School Counseling/PPS Internship FAQs and General Information

Q: When do I apply for an internship to complete my hours?

A: Once you have passed coun208, obtained your Certificate of Clearance and enroll into COUN 249- School Counseling Field Placement course, you can choose your field placement/internship site

  • Please note: You will need to obtain a permission number by a COUN 249 professor to enroll into their course. You will not be able to add the course without a permission number.
  • Before you begin your field placement hours, make sure you get your internship site approved by your COUN 249 professor.

Q: What does a COUN 249 class entail?

A: You will meet once every two weeks as a class. Typically, your duties will include presenting a case study, completing chapter assignments, discussing your site responsibilities and other assignments based on your Professor’s syllabus.

Q:  How many hours are required?

A: There is a total of 600 hours required for the PPS Credential. The student must complete a minimum of 200 hours at two levels (ex. High school and Elementary).

  • Since COUN249 is an 8-unit course, the student has the option to complete all 600 hours within one semester by enrolling into the 8-unit course or the student can complete 300 hours in the Fall and 300 hours in the Spring, with the 4-unit option for each semester. 
  • The student has the option to choose the school levels in which he/she would like to complete the field placement hours. Make sure to get ideas approved and finalized by your COUN 249 professor prior to beginning your internship hours.

Q: Where can I complete my internship hours?

A: The student must complete minimum of 200 hours in one school level (e.g. high school) and minimum of 200 hours in other school level (e.g. middle school) and remaining 200 hours can be distributed as per student’s choice in these two levels or other educational setting.

  • Remember to get your site approved by your COUN 249 professor before beginning your hours.

Q. How many hours a week should I work at my internship site?

A: This would depend on your schedule and also how many clock hours you intend to complete. Visit with your site counselor to work on a schedule that fits your needs.

Q: What happens if I cannot find an internship site?

A: When a student cannot find an internship site, your COUN 249 professor will refer you to a school site where you can complete your hours.

  • Students typically complete their hours in the elementary, middle, or high school site they attended during their K-12 education. Some choose a school within the school district they plan to apply for, however, there are many measure students take when choosing an internship placement.
  • To apply at Fresno Unified contact Yolanda Juarez

Q: What happens if I cannot complete the hours at the end of the semester?

A: If you do not complete your hours by the end of the semester, your COUN 249 professor may give you an extension, depending on the number of hours remaining.

  • An “RP” grade will be given to students who complete at least 150 hours. If you do not complete the minimum number of hours for that semester, you will be given an “NC” grade

Q. What are my options in terms of receiving credit for a culminating experience?

A: A culminating experience, COUN 298-Project, or COUN 299-Thesis, or Comprehensive Examination is required to attain the MS in School Counseling.

Q. How do I obtain a certificate of clearance?

A: Please access the following website for further guidance.

Q. When should I complete my Advancement to Candidacy?

A: Advancement to candidacy grants a student permission to work toward qualifying as a candidate for the Master's degree.  It establishes the catalog year and requirements that a student must fulfill to graduate.  Advancement to candidacy must be attained one (1) semester prior to the term in which the student wishes to register for COUN 298-Project or COUN 299-Thesis or Comprehensive Examination. (Copied from Counseling Handbook)

Q. How do I know if I am on the right track to graduate?

A: It is a good idea to meet with your Program Advisor throughout your time in the program to ensure you are meeting the requirement of graduation.

If you have further questions, please refer to the following website.

Q: What do I do once I complete all coursework for PPS Credential?

A: Contact the PPS program coordinator to complete the PPS completion form.