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Teaching Credential

Teaching Credentials

Have you always felt driven towards teaching? A desire to educate and inspire others. If so, entering a teaching credential program is the place for you.

We offer multiple paths to becoming a teacher. If you want to teach kindergarten or elementary school, you can earn a Multiple Subject Credential. Or if you want to teach middle or high school, you can earn a Single Subject Credential. Lastly, if you want to teach Special Education, then you will want to earn an Education Specialist Credential. We also offer a Dual Credential, which is a combination of a Multiple Subject and Education Specialist Credential.

With the teacher shortage still widespread throughout California, there is a high need for hiring teachers, especially for mathematics, science, special education and bilingual teachers. 

Here at Fresno State, we prepare our future teachers to enter the field of education with confidence and preparation.

Our Credential Programs

CSU Aspiring Teacher Scholarship

The CSU Aspiring Teacher Scholarship is for students enrolled in postbaccalaureate teacher education programs interested in teaching in bilingual classrooms or working with English learners and/or students who are bilingual. It is for multiple, single, and education specialist credential students. The scholarship recognizes students in these groups who demonstrate a financial need and have attributes of merit including excellent academic performance, significant personal achievements, and community service.

10 Fresno State students will be awarded a $10,000 scholarship!

For scholarship details and application, click here.
Application deadline is April 30, 2019.

Teacher Internship Program

If you would like to work towards earning your credential while teaching in your own classroom, you may qualify for the Teacher Internship Program

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