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Office of Clinical Practice

The Office of Clinical Practice, formerly 'Field Placements', coordinates the placement of teacher candidates at school sites for their fieldwork courses. We place multiple subject candidates for their second and third phase placements, single subject candidates for their first phase placements, and education specialist candidates for all three phases. 

Science Experiment

School Reopening Resources:

OCP Memo Regarding Reopening Protocols

Fresno State COVID-19 Reporting Form

Student Health Center

Student Health Plan

Fresno County Office of Public Health School Reopening Guide

Online Instruction Resources:

We are also providing the following Virtual Instruction Resources to all candidates. We strongly recommend taking part in the various webinars, etc., in preparation for the Fall 2020 semester:

General Teacher Candidate Resources

Multiple Subject Handbook & Clinical Practice Agreements

Education Specialist Handbook & Clinical Practice Agreement

Single Subject Handbook


Video Observation Permission Slips


Hmong (coming soon)

Khmer (coming soon)

Lao (coming soon)


Tk20 Support

If you are experiencing an issue with Tk20 and either your coach or the Online Student Resources/FAQs below do not help you resolve it, email Be sure to include your name, program, and ID number in the email as well as an explanation of the problem.

Teacher Performance Expectations (TPEs)

California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs)

Available in PDF format from the California Teaching Credential  Committee.

TEACH Grant & Loan Forgiveness


FAST (Fresno Assessment of Student Teachers)

FAST Overview

FAST Manual

Site Visitation Project (SVP)

Teaching Sample Project (TSP)

TSP Template

TSP Template (Google Doc)

TSP Worksheet Table

TSP Worksheet Table (Google Doc)

TSP Overview (Multiple & Single Subject)

TSP Overview (Google Slides -- Must be logged in to your Fresno State Google account to see) Multiple & Single Subject

TSP Overview Video

TSP Seminar 1: Students in Context (Video)

TSP Seminar 2: Learning Outcomes Seminar (Video)

TSP Seminar 3: Assessment Plan (Video)

TSP Seminar 4: Design for Instruction (Video)

TSP Seminar 5: Instructional Decisions (Video)

TSP Seminar 6: Analysis of Learning (Video)

TSP Seminar 7: Reflection (Video)

Students in Context (TSP)

Students in Context (TSP) (Google Doc)



The Office of Clinical Practice only holds placements for candidates enrolled in a clinical practice course.

Failure to enroll and pay your fees by the deadline may result in the loss of your placement.

If you experiencing extenuating circumstances (problems with financial aid, family or medical issues, etc.) which prevent enrollment or fee payment, please contact our office and the program coordinator immediately! We are happy to work with you to maintain your placement in these circumstances.


Students are allowed one personal day, all other absences will need to be made up.



As an aspiring teacher, you have accepted the responsibility to adhere to the highest ethical standards. The California  State “Code of Conduct” and State Professional Standards guide your actions. You should familiarize yourself with them:

As a candidate you have the responsibility to present yourself and act at all times as a professional. This responsibility includes the following:

Maintain a respectful professional distance from your students and their families: You must maintain a professional relationship with students and their families. You cannot be their personal friend. Respect personal boundaries. Consult a trusted advisor if students are attempting to cross a personal boundary.

Be professional in behavior, demeanor, and appearance: Your appearance and behavior should set you apart from the K-12 students and give a professional impression to the faculty, parents, and students. Follow professional behavior and dress standards (business casual unless school-specific events).


Clinical practice hours for credit may be earned only through student teaching or while teaching under a university internship credential in public schools, pre-approved charter schools or pre-approved non-public schools within the University's service area. (CCTC Intern Specific Preconditions, May 2011, page 3)

Clinical practice hours may only be earned in a student teaching setting as found and confirmed by the Office of Clinical Practice or while working on a university internship credential. For more information, please see the Teacher Internship Program for university internship requirements.

If you are offered a job to become a teacher of record in your own classroom at any point before or during your clinical practice course, you MUST contact your program coordinator before signing a contract so you can be sure that your program completion will not be affected. Once a contract is signed, inform the Office of Clinical Practice.

Substitute Teaching Policy

Teacher candidates are not permitted to serve as a substitute while on duty as a student teacher. 

Kremen Resources


Credential students have access to several materials in INTERESC (ED 420) for use in their field placement classrooms, including one-on-one Tk20 Support beginning February 1, 2019. Please refer to this list for other materials and resources available.


Please contact the Teacher Internship Program (TIP) or refer to their website with questions about the internship program.

Program Applicants

Please refer to the credential application website for program application deadlines and requirements.

Program Completers 

Please refer to the credential application website for details and instructions.

Campus Resources

Good Samaritan Fund

The Good Samaritan Fund was created to assist Fresno State students who encounter an unforeseen financial emergency or catastrophic event which would otherwise prevent them from continuing their education at Fresno State.

These funds are not intended to be used for routine expenses or as a consistent supplement to a student’s education funding sources. Requests must be urgent in nature.

More information available on the Good Samaritan Fund.

Dream Outreach Center

The mission of the Dream Outreach Center is to provide dream students access to higher education through advocacy, outreach, assistance, and mentoring.  

A legal clinic is opening shortly at the Dream Center.

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center offers career advice for life to all Fresno State alumni. Among the services offered are interview workshops, resume review, and the Campus Closet  which provide professional clothing for interviews, etc.

More information available on the Career Development Center.

Campus Cupboard

The Fresno State Food Security Project is a multi-initiative program to support students who may be experiencing food insecurity or other challenges that might inhibit their academic success at Fresno State. The initiatives were created to reach out to students in varying levels of food insecurity, as well as provide students with resources available to them both on and off campus.

More information available on the Campus Cupboard.

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Counselors are available Mondays through Wednesdays in the Kremen Education building, in ED 399, 11:00am - 2:00pm.

You can also pick up a free booklet with information about other mental health services available to you as a Fresno State student outside the Clinical Practice Office (ED 238). Alternatively, feel free to ask your coach to pick one up for you.

And you can visit the Student Health Center for further information.

Let's Talk

Let's talk is available in the Kremen Education building. Please see their website for more information.

Services for Students with Disabilities

"A resource for students with disabilities to achieve academic, cultural, and social excellence."

More information on your rights and the services available from the Services for Students with Disabilities.

Veterans Services

Fresno State's Veterans Services Office assists veterans, reservists/Guard/active duty service members and dependents receive their educational benefits.

More information about the services available to you and how the  can help can be found at the Veteran Services office.

Tuition, Financial Aid, & Loan Forgiveness for Teachers

Cross Cultural & Gender Center

The Cross Cultural and Gender Center exists to contribute significantly to the continued development of a safe and welcoming environment for the Fresno State community. We foster meaningful dialogue and activism that works to eliminate racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other forms of oppression. 

The CCGC offers both resources and support to students in many ways. Read more about their programs here. The Office of Clinical Practice is one of the Campus's Safe Zones.

You can also access the Library's LBTQ+ Resource guide.

The guide has three sections: Library Resources, Campus Resources, and Community Resources

Academic Senate Resources

The Academic Senate oversees a number of student support services. 

For further information about the Senate and what it does on campus, we recommend you explore the Academic Senate Resources.

Student Services Reference Sheet

Download the one page Student Services Reference Sheet to see various programs available to Fresno State students.