In Memoriam

‘For thee, our hopes and memories

Sondra Lee Applegate, March 15 in Visalia.

Lisa Kim Bach (1989), April 20 in Las Vegas.

Betty M. Bainter (1969), June 24 in Fresno.

Henry Barigian (1955), Aug. 5 in Florence, Oregon.

Peggy Jean Barker (1981), May 2 in Tulare.

Wayne C. Bergman (1960), Feb. 21 in Fresno.

Carl Bocchini (1964), June 9 in Santa Cruz.

Wayne Read "In Memoriam" […]

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’Dog Houses


Alumni couple shows backyard Bulldog spirit

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Richard Marshall, a former Bulldogs football player and nine-year NFL veteran, and wife Jasmine (Plummer) Marshall, a former Bulldogs basketball standout, built the perfect spot to compete in the backyard of their new Riverside home. It’s also a fun place to play with their three young Read "’Dog Houses" […]

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Class Notes


Richard Anderson (1965, ’72) authored “Fact Versus Legend: The Truth About the 1960 World Series,” challenging status quo beliefs about several issues related to Major League Baseball.

Daniel Meredith Geeting (1966), a music professor for 32 years, was awarded the President’s Award for Teaching Excellence by Cal Lutheran University President Cal Kimball.



Shirley Melikian Armbruster (1973), associate Read "Class Notes" […]

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Building a Career Out of Legos

By the time Carl Merriam was in his late teens, he had 85,000 Lego parts in his Star Wars collection — not including his many other Lego sets.

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Alumni And Students Connect

Fresno State alumni in all occupations are being asked to share their expertise with current students by signing up — for free — on the new Fresno State Career Connections networking site.

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In Memoriam

‘For thee, our hopes and memories’

Walter “Buster” Edward Alexander, Oct. 18 in Bakersfield.

Sharon Lee Allen (1963), Dec. 14 in Oakland.

Wilma Andersen (1945), Dec. 14 in Fresno.

Andrew Ariey, Nov. 16 in Lafayette.

Marvin C. Awbrey (1960, ’64), Feb. 1 in Fresno.

Ruth Contreras Corpuz Balch (1981), Jan. 14 in Fresno.

Leslie Raymond Bassett (1947, Honorary Doctorate 2009), Read "In Memoriam" […]

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Class Notes

Tyler Turk was named College Entrepreneur of the Year by the Fresno Chamber of Commerce at the 2016 Valley Business Awards and Installation Luncheon for his creation Date in a Crate (Crated with Love),

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Finding Healing in Storytelling

Armen Derian Bacon is accustomed to the unexpected. So when a fire alarm twice interrupts her keynote speech to hundreds of Clovis Unified School District employees, she effortlessly switches gears, sharing a childhood memory that explains her fear of fire. Within minutes the crowd is charmed...

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A Role Model of Service

The problems facing America and the world are numerous, but according to Dr. Robert Monke, the solution is simple. “A good education is what is going to make America go or not go. Now more than ever.”

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