President Castro

I’ve shared with you that “Be Bold” is a call-to-action to empower the University and our community to work together as one in delivering student success.

We have all the ingredients at Fresno State to rise to this call, and we developed the University’s Strategic Plan to guide our priorities over the next five years. The plan was formed through listening sessions with diverse groups of individuals from the University and community. As partners, our collective wisdom culminated in this direction:

We know a lot of people in the community and beyond love Fresno State, and that gives us confidence our plan will be successful. Through this process, a new mission statement was embraced:

Fresno State will boldly educate and empower students for success.

We’ve kept it short but no less powerful, and we feel confident that when our University chooses to be bold in its approach, the effect will be contagious, and students will be better off for it.

In this issue of FresnoState Magazine, you’ll see how our key priorities for student success are unfolding in the lives of students, on campus and in our community. Learning is taking a bold turn by engaging with the needs of people and in service of our community. Investments are being made in our faculty, staff and physical and technical infrastructure to respect what it takes to make this success possible. And, community partners are becoming more engaged than ever to help propel our University to new heights of success.

I urge you to read this magazine with the same excitement I have. Fresno State students, faculty and staff are writing the next chapter of what higher education and empowerment can do across our Valley and beyond.



Castro Signature

Castro Signature

Joseph I. Castro
President, Fresno State