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Teacher Internship Program

The Teacher Internship Program (TIP) allows emerging teachers to earn a salary as a district-hired-and-paid Intern (teacher of record in your own classroom) as you complete student teaching. The Teacher Internship Program partners with local county offices of education and school districts to develop highly qualified teachers. The TIP allows students who are completing student teaching to work as a contracted (paid) teacher under an Internship Credential. Interns will secure their own offer of employment.

The Intern option is available in the following programs: Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and Education Specialist. 

Interested applicants must be admitted into one of the Teaching Credential Programs and must be intern eligible to apply to become an intern.

Program Benefits

  • The opportunity to complete student teaching and a preliminary credential while working as a district-hired-and-paid Intern (teacher of record), at a slightly reduced salary.
  • Conferences and online seminars that support professional development.
  • One-on-one experience with a University Supervisor and a school site Cooperating Teacher for instructional support.
  • The opportunity to develop a life-long collegial teacher network to enrich your teaching skills as an Intern and beyond.
  • Early program completion option available to qualified candidates. Contact the TIP office for more information.

Program Cost to Student

Once accepted to the Teacher Internship Program, there will be a nonrefundable charge of $1,600 per semester in addition to tuition. If the employment site is more than 15 miles from the main university campus there may also be a charge for supervision mileage. These fees help to provide interns with the additional support hours required by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Internship Credential Requirements

Intern assignments must be in the academic subject matter area (Single Subject) and/or preliminary credential content (Multiple Subject/Education Specialist/Dual). Internship credentials cannot be issued to candidates not working in their teacher credential program-identified area. (i.e., a candidate with Math CSETs cannot be issued a Science internship credential, or a candidate in a SPED classroom cannot be issued a multiple subject internship credential).

Acceptance Policy Provision

The University is under no obligation to accept credential candidates as "university interns" or "internships that are outside of the university's 45 mile radius service area," as the Teacher Internship Program (TIP) is an auxiliary service provided to the teacher credential candidate. The university does not accept teaching employment contracts from private schools or charter schools not affiliated with a public school district.

Important Updates

Effective August 19, 2019

Teacher credential candidates who have completed all credential coursework are not allowed to apply to the Teacher Internship Program.

Effective Spring 2020

Clinical practice hours for credit may be earned only through student teaching or while teaching under a university internship credential in public schools, pre-approved charter schools or pre-approved non-public schools, within the university's service area. (CCTC Intern Specific Preconditions, May 2011, page 3)  Fresno State does not accept placements or internships in private schools. 

Effective Fall 2020

  • Multiple Subject and Dual credential candidates can only be a university intern in their final phase of the program.
  • Teachers of record working under a temporary permit including STSPs, PIPs, substitute including long term permits, emergency permits or other permits must move to a university internship credential to receive credit for fieldwork experience while employed as the teacher of record.

Effective August 1, 2020

New Intern Eligibility Requirements for Single Subject: Single Subject Credential Candidates must have a) successfully completed EHD 155A, or b) be admitted into the program as a three semester student, and have successfully completed one year on a Short Term Staffing Permit (STSP). Teachers of record working under a temporary permit (including STSPs) CANNOT receive credit for field work while working under such a permit as the teacher of record.

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