cal State Apply application. Do not include work experience or a personal narrative.

Who can I contact for help with my Cal State Apply application?

For help completing your Cal State Apply application you may:

On campus you may contact Graduate Admissions at 559.278.4073.

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Admissions Requirements

What are the admission requirements?

Please select the credential program you wish to apply for. Admission requirements for this credential program will be listed in the application instructions. Admissions requirements vary for each credential program.

Are there prerequisites to get into the credential program?

Single Subject

Multiple Subject


Education Specialist

EHD 50, waiver, or equivalent

EHD 50, waiver, or equivalent

EHD 50, waiver, or equivalent

EHD 50, waiver, or equivalent

CI 149

CI 100   (concurrent enrollment with Phase 1 if not completed previously)

SPED 120   (preferably completed before admission)

SPED 120   (preferably completed before admission)



CI 100 (concurrent  enrollment with Phase 1 if not completed previously)

CI 100 (concurrent  enrollment with Phase 1 if not completed previously)

I’m not a Liberal Studies major; will that make a difference with my credential application?

Teaching credential programs are not exclusive to Liberal Studies majors; students from all majors are encouraged to apply for our credential programs! If you have any questions or concerns about your major please meet with one of our advisors. Call 559.278.0300 to schedule an appointment.

I have items missing from my credential application packet; can I still turn it in?

No. Complete packets will only be accepted.

What is a certificate of clearance?

The Certificate of Clearance is verification that a student has completed the fingerprint or, Live Scan process and has passed all federal background checks. It is required of students who plan to work in a K-12 setting. A Certificate of Clearance is an admission requirement for all teaching credential programs.

For more information, please visit:

How do I obtain a certificate of clearance?

To obtain a Certificate of Clearance, you must first complete the Live Scan process. You would then apply for the certificate online through the Commission on Teacher Credentialing ( It will take approximately 2-3 weeks once the Live Scan process is complete and you have created an online direct application through the CTC.

How long is a certificate of clearance valid?

A Certificate of Clearance is valid for 5 years.

What is the medical clearance form?

The medical clearance is to certify that the applicant has been tested for active tuberculosis within the last year and the results were negative. This form can be signed by the Student Health Center on campus or by a private physician.

(EC44336 – This student is “free from any contagious and communicable disease or defect unfitting the applicant to instruct or associate with children.”)

Can I turn in my TB test results from my doctor’s office to satisfy the medical clearance requirement?

Unfortunately, test results from a private physician or health care center are not acceptable. It is a state requirement that students turn in the medical clearance form in the credential program packet and only that medical clearance form. If you have proof of your TB test results you can take the results and the medical clearance form to the Student Health Center on campus to have the medical clearance form signed.

How long is the medical clearance form valid?

The medical clearance form must be no older than 1 year from the time it is turned into ED 100 with the credential program application.

What is Pre-Program Field Experience?

To be admitted to a credential program, you must verify that you have had a supervised field experience. ONLY ONE of the following is necessary to meet this requirement:

Are test scores required for the credential program?

Every credential program is different; please refer to the admission requirements for the appropriate program to determine test score requirements.

Do test scores expire?

CBEST scores do not expire. CSET scores expire after 10 years. Passing CSET scores must be used towards an internship or preliminary credential within 10 years of the test date. In other words, if your CSET scores expire before you apply for an internship or your preliminary credential, you will need to retake them.

I don’t have all of my test scores; will that affect my status?

Yes, this may affect your status.  Please refer to your program's admission requirements.

Is test prep available?

There are several sources for test preparation. Test prep booklets are available to buy through the Kennel Bookstore or to check-out through the Henry Madden Library. CBEST tutoring is also available for current Fresno State students through the Learning Resource Center 559.278.3052. A CSET preparation course is also available for Multiple Subject applicants; please see an adviser for availability. For online test prep, visit

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Starting a Credential Program

How do I register for classes?

If you have been admitted to a credential program, you will receive a letter via email regarding your admission status. This letter also provides you with registration procedures. Multiple Subject, Dual, Education Specialist and Single Subject credential students will register for classes in cohorts.

How do I get placed for student teaching?

The Field Placement Office is responsible for making all student teaching placements. The ONLY program that allows students to request a preference for initial student teaching is the Single Subject credential program. All other credential students will only be allowed preference for final student teaching placement. For more information please contact Field Placement at 559.278.0315.

What takes place during student teaching?

Student teaching is a gradual process that involves classroom observation, group work in small groups with students, lesson plans, and teaching the entire class. Hours vary for student teaching depending on the phase and credential program you are enrolled in.

How many hours are required for student teaching?  

  *Please note that some programs have more student teaching phases than others.

  Single Subject Multiple Subject Dual Special Education

Phase 1



TBD-Student consults with iPOP instructor TBD-Student consults with iPOP instructor



Phase 2


Entire School day


TBD-3 full days a week TBD-3 full days a week

TBD-Student meets with adviser

(16 hours per week)

Phase 3



Entire school day


Entire school day (in a k-6 placement)


Entire school day

Phase 4




Entire school day (in an Ed. Specialist placement)

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Applying for Your Teaching Credential

How do I apply for my credential once I am finished?

Once you have completed all coursework for the program and your grades have been posted, you will fill out a credential application and turn it in with all required documentation to ED 100. The credential analyst will process the paperwork and recommend you for a credential to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. You will finish the application process online. It can take approximately 3-5 weeks to receive your credential.

How much time do I have to apply for my credential?

There is no set deadline to apply for your teaching credential. If you wait too long and the program implements changes, it is possible that you could be required to complete the new program changes before applying for your credential. You also run the risk of coursework and test scores expiring.

*Please note that CSET scores expire after 10 years. Credential coursework expires after 10 years.

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Internship Program

The Internship Program is designed for qualified individuals who have prior classroom experience and who seek an alternative route to obtaining a Preliminary Teaching Credential. Students must possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and meet all criteria for admission to a basic credential program. In addition, interns enroll in coursework leading to a Preliminary Teaching Credential (Single Subject or Multiple Subject) or Education Specialist Credential (Special Education).

Financial Aid Petition

If you have financial aid and you are applying to the Dual Credential Program you will probably need to submit a Financial Aid Petition due to the number of units the program requires.

If this applies to you, then before you complete 30 units in the program make sure to contact the Financial Aid Office in Joyal, room 296 for the appropriate form.

Policy on Submitted Documents

Once your documents have been submitted to the Education Student Services Center, they become the property of the Kremen School of Education and Human Development. We suggest you make a copy of all items before submitting them since we will not be able to return them to you.

Appeal of Admission Decision Process

Applicants who have received written notification of denial of admission to the program have an opportunity to make a formal appeal for Special Consideration to the Kremen School's Admissions and Standards Committee. For Special Consideration review, the candidate shall have taken all three (3) CBEST subtests and submit verification of having passed CBEST.

Dispute Resolution Policy and Remediation, Reassignment, Dismissal Process

When informal resolution has not been possible, a candidate may formally dispute academic matters by following the procedures outlined in the Dispute Resolution Policy.

Procedures for Teacher Candidate Remediation/Reassignment/Dismissal are defined in the student field placement handbook.

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