Completed Students

Congratulations on completing all requirements of the Single Subject Credential Program. Now you're ready to apply for your California Preliminary Single Subject Credential.

Information on how you will apply for your credential.

Preliminary Program Transition Plan for the  for Induction. You will need this once you are employed by a school district and enrolled in their induction program. Be sure to submit a copy to the Office of Clinical Practice ( If your University Coach/Supervisor is not available to sign your form, you may request to have a representative from the Office of Clinical Practice sign the form once permission has been granted from the University Coach/Supervisor.

Upgrading to a Professional (Clear) Single Subject Credential
Requirements for upgrading to the Professional (Clear) Single Subject Credential may be provided by the employing school district through an induction program. Induction programs & costs vary by district. Once all induction program requirements are met, the candidate will then apply to the CCTC for a professional (clear) single subject credential. The professional (clear) single subject credential must be renewed online every five years.