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Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)

The Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership enrolls incoming students every Fall. The program is structured for full-time working professionals, offering coursework in the late afternoon, evenings, and weekends to accommodate full-time professionals. 

Each student is provided a faculty mentor for their core courses. These mentors provide guidance and support to students in the early phase of the program. Once dissertation chairs are assigned these mentors phase out and the dissertation chair assists with the final phase and dissertation of the program.

Program Options

Pre-K - 12 Educational Leadership

Post-Secondary Educational Leadership (includes Community College leadership and administration)


Those admitted to the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership join a cohort of 10-12 students in each degree option. Being a member of such a cohort provides you with opportunities for cooperative learning, skill enhancement, social interaction and the supportive environment needed to persevere in this intensive doctoral program of study.

A CSU Commitment to the Central San Joaquin Valley

Improving California's education system is a core function and mission of California State University (CSU). The CSU system is particularly well-suited to helping bring more education doctorates to underserved populations, given its success in attracting, retaining and graduating students from underrepresented groups. CSU is not only practitioner-focused by design and history, it has exceptionally close ties with K-12 schools--links that have developed in the course of preparing so many of their teachers and administrators. As the university that is chosen by over 75% of community college students to complete their undergraduate degrees, CSU is the institution with the strongest ties to the community college system.

“The Fresno State Doctoral Program is a participant in the prestigious national study of Education Doctorates by the Carnegie Foundation.”