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Induction Support Provider/Mentor

Luz Y. Herrera, Assistant Professor
Ana Soltero-Lopez, Assistant Professor 
Phone: 278-0019

Support Provider


We are offering three 3-unit classes for Support Providers/Mentors:


Support Providers* 
Thursday, April 25, 2019
Residence Dining Hall

*If you are pursuing two or more years of credit, you will need to attend additional seminars with the participating teachers.

All of the classes will be held in the Residence Dining Hall, in the east wing (the door will be to the right as you enter). Please see this map, with the classroom and recommended parking lot circled in red.

We strongly advise you to arrive early, in case of traffic or parking congestion.

Parking is $4.00 per day in the P1 and P20 Green Lot. (Please refer to campus map).


The cost of these 3-unit courses is $255, each. You can earn up to 12 units for your Induction work: 6 units as a participating teacher and 9 units as a support provider.

Registration is handled by the Division of Continuing and Global Education.

All registration is done online through MyFresnoState; instructions can be found here. We recommend that you either print out the instructions, or keep them open in a separate tab on your browser as a reference during the registration process.

Please be aware that:

1. Once you register online, you will have a 24-hour grace period in which to pay your registration fees.  If fees are not paid within that time frame, you will be dropped.

2. A $10 late fee will be applied, per course, after the first class date.

3. The last day to register for Induction courses is TBD.


You must fulfill ALL THREE of the following requirements to receive credit for the course. If any of these items are not submitted, you will receive a NO CREDIT in this course.

  1. Complete the verification of hours form*, including all signatures. We will NOT ACCEPT DISTRICT PAPERWORK.
  2. Complete the online questionnaire*.
  3. Attend a mandatory seminar*

*If you are pursuing more than one year of credit, you must do this for EACH course (two or three verification of hours forms, the online questionnaire for each year, and attend two or three nights of seminars).


Please complete this mandatory questionnaire prior to or soon after enrolling in a course. If you enroll in more than one course, you must complete this questionnaire for each course. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and must be done by Friday, March 29, 2019 for successful participation in this year's induction program. 

You can complete the mandatory questionnaire using this link.



To prevent confusion, please make sure you complete the correct form.

You must have a minimum of 45 hours of participation in your Induction (BTSA) program verified to receive credit for the course. The verification of hours form, with your name on the front, must be brought with you to the mandatory seminar. We will NOT ACCEPT DISTRICT PAPERWORK. All three signatures are required to receive credit for this course.

Support Provider Year 1 Form Example
Support Provider Year 2 Form Example
Support Provider Year 3 Form Example


Grades will be available beginning Tuesday, May 28, 2019.

Please note: You may choose to take this course as CR/NC or for a letter grade. Please be advised that if you plan on using the course in a master's program, you must choose the letter grade option.

The University does not send out grade rosters, so you will need to print an unofficial transcript from MyFresnoState or order an official transcript to receive proof of your grade.

To request a transcript, please go online to:

We look forward to seeing each of you at our seminar. If you have any questions, please contact us.