Welcome to the Department of Curriculum & Instruction!

“Education not only is the means through which a culture is transmitted but also the means through which it is transformed.”

Curriculum deals with the various designs for learning, while instruction denotes the means. The Department of Curriculum and Instruction at California State University is at the core of the educational process. We offer core classes in the Multiple Subject and Single Subject Credential Programs and a broad range of graduate study opportunities.

We are a vibrant group of faculty—excellent teachers and mentors and we offer practical, forward-thinking, technologically rich curricula that prepare future teachers and curriculum experts for leadership roles in educational settings.

Jacques Benninga, Chair

Department Overview

The primary mission of the Curriculum & Instruction (C & I) Department in the Kremen School of Education & Human Development (KSOEHD) is the preparation and continuing education of K-12 educators, particularly teachers. Coursework and field experiences are designed to prepare teachers who are reflective thinkers, problem solvers, and decision makers to meet the challenges of teaching in a rapidly changing world characterized by social, economic, and cultural/linguistic diversity.

The coursework offers students opportunities to develop and refine their understanding of the teaching/learning process while experiencing the best of the world of practice. Supervised field experiences along with instructional planning and evaluation techniques provide the foundation for productive and responsive teaching. In this context, all faculty promote teaching as a science and an art. Programs offered through the Department of Curriculum and Instruction are identified within two major categories: teaching credential programs and master's degree programs.

Department Chair and Staff

Jacques Benninga
Chair, Department of Curriculum and Instruction (CI)
Director, Bonner Center for Character Education and Citizenship
Office: Education Building, Rm250
Phone: 559.278.0253
Email: jackb@csufresno.edu

Website: www.fresnostate.edu/bonnercenter

Martha Lomeli
Administrative Analyst Specialist
Office: Education Building, Rm250
Phone: 559.278.0252
E-mail: marthal@csufresno.edu

Brenna Barks
Administrative Support Coordinator

Office: Education Building, Rm238
Phone: 559.278.0315
E-mail: bbarks@csufresno.edu

Department Faculty

Arenz, Bernard

Office: Education Building, Rm 453
Phone: (559) 278-0037
Email: barenz@csufresno.edu

Behrend, Jean

 Jeanie Behrend
Office: Education Building, Rm 231
Phone: 559.278.0235
Email: jeanb@csufresno.edu

Benninga, Jacques S.: Department Chair

Jacques Benninga
Director, Bonner Center for Character Education and Citizenship

Office: Education Building, Rm 250
Phone: (559) 278-0253
Email: jackb@csufresno.edu

Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction; Minor in Developmental Psychology, George Peabody College for Teachers (now of Vanderbilt University), Nashville, TN, 1976.
M.A., Early Childhood Education, George Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville, TN, 1973
B.A., Early Childhood Education, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC, 1972.
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1967-70.

Website: www.fresnostate.edu/bonnercenter

Areas of Expertise:
Character Education, Moral Education, Early Childhood Education

Biacindo, Kathryn

Office: Education Building, Rm 250
Phone: (559) 278-0321
Email: kbiacindo@csufresno.edu

Areas of Expertise:
Learning, Cognition, and Development
Educational Statistics and Measurement
Psycholinguistics (Reading and ESL)
Life Span Development
Karst and Hydrology Research

Bohlin, Carol Fry

Carol Fry Bohlin
Office: Education Building, Rm 234
Phone: 559.278.0237
Email: carolb@csufresno.edu

B.A. The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
M.H.D.L. The University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Ph.D. The Ohio State University

Areas of Expertise:
Mathematics education; professional development for math teachers; educational neuroscience; mathematics learning and teaching styles.

