About Honor Wall


To honor teachers and other members of the community who support education through the purchase of commemorative bricks for placement on the wall

To improve educational technology used in the preparation of teachers and educational specialists


- Commemorative Brick Campaign initiated

- Education Building is completed/occupied

- Architects Robert Boro and Marty Dietz develop a plan to remodel the Plaza area
- Gottschalk’s CEO Joseph Levy donates funds to the remodel of the Plaza area

- Plaza area is remodeled and named Gottschalk’s Plaza
- Teachers Honor Wall plan for the Plaza is prepared by architect Robert Boro and approved by University Committees
- Teachers Honor Wall is completed with construction costs donated by Richard Spencer of the Harris Construction Company

- Brick Campaign Committee is established

- Plans for a new wall are developed by Architect Robert Boro

- The University Campus Planning Committee approves plans for a second honor wall

- The second Teachers Honor Wall is completed.
- A second Teachers and Friends of Education Honor Wall is constructed with donations by Richard Spencer, President of the Harris Construction Company and Elizabeth Dooley, CEO of the Educational Employees Credit Union.

- The third and fourth Teachers and Friends of Education Honor Wall are constructed.

Purchase of bricks and use of funds

An individual desiring to honor a teacher or friend of Education who has made a difference in his/her life can do this with the purchase of a brick for $100.00. The recipient will receive notification of the gift along with a certificate. The donor will receive a “letter of appreciation” for remembering the honoree with this special gift.

The first completed Teachers Honor Wall has a total of 1866 bricks. Kremen School of Education and Human Development personnel find that it has become a special place for many visitors because it symbolizes excellence in teaching and support for Education. Furthermore, though not intended to be a large revenue producing initiative, funds received from the brick donations have been directed toward the purchase of computer laboratories and other technological equipment used in support of instruction as well as the enhancement of communication within our regional community.