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Central Valley Partnerships for Exemplary Teachers

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Earn a Teaching Credential while completing your professional preparation classes and clinical practice on a school site within one of our local school districts.

The Central Valley Partnership for Exemplary Teachers (CPET) is a collaborative effort between the Kremen School of Education and Human Development and local school districts to prepare teachers as educational leaders in the diverse communities of the Central Valley. CPET offers field-based cohorts that provide unique experiences for credential candidates to become more closely connected to the educators in a local school district.

CPET strives to affect five areas of concern, the foremost of which is student achievement for P-12 learners. The advancement will come through:

  • improved training for teacher candidates
  • on-going professional development for partner school faculty
  • the development of curriculum for university faculty as well as a sharpening of their image of P-12 learner needs
  • the provision of a fertile venue for research and examination of the practice of both teacher preparation and P-12 education

Join a Partnership Cohort

In the current CPET cohorts, credential courses are held on-site at an elementary or secondary school in the partner district and field placements are at a partner district schools. Partner districts have included Fresno, Fowler, Sanger, Clovis, Central, Washington, Porterville, and Madera. Benefits of joining a cohort are:

  • Employers verbalize a preference to partner-prepared teachers higher when hiring
  • Research finds teachers report they feel better prepared after one year of teaching than traditional or intern programs
  • EMPLOYMENT OFFERS to strong partner teacher candidates
  • Teacher candidates learn the culture of the district
  • Opportunities for classroom demonstrations and activities
  • See "theory to practice" applied
  • Daytime offerings of credential courses in first semesters
  • Districts offer opportunities for professional development
  • No parking pass required!
  • Most districts forecast a need for teachers from these program in the next years
  • Districts often committed to consider partner candidates as substitutes and for early offers
  • Financial support from TQP in Teacher Residency Program ($11,500) and three years of employment following completion of the program
  • Tailored advising, test support for CSET, and mentoring

The 2014 Christa McAuliffe Awardee

The Christa McAuliffe Award has long honored exemplary teacher education programs at public colleges and universities that belong to the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) that can document the success of their graduates improving P-12 pupil learning outcomes.

To earn this award the Kremen School CPET program demonstrated effectiveness in producing P-12 learning outcomes and also demonstrated how we redesigned our programs as a result of data gathered.

Partnership Programs


Central Unified School District Partnership
Programs Offered:
Multiple Subject; Single Subject (subject areas vary)
Central Unified is a partner for both elementary and secondary teacher candidates. Central Unified identifies strong mentor teachers and partners in providing the Central lens. In previous years, Central Unified has housed Fresno State's Early Childhood Education (ECE) emphasis multiple subject credential cohort.


Clovis Unified School District Partnership
Programs Offered: Multiple Subject & Single Subject (subject areas vary)
Clovis Unified is a partner for both elementary and secondary teacher candidates. Clovis Unified identifies strong master teachers, provides access to professional development, and partners in providing the Clovis lens.

Residency Programs


Fresno Unified School District Residency
Programs Offered:Multiple Subject & Single Subject (English, Math and Science only)
The teacher residency cohorts are teacher candidates (4-8, K-3 or 7-12) who participate in a supportive and intensive program. This program provides mentors, test preparation support, district professional development, co-teaching, collaborative learning environment, and a $11,500 living stipend. Candidates complete both the credential program and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  FUSD employment follows upon successful completion of the program. For more information,please click here.


Sanger Unified School District Residency
Programs Offered:
Multiple Subject
The Sanger cohort will start in the Fall semester. Classes and clinical practice will be conducted in Sanger schools. The program can be completed in two semesters.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know which partnership cohort will be starting in a particular semester?

Partnerships start each semester. They will be shared at Orientations for each credential and posted on this website.  You may also contact the Credential or Partnership Coordinator.

Who can be in a CPET cohort?

Currently, full-time Multiple/Single Subject and Dual Credential candidates are encouraged to join a CPET cohort. Candidates begin the cohort in Phase /1st semester and remain with the cohort for all phases/semesters of the program. If space is available, part-time students may take courses with a CPET cohort.

How long does it take to finish the credential program if I join a CPET cohort?

Each cohort is unique and timelines vary due to programs and due to the inclusion of a Master’s degree in some partnerships. They range from two semesters, two semesters and a summer three semesters and additional time if earning a Masters as well. 

What is the time commitment for a partnership cohort?

A critical component of CPET is the opportunity to build strong connections with partner district personnel and with other cohort members. Consequently, candidates in a CPET cohort agree to remain in the cohort for all phases/semesters. The schedule of coursework and field experiences for the partnerships is similar to non-partnership coursework.

Can I take the summer program with the cohort and then take Phase 2 and 3 on campus?

Because of the nature of the cohort, you must commit to staying with the cohort for all phases/semesters of your program.

How do I indicate I am interested in a partnership cohort?

Indicate your interest on your application. You will then be contacted about additional information related to the requirements and schedule.  Additionally you can contact the Partnership Coordinator or the district contact so we can assist you.  For the Fresno Unified Teacher Residency there is a link for you to indicate interest and they will contact you.

How are applicants chosen to be in the cohort?

Applications are reviewed in the order the applicant is cleared for admission to the program. Interested candidates are required to attend a CPET information session or schedule an appointment with the CPET Director. For candidates interested in the Fresno Unified Teacher Residency you will participate in a special interview process where both the university and district select the candidates.  Passage of CSET and completion of your degree promotes your candidacy.


How will I find out I have been accepted into the CPET partnership?

You will be notified that you have been accepted into the partnership cohort  by the CPET Director, the district or the program coordinator depending on the program. This acceptance is separate from your admission to the program. 

Is my financial aid affected if I complete the program in 12 months?

We recommend that you contact your financial aid advisor to ensure that your aid will not be affected.


If I am interested in a CPET cohort, do I need to schedule my admission interview with the CPET Director?

You do not need to schedule your admission interview with the CPET Director. You may schedule it with any appropriate faculty member for the credential you are seeking.

Can I be in a partnership cohort if I go part time?

Partnership cohorts are primarily designed for full time students. However, if space is available, part-time students may be allowed to take courses with the cohort.

I am a dual credential student. Can I participate in a partnership cohort?

Yes, dual (Multiple Subject and Education Specialist) candidates can participate in a dual partnership or multiple subject cohort. If in a multiple subject cohort, you will need to take the additional special education courses in the evening on the Fresno State campus. You will stay with the cohort for the three phases, then complete the fourth semester of your dual credential on campus. We have had one Dual cohort and are anticipating more in the future.

National Publications

CPET and our work with districts, particularly the Teacher Residency Program with Fresno Unified School District, has been featured in recent national publications including:

Articles and Research conducted and published based on work in CPET/Partnerships:

Nyberg, L (2014). Seeding science in elementary schools: A school-university partnership helps ensure the youngest students experience science curriculum. Science and Children, 51 (7), 84-88.

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