Semester 1 - Fall

CI 240: Social Justice and the Multicultural Classroom 3 units
ERE 243: Research on Teaching in the Diverse Classroom: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods 3 units


Semester 2 - Spring

CI 241*: Teaching for Equity and Justice in the Multicultural Classroom: Practice into Theory 3 units
CI 245: Investigating Classroom Practice in the Multicultural Classroom: Practitioner Research 4 units

*CI 241 includes the graduate writing requirement (GWR) as part of the course.


Semester 3 - Fall

CI 246: Action Research in the Multicultural Classroom: Capstone Project and Dissemination 4 units
Culminating Experience  
(a) Comprehensive Exam (0 units)
plus CI 260: Critical Pedagogy (4 units)


4 units  
(b) CI 298B Project: MAT
(c) CI 299B Thesis: MAT



Electives are determined in consultation with the student's program coordinator/advisor and may include approved units from a post-baccalaureate credential program (e.g., CalStateTEACH, any CSU, etc.) and/or graduate program coursework. 9 units



30 units

Course descriptions can be found here.