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Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Review of applications will begin in April 2018
for our Fall 2018, Cohort 14.

Dr. Nancy Akhavan, Program Coordinator
Phone: 559.278.0345

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is an online program with a focus on social justice, multiculturalism, and action research.  The program is designed for credentialed, practicing teachers working in diverse classrooms and is nationally recognized as an exemplary online graduate program.

Each year, a new cohort of teachers begins this 3-semester (fall-spring-fall) master's program.  You may be eligible to transfer up to 9 units of post-baccalaureate credential coursework or graduate coursework from an accredited university program if they were earned during Fall 2013 semester or after.

For this graduate program's culminating experience, students have the choice of a project, a comprehensive exam, or a thesis.

There is one face-to-face meeting in the MAT program.  This mandatory orientation for Cohort 14 beginning Fall 2018 is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 18, 2018 on the Fresno State campus.

This video is an overview of the unique structure and goals of the online MAT, the application process, and the benefits of the program.
Meet graduate Dr. Chris Vieira.

Course of Study - 30 Units Total

Semester 1 - Fall

CI 240
Social Justice and the Multicultural Classroom
ERE 243
Research on Teaching in the Diverse Classroom: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

Semester 2 - Spring

CI 241*
Teaching for Equity and Justice in the Multicultural Classroom: Practice into Theory
CI 245
Investigating Classroom Practice in the Multicultural Classroom: Practitioner Research

Semester 3 - Fall

CI 246
Action Research in the Multicultural Classroom: Capstone Project and Dissemination
Culminating Experience
Comprehensive Exam (0 units)
plus CI 260 Critical Pedagogy (4 units)
(b) CI 298B Project: MAT  
(c) CI 299B Thesis: MAT  

Electives (9 Units)

Electives are determined in consultation with the student's program coordinator/advisor and may include approved units from a post-baccalaureate credential program (e.g., CalStateTEACH, any CSU, etc.) and/or graduate program coursework.

* CI 241 includes the graduate writing requirement (GWR) as part of the course.


Course Descriptions

Social Justice and the Multicultural Classroom (CI240)

Introduction to the Master of Arts in Teaching.  Centers on improvement of instruction through examination of the cultural and political contexts of schools and classrooms.  Focuses on enhancing educational equity, providing a multicultural curriculum, employing culturally responsive pedagogy and using culturally appropriate assessment.  Enhances students'' ability to use the Internet to conduct classroom research and to use computer-based collaborative tools to interact with other professionals and community members .
(Fall Semester, 3 units) 

Research on Teaching in the Diverse Classroom: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods (ERE243)

 This course will provide students with a series of modules covering the various research techniques that can be used to address action research questions.  A series of activities will be connected with each module that will include reviewing articles, developing research ideas, and collecting and analyzing data in the context of improving teaching and learning in each teacher's classroom.  Students will begin to develop their action research study.
(Fall Semester, 3 units)

Teaching for Equity and Justice in the Multicultural Classroom: Practice into Theory (CI241)

 Theory and practical application of multicultural curriculum design for teaching literacy (oral, written and visual), mathematics, science, social studies and the fine arts to diverse learners.  Continued attention to learning theory, instructional theory and the expanding role of technology in education.  Students learn to communicate and persuade each other and the surrounding community about social and scientific issues using literacy, mathematical, and technology skills.  In addition, given the particulars of the context for teaching (i.e., the students, grade level, school, community, etc.), the curriculum standards teachers are expected to follow, and the explosion of knowledge that could be taught in a culturally diverse society, what knowledge is most worth teaching and learning?
(Spring Semester, 3 units)

Investigating Classroom Practice in the Multicultural Classroom: Practitioner Research (CI245)

 A critical component of teaching involves evaluating the teaching, learning and curriculum of schools.  This course gives teachers the intellectual tools necessary for making sense of the complex classroom world they inhabit as teachers/learners and for effecting change consistent with educational equality, equity and social justice.  Participants will develop skills in traditional forms of action research and reflective practice by exploring various aspects of the movement in education where teacher-practitioners are viewed as researchers of their own practice and where teaching is viewed as a form of educational inquiry.  As students identify their action research project question, gather data, and complete their literature search, this course will provide a broad overview of the epistemological, political, and methodological issues associated with practitioner research, the progress of practitioner research, and the specific questions and issues that have been investigated through practitioner research.
(Spring Semester, 4 units)

Action Research in the Multicultural Classroom: Capstone Project and Dissemination (CI246)

 This is the culminating learning experience for the MAT.  By the time students begin this seminar, they will have an approved action research study completed.  In the seminar, students will share their study with each other for feedback and polish the final version of their studies.  Using Blackboard, students will present their action research project through submission of a written document as well as a multimedia presentation.
(Fall Semester, 4 units)

Critical Pedagogy (CI260)

 Students develop knowledge and skills to critically examine and improve planning, instructional decisions, assessment, and student learning. Students engage in systematic reflection of teaching practices consistent with multicultural, social justice education.
(Fall Semester, 4 units)

Project : MAT (CI298B) / Thesis: MAT (CI299B)

 A project/thesis consists of a significant undertaking appropriate to multicultural, social justice education such as the development of curricula and instructional materials, educational policy, educational theory, and educational technology.  An approved proposal is required for enrollment.
(Fall Semester, 4 units)