Professor, Mathematics Education

Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative(MSTI)
Director (2007-Present)
California Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (CAMTE)
President (2004-2006)
California Online Mathematics Education Times (COMET)
Editor (2000-Present)
CSU Mathematics Education Resource Center (CSU MERC)
Director (2000-Present)
NCTM News Bulletin: Assessment Issues Column
Editor (2003-2004)
San Joaquin Valley Mathematics Project (SJVMP)
Principal Investigator (1990-Present)
Strategies for Teacher Excellence Promoting Student Success (STEPSS)
Co-Principal Investigator and Coordinator, Master's Cohort:
K-8 Mathematics (1998-2005)

Bohlin, Roy: Coordinator, Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Program

Roy Bohlin
Co-Director, Teaching and Leading for Educational Needs with Technology (TALENT) Project

Office: Education Building, Rm 241
Phone: 559.278.0245
Email: royb@csufresno.edu
PhD in Educational Technology

Areas of Expertise:
Interaction of technology, instruction, with anxiety, confidence, attitudes, self-efficacy, and attributions
Instructional Motivation

Cole, Kim

Kim Cole
Office: Education Building, Rm 367
Phone: 559.278.0474
Email: kimcole@csufresno.edu

Lomeli, Jose


Office: Education Building, Rm251
Phone: (559) 278-0361
Email: josel@csufresno.edu

Areas of Expertise: Leadership Development for youth through Experiential Education; Group Dynamics for Staff Development; Instructional Methodology; Pre-Service Teacher Delivery Models; Migrant Education; Culturally Responsive Education.

Miller, Libbi

Libby Miller

Office: Education Building, Rm 249
Phone: 559.278.0019
Email: elmiller@csufresno.edu

Moosoolian, Jane


Office: Education Building, Rm237
Phone: 559.278.0115
Email: janem@csufresno.edu

Nyberg, Lisa

Lisa Nyberg
Office: Education Building, Rm233
Phone: 559.278.0236
Email: lnyberg@csufresno.edu

Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction
M.S. Education
B.S. Education    
B.A. Biology

Areas of Expertise:
Science Education
Elementary Education
S.T.E.M. Education

Parks, Joe

Office: Education Building, Rm243
Phone: (559) 278-0260
Email: jparks@csufresno.edu

Pham, Kien T.


Kien Pham
Office: Education Building, Rm245
Phone: 559.278.0247
Email: kienp@csufresno.edu

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)
Master of Education (Educational Psychology)
Doctor of Philosophy (Curriculum and Instruction)

Areas of Expertise:
Mathematics Education

Phan, Trang

Trang Phan
Office: Education Building, Rm 469
Phone: 559.278.0043
Email: tphan@csufresno.edu

Phillips, Emy Lopez: Coordinator, Single Subject Credential Program

Emy Lopez Phillips
Office: Education Building, Rm 361
Phone: 559.278.0446
E-mail: ephillips@csufresno.edu

B.A. English
M.A. Education, Curriculum & Instruction
Ed.D. Educational Leadership & Management

Areas of Expertise:
Curriculum design, technology integration, district technology planning, designing paperless workflows & systems for education

Quisenberry, Janine: Director, Professional Field Experience


Office: Education Building, Rm239
Phone: 559.278.0257
Email: jquisenb@csufresno.edu

Schlievert, Susan

Susan Schlievert
Office: Education Building, Rm100
Phone: 559.278.0348
Email: susansc@csufresno.edu

B.A. Music
M.A. Musicology
Ed.D.  Educational Leadership
Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential
CLAD Certified
Supplemental Authorization Music
Administrative Services Credential

Areas of Expertise:
Pre-Service Teachers
Arts Integration
Curriculum Theories
Student Support

Tracz, Susan

Susan Tracz
Office: Education Building, Rm447
Phone: 559.278.0347
Email: susant@csufresno.edu

Ph.D. Measurement and Statistics
M.S. Marriage, Family and Child Counseling
M.A. English Literature
B.A. English Education

Areas of Expertise:
Statistics, General Linear Models, Evaluation, Educational Reform, Imagery in Counseling

Wandeler, Christian

Christian Wandeler

Office: Education Building, Rm 439
Phone: 559.278.0355
Email: cwandeler@csufresno.edu

Areas of Expertise:
Development of Hope and Motivation

Yukhymenko, Mariya

Mariya Yukhymenko
Office: Education Building, Rm 449
Phone: 559.278.3928
E-mail: mariyay@csufresno.edu

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Cognition and Instruction

Areas of Expertise:
Quantitative research methods, statistical methodologies including such advanced methodology as hierarchical linear modeling, instrument design, student motivation